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  1. Hi Aigore I think you reversed the gluding turn of windshield and nose cone. Actually windshield should be glued first, then glue the nose cone. Because there is a angeled step between windshield and nose cone, if you glue nose cone ahead, you cannot insert windshield smoothly. So just follow the instruction sheet and do not disorder it. I had no problem with gluing those 2 parts during my built. (Yes I know some people prefer to glue clear parts AFTER painting them, but I do no recommend that in case there is gap between clear parts and fuelage.) Yufei
  2. Thanks a lot friend! Hope my work will be inspiring and more people will build Su-27s, the most elegant Flanker in the family! Yufei
  3. Thanks a lot! Thank you! It's a pity not to replicate those details on kit .
  4. The best Flanker kit ever in my opinion. Good balance between easy building and appropriate details.
  5. Thanks and yes it is the very iconic feature on all Flankers which is actually the most time consuming part of the all built!
  6. Thanks a lot, Alan! Glad to hear that which is worthy of my 5 months built.
  7. Thanks, I used some new physical method for this time! You can check my in-progress thread for more details.
  8. Thanks! Yes I really tried my best to replicate the weathered texture for my favorite plane.
  9. Thanks Duncan! We are having 5 days Labor Day holidays now, but still no where to go. Good time for modelling though! Yufei
  10. Thanks friend! Yes 1/48 scale aircraft details looks so "huge" to me after building 1/700 ship models, so I just could not miss them! Haha
  11. Thanks! This is also the reason I chose this painting scheme, because the camo is heavily faded on top surface. By the way this aircraft was rolled out in 1989 when Soviet was still there. Thanks! I spent almost one month simply on weathering.
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