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  1. Last: the pre-annoucement of my next work. Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy it! Yufei Mao
  2. Some shots of the details. Dodo model kit is indeed a great one! The overall looking of the work.
  3. Hi mates! This is my currently finished work: the 1/700 PLAN Type 918 "Wolei" Class Mainlayer 814 "LiaoYang". The kit is a full resin one with some 3D print parts and 1 PE sheet, by Dodo Models. Since it was originally a waterline kit, I also ordered the 3D print hull to add on. The colour scheme is the late 80s PLAN ones which I personally love very much. It took me about one month to finish it(26th Sep - 4th Oct 2021).
  4. Thank you all on behalf of my friend! He will start building the Flyhawk new HMS Hood next week... Let us expect the outcome!
  5. Thank you all and sorry for my belayed reply! I will find some time to upload the WIP pictures. Yufei
  6. The actual size of the model, compared with my hand. Please let me know if you are interested to see WIP pictures(I selected around 100 photos!). Thanks for watching and have a nice day.
  7. Some more overall shots. One of the fun in 1/700 scale is you can easily compare the size of any ship with another. So this is the comparison between 40,000 ton class and 10,000 ton class. And comparison between RN type 22 firgate. Comparison between modern destroyer and WW2 destroyer.
  8. Although the overall design is quite simple, actually there are lots of small details and add-on. It cost me much more time than expected, but simply not so visible after installing, which is indeed quite annoying... Now move to details. The lifebuoy is colored with fluorescent paint, just for fun. The 130mm main gun is fixed with 2mm magnets as usual and can rotate smoothly. It is also common practice for bridge window glass to use transparent plastic sheet to make the glass window effect. The VLS is sprayed according to the actual photo. Add the life raft during sea trials, increase the details and highlights Some life rafts for sea trials are also added to the middle of the hull. The weapon deck is colored according to the actual object, the non-slip layer is dark gray, and the heat-resistant layer is lighter medium gray. Helicopter deck is painted by masking tape according to actual photos. Windshield and windows of Z-20 is painted by chrome silver with clear blue coated, to replicate the transparency effect.
  9. Hi mates! This is my latest work finished last weekend, the PLAN 1/700 Type 055 Destroyer "NanChang". The kit was a present from Flyhawk boss, when we visited them in the end of this May, so I would like to build it out to show my appreciation. The type 055 destroyer is one of the biggest, and so called most capable destroyers in the world. The full displacement is around 12,000 ton which is even bigger than most WW2 heavy cruisers. So no wonder why US side categorize it as "cruiser". This is the third ship named as "NanChang" which is the city PLA started their initial revolution. The hull number 101 was used by PLA very first destroyer "AnShan" which is actually a second hand Soviet navy WW2 destroyer. So you can see the high expectation to this ship from the combination of "NanChang" and "101". I started the kit on 11th July and finished on 5th September, less than 2 month all in. Kit: Sphyrna Models HTP7001 Accessories: Some of the metal parts from Sphyrna Models HTP7001S Delux ver. Shipyard J7015 super detail set Steel Shield 3D print parts Orange Hobby 3D print H/PJ-11 1130 CIWS Hunter pre-cut masking tape Northstar 3D print salor figures Dodo Models 3D print Z-20 helicopter I chose the state during sea trials, and some life rafts were added to the deck. As a new ship, the equipment of "NanChang" is still being upgraded, such as the photos taken by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force this year. Some new antennas and radars have been added to the second deck, so you only need to conduct research and production at a certain point in time. As a large ship designed for stealth effect, its details are bound to be simple and monotonous. How to highlight its texture and heaviness under the premise of ensuring the neatness is a major problem in this coloring and obsolescence. After regular stain washing and repeated adjustments of the filter several times, I finally got a relatively satisfactory result.
  10. Thank you both! I understand people usually prefer WW2 ships since they look much more complicated especially with the background stories behind, make them even more charming. But at least Russian ships could offer you very similar "complicated look" as well. And they do look quite "evil"...which is so charming to me. Unfortunately with more and more "stealth" design in place, even modern Russian ships look so boring today...
  11. Thank you very much for the nice comments! Yes I believe 1/700 scale is not some kind of "everyone's scale" since it does require some good eyesight and great patience, with some practice and experience to reach the goal. I myself also picked up mine by building 3-4 ships and I can feel my own enhancement one by one. I believe if you built at least 3 kits, you will also have some feeling like that which will defintely encourage you to challenger bigger projects. Hope my advice helpful. Cheers!
  12. Thank you all again for the bump up. It does worth the time and effort invested for her. Hi Andrew Same as you I believe these massive Russian monsters did leave so strong impression in one's childhood that it become some kind of complex to collect them afterwards. Although this kind of design may not be so "successful" according to Western side evaluation, but the looking of this weapon is simply un-comparabled by any Western ships. I do hope 1/350 scale new tool kit will be released in near future. Will try to combine some of them but it may take some time, after all the built is a bit too long(1 year)... Thanks again!
  13. Congratulations on the splendid finish! And so happy my experience could be helpful for you guys. Yes it was a very tiring built, considering the huge size and extremely complicated painting/weathering process of this aircraft. But still your final result turned out to be so high level and makes all of your time and effort worth it! I think the trick to do a "cleaner paint" could be the paint type: that is why I'm still a die-hard lacquer paint mania, haha! Congratulations again, and take a good rest(from Flanker built) but really look forward your next Flanker built(once again? what about a Su-27?) Have a nice weekend! Yufei
  14. Thank you all for your encouraging comments! It cost my friend around 1 year to build it, and 1 month for me to finish up. But after all it well worth the time and effort. And only after building it, you can understand why Russian categorize it as a cruiser instead of a carrier——the massive weapons on the deck, combined with the busy flight deck, makes it looking so extinguish and unique, far more interesting than normal aircraft carriers. Now you talked about the name plate——yes actually it was 0.05mm laser cut brass plate, customized made by CEO of Orange Hobby. It is a pity there are still no good kits or accessories for Kiev/Minsk at current stage. I do hope any one could consider to renew those 2 ships(both in China now!) in 350 or 700 scale. By the way, Kiev in Tianjin has much much better condition than Minsk, since it is very good maintenance by China retired former military staff. So photos of Kiev has much higher accurate reference value than Minsk, if you want to build the ships. Yufei
  15. Finally, the acknowledgment part: Thanks to my friend Yang Liu for his meticulous built. Thanks to Mr. Yanwu Deng, CEO of Orange Hobby, for the laser-cutting of the ship's name and the number spray plate for me. Thanks to the boss of AKA Model for giving me a set of Baku PE set for free. Thank you for the deck auxiliary vehicle presented by the "no research" brand. So far, the feelings have fallen, and there will be no regrets in this life. Thanks for watching!
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