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  1. 5th work finished this year. Kit:Zvezda 7013 1/144 IL-62M Accesspries:Extratech IL-62 etching part Liveries Unlimited / Fundekals Air Koryo decal Home made 1/144 pilots(thanks my friend for resin cast copying) Base: Croastal Kits Display Base motion blur effect runway Building period: 26th April - 27th May, 2020 Replace the painting scheme of P-881 in 2013 which she was most seen in PEK. References: Online airliner photo websites: Airliners, Russianplanes, Feeyo & etc.
  2. Some work in progress pics. The resin part quality is OK but same as other full resin kit, the cutting and sanding work was some true hurdle. But that's just the begining, you also need to drill all location holes and insert brass rod, plus the location holes on main rocket body are all way too below. Not an shake and shack built, but some patience and love will bring you the definite best 1/144 R-7 rocket model. Thanks for watching. Yufei Mao
  3. The 4th work finished this year. Kit: New Ware 1/144 full resin kit Figure from Bandai 1/144 Real Grade Gunadm model kit with some modification work.
  4. My 3rd work finished in 2020 is this little diorama, a corner of late 80s airport in China. Kit: Daco Skyline 1/144 737-300 Accessories: Extratech 1/144 737-300 photo-etching part Extratech 1/144 airport luggage traitor photo-etching part Preiser 1/144 airport crew Preiser 1/144 bicycles Authentic Airliners 1/144 737 3D window decal Authentic Airliners 1/144 737 vortex generator Mixture of several CAAC decals Thanks f
  5. My 2nd work of 2020 is this little gem. Hope everyone's safe staying at home to build your kits! Kit: Zvezda 1/48 4821 Accessories: Micro Design photo etching part Advanced Modelling 1/48 KAB-500L bombs Advanced Modelling 1/48 KAB-500Kr bombs Master 1/72 F-14A pitot tube(early style) Master 1/48 Sukhoi type static dischargers A very well researched and designed kit by Zvezda. Fitting is also fantastic. But the surface is a bit too simple, only with some raised rivets and recessed panel lines a bit too wide.
  6. 1. More rivets means more expensive on mold investment and also time consuming. Then price will have to be increased. 2. Especially in modern CAD mold cutting technics, raised rivets are even more expensive than recessed rivets to be made on molds. Guess that's the main reasons.
  7. Some work in progress pictures recorded by my cell phone, if you are interested. Thanks for looking.
  8. First finished work in Rat Year, during past several weeks at home because of the coronusvirus which prohibited going out and extension of Lunar New Year holidays in China. In Chinese culture, red means celebration so I hope the special moment could be settled down ASAP. Kit: Airifx: front fuselage+windshield+canopy, Italeri: other parts. Aftermarket: Master 1/48 metal pitot tube Reedoak 3D scan 1/48 camera man
  9. I have made quite a number of aircraft models so I'm very confident not mixing ADV with GR... https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/profile/2443-haneto/content/&type=forums_topic&change_section=1
  10. Hi mates I'm planning to build my Eduard rebox version of the titled kit. Before starting I searched several finished kit pictures online, but found the Revell F.3 nose looks very weird. My first assumtion is, the nose cone is too long compared with real life pictures. Just curious if any one else has any research result to prove my observation? Or any real life measurement to evaluate the Revell kit nosecone? Thanks all in advance.
  11. A collaboration work by Mr. Kenji Yanai (Japan) and Yufei Mao (China) Kit: Kinetic Kinetic KNE48086 Aftermarket accessories: KA Models 3D print GE F110 engine nozzle Master metal pitot tube + AoA Master metal F-16 static dischargers Reskit resin F-16A wheels AIM-9M, AIM-120A:GWH 1/48 F-15 kit GBU-12, Mk 82:AMK 1/48 US weapon set 370 galon fuel tank:Tamiya 1/48 F-16 kit Pylons:Kinetic 1/48 F/A-18C kit Pilots:Tamiya 1/48 F-14A kit(heads)+Tamiya 1/48 F-16 kit(bodies, etc.)
  12. Thanks all. It's the Sh*tty hawk kit. Most of small parts have been replaced by GWH Su-35 parts, and other by resin aftermarket goods. Only fuselage, wings, windshield, stabilizers etc. are from original kit parts.
  13. Accessories used: GWH 1/48 Su-35 kit small parts replace orginal kit parts GWH 1/48 R-77 missile+AKU-170 pylon*2 GWH 1/48 KAB-1500L bomb+BD4-UMSK pylon*3 Advanced Modelling 1/48 resin B-13L rocket lancher*4 Advanced Modelling 1/48 resin twin launcher*2 Reskit 1/48 resin FAB-250M-64 bomb*12 Reskit 1/48 resin MBD3-U6-68 multi bomb racks*2 Reskit 1/48 Su-34 resin wheels+mud guard Zactomodels 1/48 Su-34 resin ECM pods Master 1/48 Su-34 pitot tube G-Factor brass landing gears Begemot 1/48 Su-34 decal Modelkasten Flanker Color Set 1 & 2 My suggestion is to repla
  14. Here is the recipe for the upcoming L4823 new tooled weapons.
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