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  1. My kit arrived this afternoon. The box is enormous! I paid under £60 for mine delivered and, therefore, I am viewing it that context, rather than comparing it to Tamiya or ZM, which would probably come at a price at least double that. The plastic is quite soft and there are lots of ejector pins on the parts. I haven't had time to look at these in detail but I suspect that a lot of them won't be seen but don't expect t get away with zero clean up. The following photos are of the spine parts: I don't have sprue cutters or sanding sticks to hand, so I am afraid that this is the best that I can do. To me, the shape just looks wrong. The spine seems way too flat compared to the photographs I have reviewed. I am not sure how easy it is to fix, but I will leave better builders than me comment further. It is a shame because it is a highly noticeable area of the completed model. Over to you guys.
  2. Having seen the sprue shots on the web, I am slightly surprised that there are no full engines provided. In this scale, they would be worthwhile, particularly by the time the AM boys had waded in. I know that there is a trade off in terms of cost, but if you build in 1/32 it is to have the benefit of the detail the scale allows. Would it stop me buying the kit? No. The lack of space is a potentially bigger issue...
  3. The Advent Calendar is nothing more than an embarrassment. I think that the company has bigger problems to deal with at the present time. Once again, they have slipped on delivery times and that has to impact upon sales and, ultimately, profitability. My personal view is that they should have got the Hunter to the retail market before the Blenheim, as there were more sales there. Both should have been available at Telford, in an ideal world. I really want Airfix to survive. There current range of kits are good, if still below Tamiya / Eduard quality in terms of detail and quality of moulding. I am sure that management are under intense pressure and I can only sympathise, but the supply chain is key. You have to get new product to market as soon as possible. If it is stuck in a container, you can't sell it.
  4. Tim T

    Revell Phantom FGR2 1/48

    I, for one, am happy that Revell are re-releasing this kit and at a sensible price, even before the discount. I have one of the Hasegawa boxings in the stash that I picked up at a reasonable price. What this does mean is that there will be plenty of aftermarket and decals available. That has to be a good thing!
  5. There was a 'box scale' version that Nigel Heath built. There should be a WIP on here somewhere.
  6. Tim T

    1/48 Lightning FOD Covers

    I remember some years ago that there was a resin FOD cover available for the Lightning that had the nosecone included. I cannot for the life of me remember who the manufacturer was. Google has not been helpful. Can anyone help?
  7. Tim T

    Heinkel He 280 - 1/48 Eduard ProfiPACK

    One to wait for the discounters to get their hands on. €40 for a 19 year old kit is pretty steep.
  8. Tim T

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    I had the log book for Day Skipper but never completed the thing. Then life and children got in the way and I have forgotten everything I ever learnt. Congratulations Martian. I for one would be happy to crew for you!
  9. It has long been a mystery to me why no new Frogfoot has been forthcoming. What's the betting Kitty Hawk and HB/Trumpy announce new releases within the next three months?
  10. Tim T

    Junkers D.1 1:32 Wingnut Wings. #32065

    That is a great review and your passion and knowledge are obvious. I pre-ordered this kit as I do think it is of historic importance and I am not disappointed. Then again, when was anyone even mildly disgruntled with Wingnut Wings?
  11. Cracking work as ever Mike.
  12. Looking very much the part there Boss. Did you Post-Shade the rivet lines on the underside? Incredibly thin lines and a steady hand there.
  13. Great review as ever Mike. The plastic looks like typical Kinetic fayre. A bit flashy and a bit soft in detail in places but overall pretty good. I see nothing that a bit of time with a fresh scalpel blade and a sanding stick won't sort out. Personally, I am really pleased that Kinetic have made the Harrier their own with this and their previous versions. I really hope that they turn their attention to the GR.1 and GR.3 next.
  14. Tim T

    Bhagdad Fury, Airfix 1/48

    Great work. My two arrived today and I am probably going to do one as a Cuban bird and the other using the decals in the box. Will be following with interest.
  15. Great work Mike. I am so jealous of your light touch on shading and weathering. The picture in Post #8 shows some brilliant painting. Good to see you back in the saddle.