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  1. Tim T

    Bob Willis RIP

    As a devotee of cricket I was saddened to see that Bob Willis has passed away. One of the all time great English fast bowlers. I was mesmerised by his pace and skill as a young lad. The 1981 Ashes will live long in my memory. At the Headlingley Test Match he recorded an amazing 8 wickets for 43 runs. A skilled pundit, never short of an opinion and a deep insight into a game he so obviously loved marked out the latter years on Sky. RIP
  2. Tim T

    Twice Two Four Times

    attempting a cow tip
  3. Tim T

    RIP Clive James

    Devastating news. Clive James was a genius. I could and did listen to him for hours. His books were witty, open, honest and very, very funny. I read 'May Week Was in June' and was hooked. He appeared on 'The Museum of Curiosity' (BBC Radio 4, hosted by John Lloyd) and his exhibit for the Museum was the P-51 Mustang. He loved aircraft and spoke eloquently about the P-47 and P-38 as well. You will be sadly missed. RIP
  4. I think IPMS19 is right. The grey colour appears in your photographs as a tan / beige hue. I thought it was just me!
  5. I've only just seen these. Lovely work. I too have this one in the stash.
  6. I am delighted to see someone building G-IRTY! There was an interview on the Dermot O'Leary BBC Radio 2 programme a few weeks ago. It might still be on iPlayer. One thing I do recall is that there was an additional fuel tank from one of the PR Spitfires that was fitted behind the cockpit. The history is fascinating and I can only wish these guys the best of luck.
  7. There is a NO POLITICS rule. Please refrain from comments such as that above.
  8. Meng do a zimm decal set for the Porsche turret version. The one I have is part number SPS-060
  9. Two questions spring to mind. Are Eduard kits more expensive in the US than Europe? How cheap are gas and utility bills in the US? At the end of the day, you pays your money and makes your choice. I have built the Tamiya and ICM kits and have the Airfix one in the stash plus the 1/32 Revell offering. The Eduard kit is around £35 retail in the UK, compared to £21 for the Airfix kit. If you add in the cost of the photo etch and the mask set, then the prices are probably pretty similar for the basic plastic. The Meng kit is a total unknown to me, so I can't comment. To date, I haven't seen the Eduard kit in the plastic but the photos would suggest that the surface detail is a lot finer than Airfix produce. However, I will reserve judgement. However, if it is pf the same quality as their recent releases - Me109, FW 190 etc then it should be very good indeed.
  10. My replacement undercarriage parts arrived from Ali yesterday. They are exquisite. Great work and thanks Mike for suggesting it.
  11. I've got one on pre-order and I really can't wait for it to arrive. If this doesn't cure my complete lack of modelling mojo then I am in deep trouble...
  12. That is really helpful and a very detailed examination of the two kits. Thank you.
  13. I can't put my finger on which bit of it sticks out as wrong. I am not sure why it would need that tail with only a prop - it makes more sense on the 280. It does look like it would fall on its tail at any minute though. Having said all that it is part of the fascinating end of war mythology surrounding the many varied and (potentially) wacky projects being considered, both on air and land. Sorry I am not au fait with any sea based projects from that time and am happy to admit my ignorance...
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