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  1. Nice project. There are some conversions for the afghan version: https://www.avm-scalemodels.com/producto/a-29-super-tucano-l-a-s-conversion-resin-kit-1-48/
  2. https://www.facebook.com/dmodelkits/videos/1109557063266465?idorvanity=572382772849382
  3. He was well deceived by the West.
  4. https://vk.com/zvezdamodels?z=photo-29859496_457648131%2Fwall-29859496_2723095
  5. I´m seeing it´s a Polish question...
  6. No. Super-Hobby is doing the same ?
  7. Can we expect a 1/48 Mk.2B until the end of the year ?
  8. Areas that today are land in the past were sea and vice versa. The oceans are the result of diluvian rains for years on end. The planet has already gone through an ice age. If it happens again, is it supposed to be climate change?
  9. Great Hornet. I´ve been in Finland twice. Amazing country.
  10. Few minutes ago two PoAF F-16AM over my city.
  11. J-702 from Grupo 9 flown by Colonel "Libra" attacked the radio transmitters. J-722 and J-726 were the ones from Grupo 7 used to attack La Moneda.
  12. Brand new DXM decal sheet. Iranian and Greek Phantoms.
  13. Some years ago there was a portuguese brand selling ADF tails for PoAF F-16.
  14. Great one. I have the Balkan Models decal sheet to build at least the Serbian and Makedonian versions,
  15. I love the Kahu. I´m waiting for the conversion by Phase Hangar. https://phasehangarresin.com/?utm_campaign=shopify_cart_reminder&utm_medium=email&utm_source=abandoned_cart
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