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  1. Already thinking about the 40 years of the conflict in the South Atlantic.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/aztecmodels/photos/a.127704303906832/4762306803779869/
  3. Let the sanctions come, uncle Joe!
  4. By the hands of IPMS Portugal, decals for the Portuguese Chipmunk.
  5. Fast service from Trumpeter.
  6. https://altimagem.blogspot.com/2012/12/53-junkers-ju-86.html
  7. Is the Indian and Qatari version based on the Rafale C or M?
  8. Modern Russian pilots https://vk.com/allscalekits
  9. Includes: Argentina: 11 versions (5 Malvinas/Falklands versions) Uruguay: 5 versions Colombia: 3 versions United Kingdom: 1 version Sri Lanka: 2 versions Numerals to build more versions Full Stencil Vinyl Masks Printed by Cartograph https://www.facebook.com/aztecmodels/photos/pcb.4523347614342457/4523327557677796/
  10. Well done. What did you use for the rigging ?
  11. From Moscow Microdisig´s PE for the Gloster Gladiator.
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