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  1. Looks great and nice paint scheme. I'm half way through the same kit and I don't find it straightforward. Well, it's easy enough but many things have poor fit - cockpit tub way too wide to fit in fuselage halves, front windshield doesn't fit properly, wing roots. To some of them I had to take grade 80 sandpaper. But you shown it can be made looking great. Greg
  2. I've not done any modelling over the last year due to moving house and full house renovation, but now that's mostly done I'm back with this. Completly OOB. I have a feeling gray upper surfaces should be darker than they are, but it's too late now. All C&C welcomed Greg
  3. So it's almost finished now. Light weathering done, small bits painted. Matt varnish going on tomorrow and some photos whe it's dry. Greg
  4. Put all decals last evening, 2 hours straight. So - gloss coat again in few days and then some light weathering and small bits. Maybe I can finish before deadline. Greg
  5. So I put clear coat today and painted prop and spinner. No photos as it's all wet. I'll start decals in couple days when varnish dries. Greg
  6. That's where it is now. Just need some encouragement Greg
  7. I could probably join with this one. It's half done but been sitting on the bench for last 5 months. Just lost my modelling mojo for a while. Maybe this will get me going again. It only needs varnish, decals and small bits attaching, I just can't make myself go to the bench. Will post photos tommorrow. Greg
  8. It should, but depending where you read there are different paint numbers provided. I used Revell 79 and then sprayed a bit of lighter gray over it. And my oil wash is probably way overdone. And my camera white balance could be a bit off. Greg
  9. Hello After 3 months fighting with Tirpitz (which wasn't worth sharing) I'm back to aircrafts. Apart from ship I also tried building tank and car before and I decided to stick with planes. This kit is just exsquisite, amazing surface details. So far I've done cockpit. All c&c welcomed. Greg
  10. Wow, that's an old thread resurrected Thanks everyone for nice comments. Calum: no fun at all masking the underside ExRAF: you're right about tail markings! How come nobody noticed that before? I certainly didn't. But I'm pretty sure nav lights are correct. Yankymodels: I was thinking mirror . Greg
  11. Thanks guys, I appreciate your comments. Luis: funny enough this one doesn't even have exhaust stains on photos, very clean aircraft. Greg
  12. It was supposed to be easy and fast build. Well it took me almost two months with some riveting, scribing and PE. Go figure. Anyway Hobby Boss kit with Kuivalainen PE set (for different kit so doesn't fit well in places). Scribed flaps and riveted everything. Drilled out exhaust pipes and guns, added light in wing, antenna cable from stretched sprue, filled slats, cockpit completly redone. All references from here http://mig3.sovietwarplanes.com/mig3/red02.html What's wrong with it (there's always something wrong with my builds ). Tail number is wrong shape and I think I should have removed radio. Rockets should probably be different color as well. All comments welcomed. Greg
  13. No point posting photo from me, I only got Tamiya Ki-46, Dragon Tirpitz (building now), Eduard MiG-21SMT, Academy P-38 and Arifix Handley Page 0/400. And I didn't buy two of them, got them as a gift. Greg
  14. I built one of those a while ago but I didn't go for Part PE set, just too expensive for me. But it does look great. Do you have replacement canopies to show all that PE or you just going to hide it behind the crappy kit ones? For me it was a very long battle to get it finished. Good luck. Greg
  15. Front wheel well too wide as is bomb bay, if you put them in without sanding fuselage won't close. Left wing on mine didn't fit undersid and all cockpit assembly seemed a bit too wide, I spent whole afternoon sanding it to fit. Greg.
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