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  1. Hi that sounds very interesting any chance of a pic?
  2. Hi i may have the decals feom my airfix kit i can't pm you 

    1. bobsyouruncle


      Hi Goose, thanks very much for getting in touch. Yes, I've got my Airfix decals too but mine look to be very faded and it looks like the surface is cracked (particularly the 208 Sqn 'arrow' emblem near the nose) and I thought that other peoples decals from that kit might have had a similar fate? (although I don't know how old mine is). 

      Perhaps the PM thing not working is or a similar reason to the buy/sell area being taken off while the Covid 19 thing is on, to reduce non essential use of deliveries and such.

      Thanks again for getting in touch. I'd be happy to wait on this one until after the Covid 19 thing, but I was trying to put out feelers in advance to see if there were any alternatives available that I'd missed. Thanks again, Bob.

  3. Hi after a break away from here with personal issues I'm after advice. I fancy getting a kitty Hawk f35b in 48 scale. Looking around Hannants s as the 2.0 version at £49.99 Ebay China have the3. 0 version for about £37 free postage any ideas of difrences or pitfalls from China Any advice great fully received is it worth buying or is this a mistake and buy version 2.0 from UK?
  4. goose

    Egg plant purple

    Hi sorry if this has already been asked any ideas of a humbrol match for Russian egg plant purple paint?
  5. goose

    Airfix P51

    Hi a friend purchased me one of the Aldi/lidil Airfix 1/72 P51s I've not seen him to get it yet, I'm aware the decals in box aren't for the red tails, could someone possibly give me kit code so I can get onto Airfix in advance please
  6. goose

    Bronze Tiger

    No good halfords Worcester doesn't sell it
  7. goose

    Bronze Tiger

    Spoken to a paint company in Worcester, they said they could mix it about £6 for half a liter can.
  8. goose

    Bronze Tiger

    Wow nice cheers
  9. goose

    Bronze Tiger

    Can anyone point me in the direction for a rattle can match for Revell Bronze Tiger Typhoon?
  10. There was a post on here some time back, where a guy cut slots on wing, so he could build plane up and pop wings in after, can't remember who though sorry Found it I've messaged you
  11. goose

    Hasegawa A4 e

    Yes that’s the beastie many thanks sir
  12. goose

    Hasegawa A4 e

    I'm looking at my 48 scale Hasegawa a-4 e/f skyhawk pt21 paint colours are doing my head in colours are in aqueous hobby colour for all some are also in Mr colour, I can only lay my paws on humbrol. But can't get a conversion for colours
  13. I still fancy one, if only I could get a trade for one as swmbo as orderd But it's interesting how so much is well done and then they give up!
  14. Just come across this build beautiful job, quite fancy one myself, just been to FAA museum
  15. goose

    Navy aircraft

    After a visit to FAA museum I was wondering which if any manufacturers have general run kits in 1/72 scale with wing fold options in the kits?
  16. Hi I have the 1/48 scale Hasegawa A-4 E/F skyhawk I'm planning to build the E version golden dragons cvw-19 comader aircraft us navy. My question is loadouts it comes with two fuel tanks for inboard wing pylons. It also has two outbound wing pylons plus a under fuselage pylon, but nothing to hang of them suggestions please
  17. goose

    Hornet questions

    Thanks for the info, quite pricey too by the look of it
  18. goose

    Hornet questions

    Hi do any of the F 18 Hornets in 48 scale come with foldable wings in the box?
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