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  1. Looks good. I'll definitely be building one of these
  2. Hi all. I have recently completed the Hobby Boss F/A-18E kit. I know this actual jet wasn't as weathered as I have modeled but I wanted to do a relatively heavily weathered low viz aircraft so accuracy in that department went out the window. I used Aires Exhausts, Eduard bombs and some buts from the Meng kit. decals are from Furball Full details are at My Blog
  3. My opinion only But I can't think of anything less interesting (Ok if you're a Canadian .. I get it )
  4. LM's price is the same as the Super Hornet(post the price rise). The F-4 is comparable in size and complexity to the Super Hornet
  5. Yeah it's tiresome Don't like the price..... don't buy it. They're not a charity .
  6. That Arma kit has been coming for ages... I'm starting wonder if it will ever eventuate (Now I've posted this it will pop up tomorrow )
  7. That looks excellent Roger. I do like the Gladiator for some reason and you've done a great job of it. I never knew they had this camo scheme.
  8. Yeah I agree I went in 2017 and it's a get show for photography.
  9. Excellent photos Andy. Do you have more hosted elsewhere? What gear are you using?
  10. It does look a step up in tooling quality from even last year products.
  11. I reckon there is more chance of seeing one from ICM than Infinity ..
  12. Same configuration as USN as it is being bought FMS
  13. Bar nose art surely a mask set is better in this scale than decals.
  14. On past experience It will be considerably cheaper from the far east... Will just have to wait longer.
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