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  1. Found this recently for US ACU, but may be of help >> Representing ACU in 1/35 <<
  2. According to >> 72 Scale . com <<, the only aftermarket decals released to date in 1/72, have been from Check Six #7202 and Modeldecal #116. Unsure about 1/48. HTH
  3. Great finish Andy, glad to see you finished it
  4. Cracking job there Will, may be tempted to dig out my stalled one from the stash and borrow some of your ideas
  5. Marek, I love what you have accomplished so far, and will be following along with interest
  6. Will, yes, the tranparencies for the control room were supplied. The control room backgrounds are actually stickers not decals. Heres a link to the instructions in PDF >> Aoshima #33135 << [1.3Mb] and Photobucket links
  7. Thanks guys, didn't realise there were prizes. I'll go for the decals - you can never have too many decals . Can I just say what a fantastic set of builds everyone produced, and thanks to the Dynamic Duo for the running of the GB. Andy
  8. Due to licensing issues, unless you can find the old Airfix 1/72 boxing, the only source I have found to date is this excellent attempt by >> Jared Bishop<< Corresponding post over on >> ARC <<
  9. Tony, Thunderbird 2, the three pods, 2 vehicles and the Docks two walls and floor were all provided in the kit I bought years ago. My kit number was #33135 which is different to the kit number shown as #00354. The Aoshima web site shows it with 13 vehicles so they may have added to it. Andy
  10. Not sure of the Thunderbirds base, but the others are half decent kits. Here is the only I have built so far - Thunderbird 2 and Container Dock
  11. 211 in this gif covering the most of the major variations I have in the decals stash or completed to date no it doesn't, because it is achieveable - my first goal, one at least of each squadron, done in 2006
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