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  1. Genuine question, Why? It's a 49 year old kit..
  2. If they don't, then so be it.... when it comes out it'll be light years over any current C-130 in 1/72nd, something I honestly given up on seeing.
  3. Absolutely as I won't be going back to work doing 6 day weeks working 12-16hr days... we're making big changes while we're off and i'm cutting my hours down immensely..
  4. It's been ages since I've posted any work here, but having a big bit of time off due to having a little girl 2+ years ago... I'm finally getting back into it, and having time off due to COVID19 is also helping.. HK Models 1/32nd B-17G coverted by myself into a fire bomber. Here is where it's at now... I did start this years ago, but did little to it, cockpit etc... but recently brought it back up to speed by blanking off the turrets and modifications needed to make it into the aircraft I want to finish it as. First coat of primer last night over the modified areas is bringing up some minor defects in the milliput, but that'll be easily sorted. Big old girl... had to photo her on my rug for the time being... but when done i'll take it somewhere (work maybe) and find a bigger space..
  5. Guess this is about 28 inches in wingspan? Will get one when I have cash coming back in..
  6. Given the old tool Monogram kit goes between £20-30 on average in places, £40 is bang on for a new tool accurate kit in 2020...
  7. So I took the bait and bought one ages ago... but it's been down at my brothers for weeks (months?).. and it finally got here today after realising we won't see each other for a while yet... (he lives 150 miles away). It's a superb 'kit', it does need a lot of work, but mostly sanding off the layers of print... and a little fettle here and there. Either way, i'm really happy with it. (1/72nd S-55 for size difference). Thought I would show a few more photos for anyone interested.
  8. Got them late last year I think it was... (I can't remember the exact time, could of even been early this year..?!)
  9. Canadian Forces Mi-24/35's? Never heard of them before... But they did have/have Mi-17's though..?
  10. Will you be doing a Cypriot version for the Mi-24/35? If you need any references, I have enough.. I saw these last November.. would love to model one.
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