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  1. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235036710-148-sukhoi-su-25-frogfoot-by-kitty-hawk-3d-renderstest-model/
  2. Got mind today, a lovely little kit... but some of the tiny parts may put of some people. Quite a bit of flash but that never bothers me... will build up into a stunning kit that's for sure.
  3. Facebook has the most amount of users so it makes perfect sense to stick to that..
  4. Tempted to get one, quite a nice airliner and a nice change from Boeing and Airbus even though Airbus bought it.... I still class it as a Bombardier. Photo of mine recently from Manchester.
  5. Great work, I love unusual aircraft like this, not seen anything... but have you got a WIP on the Spitfire and Mustang in the photo? Great work
  6. I'm probably going to be pulling out, and actually selling my Academy 1/48th kit, will be listing soon in the for sale section. Change of plans, doing my AFF this year and need the funds.
  7. I think 250? Or 200... I can't remember (I was number 144). I was shocked to get the confirmation email that's for sure...!
  8. Lovely! I have a friend that has been a few times. Did you get in touch with any locals, or just go at it alone? On my hitlist for sure... maybe next year.
  9. I drove to Belgium a few weeks back for the Sea King 'spotters day' retirement, and last Friday I was lucky enough to get onto the spotters day at Marham for a photoshoot with the retro painted GR4. and a few from Marham. We was treated to being taken out to the runway for the take off, a few passes and landing... a good day for sure.
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