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  1. Radleigh

    What have you purchased / been given

    This monster -
  2. Radleigh

    What have you purchased / been given

    Welshmodels L-188 Electra turned up today, what a lovely kit!!
  3. Radleigh

    "Sandbar Mitchell" - Tanker 8Z

    Afternoon guys... I have some info on this aircraft but not to hand.. I do have these though, art work done by Juanita Franzi.. I love my Russian stuff, infact a lot of people know me to only love Russian stuff, but my second passion is fire bombers from any era.. and I love the B-25's... will post more stuff when I have it
  4. Radleigh

    Amodel 1/72nd EMB-121 Xingu

    You're welcome V.P... A favourite aircraft of mine for sure. Some recent(ish) photos I've taken too....
  5. Two new kits to the Amodel range, a EMB-121AN Xingu and EMB-121A1 Xingu II in 1/72nd scale. Found via AviationMegaStore.
  6. 1/48th P-3......me too! Need to get this S-2 though, love the Taiwanese scheme.
  7. They must have edited their post, it did say 1/72nd? Good either way...
  8. I messaged Grand Models ages ago and got a reply back this morning - "PZL M18 will be available for selling after 1-2 months!"
  9. Radleigh

    What have you purchased / been gifted

    Welshmodels 1/72nd L-188 Electra
  10. I feel like it's been decades since I did any proper modelling, becoming a dad last Sept, growing my business and everything else in between just gets in the way. Using an old photo for the time being but will get more up later when I have the camera to hand.. Using this kit twice, I shall be building two different aircraft as the sprues allow you to do a 215 and 415 (and 215T if you really wanted). Nice little kit, including a small etch fret and a nice '50 years' special scheme decal sheet.
  11. Radleigh

    Airfix Classics Launched

    Sounds daft, but if they brought the Skyvan back out, I would buy 4-5... even though I'm not a fan of owning more than 2 of one kit, the Skyvan is one I would actually build 2-3 of and maybe keep a couple. It's one aircraft I want in 1/72nd scale that's easy to get hold of from the Airfix range, that and the Islander.
  12. Facebook, they are good at replying most of the time. Goods news too for the people who love French stuff, going off their Mirage III V-01 and V-02 (have both, and both are very nice!), this will be a lovely kit and *accurate*. I never have a bad thing to say about Modelsvit.....
  13. Saw this earlier but was to busy to reply.... brilliant news. Although I still need to buy the M-17, I shall soon.
  14. Really want this Dak.... it's just the price thing... will it be £600?
  15. Very excited about the Q-400 so I can build this... would much prefer it in 1/72d however, but still getting one in 1/144th!