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  1. @woody37 - Neil good to catch up on the Saturday, shame I could only be there 40-50 minutes... but that's life. I was there Sunday most of the day, left around 1500.. I came over to the BC table twice and no one was about so I just grabbed the one photo of the Manchester and Stirling. Are you doing Bolton? Be good to see both again and have a proper look and photo them! From what I saw, they are absolutely stunning. Hats off to you!
  2. Radleigh

    Airfix F-35B anyone ?

    Ones that go in the tin they're on?
  3. Radleigh

    Fisher Models

    Just posted on LSP.. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/77601-paul-fisher-fire-relief-gofundme/
  4. Radleigh

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    Telford haul... Kits- Proteus 1/72nd Convair CV580 Trumpeter 1/35th Mi-24 (+ decals, resin and brass extras thrown in) Trumpeter 1/72nd Su-24MR Decals- (all 1/72nd) Begemot decals (Mi-8) Blue Rider decals (Mi-8 + others) Print Scale decals (Mi-8) Masks- Eduard Masks (1/72nd Mi-8) Conversions/Resin- Armory 1/72nd Mi-8/17 rotor vibration damper x2 Armory 1/72nd Mi-8/17 winch NeoMega 1/72nd Mi-8 cockpit NeoMega 1/72nd Mi-8MTV-5 conversion NeoMega 1/48th Ka-52 conversion Pavla 1/72nd Mi-8T conversion WhirlyBird 1/72nd Alouette III Maltese Air Wing conversion WhirlyBird 1/72nd Islander Maltese Air Wing conversion
  5. Radleigh

    Hasegawa newsletters 2019 - 01

    The link isn't working for me ?
  6. Not great photos, but some off my iphone.. better ones over the weekend.
  7. Thanks for the correction Pin, also got my name on one!!
  8. So hoping it's a VC-10..... one can dream. But either way, it's RAF Transport & Mach2... I'll be getting one.
  9. Radleigh

    Su-27UB - New kit from Zvezda - 1/72 scale

  10. Radleigh

    Manufacturer's input allowed here? Your opinion pls

    I think it's great that manufacturers put in the time to post online amongst the customers/modellers.. always welcome from me.
  11. Knowing the quality of Modelsvit moulding, I think these rivets look worse in the photo than what it will look like. Won't stop me getting one, I'm sure it'll be great in our hands.
  12. No one kits the MiG-35/MiG-29K in 1/72nd, this will be a first that I know of? Welcome for sure..