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  1. Got quite excited when I saw the news! Just wish it was something like a DC-10 though... maybe one day.
  2. I think in time we will get these... I truely hope so too! Really good selection from ICM though!
  3. Still out there, you can skydive from them in some countries, used for cargo in the danger areas and still in use in the poorer countries... a superb aircaft. Hoping to get a jump from one in the next two years. Anyway, this C-130......
  4. I'm holding off the Mach2 VC-10 at the moment, sadly the nose putting me off... but if someone comes out with a replacement I will get one. A kit I've wanted for years after working on them for 5-6 years... such a lovely aircraft.
  5. Saw this on the Revell stand at Telford/IPMS Nationals... but not seen it mentioned here. Sorry, no photos.. But I just found this - https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/revell-132-hawker-harrier-gr1-model-kit-gift-set/
  6. Yeah i'm on it... not sure when or if it'll get built but I've always wanted one, so I need to make the effort as I did work on the 10 for 5-6 years...
  7. Not forgetting Amodel with the Jetstreams, and Doves.... good times for British Aviation modellers indeed.
  8. They didn't when I spoke with them but it's now released (and you probabaly already have one lol) but that's great news
  9. For some reason I honestly didn't think it was a complete new tool, but it would of been nice... regarding this though, just how bad is it??
  10. Anyone know if this is a complete new tool or just new parts to their older kit? Really want a PU...
  11. GrayHawk - No, that was the old Airways Vacform..
  12. Radleigh

    What's your day-job?

    In short I recycle clothing and ship it to Africa... it's a demanding job, 6 day weeks, 10-14hr days most weeks, driving 500-600 miles a week too.
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