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  1. I've been using superglue, no issues at all. The kit fits together seamlessly, so just a few blobs before sliding it together on the locating rods.
  2. Worth $90 USD all day long... I have the YS-11EB. Granted they aren't Tamiya like, but are very good! I'll be in for a 1/48th L-188...
  3. I would prefer the OneManModels kit as he is also doing them in 1/48th.. and interiors.
  4. It's a public page, no need to join... just click and view.
  5. The size is on the box 371mm x 496mm...
  6. Scalemates have it down as Cyber-Hobby also. Scroll down and look at the 'Product Timeline'. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/cyber-hobby-5051-sea-vixen-faw1--122569
  7. I don't know their business plan, but I think it'll be highly unlikely... a good conversion for someone to bring out though.
  8. It'll need resin wheels, engines without a doubt... but i'm not knocking Mach2, admire him for bringing us subjects no one else dares too.. really tempted by the Navy EC-24 or FAF Dc-8/50 Sarigue.
  9. Nothing wrong with the kits I've got... ? It's 3D printed so it needs sanding smooth or covering with a coating, but that's to be expected.
  10. Well if theres a man for the job... it's you! I very nearly bought one for £120 not long back, but had to resist.... do love the Hampden though, so i'll be following this Woody.
  11. Resin kits are getting better and better, and if the masters are made by 3D printing... it'll fit like a glove. I'll be in for one, without a doubt.
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