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  1. Linden Hill Arctic Flankers. Early or late HB Su-27 ?

    I can't help with your choice, but if HB's 'Early Flanker' is an upscale of Trumpeters 1/72 scale kit, then you need to make some mods to depict an accurate 'early' Su-27. The area of concern is the undercarriage - early Flankers had a different style 3-hole anti-FOD nosewheel guard..... ....and the mainwheels were different....... I grafted on the lower nosewheel from an Airfix/Heller kit - but you may have to scratch in 1/48 scale - although I think there is a resin set avaiable in 1/72 scale, which might now get done in 1/48th ??? If you can see the style of u/c on the Su-27 you wish to model, so much the better. Hope this helps? Ken
  2. someone give Airfix Workbench a dictionary

    Many years ago, my father was in the British Army stationed in Germany. My grandmother was visiting, and she and my parents attended a Sgts Mess reception for the adjacent German Bundeswehr tank regiment. She would insist on calling them 'Pansy Grenadiers' - much to my fathers embarrasment! Ken
  3. You are probably right raschi - although there is no indication in Hobbycraft's instructions about asymmetry (in fact the instructions are quite poor overall) Thanks for all the compliments guys ...... Ken
  4. The latest - and last addition to my collection of 1/72 scale F-89 Scorpions - the Hobbycraft kit of the F-89H..... I wanted to show the GAR-1 Falcon missiles both retracted and extended - so I did the port pod with them deployed ready for firing, and the starboard side all closed up. I know they wouldn't be like that in real life - they are deployed symetrically on each side - but I am claiming 'artistic licence' - it is on display at an airshow and the extending mechanism has be overridden by the display crew. The 'clean' starboard pod for comparison - note the apertures for the FFAR rockets in the nose of the pod. Closer view of the port pod - the Flacon missiles are dummies - hence the light blue colour. I could not get the US Star-and-bar to sit centrally inside the silver outline decal - either the star lined up - or the bars did - but not both! I had to cut the kit decals to go round the missile bays. Each pod could carry 3 X GAR-1 Falcon missiles - plus 21 X FFAR rockets. F-89H Scorpion of the 437th FIS, Presque Isle AFB circa 1958. Scorpion - ready to strike! My complete Scorpion collection. Ken
  5. Swing-Wing Curiosity

    Not really contributing to the model swing wing debate - but I find it interesting......... Apparently when the F-111 was being designed, the aircraft engineers had the wing sweep mechanism working in the same way as the throttles - push it forward to sweep the wings and go faster pull it back to unsweep (forwards) the wings and go slower. This was totally unnatural to the pilots - who insisted that they change it to push forward, wings forward, pull back, wings back - opposite to ther throttles. Ken
  6. someone give Airfix Workbench a dictionary

    Or.... 'Almost exactly'. Ken
  7. someone give Airfix Workbench a dictionary

    Going off at a tangent..... I see that Learstangs avatar is a picture of Georgi Zhukov. I recently went on a river cruise - from St Petersburg to Moscow - and in Yaroslavl, we moored outboard of a Russian cruise ship called Georgi Zhukov - so we had to pass through her to get to our ship. The Russian girl on reception thought I was mad when I asked her to move - so I could take this photo..... .... and his bust.... He was also on his horse in Moscow...... Sorry for the diversion - normal service is now resumed. Ken
  8. Every Flanker kit I have ever made (and it runs into dozens) have had the horizontal stabs in the flat position. It is fairly easy to add a triangular shaped wedge to achieve the 'droop'........ (different kits have different ways to depict the actuator, so the wedge may differ) Here's what it looks like on the real thing..... (it slides inside the front cover - so to be really accurate in larger scales it needs to reflect this) Happy Flankering Ken
  9. Tu-95MCM

    I visited Engels in 2007 and too a few photos..... Excellent build and finish Yury I love the 'in flight' shots. Ken
  10. Sukhoi T-6-1 Su-24 Fencer Prototype

    Excellent scratch build/conversion replicant..... That's a project I have had on the back burner for years - after photographing it at Monino many years ago. The Soviets toyed with lift engines vs swing wings to achieve STOL performance for quite a while - and built some interesting STOL designs with lift engines....now available in kit form... MiG E-7PD MiG-23PD Sukhoi T6-1 Sukhoi T58VD The latter two not yet kitted. Ken
  11. Royal Navy SSN Submarine Conversion?

    PS ...... A more drastic conversion (really a scratchbuild) is HMS Upholder..... http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/model_submarines_350_scale.html#HMS_Upholder_90 Ken
  12. Royal Navy SSN Submarine Conversion?

    FWIW... I have converted Airfix's HMS Trafalgar into HMS Splendid - shortening the hull by 7mm..... http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/model_submarines_350_scale.html#Splendid I then did HMS Spartan - same hull shortening, but with a Dry Deck Shelter added.... http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/model_submarines_350_scale.html#HMS_Spartan_ HMS Valiant is planned for a future 'conversion' - using MikoMir's HMS Resolution - as outlined by Chris above.... Ken
  13. 1/72nd Nanchang Q-5 from Trumpeter

    They are station keeping marks - when they are lined up the aircraft are in the correct echelon position when flying in formation. The J-11b has a similar system - yellow bars on the wingtip launch rails that line up with yellow bars on the spine when they are in the correct formation..... I put them on my Trumpeter J-11B - although I did not get the angles quite right. That's my vacform Q5 BTW......... http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/model_fantan.html Ken
  14. Sputnik 1

    Taken in Moscow in 2008 - at the Central House of Aviation..... In October 1957 (I was aged 10), we were on a troopship travelling to Hong Kong - when they announced over the tannoy that they were picking up transmissions from Sputnik 1 - and we could gather in the lounge to hear it. I can remember being slightly disappointed at the constant 'beep, beep, beep' - I think I was expecting something mind-blowing - which it was, really - just not to a 10 year old. Ken
  15. - SUKHOI Su 30MKM - 1/48

    The large 'turrets' on the spine and lower fuselage are the SAAB Avitronic MAWS-200 (Missile Approach Warning System). The smaller wedge-shapes on the lower fuselage (and on the intake sides) are the LWS310 Laser Warning Sensors. I did the Su-30MKM in 1/72 scale a few years ago - using the Heller Su-27UB as the starting point - (much easier now to use the Trumpeter Su-30MKK) Great progress on your 1/48th version Ken