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  1. Nice build of a "vintage" kit.
  2. Pre-war Spitfire 1/72

    I believe the scheme first appeared during the Munich Crisis.
  3. Pre-war Spitfire 1/72

    Very nice Spitfire.
  4. Big As MAZ

    A question: Do you use pre mixed colours for your rust effects, or do you mix your own to a secret formula? The colours are just so perfect.
  5. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    So that's what that number is.... Nice party you and the power tools had. Was there alcohol and loose women involved?
  6. PK-122 Thunderbirds F-16

    Point to note, Matchbox give you the two part nosewheel door from the prototype, not the single part production type. It is an easy fix as the bay shape didn't change, just glue the parts together and dab a little filler, or make a new one from card.
  7. Nice build. Makes a change from the usual yellow colour schemes.
  8. Very nice. Mine now sits on a plasticard cradle as the undercarriage couldn't cope with all the nose weight...
  9. That is actually a two foot high replica of a Humbrol tin and a real B17...
  10. PK406 Tomcat F-14A

    I was vaguely aware of Matchbox doing a Tomcat, but never saw one in the flesh. Nice choice.
  11. Kits of Covenant "characters" would be a real challenge to paint, and install LEDs for some of the lighting effects.
  12. Looking good. Another classic aircraft crying out for a new tool
  13. Turning out realy well. Considering the decent fit of the rest of the kit, the struts were a bit of a disappointment.
  14. ***Finished*** Revbox Canberra PR9

    That came out nicely.
  15. 1/72 Matchbox Henschel Hs 126

    Nice. I built one too aged 9 or 10 with a rather Bobby desert camo. There was an article in Airfix Magazine around the time that combined the Matchbox and Airfix kits to make the "perfect" 126 as neither was quite right.