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  1. Looks interesting. I see a touch of Provost in there, and a pinch of T37. All with a dash of Canadian chutzpah. Oh, and there is a bloke on here does instrument decals, models a bit too.
  2. Condolences and thoughts for the victims.
  3. Beautiful build, 40's/50's aircraft are just so much prettier than their modern counterparts.
  4. Lovely model. Did the designer not get the memo about using three engines?
  5. Lovely build and a nice scheme.
  6. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Those US Troops are wearing PASGT Helmets that didn't get issued until 1984.
  7. Very nice. The detail of the eyes really brings them to life.
  8. I used a lot of weight in 1/72, that looks like a serious amount in 1/48.
  9. Very impressive for the scale. Love the T90.
  10. Azure Blue? A very highly debated colour. I think the general consensus is "if you are happy with the shade, stick with it"
  11. Was there ever a kit of the GAF Nomad? And I don't think anyone has ever done the Cunliffe Owen Flying Wing.
  12. Lovely build of a "proper" car
  13. The Eduard Mig must be a relief after the Mystere and the Hunter.
  14. Trying to find the right phrase here and failing, so bear with me. This build is like a reverse autopsy, so well done, that you can understand why a certain fitting is in a certain place, and how everything relates to the whole. It is not just a masterclass in modelling, it is a masterclass in Spitfire.
  15. Beatiful finish on the wood. Lovely close grain. Did you use sealer, or is that bare wood?