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  1. Airfix 2018

    I see we are approaching 40 pages We can then start AIRFIX 2019
  2. Airfix 2018

    I would suggest that the release of new kits will be linked to pre-orders and get them in one go rather than slowly throughout the year? Just a thought, I am a modeler not a business guru though, so just my guess. Rich
  3. Airfix 2018

    I think we will see some change of scales of a previous release i.e a 1/48 Gladiator/Tiger Moth/Swordfish/Vampire/Provost/(MIG 15 - heard something about this on here somewhere) and/or 1/72 Javelin/Sea Vixen/Meteor Would love to see a new Hunter, 1/48 Harrier GR3, Venom, Lysander, Mossie, Beaufort, Scimitar and loads more Agree with the above Rich
  4. Airfix 2018

    The Airfix rep last Thursday said there will be more than these 2 kits as new tools, but wouldn't say how many as he could not remember. I would suspect it to be around the same as this year. (well hoping anyway).
  5. Airfix 2018

    The Airfix rep at the presentation last week, said that Airfix wont do 1/32 kits, they feel 1/24 is suitable for big kits and there e plenty of manufacturers who do 1/32. With all the data they have wouldn't be surprised to see a 1/48 kit of the Typhoon though. He said its 9th Jan that we will know, so getting closer, maybe the MoDs could change the countdown from Christmas to the Airfix Day on here.
  6. Will Airfix do a NEW Tool 1/72 Sea Fury????

    How about a scaled up B17G in 1/48
  7. 1/32nd F-100 "Triple Zilch"

    Simon that looks fantastic, you must be really pleased with it. cheers Rich
  8. Airfix 2018

    Concorde was just a guess that fitted with the criteria he stated. One thing he also said was they can't scan highly polished surfaces, so some bare metal aircraft are out of scope. They will travel to find the right aircraft and details, it has to be correct and unmodified to be chosen. They went to Finland to get drawings for the Blenheim. They couldn't use the flying one as it's been modified. Going back to Seattle, he was asked what is the biggest thing Airfix have scanned with Lidar and he said something in Seattle that wasn't a B52. No idea when, so the subject may come out in 2019. I don't what is in Seattle other than Googling the museum and seeing a Concorde listed. It could well be something else or some other establishment. But it's fun to guess.
  9. Airfix 2018

    I don't think it will be a 1/72 Concorde, more likely 1/144 which would fit with replacing old tools.
  10. Airfix 2018

    I would love a p38, but iwhatever was scanned must be bigger than a HE111, which I don't think is a P38 we might see a B52 at some point because he was talking about getting drawings from smithonian, but getting the detail right due to the number of variations made it difficult to ensure accuracy. he would not say how many new tools we will see, but nothing will be announced until January 9th.
  11. Airfix 2018

    He also mentioned researching a large item in Yorkshire plus they plan to replace old tooling, so I see a Halifax or Vulcan on the horizon the Concorde would fit into this as they have also gone to the new museum in Filton
  12. Airfix 2018

    Concorde he said it was the biggest thing he's scanned
  13. Airfix 2018

    Airfix will announce their kits for 2018 on 9th January and then we can start an AIRFIX 2019 post!
  14. Airfix 2018

    No advent calendar 😒
  15. Revell 2018

    Nice to see some new stuff coming through of note: 1/72 PT Boat will be good 1/350 Platinum Tirpitz The Flower Class with lights and sound sounds a bit gimmicky, but may appeal to the RC modelers New 1/72 Spit Mk V (Might be in the flying legends boxing) The Camel/SE5A Double decker - I presume is a 2 kit boxing of the Eduard kits? Going back to the stagnate market comment, I imagine its referring to the gross turnover for the hobby, yes we have lots of new makers and a good variety of kits coming to the market, but if the overall demand remains stagnant, it will make it harder for each manufacturer to keep or grow their share of the market. Look forward to seeing what is lined up on the 1st Jan reveal. Cheers Rich