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  1. Patience.
  2. can I get these please




  3. I thought this was the rumourmonger section, not lets all discuss how to run a model kit company
  4. I think they are Frog moulds which ended up in Russia and have been used by a few companies https://www.scalemates.com/kits/204134-mastercraft-b-98-hms-harvester See the link for the history of this one I think Mister Craft and master Craft are the same companies
  5. We are modelers, collectively we will never all be happy with a kit, it amazes me how many moaners are out there. We have never had it so good, countless manufacturers, great accessories, sites like this to share knowledge, great tools and paints, countless resources and somne wonderful kits to make As I have said before, if Airfix or other manufacturers could shrink the real thing and make it into a kit, there would be someone on here saying they got something wrong. Lets face it modelers are not meant to be 100% satisfied
  6. I see from hattons that Hornby are announcing their 2017 range on 4th Jan, so presume Airfix will be the same day?
  7. thanks Guys, would never have guessed as I didn't know it was ever fitted with a canopy.
  8. Came across this image of Wrens preparing for a photo recognisance flight in a book on the RN, but can't make out the aircraft. Any ideas, thought it might be a Gladiator, but the wheel struts look wrong.
  9. The Advent Calendar is back Todays is 40% off the Swift, but have been known to tease with new kits before
  10. I had an idea, and suggested it to Airfix that they produce a range of 1/24 ground and Air crew figures, plus accessories in the same vain as the 1/48 ground crew figures. I expect I am not the 1st to suggest this, but I am sure it would be welcomed by many of us to enhance the Typhoon or Mossie etc Probably not in their plans, but we can hope
  11. So what might we expect on Friday in this weeks workbench? I would suspect after the new tools, we might get some of the new variant info, sea hurricane, AEW Shack etc unless these will be held back until the full list is issued at Christmas (as there is only potentially 2 left before Christmas, Friday 2nd & Friday 16th Dec). Here's hoping for more good choices
  12. Words fail me, a fantastic build that could be the real thing a tremendous model really amazed thanks for posting regards Rich