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  1. Hi,

             Looking forward to the new canopies. Would you like me to send them from here? I personally know of 3 more people who would like one if that's OK with mine.

    I can supply small boxes for sending them too free of charge to people but not sure how you would reimburse postage? Unless I add it all up and sent you an invoice?

    Anyway, I'm willing to help if you wish.



  2. I can do it if you like as you're sending me one anyway just put loads of them in a the same box. Just send me a PM with anything else you think I should know..
  3. Here's a few shots of the new MikroMir Provost wart's and all....... As you've probably read on the rumourmonger thread there's a significant problem with the canopy. Reference wise Homebee has posted some very useful detail photos of the canopy on that thread so I shan't duplicate them here. The forward windscreen on mine here has had to be 'hot watered' into shape by at least 3mm and as you can see I went a little too far and it's cracked on the port side. The rear part is just placed in position for now until hopefully MikroMir can remould some new ones. You can see how far out that piece is too... I haven't bothered with the intake vents on the rear part as yet as I'm not sure if this particular aircraft had them. And, yes I know I've put the red handle the wrong way round but I've corrected it now... I assume there'll be some kind of agreement so those that have bought the original kit will be able to aquire a replacement? Let's hope so anyway. Other mods I made to the kit were a set of new propeller blades and addition of the exhaust on the port side, although looking at it again now I still think I'll have to make it a little bigger? The seatbelts are generic Eduard ones as the kit ones I think are far too big ( or the seats are too small).. Fit of some of the parts are quite 'iffy' and some of the smaller items require a fair amount of cleaning up. Anyway, thanks for looking. 20180603_102532[/url 20180603_102652 20180603_102558 20180603_102627
  4. Very nice. I shall have to hunt one down...
  5. Well, I stand corrected on that one...How'd I miss that ! Must look out for it. Thanks for the info. And they do it with Irish Markings too. Wonder if the next 48th kit will have them in too? Mind you, it's probably not difficult to adapt one Max Decals sheets?
  6. Are you sure it was MikroMir that did it in 72nd? The only other kits I know of in that scale was the lovely CMK resin one and the very old Matchbox one? If they did I'm sure I would have built one, as, like you It's one of my favourites...
  7. I'm having the same problems (amongst others) with mine too. The forward windscreen is 3mm too wide and wont fit anywhere close so will involve some very careful hot water bending to get it to fit.. The rear part is just as bad and sits too high on the fuselage where it touches the rear of the cockpit.This will also involve some careful trimming of the fuselage and the rear of the cockpit. The seatbelts seem far too large (almost 1/32nd scale) or the seats are too small? Although its shown on the very poor drawings there is no hole provided for the exhaust on the port side of the cowling, the prop blades seem too small and the wrong shape so I've replaced these with something more lifelike and the general fit of parts is minimal at best. I was hoping this would be an enjoyable build as I so want one in the collection but it won't beat me yet and shall finish it as best I can. Such a shame
  8. Thank you. Yes its D-ENTE, the zebra striped one as per the old Revell 1/32nd scale kit. I assume there'll be other markings too? https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/SH72349
  9. Ah, Thanks for that...now that would make a nice little model. Much the same sort of lines as the 27 but more of a modern design.
  10. Not a problem Jean, although it's now given me a nice idea.... I think Revell released it too if I remember? Thank you. Not sure about the name? I can't find it listed anywhere. I'd be interested to know tho'.
  11. Hi Jean, Matchbox? Aren't you thinking of the Dornier 28? Twin engine high wing fixed u/c? Can't remember them doing a '27'? They were built between 1955 and 1965 and the 2 with the SAAF between 1958 and 1967 with one crashing in 1962.
  12. What a little gem of a kit this is.. Not my usual subject but the box art of a German aircraft drew me in. I was originally going to build the German one but when a South African friend said they operated 2 of them for trials I decided to send for the MAV sheet which covers one of them. As I enjoyed the build so much I shall still do the German one ASAP. Plus it's got some nice dayglo on it too... It really is a delicate little model. Fit is nigh on perfect, there are different internal options, with or without opening door options and what did strike me was the quality of the plastic. Certainly not the usual Special Hobby with no flash whatsoever but then again their latest releases seem an improvement over previous years. Thoroughly recommended.... Thanks for looking. IMG_3239 IMG_3236 IMG_3240 IMG_3241 IMG_3248
  13. Thanks for your comments, but no, not really as I wanted to depict the aircraft as it was while on the Bush in Stokes Bay last July and it only had the centre line pod fitted.
  14. My latest build is this F/A-18F from Hasegawa. Pretty much straight from the box except for Aires seats, Quickboost ECS slots and a Wolfpack A/A42R-1 refuelling pod for the centre pylon. Decals are from the superb new Furball sheet ' CVW8 AT WAR.' Thanks for looking. IMG_3230 IMG_3233 IMG_3234 IMG_3235