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  1. Now, that is a bit nice!! One of my favourite aircraft too. Subtle weathering and great attention to detail adds to the overall effect. Well done.....
  2. Thanks. Quite. Sounds like a lawnmower on steroids....
  3. This was one of those spur of the moment, inspirational builds after seeing one flying at a recent Shuttleworth airshow. The kit itself is really nice. Very delicate and all parts fitting well. In my opinion the only thing that lets it down is the engine which is a little basic. Neomega do a resin one so if I decide to do another one I shall use that. Anyway, thanks for looking. IMG_0168 IMG_0167 IMG_0169 IMG_0170 IMG_0172
  4. Thanks for all the input everyone. So, maybe it's the Duxford one that's the odd one out?
  5. Mmm, possibly Dave. My one here at home certainly looks more brown than works one but the codes are still red...? I'm just wondering if there was point when the code letters changed? Anyway, thanks for the advice.
  6. Really want to do one of these! However, I'm confused by the colour schemes? All previous info I can find show the camouflage as Brown and Green with MSG codes? (even the restored one at Duxford) The kit appears to show Grey and Green with red codes? Was there a period when the colours would have changed? All information greatly received...
  7. Yes indeed, and a good friend of Gene Kranz who mentions him with great affection in his book' Failure is not an option'.
  8. Yep, this my most favourite band ever. So different. Seen them about 5 times now and going to see them at the Albert Hall proms on Thursday evening when they'll be doing their Race for Space album in full.. Catch the show on BBC 4 on Friday night at 11pm... They were also on Newsnight on Friday just gone too... You might like these too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8rNlFYRcgs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_J-_m9-Zqc
  9. OK, Duncan thanks for your honesty. Not even if I put some chocolate Hob Nobs in it?..... I'd thought of doing that anyway but having it so close is tempting to dip in it occasionally. If I were to put £50 a month and working on recent experiences with their release dates I'd probably have enough to get the normal one and the Dambuster one too...........
  10. Yes indeed, that's one up to you... Strictly hypothetical, would it be feasible to set up some kind of regular prepayment scheme for those wishing to purchase a Lanc. I don't know, say, £50 a month towards it? Just thinking out loud?
  11. Thanks Duncan, mine arrived safely today too. (big 'innit!) Great service from you as usual, pity about the hold up in customs tho'.. Never mind, its here now...Roll on the Lanc...
  12. Thank you. Those lines actually look worse in the photo than they actually are but I will tone them down. Thanks for the advice.
  13. Thank you both for your comments. I've also told the erks not to be so efficient and some oil has appeared on some pipework, access panels and the oil cooler...... The only info I could find was obviously the decal sheet which also refers the modeller to photos in the RAF Squadrons book but I couldn't find them on the page they mention and these 2 threads on BM. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235039224-spitfire-xiv-nh926-help/ https://forum.keypublishing.com/forum/historic-aviation/147618-looking-for-mk-xiv-spit-markings-out-of-the-ordinary?144149-Looking-For-Mk-XIV-Spit-Markings-Out-Of-The-Ordinary=
  14. My latest project is the new Airfix Spitfire XIV. Built pretty much straight from the box except for some Eduard exhausts, wheels, seat belts and just for the hell of it one of their new 'look' instrument panels which is VERY nice... Oh, and decals from a fairly old Xtradecal sheet. Mine didn't suffer from any of the short shot problems discussed on here and was nicely moulded throughout. The fit was also quite acceptable and I encountered no problems during the build. Thanks for looking. 20190702_202606 20190702_202355 20190702_202450 20190702_202532
  15. Mmm..difficult. I was asked to consider building one a couple of years back at a show and suggested £500 plus the price of the kit and any extras...I never heard any more......
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