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  1. I really hope you're right, but I still have my doubts...
  2. 2022? Do you really think so? I don't think there's much chance of any shows next year at all.....
  3. Sorry, Cliff, I wasn't ignoring you but I haven't been on this week. Thanks for answering anyway Gerry.
  4. My latest project is this Bloch 152 from Dora Wings. French aircraft are not my usual forte but I was initially attracted by the box art. Quite a nice little kit but some of the parts required some fettling to get them to fit properly. The major area for concern was the unusual way each side of the of the fuselage was in 2 parts and as the fit isn't very good it took a while to get everything smoothed down. The canopy is also only supplied in the closed position which as the cockpit interior is quite basic it wasn't a problem. The engine is basic too but most of that is hidden behind the large prop and the same goes for the undercarrige bays. I would assume this was probably down to the lack of detailed information. As far as I know there is only one decent book about the aircraft but that was only available from Abebooks at £146!(as far as I could see) I settled in the end for profile no. 203 from Evilbay which is OK but not really much help. The paint finish is Hakata French Airforce colours. Again, I'm not a big fan of Acrylics but gave them a go to see what they were like. They sprayed OK but I did have to keep cleaning the airbrush tip. Anyway, thanks for looking and I'm looking forward to their Miles Master and P-43. DWB 1 DWB 2 DWB 3 - Copy DWB 4 - Copy DWB 5 - Copy DWB 6 - Copy
  5. Funny you should say that as I've just had an email from them asking why I didn't complete my purchase.....
  6. I just went to order one and it was going to be $58 for postage.....I don't think so!! Ridiculous!
  7. Thank you. I really don't know? Maybe someone can enlighten us. I'd like to know too...
  8. Thanks Tony. If anyone comes up with a definitive answer I'll gladly change them.
  9. Another Arma Hurricane. This time a IIc belonging to 1 squadron SAAF. Again built straight from the box except for some Eduard seatbelts and Master metal gun barrels and shrouds. I've also tried some of the AK Real colours which I was quite impressed with. Decals are a mixture of kit and Xtradecal as I believe the codes should be white? Anyway, thanks for looking again. 1 2 3 4 5
  10. Can you honestly expect anything to happen during the early show season next year too? At least not until they get rid of this social distancing ...? I really have my doubts particularly as they're now forecasting another 120,000+ fatalities during the winter so we'll all be confined to barracks again anyway.... The Warley National Model Railway show at the NEC has been cancelled and that was going to be 2 weeks after Telford.
  11. Thanks all, think I'll go with that then. Cheers.
  12. I'm led to believe that some SAAF Hurricane IIc's were only fitted with the inboard cannons? If so, would the bulges still be on the gun panels on top of the wings and the ejector ports underneath filled in (or plated over?) I can find a photo of Bob Finney's HL885 AX Z but you can only see the cannon and not the wings. Any help gratefully received. Thank you.
  13. I just can't help myself with these Arma Hurricanes... Anyway, this time its a Romanian Mk.1 straight from the box. Thanks for looking again. 20200710_203948 20200710_203958 20200710_204006 20200710_204019 20200710_204056
  14. Ah yes, very nice. Always one of my favourites. Although a different reg, I had my first flight in an Air Anglia DC3 at Greenham Common in 1974. Here she is taxiing past the tower... 46214859581_6d82469688_b
  15. I'm really getting to like these Arma models and their new Wildcat is certainly no exception. Very finely moulded with lovely surface detail it goes together great. The undercarrige is a little tricky but thats' really only down to the scale. A full cockpit is provided including PE seatbelts and instrument panel but I chose the simple decal option. 5 colour options are given including 2 overall blue ones, a normal 3 tone, an Atlantic Fleet grey and white one and a Royal Navy one. I chose one of the blue ones but I wasn't sure whether it should have Mah Baby on both sides? Two decals are provided just in case tho' I have yet to find a photo of this particular aircraft. A full set of canopy masks are also provided. Thanks for looking. I think the next one will be a Romanian Hurricane Mk.1. 20200705_102459 20200705_102523 20200705_102511 20200705_102436
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