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  1. Thank you! That's very kind of you to say so. I was surprised myself particularly as airliners aren't my usual subject. But as everyone has said...it just looks right. Much appreciated...
  2. Oops, tha'ts not good. If they're any use to you you're welcome to mine as other than stencils and instrument panel etc. I wont be using them on the one I want to do.
  3. Ah, right, lucky you. Say Hi to Duncan at Blackmike for me. Just mention the model shop he put me onto at Dingwall a couple of weeks ago and he'll know who you mean...oh and ask him wheres my Gotha?? Have a great weekend and don't spend too much.......oh, and I'm looking for a Minicraft 1/144th C-130J if you see one going cheap.... Keith
  4. Thanks, Mike, tha'ts very kind of you to point that out. I'll try my best to follow your advice.
  5. I'm impressed! Doesn't it make a difference. I've just sent for a set of each so I'll try what you say and attempt to fit them over the top. If not I'll just do another BA one I've flown in recently. (if I can get another kit, it was difficult enough to get this one...) I assume you'll be at Perth tomorrow? As you probably guess from down here I'll be at MK. Pity we could have compared notes. Anyway thanks again and have fun.
  6. Thanks, Dave and everyone. Much appreciated. Wow, those windows are impressive. Never heard of them before. May send for a set just to see what they're like. Even if I only use the cockpit ones? Thanks for putting me on to them.
  7. Not my usual subject so I may have made some mistakes along the way, but I couldn't resist building one of these . I think it just looks right.... Basic kit is of course the Revell one and the decals are the new ones from Two Six. I was hoping to add the real aircraft to my flight log on a couple of recent trips but no luck yet.. Thanks for looking. 20190425_133329[/url 20190425_133206 20190425_133219
  8. You may be right, but is MSG still in the current BS range? Plus there's also Dark Camo grey BS629, X36 in the Xtracolor range.
  9. Ted, Firstly, you realise that they don't actually exist......... Well, at least they don't now as they've been replaced by a pair of Piper Navajos. Anyway on a more serious note (personally) I would go for BS626 Camouflage Grey. In the Xtracolour range as X17. But with a matt varnish.
  10. Thanks for all the extra replies lately. I'll make sure to have a good around at Modelkraft next week and see what's around. As I'm only going to put fuel tanks on, stores are not a problem.
  11. Not a problem, Kevin. I'd sussed it out myself that's what you probably meant....
  12. My latest project is this little glider from Special Hobby. It's exquisitely moulded and consists of probably no more than a couple of dozen parts plus some photo etch.. 4 sets of markings are also included. Although I chose to bottle it with regards to using the photo etch turnbuckles I still rigged it with a mixture of Wingnuts thread and rolled wire. The seatbelts are some generic Eduard ones I had lying around. Thanks for looking. IMG_6015 IMG_6005 IMG_6009 IMG_6003 IMG_6002 IMG_6014
  13. Thank you all. I also found a thread from a year ago when someone asked the same question so that was useful too. Didn't know about the Freightdog parts tho. Much appreciated.
  14. Just wondering what you all think as to being the best kit available to build an upto date RAF aircraft please? Am I right in assuming the latest Revell offering in Luftwaffe markings is a good basis? How's the Hasegawa one too? Thanks in advance..
  15. keithjs

    SAAF Sunderland V

    Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.
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