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  1. Hi Paul, Thank you for your comments. No problem with the canopy except you need to be very careful. I used Tamiyas Extra thin fast drying cement. I did however have to thin down the rear section where it fits to the fuselage. Here's a link to some observations on my first build. Hope you find them useful.
  2. This is my number 3 so I thought I'd go for a traditional RAF colour scheme this time. Decals are from sheet 4 of the new Xtracolor ones. Including all the dayglo markings. What made life a little easier this time was the new set of canopy masks from ArtScale. So its just a red white and grey one to go, plus G-BXGL off the forthcoming Xtradecal 'civil schemes' sheet. Thanks for looking again. 1 2 3 4 5
  3. I must have missed something somewhere along the way so could someone explain the differences between the tailwheels please? Too kind.
  4. Yes, just the cockpit so far but we’re away for a few days now so it’ll give me chance to contemplate what to do about the rear bomb bay fairing……?
  5. Strangely (or maybe not?) They got it right on their 1/48th scale kit from years ago.
  6. Yes indeed, something is definitely off there? Surely part C2 should be at least the width of the bomb bay doors? I can't find any decent photos to clarify what I mean tho'.
  7. A Kotare is a species of Kingfisher native to New Zealand.
  8. Thank you. My usual ‘go to’ dayglo is Xtracolor X253 (Leuchtorange) but I’ve become quite fond of AK Real Color lately so I gave their RC207 (Leuchtorange) a go. I think it’s just as good but you must apply it (and the Xtracolor one) over a solid white undercoat. Have fun.
  9. Thank you. Yes, just take you time with a sharp knife and all's well. The IAC emblem was purchased from evilbay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/IRELAND-IRISH-AIR-CORPS-ROUNDEL-TIE-SLIDE-TIE-GRIP-PIN-BAR-GIFT-/170923322208 I just cut off the tie clip parts.
  10. So, this is my second one, and, as my previous one no real issues were found during the build particularly if you remove the locating pins on the wings and make sure all paint and burrs are removed from parts before fitting them together. Even though I've closed the cockpit on this one I still found I had to remove some fuselage plastic behind the rear shelf so that the rear of the canopy could sit flush. The only extras I added were some seatbelts and a tiny bit of detailing on the propeller boss. I'm not sure why, but later service IAC Chippies flew without spinners. Decals have been modified from a Max Decals sheet to represent an aircraft later in IAC service and of course an excuse to use some more dayglo. Thanks for looking. IAC C1 IAC C2 IAC C3 IAC C4
  11. So, using your observations and info, there's nothing that isn't easily correctable to the average modeller? Certainly won't stop me from building a couple.
  12. What a great choice of markings. I shall now have to do more than one.....
  13. Thank you. No, as far as I know Avalon have been the only company to release civil markings at the moment. Hopefully they'll consider doing some more?
  14. Thank you. I'm sure when all 4 Xtradecal sheets eventually come out you'll be able to mix and match all the serial numbers and unit markings to make pretty much any one you desire.....
  15. Nice one. I'm glad this fix appears to be working for everyone so far.
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