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  1. Ah, thanks Adrian, that's very useful. I'll have to see what I can do.. Much appreciated.
  2. Looking forward to this release. Unless I'm mis-reading what some of the text says in the article, that isn't actually a fictitious serial number on the CFS aircraft as a photo on page 15 in Stuart McKay's excellent Tiger Moth book shows. Along with 3 other aircraft, K2583,84,86 and 87. https://stellabooks.com/books/stuart-mckay/de-havilland-tiger-moth-legendary-biplane-trainer/1610168
  3. No, there's no bomb bay as such just a strange shaped blanking plate.. The box art shows an open 'normal' bomb bay. Whats the point of putting a Blue Steel in the kit if neither of the aircraft depicted used them? Unless of course there going to be another release with a 'normal' bomb bay? I'd also be interested to know when Vulcans stopped using Blue Steel and the RWR fairing was fitted tho'?
  4. Mmm, despite the box art I'm somewhat disappointed you can't build it with a 'normal' bomb bay? Blue Steel only or closed.... Am I also right in thinking that you can't fit a Blue Steel on Vulcans with the type of tailfin antenna/radar this kit has got?
  5. Great, thank you Dave. I can see it now.
  6. Just picked up one of these and a Fundekals sheet is enroute. Not being a Vulcan aficionado can someone enlighten me to the differences between the engines please? Much appreciated.
  7. Didn't do too badly after all. Got one from PlazaJapan for £20 incl postage. What HMRC will sting me I don't know. Bit different to Hannants £37 anyhow...
  8. No problem at all Mike... Didn't know that...Just sent for a sheet of the 200th scale ones. Thanks for the info. Just need a cheap Hasegawa kit now......
  9. Hi Mike, Yes I was aware of both of those thanks. In fact Hasegawa did 3 others in different unit markings. It was just that I was curious if there were any major differences between US Navy versions and RAF ones..? Thank you for your interest.
  10. Is it possible to build an RAF Poseidon from any of the Hasegawa 1/200th US Navy versions please? If it's only a case of a few extra (or less) aerials that'll be OK. I was just wondering if there are any extra lumps and bumps? From looking at photos the only one that concerns me is the large one underneath? Thanks in advance.
  11. Just received the engine, ailerons and rigging sets and they're gorgeous. I've already put the engine together in anticipation of using it on the forthcoming Sea Gladiator. No effort required there! A great improvement on the kit parts and it saves modifying the ailerons. too. Recommended.
  12. Yep, that's what I've gone for too. Be interesting to see if they change the instrument panel on their forthcoming Mk.II and the Sea Gladiator? Thanks for all the advice.
  13. The new ICM 1/32nd kit from the box. Mk.1 607 Squadron LW-D 1939. No serial number known....Page 18 of Warpaint no. 37. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for all the input everyone but it hasn't made things any clearer (for me at least )I'm afraid..... I have also just noticed that the Yahu panels are red/brown for the Mk.1 (without the BFP) and all over black for the MK.11 (with the BFP)
  15. Before I get too carried away can anyone confirm that the Mk.I and possibly the Mk.II had a redish bakerlite coloured instrument panel please? I know the panels are different with the Mk.II having a typical blind flying panel but was the rest of it still that colour? Pictures of the supposedly un restored Swedish one is definately that colour but what about the RAF ones?? Even the Eduard sets in 48th are that colour too but I wondered if they might have been copied from restored examples? Thanks in advance.
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