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  1. Yes, so I now understand. The same problem arises when you try to order from Victory Models and the 48ers....Oh well, no hurry...
  2. Yes, thats quite true but personally I've not had any problems (so far)
  3. I was going to get some of those but I can't find an option on their website for sending to the UK do they not anymore or have I missed something?
  4. Lets hope it doesn't come with the massive oversized RAM panels that their 72nd scale one has. Mind you I think all available kits seem to be blighted with those don't they?...
  5. This is the new ICM Tiger Moth built straight from the box. Well, actually, not quite as I've put in some seatbelts and added the missing fuel pipe from the overhead tank to the engine. A fairly simple build but because the struts are very delicate it does make the top win flex a little when handling. This put paid to my initial idea of rigging it with proper streamlined wire (from RB) I just couldn't seem to get it to stay rigid enough and the wires just kept bending. So I bottled it and used some E Z line. I shall certainly be doing another one when there are some aftermarket parts ava
  6. You're very welcome John. I have quite a few more if you're interested. Please note tho' I had special permission to be on the land as most of it is now private property and locked gates were involved. Don't forget to check out the small museum in the Boyndie Garden Centre/visitor centre too, there are some nice artifacts and its a pleasant place for a light lunch. And of course there's also the Dallachy Strike Wing memorial on the outskirts of the old Dallachy airfield.(21 miles from RAF Banff along the A98) Look out for Beaufighter Road... Anyway, I hope you'll be able to make it soon.
  7. Yes mine too and I must have got a slightly different exchange rate as I paid just under £35. It's really very nice and can't wait to start it. The surface detail is quite exquisite. I shall be doing one of the options on the original Aztec Falklands War sheet. Brett Green did a box opening video here yesterday http://www.hyperscale.com/what's.htm
  8. Very nice indeed! Interesting colour for the ejection seat?
  9. What a good idea. I'd forgotten about those. Just ordered some to be ready...
  10. Absolutely beautiful build and on a subject I'm very keen on too and can concur with our American friend the book is a great read along with Les Taylors book, Banff Strike Wing at War along with the DVD(see below) I have no intention of hijacking this thread but Banff is really quite well preserved as disused airfields go and I was fortunate enough a few years ago (April 2018) to have a guided tour of what is now left of the airfield. I thought you might be interested to see a few photos of what it looks like now.? The control tower. 20180412_115203 A well k
  11. Really looking forward to this but I notice the kit has the upper wing leading edge slats. https://icm.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/32035_manual_web-1.pdf I can't find any information as to what denoted these to be fitted. Was it by date or serial number? I have Stuart McKay's excellent book and numerous others but it seems a somewhat elusive subject. There are some very early photos in the book that show them fitted and some later ones that haven't.. Also, I believe the rear fuselage anti spin strakes weren't fitted until late 1941? Would I be corre
  12. I must agree! Pretty much everything thats been announced by Airfix and ICM so far I'm interested in...Bring it on.
  13. Looking forward to this too! I built the Accurate Armour one some years ago and although its very expensive (at least now it is) it's a nice model. Who's going to be first o build it with the Beaufighter flying over...?
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