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  1. I'd like to finish one of the new Airfix Meteor F-8's in 615 squadron colours as per Xtradecal sheet 72-114. Could someone confirm if the tailplanes are finished in blue or white? Reason I ask is they tell you to paint the entire tail and tailplanes in white before applying the zigzag blue decals but the drawing shows them in blue. Thanks in advance. Reference photo on page 404 in Cold War Shield Vol. 1 apparently.
  2. Thank you. Yes, certainly but when the shorter ones started to be fitted is anyones guess. I’m sure there’s someone out there somewhere that knows. I have photos in the Air Britain book showing K6320 of 269 squadron in 1937 that definitely has the long ones and another photo of K8723 of 10 FTS (no date on the photo) that has the shorter ones. So logic tells me it was somewhere between those serial numbers at least. Whether it was by c/n or serial I don’t know. It’s very difficult to see unless it’s an aerial shot. The Air Britain book is excellent for telling you when and where and who with but that’s about it. Sorry I can’t be more help. If it’s any help the first 2 IAC ones were c/n 980 and 981 as they hadn’t yet been given RAF serial numbers when they were diverted off the production line. The later IAC aircraft were ex RAF aircraft in the N serial range.
  3. This is the latest addition to my IAC collection. When Airfix first announced the model a couple of years ago I knew then this would be a great addition to it. It really is a superb model. In my opinion probably one of Airfix's finest despite some reservations about the wing fabric representation. Personally, I agree that the surface texture looks somewhat overdone, but, when it's lightly rubbed over and paint is applied it looks fine to me. Anyway, detail throughout is amazing and because the glazing is crystal clear you're going to see everything. The only additions I made were some generic Eduard seatbelts and if you use the sloped canopy, you'll need some piping and cables to power the instruments as it's quite obvious through the glazing. With the later canopy the fuselage shroud hides them. And, also, some for the small set of 4 instruments on the radio operator's panel. As I particularly wanted to do a very early IAC aircraft, I needed to modify the ailerons by lengthening them inboard by 3ft (about 20mm) by cutting away the wing and part of the flap. I had initially thought of using a spare set from a Classic Airframes kit which comes with the longer ones as additional parts. I even managed to obtain a set from a very nice chap on here as for some obscure reason I could only find one of mine.... Anyway, it wasn't to be because despite the length being OK and looking good from above, the underneath was a different angle and just looked odd. The only option therefore was to modify the length of the kit ones. Not a difficult job and I think the end result looks OK. The markings (well actually only the 21) came from Max Decals. They do supply the green/white/orange as decals, but I think it looks better if they can be sprayed on and it was simple enough to do. Also, the green is my own mix but it seems to be showing darker than it really is in the photos. I used a combination of Humbrol 78 and 120. The aluminum is Tamiya LP38 and the cowlings are LP48 Sparkling silver So, that's it. I'm certainly looking forward to building another one ASAP but using the other canopy and different engine cowlings. A godsend too will be when Eduard release a set of glazing and turret masks... Thanks for looking. My thanks to Joe Maxwell at Max Decals, Michael Whelan, Curator of the IAC Museum in Baldonnel and Luke Slaney at Airfix for providing extra 'information etc' and some photos that I hadn't got. Much appreciated. IMG_3066 IMG_3065 IMG_3067 IMG_3068 A5
  4. The very nice people on the Airfix stand said at the weekend it would be released today. Apparently their distribution system means even my local shop should have them imminently....
  5. Looks like you've got a couple of winners there. Nice to see you've made a decent job of that very inconvienient nose joint too.
  6. For instance just add a drill bit or Tamiya paint mixing jar to the order (always useful) and it'll take it just over the threshold
  7. Thank you for that, but I don't think that was the one I saw. Will do as you suggest and see what I can find. Will have a look around at Telford next week too.
  8. Just received my kit this morning and when this was first announced I’m sure I saw that someone was going to do a metal gun and /or accessories for it. I just can’t remember who and where or am I having a senior moment??
  9. Picked one up from our local model shop today (even before Hannants got theirs). Still fondling the plastic at the moment eager to start it soon.
  10. Thanks Colin.They’re most useful. I can now see the kit is missing the hinges on the main doors too. You’re welcome Andy.
  11. Hi Chris and Andy. Just for you. Here's some shots in daylight for you Andy and extra large ones for you Chris. Thanks for your interest. 20221016_132916 20221016_132930 20221016_132947 20221016_133008
  12. Hi Andy, I just followed the instructions as best I could as the colours seem to blend into one another on the plan. I did notice it was a different pattern to the green/brown ones tho’. Will take one later when the suns out.
  13. Oh my goodness, what a mistake to make! And I’ve built 2 Airfix ones too. Thank you for pointing it out. Now corrected. And it’s not as though I’ve got no references either….
  14. Thank you. Paints are Xtracolor for top surfaces with an irregular overspray of AK real colors and Tamiya matt black for underneath. Semi matt varnish overall is Alclad II. Engine fronts are my own mix of various AK extreme metals.
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