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  1. I asked the nice man from Pocketbond at Telford and he said 3 weeks.....
  2. Been a bit of a long term project since May, this one, (not continuous mind) but finally finished now (I hope).. Absolutely super kit and despite the enormous parts count everything seemed to be pretty good fit wise. The engine I detailed as per the kit instructions with some wire as I think in this scale it does need it. I also ( for my sins) decided to put a little motor in it and fitted a battery pack and switch in the fuselage with access to it into the open hatch. Trouble with that idea is that it looks really naff with the prop running and no pilot...So someone kindly made me a 3D printed figure (only because they wanted to use the new one we have at work...) for now until I can source a proper Airfix one from somewhere...Anyone got one they don't want??? Thanks. The only extras I used were a set of RB Productions seat belts and a pair of the excellent new brass undercarrige legs and doors from Alistair at Aerocraft. https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/airfix-hellcat-brass-undercarriage-and-wheel-doors Thanks, Alistair for letting me have the first set off the production line to get the model finished! The markings are a mixture of the new Dutch Decal sheet and the Top Notch masking set. I chose not to use the code letters from the Dutch sheet as they're not the correct style. I found the Top Notch ones much better. After some research ( and a post on BM) I also decided to add the dark paint markings on the top of the fuselage. Despite having no information to the contrary I put them on the other side too. If anyone can prove they're not there I gladly take them off. Anyway, I hope you like it and thanks for looking.. 20191101_160328 20191101_160352 20191101_160419 20191101_160439 20191101_160551 20191101_160607 20191101_160726 eabc9ccbeecdbd9cd9402cf8615ddd55
  3. Yes indeed. One of my favourite shows and I think our club has done every one since it started right back to the few years at Mitcham. Be sad to see it go.......
  4. keithjs

    FAA Hellcat query?

    Thanks to everyone for all your advice. Special thanks to Tail Dragon. Talk about a photo being worth a thousands words....
  5. keithjs

    FAA Hellcat query?

    I've decided to do this Hellcat from the new Dutch Decal sheet, but, what do you think those marks are along the fuselage? I'm wondering if they're Red Oxide patches? Do you think they'd be on the other side too? I can't find a shot of that side. The decal sheet doesn't mention them. Obviously they weren't always on there but just curious as I'd like to add them. Also, the part of the flap that's hidden when retracted do you think that should be camo colours or interior green? One day I'll add the rockets too. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. eabc9ccbeecdbd9cd9402cf8615ddd55
  6. Yep, had one too, in blue.... Can't ever remember what happened to it tho'?
  7. Thank you for your comments. FYI SAAF decals are available from MAV in South Africa. Just be warned tho' that his decals are a little on the translucent side and on previous sheets I've used (Sunderland) I've actually purchased 2 sheets and used both. He's not the quickest with postage either. https://www.mavdecals.co.za/product/saaf-shackleton-late-version-springbok/ OR https://www.mavdecals.co.za/product/saaf-shackleton-early-version-roundels/
  8. I've recently finished my latest project which is this Revell Shackleton MR.3 (Phase III) Built pretty much straight from the box except for modified serials and codes. I found the rivet detail on this release much shallower than the original AEW 2 particularly on the rear fuselage. The front section was much better defined. Maybe something to do with a slighter older moulding against the new parts? The biggest disappointment for me were the amount of horrible sink marks all over the place especially toward the rear of the wings where the flap mouldings are underneath. I had to fill in a whole section with super glue and replace all the rivet detail as best I could. The inner wings around the rear of the inboard engines were the same. There were also some nasty ones along the top of the fuselage so as the rivet detail was so weak here anyway I replaced those completely. As for the nose weight, I doubled what the instructions and added 10g for good measure which in the end wasn't really necessary but the undercarrige is strong enough to take it anyway. The model represents an aircraft that flew with 42 Squadron out of St. Mawgan up until 1971. The aircraft was then scrapped and ended up on the fire dump at RAF Benson in the mid 70's. I've always wanted to do this particular aircraft because as a boy back then Dad would always take me up to the perimeter fence every time we went by the airfield. https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/view/1274426 I'm sure those that have the old Frog kit will recognise the serial (XF707). This is in fact the same aircraft as the Frog kit depicts but now fitted with Vipers. All I'd like now is something to put in the weapons bay. Thanks for looking. IMG_0252 IMG_0253 IMG_0255 IMG_0258 IMG_0256
  9. keithjs

    RNAS Yeovilton

    In short. Nope, no chance anymore. All the organising team were relocated to Portsmouth a few years ago. Pity as it was always well attended and popular. I think our club did everyone they put on.... Other shows coming up you could do is Abingdon this weekend. Quite a small one but usually has some good traders. Theres one at the tank Museum in Bovingdon next Feruary, Hornchurch in March and Milton Keynes in April. Also don't forget THE big one at Telford in November for the IPMS Nationals.
  10. Thank you so much for that information. All seems perfectly clear now. I think the main problem is that the times and dates involved are relatively close to one another. Much appreciated.
  11. Ah, so quite simple really then. Thank you. But somewhere I'm assuming there might be a photo of the aircraft at both stages? Bit of a long shot but you never know. Thank you again.Much appreciated.
  12. The new Eduard D-5 Mustang features this aircraft as one of the 5 options. All the information I have including all previous built up models and decal sheets (including one I did many years ago) shows it to have a fillet fitted. Even the serial number is the same. The only thing that points to it not having a fillet is the serial number which ties up nicely with the D-5 block. If this is true how come all builds of this aircraft up to now show it with a fillet? I'm confused? I just can't seem to find a complete photo of the whole aircraft. Of course I suppose the fillet could have been added later could it??? Can anyone shed any light on the subject please?? Thanks
  13. Very nice! Pity some of them are H's tho' as Brett says you can't do a H from the kit?
  14. Thank you Pete. Much appreciated. I think I shall go for the 'late' version then...
  15. With reference to the 2 forthcoming kits from Wingnuts, what would be the actual difference between an 'early' version and a 'late'? All I can really find is they have a different engine? Thanks in advance.
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