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  1. Is this fact or just speculation ? , where's the evidence for this statement ?
  2. Lovely Manta , I had a 1.8 Berlinetta Hatchback in anthracite metallic , SJM 2Y , had a lot of fun in that car back in the day .
  3. I believe the variant with triple booms differs from the twin boom version in that the third boom is for lubricating oil rather than fuel. This would mean a extra section or division in the tank and differences to the plumbing and pump. It may also have a lesser fuel capacity than the fuel only variant. Both of the boomed QL tankers were post-war builds.
  4. Before You start put a couple of layers of masking tape over the area you wish to drill and use a pin vice not a dremel or similar power drill. work very slowly.
  5. I believe there could still be a few Lincolns and Ansons still in service in 1960.
  6. The few colour photos of Crusader and Covenantor tanks in the UK in this period would appear to show these tanks in SCC2 , so unless anyone can prove differently this would be my first choice for painting a model.
  7. So cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel ?
  8. No, Exactly the same plastic in both boxes. I have followed the comments both on here and other sites , and I wonder , what do some modellers expect from a kit. OK , so the wheels only have six bolts not eight , but then the kit also includes 2x 75mm guns , a 95mm howiter and three alternative mantlets , 2 types of cupola , and a photo eched set of grills . the cost of adding these details to another manufacturers model would probably out weigh the cost of replacement wheels for the Airfix kit . So as far as I can see , it's you pays your money and you take your choice, and if sales encourage Airfix to produce more 1/35 models then I for one will be pleased .
  9. Too many wheels for a Bedford , probably an Austin K6
  10. Coming along nicely , but no Swifts had light grey undersides , should be either PRU blue or High Speed Silver { Aluminium } underneath .
  11. Andrew Jones

    Bedford qlt qld

    If you mean could the real Bedford QL tow a trailer , then the answer is yes. Not the QLT because the extended rear chassis precluded the use of the tow bar , but the OLD could certainly tow a trailer of up to 6 tons on normal roads or 3 tons cross country. The QLB was designed to tow the Bofors 40mm LAA Gun . QL's were often seen towing the Trailer 4/6 ton 4 wheel load carrying , which was a 4 wheel GS type trailer with a tuntable type front axle , there could also be seen with various 2 wheel trailers.
  12. I wouldn't worry to much about weighted tyres , as the Dorchester was fitted with runflats. An uncle of mine who was farming, had a 3 ton trailer back in the early seventies which ran on 10.50 x 20 runflats , you could load it up with 3 or four tons and the tyres showed no deflection at all . they never had any tubes in them let alone air.
  13. Looks like Deep Bronze Green , would be too early for NATO green .
  14. Just a heads up , was at Trago Mills , Merthyr Tydfil today , was browsing the books and there were two Hikoki titles, " The Secret Years , Flight testing at Boscombe Down 1939 -1945" and " Yakolev fighters of World War Two ". Both had a cover price of £34.95 and were for sale at £ 9.99. I came home with the Boscombe Down book , but there were half a dozen copies of each. Probably in the Trago stores in the South West as well. Andrew
  15. On The real aircraft the finish would have been with "type S " paints , which had a smooth satin finish . For a model therefore a satin finish should suffice , but a matt finish often looks more realistic and in scale. It will mostly be down to personal preference.
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