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  1. Too many wheels for a Bedford , probably an Austin K6
  2. Coming along nicely , but no Swifts had light grey undersides , should be either PRU blue or High Speed Silver { Aluminium } underneath .
  3. Andrew Jones

    Bedford qlt qld

    If you mean could the real Bedford QL tow a trailer , then the answer is yes. Not the QLT because the extended rear chassis precluded the use of the tow bar , but the OLD could certainly tow a trailer of up to 6 tons on normal roads or 3 tons cross country. The QLB was designed to tow the Bofors 40mm LAA Gun . QL's were often seen towing the Trailer 4/6 ton 4 wheel load carrying , which was a 4 wheel GS type trailer with a tuntable type front axle , there could also be seen with various 2 wheel trailers.
  4. I wouldn't worry to much about weighted tyres , as the Dorchester was fitted with runflats. An uncle of mine who was farming, had a 3 ton trailer back in the early seventies which ran on 10.50 x 20 runflats , you could load it up with 3 or four tons and the tyres showed no deflection at all . they never had any tubes in them let alone air.
  5. Looks like Deep Bronze Green , would be too early for NATO green .
  6. Just a heads up , was at Trago Mills , Merthyr Tydfil today , was browsing the books and there were two Hikoki titles, " The Secret Years , Flight testing at Boscombe Down 1939 -1945" and " Yakolev fighters of World War Two ". Both had a cover price of £34.95 and were for sale at £ 9.99. I came home with the Boscombe Down book , but there were half a dozen copies of each. Probably in the Trago stores in the South West as well. Andrew
  7. On The real aircraft the finish would have been with "type S " paints , which had a smooth satin finish . For a model therefore a satin finish should suffice , but a matt finish often looks more realistic and in scale. It will mostly be down to personal preference.
  8. I always used to buy one or two modelling mags each month depending on the content , but since the current crisis nd lockdown I haven't bought one for three months and can honestly say I haven't missed them .
  9. Trumpeters spinner is an odd shape too , perhaps better replaced with a late Griffon Spitfire prop and spinner.
  10. If you can get hold of it Humbrol 90 acrylic spray in the aerosol can is pretty good and gives a lovely smooth finish.
  11. ICM kit is for the US Liberty B lorry, this is a completely different vehicle to the British B type , which was actually based on the chassis of a London bus.
  12. A photo of RM818 appears in Ospreys " Griffon Spitfire Aces " book , the aircraft would seem not to have the red patches on the wing leading edges. I would be very dubious about taking a profile from a decal sheet instructions as gospel, without any confirming evidence . Indeed, the colour artwork in the Osprey book depicts nearly all the MKXIV's as having the red patches over the gun ports , when it is obvious that the majority of them do not carry them except for those with the C wing.
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