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  1. Andrew Jones

    Alternative Swifts

    Falcon do a vacform Swift FR5/F7 in 1/48 , builds up very nicely, not much more work than an injection moulded kit , it was available at Hannants and pops up on Ebay occassionally. I've built a couple over the years , one was converted to the Record Breaking F4 WK198. Thanks everyone for the very kind comments , I know Whiffs are not everybodies cup of tea , but the nice remarks and "likes" are greatly appreciated. Andrew
  2. As some of you may already know I have a small penchant for the occasional " what-if ". Here are a few of my latest Firstly a Supermarine Swift F4 of 92 Sqd RAF , " The Blue Diamonds " display team. Model is a simple conversion of the Airfix Swift FR5 Next up is a Swift F7N of A&AEE , the F7N was a Swift F7 fitted with the Blue Fox radar intended for the Sea Harrier, the aircraft were used for weapons trials to clear the radar and missiles prior to the Shar's entry into service. Once again an Airfix Swift conversion And Finally the Swift T8, a two seat version of the Swift F4 used for pilot training. This model consists of a Matchbox Hunter T7 nose mated to a Rareplanes Swift FR5. Hope someone enjoys them , Andrew
  3. Andrew Jones

    Supermarine Type-545 colours?

    The Type 545 seen in drawings and the subject of the Maintrack kit was the prototype as built , it was intended that a developed version would be built , which had a radome and intake similar to that of the F86D Sabre. Drawings for the developed version can be found in Tony Buttler's " British Secret Projects ,jet fighters since 1950 " book. The developed Type 545 with a reheated RB106 engine , was to carry two 30mm aden cannon and four Blue Jay missiles , performance was estimated at Mach 1.7, not the Mach 2.0 quoted above. I built a 1/48 model of the in service Type 545 a few years back. Andrew
  4. Andrew Jones

    Supermarine Type-545 colours?

    I think Wiki are confusing the 545 with the 525 , which became the Scimitar. As Abraham Lincoln once said " never believe everything you read on the internet ". Andrew
  5. Andrew Jones

    Supermarine Type-545 colours?

    The 545 was intended as a Swift replacement for the RAF , never seen any reference to it for the FAA. Andrew
  6. Congratulations Tony , another fantastic looking build , I wish I could match your output in both quality and quantity. Andrew
  7. Just received my latest subscription edition of Military Modelling , and packed in with it was a letter telling me that it will be the last issue. From the next issue I will be sent "Model Military International incorporating Military Modelling ", what a shame , another great model magazine lost . Andrew
  8. Andrew Jones

    New kits arrive on the bench...

    So you managed to pick these up the day before April 1st , very impressive Andrew
  9. Andrew Jones

    EE Lightning F1

    Airfix kit with Eduard etch and resin
  10. Andrew Jones

    Things I don’t understand

    Many years ago , more than I care to think about really , a good mate of mine had a Triumph Dolomite 1850 , nice car at the time. He decided he wanted to make it look like a Dolomite Sprint , so he ordered a vinyl roof kit , and spent a couple of days fitting it carefully. About a week later we went out in the car to a YFC event , unfortunately it was raining heavily and the rain seeped under the new vinyl . All we heard in the car was a tearing sound followed by the vinyl peeling back and flapping behind the car , like a cape. My mate pulled up smartly , jumped out , tore off the remains of the vinyl and flung them into the boot . The vinyl roof was never mentioned again. Andrew
  11. Andrew Jones

    Fuel economy

    We've got a 06 VW Passat 2.0 diesel estate , regularly get 48-52 mpg , but also have a 02 V8 Rangie that averages 16 mpg , so it averages out really. Andrew
  12. Andrew Jones

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    An Osprey , heading west toward Hereford , at medium altitude , very impressive machine. Andrew
  13. Andrew Jones


    Not too bad here near Brecon in Mid Wales, lots of people worst off than us , probably 12 inches of lying snow and drifting to 2-3 feet , got the sheep in so the're fine, but did nearly get stuck in a drift on the back road with the tractor yesterday. Then had to take an elderly chap from the village over to his daughters in the truck yesterday , his water tank in the loft had frozen and leaked . The house is almost certainly ruined , water coming down through everywhere, neighbour said it was running out though the back door like a river. Andrew
  14. Andrew Jones

    Hawker Sea Fury FB11

    I picked up a Sea Fury yesterday , no evidence of any short-shots or defects apart from a couple of very minor sink marks on the U/C doors , so I'm very happy with mine. Andrew
  15. Andrew Jones

    Spitfire Mk.IXc question...1/48

    The bulges over the wheel bays are I believe a post-war addition and would not appear on war time aircraft. Andrew