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Andrew Jones

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  1. Andrew Jones

    Phantom FG1

    The only differences in the plastic that I can see between the Revell FGR2 and a Hasegawa FG1 are the tailplane sprues, The Revell kit has sprue K carrying the unslotted tailplanes and the Hasegawa FG1 has sprue J carrying slotted tailplanes and the FG1 extended nosewheel leg. All the others parts would appear to be identical in both boxings.
  2. As others say a very well represented picture of decay , but strangely the tyres look remarkably clean.
  3. Andrew Jones

    RAF QRA through the years.

    Spitfire -Ocean Grey, Hunter - Dark Sea Grey , not the same colour, Tamiya's Ocean Grey was introduced for their 1/32 Spitfire, it's a reasonable match.
  4. Andrew Jones

    Nose art

    Not sure that it is a hole , looks more like something painted on , part of the artwork .
  5. Andrew Jones

    Best 25Pdr model kit?

    The Airfix 1/32 17 pdr kit is a pure Airfix product and has never been issued by any other model company , Bronco do a very nice 17 pdr kit in 1/35, and also a kit for the 17/25 pdr gun , which is basically a 17pdr barrel on the 25pdr carriage. Andrew
  6. Andrew Jones

    Best 25Pdr model kit?

    In 1/35 scale you also have the choice of the Bronco or Dragon kits , both are very well detailed with the Bronco kit possibly having the edge , but at the cost of a bit fiddlier build. Both build into a far more detailed model than the rather old Tamiya kit. Andrew
  7. Andrew Jones

    Model WOT6 British WWII Truck (35507) 1:35

    Pity there's a couple of fairly basic mistakes in this kit , firstly the body is not a G.S. type but in fact represents a Machinery Body, and secondly the tyres are of a post war type not seen on wartime WOT6's . The mistakes probably stem from using a restored lorry as a pattern , pity really as the kit itself is very nice . Andrew
  8. Andrew Jones

    British 7.2inch Howitzer (35211) 1:35

    Probably carried in one of the units many 3 tonners .
  9. Andrew Jones

    Allied Gas Detection Paint

    I have seen it described as being a " sickly yellow " colour , so I believe Zinc Chromate primer may be a good match. Andrew
  10. Andrew Jones

    Scrap Yard Gems

    Going to school in the 1960's , living in a rural area , the owner of a local garage used to run the school cars. We used to get picked up in an elderly Morris Oxford car, and found it a delight . As youngsters we would lift up the mats on the floor then lift up the pieces of plywood and watch the road speed by under our feet , through the rust holes in the floor, some of which were fairly sizeable. Andrew
  11. Andrew Jones

    Best and worst Spitfire?

    I have seen it written that some pilots considered the F XVIII the ultimate Spitfire , Whilst the 20 series Spitfires were more powerful aircraft they lost a certain something, and the F XVIII had a better overall balance . Andrew
  12. Andrew Jones

    Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here

    Yellow leading edges were I believe a Fighter Command identity marking , so any fighter aircraft not under this umbrella would not need to carry them , although , as you do point out some aircraft do carry them in other commands. Andrew
  13. Andrew Jones

    Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here

    Hard to tell without seeing the new Airfix FXIV , but I would think cross-kitting with an Eduard FVIII would be the easiest. The Eduard kit will give you the C type wing with short ailerons and the high back spine and canopy. Andrew
  14. Andrew Jones

    First Kit

    An ideal first entry to 1/35 armour would be Tamiya's Cromwell tank , accurate , easy to build and a nice model when finished . Andrew
  15. Andrew Jones

    A swoop of Swifts

    Apparently a group of Swifts can be a "swoop"