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  1. It would appear to be Queen Amidala / Padme , played by Natalie Portman in the film " The Phantom Menace", 1999 .
  2. On The real aircraft the finish would have been with "type S " paints , which had a smooth satin finish . For a model therefore a satin finish should suffice , but a matt finish often looks more realistic and in scale. It will mostly be down to personal preference.
  3. I always used to buy one or two modelling mags each month depending on the content , but since the current crisis nd lockdown I haven't bought one for three months and can honestly say I haven't missed them .
  4. Trumpeters spinner is an odd shape too , perhaps better replaced with a late Griffon Spitfire prop and spinner.
  5. If you can get hold of it Humbrol 90 acrylic spray in the aerosol can is pretty good and gives a lovely smooth finish.
  6. ICM kit is for the US Liberty B lorry, this is a completely different vehicle to the British B type , which was actually based on the chassis of a London bus.
  7. They both look yellow on my monitor.
  8. I'll second a 1/48 Rapide , would be nice indeed.
  9. A photo of RM818 appears in Ospreys " Griffon Spitfire Aces " book , the aircraft would seem not to have the red patches on the wing leading edges. I would be very dubious about taking a profile from a decal sheet instructions as gospel, without any confirming evidence . Indeed, the colour artwork in the Osprey book depicts nearly all the MKXIV's as having the red patches over the gun ports , when it is obvious that the majority of them do not carry them except for those with the C wing.
  10. Nice build , but just one small point, you appear to have an E wing armament with outer .303 guns. The outer wing guns should only appear with the C wing , they were not fitted to an E wing and therefore no red cover patches would be seen .
  11. Nice kit ,but let down once again by the post-war tyres.
  12. looks like a copy of the old Dinky Centurion , lots of similarities in the way the side skirts and wheels are moulded, I believe the Dinky model was a MK3 with a 20pdr gun.
  13. Indeed it was , they had a taper on the outer sides of the windscreen , when they should have been parallel. The Thunder models Scammells appear to be the more accurate representation.
  14. Andrew Jones

    What a/c type

    Ilyushin IL 2 ?
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