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  1. Just be aware that although this is a very nice kit , it does contain a couple of errors , the body is that of a Machinery Truck , not a GS type, and the tyres are wrong for a war-time vehicle , having a post war tread. These are probably due to ICM having based the kit on a preserved vehicle , whilst not fatal flaws , they do prevent an accurate GS truck being built from the box .
  2. Saw a really nice Ford Granada MK2 estate yesterday near Brecon ,looked like new, metallic red and towing a rather large caravan . Obviously someones pride and joy .
  3. It's the downwards facing camera port for the Seafire FR 47, but it should only appear on the Seafire , not the Spitfire F24. Presumably Airfix have confused the item in the instructions, since certain parts are common between four versions in the two Airfix kits, the F22 and F24 should only have the downward identification lights under the belly, ie. the three small red/amber/green in a row.
  4. The left hand crane is based on a short wheelbase Thorneycroft Amazon, same vehicle appears in the Airfix recovery set . The right hand crane is based on the chassis of the AEC Militant Mk1,10 ton 6x6. Andrew
  5. If using the Eduard Mk IXc wing you will also have to consider that as the Mk XIV used a MkVIII wing , then the aelirons will need modifying, or just use an Eduard Mk VIII wing
  6. I believe the camera port covers were simple discs that were released by a Bowden cable from the cockpit , and simply fell out .
  7. He's probably fished the instructions out of the bin
  8. No Seafire F XVII's in Korean war , you will want a Seafire F47 for that conflict.
  9. Bear in mind for an early war scene , the David Brown VIG1 was not introduced until 1941.
  10. Bit of a hatchet job I thought, complaints about the fit of parts , but mould attachments still visible on the completed model , so I wonder why the fit is not the best. I also wasn't enamoured by Mr Budziks suggestion that a "proper modeller " should be engaged by Airfix , rather that just people who have built plastic kits for years. [ surely these are Airfix's market ]
  11. Looks great Jonners , just shows what a competent modeller can do with a "fatally flawed " kit . I think some of the criticisms made online have been largely unjustified , having seen both the kit in the flesh and David Collins and now your builds . Must make a start on mine , if it's only half as good as this one I'll be happy. Andrew
  12. I have watched this video and have two of the Fr XIV kits , neither of the kits I have exhibit the flash issues highlighted in the video and appear very crisply moulded . Whilst I have no doubt that Mr Budzik is a very fine modeller , a claim I would never make about my own humble work , I was dissapointed to see in the video that he seemed to be attempting to fit parts together without removing or smoothing down the sprue attachments. Could this be partly the reasons for the fit issues he has found ? Andrew
  13. Indeed it is , a Storch or possibly more than one was in use in Normandy as a VIP transport .
  14. Available in 1/48 from Trumpeter and Classic Airframes , CA kit is the most better model if you can find one .
  15. not much point in anyone tooling up the Mk XVIII style rudder when it's included in the kit.
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