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  1. I have to agree with all the post funeral comments - gentlemen - you have summed it very well - very moving & a credit to the country & commonwealth.
  2. Wow - beautiful "box art" - where can I buy the kit Great artwork Nils
  3. Hannants used to do the decals for Gary's "zero" - don't know if they still do though...
  4. BIG X

    The Weather,

    It snowed this morning - but then the skies cleared & there hasn't been a cloud in the sky. I spotted a couple of Cargolux 747's - on their way from Huntsville & Calgary - to Luxembourg - funnily enough. I also spied a Bluebird Nordic 737 on it's way from East Midlands to Reykjavik - a lovely day for spotting 'fly overs'.
  5. BIG X

    Covid Jab

    I had my 1st jab first four weeks ago - but SWMBO - who is older than me & in much better health than me - turned 60 today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADAME X She hadn't heard anything from our doctors - so I jumped on the tinterwebs last night & I got her a jab today - she hasn't thanked me yet - but she isn't dead either. We went to the Man City Ground - so she liked that bit - C'mon City - C'mon Madame X Happy 60th - to my better half. Steve
  6. It's a well known fact - but worth remembering - Murray was a Captain & Sherman tank commander in the Royal Scots Greys - British 4th Armoured Brigade. Rest in Peace
  7. That's a smashing collection Wyatt - top jobs all round. Steve
  8. Morning George. Thanks for the "heads up" - I had heard / read somewhere that the front wheels & axel were a bit "challenging" & fragile. I'm forever snapping bits off models & trying to fix my errors with metal pins - so I'll be ready for that DOH moment I already have the kit in the stash & it comes with figures. The box shows a very dashing looking Michael Caine figure - but none of the figures look anything like him and even if they did - by the time I'd finished with him he certainly would be unrecognisable I won't be bothering with the engine
  9. Argh... Das Afrika Korps... According to the "conflicting" evidence - the Schwimm was actually captured from the Hitler Jungden - 12 rather than 21 SS PD - which makes more sense. The DAK may have had too much sand in their shoes in Normandy. So - if we go with the theory that the Jungend were handsome young lads - then they would no doubt appreciate a mirror to comb their beautiful blonde Arian locks in. Pity they lost their ride... Remember - this is a bit of fun mate
  10. Hi George - that's very nice work. Did you do a WIP thread I could crib a few tips from - Steve
  11. WOW - I've just spent a very happy 10 minutes or so viewing a thread I completely missed... That is amazing work Andy
  12. WOW - thanks for leading me to this thread. I'm feeling pretty humbled that you started this when I started my Kubel & finished it during my "broken rib" saga. Even finishing with the signature "penny shot" - which I always love. God knows where my head was at that point - but you have done a brilliant job & thanks for the mentions - in retrospect it means a lot. Thank you Sir!!!
  13. Well I WAS uncertain - but now I'm not sure & ultimately undecided we have a few days yet & I could swing in either direction (push over) I think I'll sleep on it Though I am edging towards the Tamiya (coward) rather than the Bronco (fool hardy) - feel free to push me - I'm easily led Steve
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