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  1. Oh yes... You are in 27th position BTW - just behind Enzo Matrix
  2. Having taken a look at the LEADER BOARD - no one seems to have taken a massive hit on "likes" & the league table looks pretty much as it was. Also posts & likes are shown in the traditional manner.
  3. We are having the same problems at work - very similar price hike pattern to your own - £2k became £5k then £8k & now £10k. We import containers of 2mm float glass from Thailand - which is what you find in picture frames. A container holds around 4000 sheets of 4' x 3' glass - so the cost of each sheet has gone up by over £2 per sheet - this has proved impossible to absorb & caused me a few headaches in the last couple of months.
  4. I've just seen this box top shot... ...any thoughts?
  5. OUCH!!! Shattered glass - very dangerous stuff - my exploding glass table top the other month taught me that. Get well soon mate Steve
  6. Lovely job Roman - I have a couple in the stash - thanks for more inspiration. Like the guys have said a superb job on the paint & weathering. Steve
  7. I may hazard a guess they were on their way to Normandy - Flightradar24 was showing 6 Hercules aircraft in formation off the Normandy coast earlier - maybe a parachute drop???
  8. Well I never - as they say. We wait years for something that all the manufacturers simply ignore AND THEN two come along at once. I know the Accurate Armour resin kit has been available - frankly it's not the best - but surely now will be known as the worst. I spent over £200 on 2 of them last year & it completely killed my love of modelling. They were full of holes / twisted to hell / full of broken parts / inaccurate font on the serial number decals etc... But now I have a couple of reasons to be cheerful - happy days & thanks for sharing this. Judging by the price of the Gecko MWD offerings on the "Scale Model Shop" website I'm guessing the price might be around £40 - but with all the detail that sounds rather fair. I'm going to buy whichever comes out first & most likely the second too - but I hope they both get into a race to the finish line. Judging by the Gecko marketing info they seem pretty keen to say "we were working on ours first" - but - Airfix were certainly first to announce theirs - so we will see. @rayprit & @TIGER HOBBIESLIMITED - you have both cheered me up no end. Happy Sunday - Steve
  9. BIG X

    Covid Jab

    Madame X had her second jab yesterday (I had mine a few weeks back now). Her appointment was at the local cricket club & she was advised to watch the cricket match for 15 minutes before leaving. I wouldn't mind - but I was the one doing the driving . She said she has experienced no side effects this time round - but did quite enjoy the cricket - well it was a lovely sunny afternoon yesterday
  10. A fiver was still a LOT of money back in 1978 - so I'm also guessing 1/24 Airfix - I'll go with the Hurricane - just to keep things lively Steve
  11. Nice woodwork there Heather - very nice indeed
  12. No @Ratch - it was David Bowie - from the LOW album...
  13. A bit of a different slant - as I don't do cars - but - if they were available... Basic Mini Metro Ford Escort MkIII Standard Vauxhall Cavalier Saab 93 - either hatch or aerodeck Audi A6 - either estate or saloon ...any scale too - just 5 of the 14 cars I've either owned or had as company cars - I'd love to build any of them.
  14. Vince - I have been looking for every excuse under the sun - but no one is home - so it's all down to me. Madame X will go berserk when she gets in from work - if I have the nerve to tell her. The conversation will probably go something like this... MADAME X - "so what have you been up to today" BIG X - "oh nothing much luv - just watching some junk on sky tv & browsing the forum" Trevor - up to now... I only have 3 cuts 2 hours in & I now have nearly 6 kilos of broken glass in the bin... ...it's amazing how much there is of it Steve
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