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  1. Paint the wall in a Tri Colour Camo scheme - then blame me - BIG X made me do it I'll still look forward to seeing the finished results soon - cheers Steve
  2. Wow Soeren - amazing work - very inspiring too. OH - did I spot a Tamiya cat in there - nice colours. Thanks for sharing - Steve
  3. The bacon butties are on the way - got to keep the troops fed
  4. Here we go... ...Good luck and happy modelling today folks. Steve
  5. WOO-HOO very neat John - looks like you'll make it over the line after all. Steve
  6. Thanks Soeren - I still have the second cat in reserve - hopefully my skills will improve and I can do it more justice. If you think the build was hidden in a GB area - wait until I move my ruin to the diorama section - it may never be seen again
  7. AH - I see your point - you mean the guy making the fist in the main turret hatch - I hadn't noticed it - thanks Richard - I'll go back and take a closer look.
  8. John - Brilliant - Steve... ...nuf said
  9. I'm definitely in - I've found my victim in the stash... ...roll on next weekend - I can't wait now. Steve
  10. Howdy Folks, I've just completed my first 1/35 AFV and figures - it was a lot of fun and easy on my aging hands and eyes - I hope you like it... So there you have it - it's so big the only place I could find to photograph it was on the kitchen top - hence the reflections. The build thread is - CLICK HERE As always any constructive comments are most welcome. Thanks for taking a peek - Steve
  11. DOH!!! I might even be good at 1/35 by that time HA-HA!!! Thanks for putting me straight Dennis, Steve
  12. I've just had a scan through the last 5 pages and I don't seem to have signed up for this. With the Tiger GB ending this weekend that gives me a break during September to order a kit and some other bits and pieces - so I'd like to jump on board Dennis. Thanks in advance, Steve.
  13. With a couple of weeks break just around the corner I've treated myself to the Tamiya 1/35 Opel Blitz Cargo Truck... ...and the 1/35 Citroen 11CV... I've just started on the 1/35 scale - with a King Tiger under my belt - so I thought I'd go for something a little more sedate this time.
  14. Nice work Ced - looks like good stuff.
  15. Excellent progress John - glad you heeded the sage advice of Madame X - she brings me back to earth with a bang on a regular basis. I would get a bit of blutak under the skirts and get on with the painting - especially if it is a multi colour camo colour. You can whip her skirt off later for any tricky stuff and glue them on at the end. The other stuff I would leave off until the camo is attended to - then pop them on for any weathering / varnishing etc... BRAVO THAT MAN!!! Steve
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