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  1. Hi Ant, I've just caught up again - so that's what the rear view mirror looks like - I couldn't find it either Brilliant work - looking forward to the base now. Steve
  2. BIG X

    Masking tape pulling paint off. Solutions?

    Hi Lampy, I had this IDENTICAL problem when I first started airbrushing. I ended up trying 'various' acrylic or 'water based' primers - including Stynilrez and Vallejo's own. In my own opinion the problem isn't the plastic - it's the water based primers. They simply do not 'grab' and hold on styrene - when it comes to removing masking tape or blu-tac 'worms'. Doubtless someone will be along shortly saying the exact opposite - but that is the nature of forums. I can only tell you I suffered with the exact same problem that you are having. I eventually switched back to Halfords rattle can primer. I wanted to get away from it as I wanted to paint indoors with an odourless primer - but if it doesn't work then it doesn't work. I now do spray the halfords indoors - with the spray booth on max extraction and the window wide open for 10 minutes. SWMBO has been very understanding. Now - just to give you 'reassurance' - though that is the wrong word - this is what is happening... When you pull the mask off a 'bubble' appears under the paint right.... ...when it's bad enough the 'bubble' rips right... ...when you pull the paint it stretches like a 'polythene bag' right... OK if that all fits - I'm afraid it's the primer - I couldn't find an airbrush one that worked and trust me I listened to folk on here and tried a fair few - money and time down the drain in the end. I hope you get the problem sorted, Steve
  3. I think a display board is an absolute must for this build - with the open engine it needs a 'sense of place' - if that makes sense.
  4. I've only just caught up on this - FANTASTIC NEWS - hopefully. SWMBO is the hero of this build - what a lady - can we vote for her at the end of the GB - SHE IS A WINNER
  5. You have to love a spiral nose cone - top job Cliff.
  6. BIG X

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    A bit 'poppy' for some - but an absolute 'undiscovered classic' non the less - I challenge you not to love it.... I give you - The Blue Nile - Tinseltown In The Rain...
  7. could it be 'polished' off - or maybe - as it is quite a 'simpl' part - could we not just bend a piece of clear styrene to shape. I think this is the same piece that I 'fecked' up and consigned to my 'second build... ..you could have had mine - but it's now covered in bronze paint. Don't give up - I AM SURE WE CAN BEAT THIS...
  8. OUCH - just read this - show us a photo if poss...
  9. WICKED - I love it - but definitely worth a 'like'
  10. That's a nice barrel and a very clean build - looking good mate.
  11. ouch... I was nearly there on Friday night - power tools and wine in my case - luckily I pulled it off. Don't you just hate drill bits...
  12. This is coming along really nicely. I can never get fuel/oil drums to glue together without the seams still showing - top work as always Ben. You rally seem to be 'churning' out one brilliant build after another - 'the mojo is strong with you' as Yoda would say.
  13. BIG X

    OOB Airfix 262 +++Finished+++

    Nice one Ozzy
  14. BIG X

    Horsa D-Day

    I'd be really surprised if they didn't use some for practice. I'm sure you don't just jump in one and go. But, if less than perfect I am pretty certain those practice craft wouldn't be sent into the front line. I may be wrong...