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  1. OOH!!! I love a good ambulance - I'll be sure to follow this one... ...I surprised myself there - 5 ambulances on the shelf. Does us proud Ben - Steve
  2. BIG X

    What's your avatar?

    You may recognise my user name from the movie THE GREAT ESCAPE. The real BIG X was Squadron Leader Roger Joyce Bushell (30 August 1910 – 29 March 1944) He was South African-born British & is best known as the mastermind of the "Great Escape" from Stalag Luft III in 1944, but was one of the men recaptured and subsequently murdered by the Gestapo. Basically a proper "hero". Like a few others on here I do change my avatar from time to time - to reflect my prevailing mood. From memory I have used a photo of Sqn Ldr Bushell / a couple of Carol Vordermann's
  3. Ooooh - lovely I'll pull up a chair - at a safe distance & help myself to a slice of Birthday cake. Steve
  4. Ouch!!! Ian that's a real blow on this excellent build - I hope you get it sorted somehow - Steve
  5. ...goes through styrene a treat - making lovely little discs
  6. Try... Proops Circular Jewellers Disc Cutters, Set of 14 (J1038).
  7. I use 3amp fuse wire & keep pulling it through the tip - at 0.2mm the tip is too small for conventional reamers.
  8. I bought one of these off amazon in 2017 & have been using regularly since then... It cost around £20 odd quid - so quite affordable & very sturdy - used by jewellers for punching metal discs...
  9. BIG X

    Grumping into the 20s

    I recently searched for a new pair of Timberland boots - as the trusty pair I've had for more than fifteen years are now becoming unstitched. I may wear them for maybe a couple of days per year - on "snow days". Ever since that search - every site I visit with "ADVERT BARS" is offering me some very attractive thigh length high heel boots. I'd bet I'd look gorgeous - but they wouldn't be very practical in the snow... You try explaining that to the missus - I don't know what else to say...
  10. If your wondering how big the 1/35 K2/Y is going to be - here is the chassis - compared to an Opel Blitz & a King Tiger... ...it's going to be pretty impressive - woo hoo!!! Steve
  11. BIG X

    The Weather,

    I have drivers out in North Yorks today & they are 'struggling' with the weather - this is a good website to see what's coming your way... Netweather - Weather Radar - Live UK Rainfall Radar - 5 Minute Updates - make sure to switch the weather type on & the animation - it's really good. Steve
  12. Morning Ben - Yeh I'm really excited - the £200 I spent on the AA kits has now at least given me decals for 6 different vehicles & photo etch that may come in handy too. I'm not one for getting miffed - just depressed at times with my lack of skill - but I'm feeling positive that Airfix will turn out a kit that's within my skill set. Happy Days - Steve
  13. Well Pete it has certainly cheered me up a great deal. I bought a couple of Accurate Armour versions in early March last year. When they arrived my heart was in my boots - as my level of skill couldn't hope to do justice to the warped resin in the boxes. It really was a major kick in the teeth & I simply lost the will to start anything after that. They keep looking at me when I open the cupboard door of the stash & I know it was £200 well & truly down the drain. But now... I have decals that cover 6 different vehicles & photo etch that may come in us
  14. I have officially died & gone to heaven - well done Airfix - roll on the autumn Steve
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