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  1. In case it was too cryptic - URA* means YOU ARE A STAR - and never a most honest word was spoken - just my own take on text speak - TOP MODEL!!!
  2. ..and whist I'm on a roll... ..one for the Gary Numan Fans - @Mike @langy to name but 2 - but if you are a Numan fan - let me know - we are few and far between - if not then Keita Lynch has a beautiful set of teeth that deserve to be liked in their own right
  3. You are a PROFESSIONAL!!! In every sense of the word - oh and a REALLY NICE GUY too - which is a bit of a rare combination Well done mate URA*
  4. Who doesn't love Siouxsie….
  5. BIG X


    Dennis - that is the best piece of advice I have seen in a long while - if I could have liked it more than once - I would have - top man.
  6. BIG X


    Hello there & welcome aboard. Good luck with the Airfix Spit - it is known to be a real 'pig' - so don't get disheartened if you have problems. It is buildable - but is prone to droopy wings. I built one when I first came back to the hobby and it nearly put me off for good. Unless you are super confident I would maybe put it aside for a while and concentrate on the F-15. Remember - this is supposed to be fun - so just enjoy yourself. Steve
  7. In the 'gifted' section - this has just arrived from top member @nimrod54… Thanks John - I will try to do it justice. The towing cables are amazing. Thank you sir - Steve
  8. Today's treat from China... They 'appear' to be precision cotton buds - but to be honest - it's that long since I ordered them - I can't remember why I ordered them... Still @ 57p all the way from China - great value - even if I never use them
  9. Just another thought / tip - when I have had this problem I use a broad flat brush and almost brush the milkyness out - don't panic - be liberal with the gloss and it will level itself out as it dries. You might consider moving it into the house for this bit too - Humbrol gloss has no odour.
  10. I am a fan of Humbrol Acrylic Clear Gloss & use it regularly. I have had 'clouding' on a couple of occasions - but never 'frosting'. I have deduced that excess microsol / microset residue was a problem for me as the clouding was apparent around decals. I now brush a little water over decals once they are fully set - just to get rid of the residue. If I forget and fogging appears a brush coat of more gloss over the top clears it up - so all may not be lost - give it a go and good luck. Steve
  11. Speaking of the flying club in the BoB movie - I hope you don't mind if I jump on board and add my first ever build from 4 years ago... Steve
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