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  1. Hi Ben - those are good looking posters - it will be great to see the results. Steve
  2. I like it - I like it a lot - great job!!!
  3. Top Job Mate!!! Love the base & those ladders - it all adds up to a really nice presentation piece -
  4. WHOA!!! I'm cheering all the way... Go Badger - Go Badger - Go Badger (etc)... ...can you spot me - I'm the one in the middle dropping the pom-pom - I'm off to take the outfit off now though - these knickers are killing me
  5. Thanks Mate - I'll go & take a look...
  6. Steve - can you tell me more about the Games Workshop Agrax Earthshade wash... Is it water based? Are these washes like Flory washes? i.e. spray or paint on - then remove with a damp cloth or sponge? I'm liking the effects - but would like to know more... Thanks hopefully - Steve
  7. Steve - brilliant progress. I have the same kit & the same decals & box loads of stowage - but free time and motivation are non existent at the moment. So I'm really enjoying your build as a 'proxy' for my lack of activity. Wonderful work mate - Steve
  8. That's a bit bad innit - may I treat you???
  9. That looks F****** exceptional!!!! You are the man!!! Well done mate - keep it up - bring it home.... ...and when can we expect the 1/24 Mosquito I will buy it for you - if you want to build it. Steve
  10. Hey Ozzy - Amazing build mate!!! Stunning work - Steve
  11. That is really nice - great build!!!
  12. Hello Again Rob @RobL Terms such as "brass blowers" - don't really show any sign of a real apology - they sound more like sarcasm. You may mean no malice either - but - you say your point still stands & your points are either understood or not & never will be. I'm sorry - but your wrong!!! Your views were uncalled for in a harmless thread & quite offensive in their tone. As I said before - please look after yourself & stay safe - this is a friendly forum - so let's keep it that way eh. Best regards - Steve
  13. Hey up Steve. This is looking really good. Thanks for the update - Steve
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