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  1. Well done to both the organisers & participants - good show all round Steve
  2. Amazing!!!! Well done to everyone involved
  3. Wow - that is a lot of bang for a few extra bucks... • Accurate Trakgrip general purpose tyres • Three different headlight types (with blackout masks as appropriate) • Optional furled and unfurled cab side curtains • 6 stretchers (4 plus 2 folded) • 4 folded blankets and 4 correct British Army pattern stretcher pillows • Optional standard and extended exhaust pipes • Optional early (w/o sling rings) and late (w/ sling rings) wheel hubs • Optional roof ventilators • Optional wing mirrors • Driver figure (including rifle for RASC drivers) • Optional high/low stretcher/seat configurations for rear bay • Optional folded internal curtains • Optional jerrican/2 gallon can carriers • Optional early fabricated and late pressed steel spare wheel cover panels I am liking the sound of the optional roof ventilators / the furled cab side curtains look rich in detail / a proper photo etched grill is a step up - roll on summer
  4. Looks Good... https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/product/gecko-1-35-austin-k2-y-ambulance-and-princess-driver-35gm0070/ ...try CTRL SHIFT V altogether to get an active link
  5. Is it in stock yet though? If so please post a link. Thanks, Steve
  6. LOL - if Accurate Armour release updates that are anything like the quality of their own kit then god help us!!! I binned 2 of their K2/Y kits because I couldn't get 1 decent model out of the pair. The biggest waste of £200 you have ever seen. Smashed / bent / snapped / full of holes - rubbish. OK - rant over - I'll get my coat
  7. I agree - it's very disappointing. On the web launch at the beginning of the month - when it came to vehicles - they had a picture of the KATY up on the wall - but no mention of it & no test shot on the display stand. It was originally planned for Autumn 2021 - now it's summer 2022. I think they are going to lose out big time to Gecko - it's a shame.
  8. Well Done Ted!!! You have certainly made the best of a tricky job.
  9. Merry Christmas Folks, I just checked Flight Radar & Santa is doing a quick test run with Rudolph & the boys - getting ready for the BIG RUN!!! Be sure to keep up with his progress here... https://www.flightradar24.com/R3DN053/2a47aa0e Merry Christmas to one & all - Steve
  10. Be very careful what you wish for - you have a birthday coming up
  11. ...stay safe & well guys - I've got nothing to show for this year - but will look forward to everyone else's 2021 collections ALSO - it's now not too soon - so - HAPPY CHRISTMAS folks lots of love - Steve
  12. That box shot has been floating around since July - According to my good friend @badger - the wheels are off a Tamiya LRDG vehicle
  13. BIG X

    Covid Jab

    OMG we are all so old SWMBO gets her booster tomorrow & that makes us both triple jabbed PLUS flu jabbed too - all we need now is an asteroid to hit & we can say.... WTF did that come from Good luck everyone - we love you all!!! Steve
  14. I love a good ambulance - so please pop my name on the list. Thanks - Steve
  15. Lovely!!! A great job - really well executed - top modeller!!!!
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