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  1. I've now completed the sprockets and the idlers too... The various locating pins made this very easy and those black nylon caps are inside - but I'm still beggared if I understand their purpose. Anyway - time to pop these to one side, whilst I get to work on the lower hull and suspension. I can't wait to try them for size. Thanks for looking - Steve
  2. Thanks Ben - I was showing my ignorance and could have easily come a cropper - I hope you find what your looking for in the loft.
  3. At this point I have a keen amateurs question - did KING TIGERS have rubber tyres. Looking at mine they seem to be just steel rims and a quick google hasn't helped...
  4. OK - inspired by the other builds kicking off I've made a start - with the wheels. There are 2 types - inner and outer... This is the backs of the outer tracks and they just need a cap on the fronts... ...well that was easy enough. Next up the inside wheels... these have a 'spindle' and as I want to pull the wheels on and off I used a drill bit to 'line the spindles up' whilst the fast setting Tamiya extra thin got a grip. This fast setting stuff is really good - but it 'smells a little different' to the normal stuff.
  5. OK - I better toddle off to my own thread and ask the question there - I have been having a crack at my wheels and they do indeed look very different to yours - best to find out now - rather than screw it up later.
  6. For some reason I thought King Tigers had steel rims So you see - I'm learning already I'm just glad I asked before I got going on mine
  7. Another 'master class' - I'll certainly heed your advice about lining up the gates for sanding. Without jumping ahead too much - will the wheel rims be 'metal' of some description...
  8. Hey Pat, it would be smashing to have you along for the ride - there looks to be plenty of room on board. It is proving to be a bit of a mind bender already - as I've been working at such a tiny scale recently. I must remember to try to detail each bit with a bit more 'accuracy' - at 1/72 I've been getting away with splashing on a bit of paint and some dust - then standing well back and admiring the view. If I'm not careful I'll need to stand 4 times further away for it to look good.
  9. I had better not neglect this build - in favour of my monster Tamiya Tiger. You may noticed I have changed the thread title - can you see what I've done... Anyway Here is the sprue from one of them... ...and here is one after I tidied up a bit... I did a comparison a few weeks ago against the Tamiya.... The Revells have a lot of the engine compartment 'bits' already moulded in place... ...and I did a turret comparison too... The hooks for the Revell are simply moulded on and a bit 'indistinct' - I 'may' lop them off and replace them with some wire hoops - but it is early days and I'll have too see how I get on. I'm off to do some 'proper' chopping and sanding - I'll need my specs though. Catch you later - Steve
  10. I'm looking forward to seeing how you go about the wheels.
  11. Brilliant work on the tracks Badder - I'm glad you persevered with posting, I've fallen foul of the 'post monster' on more than one occasion myself - it can be soul destroying. Keep up the inspiring work and I'll be following along. Rearguards - Steve and Colin
  12. Happy Saturday Folks. Just a quick update before I get going in earnest. I've lashed out on a few extras as follows... Since I first opened the box a couple of months back I have been having my doubts about the rubber tracks. The only build I have done with rubber tracks was the old Airfix Sherman in the classic Airfix GB and I wasn't happy with them. I found these online... ...and well within my 'skill set'. I also saw these too - but - they were a bit 'pricey'... ...they come ready made - so I guess you would be paying for the 'labour' - they do look lovely though and I may yet succumb and order a set - but we'll have to see how the build progresses. Some 'metalwork' I have purchased are a machine gun barrel... a main gun barrel - that I glued up as the first job this morning... ...some shells and cases... ...though I think these will vanish forever inside the turret and my good buddy Ben sent me some grilles... I also ordered some Zimmerit... ...but on opening it this morning I'm having my doubts... I think I may give this a miss. Finally I have lashed out on some of the 'quick setting' Tamiya extra thin glue... With shopping to do and the cup final later I'm not sure how far I'll get today - but at least I won't be distracted by eurovision - so we'll see eh. Happy modelling - Steve
  13. hiya Ben - so will we see a change of thread name or a new thread.... You know I'll be following - and - picking up a few tips along the way... AVID FAN - oh sorry that is a quote from a Hannibal Lector film - LOYAL FAN of brilliant 1/72 work Steve
  14. You have to love a 'toon' - with a bit of 'shading' or 'weathering' - they look pretty fantastic. I'm sure a few 'purists' will have problems with them - but for me it is all about fun - with my skill set it's my only option... ..so let's have some fun and great build mate - Steve
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