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  1. ...just looking back - it's a pity we never got a poll on this GB - it was a lot of fun.
  2. At the Bolton show recently Airfix had 2 Moths on display 'in the flesh' - 1 with & 1 without the anti-spin thingies.
  3. Wow Darryl this is looking the business - really enjoyable build - Steve
  4. BIG X

    Tiger interior colours

    … I did my king tiger in 'off white' - a tiny bit of yellow in white - saved in a spare bottle & flung when I was finished.
  5. Nice work Langy - what scale are they?
  6. BTW - Happy Valentines to you & yours - Love Song - Simple Minds.... BUT - If your not in love - this is not a love song...
  7. ..and the next thing that came on my play list - The Passions....
  8. Classic - never built a ship - but this sums up the Falklands especially well...
  9. Hi Ben - Thanks a million for the package - I'm sorry I haven't been on for a few days - things are 'hell' at work - 'staff' - arghhh - enough said... I had a quick play with the rifles - but the rifle holders are too tight - they are very naïve and were obviously never intended to actually accept rifles. I may file off the outside clips - which would allow me to get the interiors filed out more to accept the rifles. It seems that I only get to play on the weekends at the moment - so I'll do an update tomorrow. Thanks for all the extras too - TOP MAN @badger
  10. @badger - Top man - as always - I hope I do them justice!!!
  11. Hi Ben The tip on the tyre colour makes a lot of sense - also I'll carefully measure the windscreen - in case the dreaded thing happens. Finally - rifles - hmmm - sounds interesting - if they are going begging I would love to see if they fit - I may need to file the interiors of the rifle holders out a bit - as they are a little crude - but the way I'm building it they could still go in. Thanks for the offer mate - always appreciated - Steve
  12. Thanks Roger - I'm pondering different methods - some more bizarre than others - we shall see Steve
  13. Thanks Roger - I'm pondering different methods - some more bizarre than others - we shall see Steve
  14. Hey @Vaastav this is a really great build & some smashing holiday photos too. I am sorry to hear about your grandmother - your memories of her will stand the teat of time & I'm sure she will live in your heart. I will follow along with the rest of the build. Steve
  15. Well Vaastav - I may have patience - but skill is something that keeps running away from me I thank you though - I need the encouragement
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