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  1. Nice work Pete. I've been watching my good friend @Lawzer building one too - they both look amazing. Keep up the good work, Steve
  2. BIG X

    The "Bronze Age" Continues

    Hi Ben - Thanks for the support. The paint is Halfords 'Vauxhall Hazel Brown' metallic.
  3. BIG X

    The "Bronze Age" Continues

    For the wheels down version I needed a 'static' prop... The detail in the undercarriage area is really nice in this kit... Again everything fell into place really quickly and easily - making for a pleasant Sunday... ...and almost before I knew it - paint was being 'splashed'... So by this evening the job was done and another shelf has been filled... Thanks for looking in - Steve
  4. BIG X

    Badger's 1/72 Revell Panzer IV ausf H

    I know it's there too
  5. BIG X

    The "Bronze Age" Continues

    Assembly of the 'wheels up' version was 'swift' with most of the action taking place 'down under'... I did struggle a little with 'Hurricane Chin' when I came to fit the wings - something I have suffered with on a couple of 1/48 builds - but by removing 0.3mm from the back of the wing assembly and then clamping - I got through it... With the pitot and aerial in place I was good to go with the 'wheels down' version... It's amazing how going 'old school' - almost like 'back to childhood' takes your mind off the nasty things in life - a very happy Saturday.
  6. BIG X

    The "Bronze Age" Continues

    I started work yesterday morning - Saturday that is - and it is at this point I must offer a MASSIVE thank you to @Plasto for suggesting I invest in some better side cutters and maybe a decent razor saw - thank you sir - money well spent... I got the Tamiya 'slim' or 'sharp nose' cutters - £31 and a couple of saws at £8 a pop... They certainly have made a difference in getting all the tiny bits of the sprues on these kits... ...no broken bits and you literally just need to 'show' the sprue the cutters and they 'submit' instantly and the parts come away as clean as can be - cheers mate!!!
  7. Evening All, Over Christmas I knocked up a coupe of 'in flight' warbirds - namely a Spit & a 109. I enjoyed the exercise so I have added a couple of 'grounded' versions... ...they don't take up too much space in the rack that used to hold my CD collection... So I've decided to add a couple of Hurricanes... The main reasons for this are - 'stash reduction' and a sort of 'therapy'. I'm in a pretty 'dark place' mentally at the moment & I can't bring myself to do anything worthwhile - but equally I don't want to walk away from the bench and find that weeks & months drift by - so this is just some simple fun - to take my mind off all the rubbish that is going on around me.
  8. BIG X

    What are you reading?

    ...a handy guy to know...
  9. BIG X

    Badger's 1/72 Revell Panzer IV ausf H

    OOH - Open hatches at the front too - a 'proper' build - nice progress mate
  10. It's funny you should ask that... I've been shaking a bottle of Dunkelgelb today - does that count as progress I wonder???
  11. Yeh no gaps Stix - but it was a long hard job and better to have 2 left than being 2 short eh Cheers Badder - this really makes a change from the other 2 builds I'm playing with - proper modelling for once
  12. Thanks for the encouragement boys - I'm really quite enjoying this one. Famous last words eh... Next up will be the turret skirt - but that's for tomorrow perhaps. Thanks for looking in - Steve
  13. I've been working on the tracks today - not a prospect I relished to be honest - but slowly slowly... I got there in the end - but I'm slightly concerned I ended up with 2 of these spare... oh well - onwards and upwards eh