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  1. Oh wow - I remember the classic Airfix GB from a few years back - the most fun I've ever had without waking up in a police cell. Go for it boys & girls.
  2. Great build - keep up the good work
  3. BIG X

    Long live the King!

    I popped along here expecting to see many more posts - or did I miss another thread? Anyway I thought it was a wonderful day - all done by 3pm so far from overly long & brilliantly executed by all those who participated. It was a shame about the fly past - I watched as a host of aircraft gathered over Norfolk & the North Sea - tankers / freighters / trainers / fighters. But it is Britain & the weather won in the end. May God bless their Majesties & keep them safe. Happy weekend & bank holiday for tomorrow - Steve
  4. I have to admit to being a big Thomas Dolby fan too - "The Golden Age of Wireless" is a classic. I also love both Japan & David Sylvian's work in equal measure. My favourite Sylvian albums are Brilliant Trees & the Secrets of The Beehive - a very talented man. I saw him live a few years back at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester - a wonderful evening.
  5. Ha Ha - I "knew" you would be a fan of Japan Good man!!!
  6. Sadly - news of the death of Ryuichi Sakamoto is just breaking. He was well known for his work with Yellow Magic Orchestra & David Sylvian of Japan. His work in film was also well known - especially from the movie - Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence. Rest in piece sir.
  7. Oh Steve - That is so sad, but you loved him like a son. I am sure the whole community will feel your loss & share your grief. Farewell Patch - Godspeed lad. Steve
  8. Steve - I have said a little prayer for you & Patch - I'm not religious you understand - but feel invested in your journey. Good luck to you both - Steve
  9. Well the news just popped up - the amazing Vivienne Westwood has slipped off this mortal coil. I am 100% sure she would raise an eyebrow & smile at some old blokes on a model making forum singing her praises - but Madame X has a wardrobe full of her stuff & guess who paid for most of it. Sleep well Viv - you were a very special star. Steve
  10. Lovely Acquisition - lovely shop - Merry Christmas to you Steve
  11. Patch's story warms my heart with each unfolding episode - Steve - you are a lovely guy & this is a lovely story. Steve
  12. Well done sir - I can respect a proper business speculation project
  13. ...with bacon, black pudding, mushrooms & tinned plum tomatoes... ...it's "almost" a meal in itself
  14. Sad news indeed - he joined the forum on 16th September 2009 - 13 years and 1 day before he left us - God bless you & rest in peace
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