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  1. A real "crowd pleaser" Ratch - nice work mate - Steve
  2. Now you said you were going shopping Andy - but you never said you were going to my second favourite model shop - it's a great place for tons of stuff & I haven't been out much - post Co-Vid - but when I finally get the chance to get back on the road again this will be on my journey plan. Best regards - Steve
  3. Wowsa - looks like great bank holiday fun - I'll be sure to look in - Steve
  4. Thanks for posting this Steve - very interesting. I was 3 years old at the time so have no memory of the crash itself - but we lived just a mile or so up the road in Bredbury at the time - right under the airport glide path. Stockport has a very 'dense' town centre & the pilot put it down in one of the very few spots that would avoid more casualties on the ground. Considering this was 1967 it always amazes me that no one in the area seems to have any knowledge of the crash. Thanks again - Steve
  5. Where do you buy those 'jumbo size' pound coins Smashing job John - I look forward to it flying over my house in Saddleworth soon. Great build - Steve
  6. This build remains amazing with every single post - the ups - the downs - the highs - the lows - it's an emotional roller coaster - but moreover AMAZING!!! Long may it last - Steve
  7. WOW - What a roller coaster of a ride - brilliant as always mate. Steve
  8. Keep it up Jean - I think you are winning - Steve
  9. Hi Rich - I initially entered & voted for this GB after receiving this as a Birthday present last October... I was really looking forward to this - as I've never built a chopper - but you don't tell your sister that when she turns up with a present. So this GB was going to be the perfect 'baptism'. My eyesight is now shot - so I'm out - but I'll be cheering everyone else on. Everything looks brilliant to me now with blurred vision - even the missus is looking foxy
  10. Excellent 'perseverance' so far Jean - keep up the good work sir - Steve
  11. Brilliant diorama mate - I'm looking forward to more of the same. Cheers - Steve
  12. Hi Ben - those are good looking posters - it will be great to see the results. Steve
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