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  1. Lovely!!! A great job - really well executed - top modeller!!!!
  2. ...just thought I'd add this video - Richard is the one with the RED hair. In typical fashion he spends most of the video completely in shadow. The singer is Steve "Mal" Mallinder - a brilliant duo & I'm sure Steve is gutted. He always described Richard as someone that didn't suffer fools - but you couldn't help liking him. As they say "The Cabs Are Fab".
  3. I've just heard the sad news that Richard H Kirk of Cabaret Voltaire has passed away - another one gone - but the music lives on...
  4. Richard Harold Kirk, electronic musician & founder member of Cabaret Voltaire has passed away. A sad loss. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/oct/08/richard-h-kirk-obituary
  5. This looks likely to be a brilliant kit - that definitely fills a hole in the market.
  6. Welcome Gary, That's a fantastic looking workspace & I noticed a cheeky little Schwimmwagen too. I'm based up here in the hills to the east side of town - Mossley - on the edge of Saddleworth. I look forward to seeing some of your completed builds - you certainly have all the gear for it. Catch you soon - Steve
  7. We had a similar problem during the 1st lockdown - where the unit next to ours caught fire & fried all our phone & internet connections that ran past their building. Luckily - one of our staff spotted the incident & we reported it straight away (7am in the morning). Thanks to the work of some very determined BT engineers we were up & running again within 5 hours. This I think was AMAZING!!! The previous time we had a problem (someone dug a whole in the next street which was literally the size of a house) - we were without any services for over a week - not so brilliant.
  8. UPDATE - I received an email from @TIGER HOBBIESLIMITED this morning... Hi Steve, I’ve spoken with my colleague who orders Gecko and they have informed me that unfortunately we’ve been given no price or release date for the product, only information that it will be coming out. So at least we know it is on the horizon - I'll just have to keep an eye on their website.
  9. Hey Pat - I didn't take part - but would love to vote for "a winner" - is there a poll taking place??? Steve
  10. Please excuse me if this has already been posted - but I've scrolled back to the beginning of 2021 & can't find it listed... NEW BOXART OF GECKO 1/35 SCALE BRITISH DAIMLER ARMOURED CAR MK I WITH FIGHTING COMPARTMENT STRUCTURE… Some pictures... NEW TEST SHOT OF GECKO MODELS 1/35 SCALE BRITISH DAIMLER ARMOURED CAR MK I WITH FIGHTING COMPARTMENT STRUCTURE… ...here we go... The Daimler Armoured car entered service during 1941 and served in all theatres. It was used extensively in the Second World War and served with the British Army into the 1960s. The Qatari Armed Forces only retired their examples within the last few years. Gecko Models 35GM0011 Daimler Armoured Car Mk1 Kit 1/35 - Price to be Advised This Diamler Mk1 Armoured Car model has full interior detail and options include both a Littlejohn Adapter and PLM mounting with twin Vickers Ks I'm not used to posting in this area - any thoughts??? any other news??? I've emailed @TIGER HOBBIESLIMITED as they are the UK distributor - but I'm really keen to find out if anyone has any other news. Enjoy - Steve
  11. There has just been an explosion on the airport perimeter (09:55 ish) A Globemaster was on approach - so I tuned in & suddenly the camera panned across to a huge plume of very thick black smoke...
  12. Andy - Great picture of one of my favourite model shops - well worth the 4 hour round trip in the days before the pandemic. Amazing looking muffins too - I'm starving now... BTW - smashing progress on the build too All the best - Steve
  13. As above - I had the same problems with both Vallejo & Stynylrez - basically peeling off styrene for fun. I now use Halfords grey spray primer.
  14. The webcam is live again this morning - showing a TBS logo - which is TOKYO BROADCASTING CORP - don't forget to click the LIVE button at the bottom... https://www.geocam.ru/en/online/kabul-ptz/
  15. Noel - are you getting live footage from the webcam - all I'm getting today is the recorded footage again from yesterday. If you are getting live footage then there should be a red dot & LIVE towards the bottom left corner of the sceen - if not live then you should see the duration of the piece - 7:56:13 in my case.
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