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  1. Well done sir - I can respect a proper business speculation project
  2. ...with bacon, black pudding, mushrooms & tinned plum tomatoes... ...it's "almost" a meal in itself
  3. Sad news indeed - he joined the forum on 16th September 2009 - 13 years and 1 day before he left us - God bless you & rest in peace
  4. ...About half an hour ago - a certain RAF Globemaster ZZ177 - carrying a very special lady... I was watching on Flightradar24 & she was heading due south when just north of Manchester she altered course to fly more or less directly over "town". From up here on the hills to the east of Manchester Madame X & I got a really good view as the cloud cover was very high. God Bless you Ma'am & God Save The King Big X
  5. Thanks for the heads up Steve, It's sad news for modellers - but great news for cats Cheers - Steve
  6. What on earth are you talking about? I posted that box top shot 13 months ago... I'm sorry but I cannot understand - We'll have to see what's what with this there wouldn't have been any late but does have the sand runners katy should have but the small late spare wheel cover! are you okay???
  7. @TIGER HOBBIESLIMITED - glad you changed the thread title ...here is the offending piece of plastic... ...in all it's wavy & dull glory ... ...basically it is a PERFECT RENDITION of what it is trying to portray - a canvas door covering with acetate "windows". I hope someone points this out to the poor feckwit youtube star Steve
  8. OMG!!! I am assuming the said youtube superstar is talking about this window section... ...having 20k followers is no guarantee that you know what your talking about I suppose BTW - I would change the name of your thread title - it doesn't do you any favours to the "casual browser" Steve
  9. The Accurate Armour decals have a pair of black bulls & some very useful white on black "90"s for the 18th Light Field Ambulance. I would however question the code number stencil styles... ...also note the top one of the two 1st armoured rhino badges - his back end is missing!!!
  10. I'll bet STAR DECALS are "badger"ing away as we speak on NW Europe schemes. Did you see what I did there Ben Steve
  11. I'm liking the rotating roof vents on the early war version... http://www.missing-lynx.com/images/35gm0068previewbg_2.jpg I wonder if they are hidden amongst the 450 parts in the version I've got ???
  12. Worth repeating this link to another thread here... I just read this thread & I am lost for words - take a look - it's shocking what has occurred behind the scenes... Steve
  13. WIKIPEDIA - The rights to the Austin name passed to British Aerospace and then to BMW when each bought the Rover Group. The rights were subsequently sold to MG Rover, created when BMW sold the business. Following MG Rover's collapse and sale, Nanjing Automobile Group owns the Austin name and Austin's historic assembly plant in Longbridge. At the Nanjing International Exhibition in May 2006, Nanjing announced it might use the Austin name on some of the revived MG Rover models, at least in the Chinese market. However, Nanjing is for the moment concentrating on reviving the MG brand. The MG brand is traditionally used for sports cars and Nanjing has no rights to the Rover name, so a revival of the Austin name would seem a logical brand for selling more standard cars. It might also be argued that a British name would be more respected in the European market than a Chinese name. Nanjing Automobile Group itself merged into SAIC Motor. More than a decade on the Austin name now belongs to the British Engineer John Stubbs, owner of specialist suspension company Black Art Designs. Stubbs aims to take the Austin name back into the mainstream market, possibly with an electric vehicle. I can't vouch for the accuracy - it is Wikipedia - but they are usually on the right track. Steve
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