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  1. Should you decide to make & sell some of these sets I would really like to buy one, together with any other pieces you make for this build, cheers, spad.
  2. Airfix are releasing this kit again later this year.
  3. spaddad

    USAF P-38 Lightning

    It would be incredibly interesting should any info surface on this subject, fingers crossed.
  4. I know it's fairly common with modellers to be OCD with scales but I've never got it. it just seems to limit your choices unnecessarily. Those Rubicon kits are really impressive, they may not be the most detailed or accurate kits but once again the kits I build don't have to be.They are easy to construct, fairly well detailed & if you want to build up a large collection each kit provides the parts for at least 2 variants (the T-26 contains parts options for 10 variants) without having to buy conversion kits etc.
  5. I've just been catching up & was going to ask the same question but GB beat me to it, I was wondering how you would control the engines, looking forward to your answer & progress.
  6. If you think Grantham is interesting in a large van you should try it in a fifteen foot high truck.
  7. Hi Gorbs, Rubicon models produce a good range in 1/56th scale, I saw them at last years nationals & was impressed enough to buy half a dozen, not W.W.1 though.
  8. Yes the whole inst sheet was printed in colour, simpler times.
  9. If I remember correctly Airfix used to issue their instruction sheets (only on larger kits) in different colours & I remember fitting a red instrument panel into a Wellington & a blue one into a Catalina, of course it's possible I'm senile & just making this up.
  10. Come on, man up & get on with one you big girl!
  11. Couldn't it be the case that High Reflectivity, apllied to the visual spectrum just means Gloss paint & that whilst all manner of trainers were pootling about in yellow if you were carrying out calibration work & had gone to the trouble to make your 1 aircraft stand out visually so you knew where it was during calibration a different colour to everything else would be a good thing?
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