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  1. spaddad

    The ever so slightly miffed thread.

    Where's Beardie? Last post Dec. 1, not like him to go so long without his safety going off.
  2. spaddad

    Stevej60's Quiet? Year.

    Orsum Stevie, my favourites, the Seahawk & the Torino.
  3. Enlighten me Jure, what is this incident of which you speak, I don't have your all encompassing Stuka knowledge so your reference to it is not helpful without further explanation, cheers, spad
  4. Two things. The pilot did not initiate the pull out, the aircraft did.So assuming they have an automatic pull out device or can make a new one there should be no problem. My second point is, I feel, more likely to ensure that the Stuka will not be engaging in siren assisted dive bombing exhibitions. I reckon the vociferous politically correct liberal holier than thou activists will freak right out & that will be enough to ensure it doesn't happen. It may get a few shows in before it comes to the attention of aforesaid guardians of everything good but once it does & they get the scandal hungry media involved that'll be it.
  5. spaddad

    Still buying 2nd hand kits at model shows?

    Just to set the scene before I go any further let me state now that I am an unashamed tight illegitimate child. I attended Telford this year for only the second time in 18 years. Given the passage of time I expected 2nd hand prices to have gone up a bit but I was staggered at the prices being charged for what was basically tat. A friend had asked me to get him a Frog Gannet, he only wanted it for the canopy, & like me he thought it would be a fairly cheap option so he gave me a do not exceed price of £4. During the course of the day I checked out most of the second hand stores & the nearest I could get to this was £6 for a kit with every part off the runners, expired decals & a box crushed & battered to such an extent it only just still qualified as a box. The next cheapest kits were all around the £10 - £12 mark. Just checked Hannants & came up with the following Eastern Express £6.99 (this is the Frog kit) Sword £15.99 with resin cockpit parts Trumpeter £22, 2 different versions. What would you buy? I was looking for old KP kits, I remember they would practically be given away as no one wanted them when there were nice shiny overpriced Japanese or normally priced US or European kits available & they were looked down upon. I was surprised, although I should not have been, to see the prices they were going for now. Airfix were another line with some unexpected high prices, for example, Airfix Seahawk, between £8 & £13 Airfix MiG 15 £14 I know traders have to make a living etc etc & you have to expect to pay inflated prices for the rarer kits but paying inflated prices for relatively common prehistoric kits?
  6. spaddad

    The ever so slightly miffed thread.

    Well 'tis the season to be jolly.
  7. spaddad

    The ever so slightly miffed thread.

    HO HO HO!
  8. spaddad

    The ever so slightly miffed thread.

    Come on Pete in Lincs, you're better than that.
  9. spaddad

    The ever so slightly miffed thread.

    Slightly miffed, quite miffed, you're all losing your minds, you all need to take corrective, no make that serious & immediate corrective action if you don't want to end up in the "what makes me happy thread". This is how it starts!! Slippery slope gentlemen, slippery slope.
  10. spaddad

    Airfix SAM-2 reissue

    Looking at those photos just reminded me how poor that kit was, I'd much rather have a new kit up to modern standards & in 72nd scale.
  11. spaddad

    The ever so slightly miffed thread.

    What the hell's the matter with you! As if posting in the ever so slightly miffed thread wasn't bad enough it sounds like you've stopped being rude & impolite & have become a donut earning good boy? Hopefully it's something simple like a viral infection or the early onset but you may need to prepare yourself for the fact that you've been struck down with the Christmas spirit. Your only hope is to man up, face your demons, stop being nice & get back to the full on Grump thread with some heavy duty grumping. Keep this up mate & the next thing you know the daughters will be asking if you want to go out with them & their mates to buy my little ponies or hang out in Mcdonalds or go clothes shopping or whatever it is daughters do. You have a reputation to uphold, get a grip man!
  12. Orsum stuff Hendie, the most amazing thing about this build is that, as well as the outstanding craftsmanship, you still appear to be relatively sane, an amazing feat. Can't wait to see it on the scratch built rails along with the rest of the rake & the motive power,it's going to be even orsummer.