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  1. spaddad

    Himiko Water Bus 1/150 Fujimi

    That's brilliant Chris, where the hell did you find that & did they have any more? Himiko water bus sounds much more interesting than Japanese ferry! cheers, spad.
  2. spaddad


    Wow, this is startling on at least 2 counts, firstly that Boston has an Asda & secondly that they have even heard of guns n' roses, you sure it was Boston? in Lincolnshire?
  3. spaddad

    OV-10A Bronco - 1:72

    I'd be happy if you did & even happier if they did.
  4. spaddad

    OV-10A Bronco - 1:72

    Revell will rebox anybodies kits.
  5. spaddad

    Peter Tork of The Monkees has died

    Four blokes caught up in the music business grinder. I always liked the music put out under the Monkees banner, whether they actually played it themselves or not. Most of my musical taste involves musicians who demonstrate high levels of competence &/or virtuosity with their instruments or composition skills whether classical, minimalist, techno or rock orientated but I've always had a soft spot for really well produced & executed "pop" music such as the Monkees,ABBA, FGTH etc. The Monkees were a product of their time & provided me with a lot of pleasure at the time, both through their tv programme & their music. Petes death makes me feel slightly melancholy as a result.
  6. spaddad

    Best Kits For Vietnam Era Aircraft

    Don't think the B-47 was all that involved
  7. spaddad


    Everything's going swimmingly. Car failed mot so no wheels = no work. Computers on the verge of having a heart attack. Sorting out my pensions is more Byzantine than you could imagine,can't sleep, other than that life's fandabbydosie.
  8. spaddad


    The bad news is the weather is supposed to improve over the next few days, looks like you're not going to get the cold wave (opposite to heat wave?) you've been hoping for, there's always next winter. Whilst we're on the subject of insects do you suffer much from midgies in your neck of the wilderness?
  9. spaddad


    I can't unsee that image in my head. I know you live in the boonies but don't you still get arrested a lot?
  10. spaddad


    Hi Marty, how you doin'
  11. spaddad


    That's what I'm talking about, have no idea how that fits in here, good to see you're back Mick
  12. spaddad

    Iconic Planes of Vietnam War - need some ideas...

    O-1 Bird Dog, Skyraider, B-52, Phantom. MiG-17.
  13. Following this with great nostalgia, built the original light blue plastic version when I was 11-12 & thought I was the bees knees 'cos I used stretched sprue to create the nose mounted radar. The Airfix 109 was released around the same time in blue plastic & to someone my age was utterly amazing, two decal choices, choice of two air filters/intakes & a choice of cannon pods or rocket launchers underwing, for two bob! Indeed at least one 109 was completed with rocket launchers & gun pods, I'm not proud to admit it but I liked weapons on my planes, the more the merrier. I think the main reason I bought the Condor was it had so many guns & bombs, different kinds of guns too, cannons & machine guns, whats not to like. Simpler times.
  14. If you want to drill clean holes in very thin media try sandwiching it between two thicker pieces.