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  1. Maybe think about going along to your local IPMS branch where you will find modellers who will be glad to help you. Google IPMS (International Plastic Modellers Society) & that will take you to the National website or if, as I suspect, you're a Geordie boy, Google IPMS Tyneside to get local contact details, hope this helps.
  2. Going back to the hot metal areas try Tamiya clear blue on it's own, maybe experiment on an old kit or scrap plastic first.
  3. What's wrong with you? By the way the modelling world at large owes you a great debt, I'm talking of course of the forthcoming Airfix Beaufort, wouldn't have happened without all your hard work, thanks man. Did you get my message about The Works selling the Haynes Manual on the Empire boats for a fiver?
  4. Nope, never changed at all as far as I can tell. I've lived in the soft south for 30 years now & people still say I've never lost my accent.
  5. Luckily, depending how you look at I suppose, I am not afflicted by the need to pursue accuracy so I am quite happy to build out of the box, I do try to avoid well known dogs (Airfix Shturmovic for instance) if possible. Are the wings undersize as well?
  6. spaddad

    Airfix Club?

    I phoned Airfix to ask about this earlier this year & the reply was that it would be up & running before the end of the year & that they would be contacting previous members at the appropriate time. Black Knight may be right & it may be down to the fact that they have hardly any staff but the cynic in me makes me think it's more likely that they are putting it off because they know there is a massive deluge of Air Miles poised to pour through their door thus costing them a bomb in free kits.
  7. Given the amount of work & heartache that went into just the Beaufort I'm trying to imagine the circumstances that forced you to abandon the 4 shelf of shamers you've shown us, as none of them look particularly hopeless.
  8. So that's not a fuselage extension plug between the cockpits ?
  9. I've said it before but I'll say it again, for a crazy person you do really nice work. A themed collection of high quality, really looking forward to next years madness, crack on! ps Is that a Demon on the shelf of shame?
  10. spaddad

    Karl Gerat Query

    It was. cheers, spad
  11. Only just found this, very nice. I particularly liked the blood stained floor, what colour did you use for that?
  12. spaddad

    Karl Gerat Query

    Hello military peeps, I have a question for you. Hobbyboss do a Karl Gerat model & a Karl Gerat railway transport wagon for it. My question is can you actually mount the mortar on the transport wagon? I suspect the answer is yes but I'd just like to be sure before I start to try to aquire them, thanks in advance, spad
  13. Ignore him, it's a very nice model, just because you don't want to slavishly follow the current trendy styles of finishing a model, that's up to you. Groundworks really good. Can't wait to see the next one.
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