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  1. Hi Stevie, most plastic granules are colourless in their natural state, the colour is added by means of masterbatch. Masterbatch is also supplied in granular form but is concentrated colour. Usually batch only comprises 1-2% of the shot size but can be more or less depending on the level of colour required. It is very expensive compared to the plastic so it is always good practice to use the minmum amount to get the required result. As Pat has a nearly see through kit I would think that the person responsible for keeping the MB hopper full let it run out & QA wasn't up to the job of intercepting the colourless product & the probably minimum wage operators couldn't give a toss & just packed everything that came off the machine.
  2. High E.D. welcome tp the site. You should get all the info & advice you need here. The only advice I would give you is don't expect to be at the same level as the most accomplished on the site straight away. By all means strive to improve, just remember practice makes perfect, just keep building, keep your first 4 or 5 simple & you will get better without putting yourself off, cheers, spad.
  3. Age of the moulds has nothing to do with the faults you describe, or the any of the other common moulding problems kits suffer from. Tooling doesn't wear in that way, see Hendies series of posts elsewhere on the site. Both of us have spent many years working in injection moulding so know a little about the subject. 99.9%, maybe even 100% of defects in kits are caused by poor tool set up or condition setting, compounded by slack QA which should prevent sub standard runners reaching the customer. Nobody needs to bring up limited run kits, different animals altogether.
  4. Always love your photo's Keith, thanks for the posts.
  5. Hi Cliff, I too have been out of it for a few weeks. As you can imagine I'm really jealous & really stoked for you at the same time, I know how you must have felt when you found & then secured this kit, there's nowt like it, I felt pretty much the same when I found the smaller of the Rockwell Commander kits. Good on yer!
  6. Sunday, Fokker triplane plus a gaggle of various unidentified biplanes (they were too far away for positive id by the time I got outside), about five or six plus another unidentified triplane (Sopwith?)
  7. Hi Steve, well done on getting her interested & keeping her interested, I wish I'd had the same gift with my offspring. I was wondering which of you chooses the projects & does she ever express an interest in the background or history to your projects ?
  8. W W 1 Fokker triplane aka the red baron W W 2 Difficult to say as so many choices from a relatively well known conflict but I'll go with Spitfire, Lancaster, Stuka. If it has to be one only then Spitfire Cold war early Red Arrows. Aircraft type irrelevant, it is the brand that stands out although at this period it would be the Gnat ( or Harrier) Cold war late Red Arrows " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " Hawk ( or Harrier) Latest generation Red Arrows blah blah blah, still the Hawk. ( or Harrier, for Harrier read 'jump jet') There is an outside choice for the last two which could be " Jumbo Jet". Based on my perception of the choices of the UK only, other populations would probably think otherwise I have assumed you are referring to the population as a whole most of whom know very little about aircraft. If you are referring to aviation enthusiasts then the list would be completely different
  9. Hola Marty, being of a fully fledged compulsive/obsessive nature I too need that info. I fear there is more than a little of the Sheldon Cooper in me. Sad I know but what you gonna do.
  10. Which paint caused the problem & which paint did you use in the end?
  11. spaddad


    Anybody know what's happened to PMMS?
  12. Nobody's mentioned the shouting yet. Because the 12 year old commisioners & producers believe that every sentence must contain an unbearable amount of excitement in order to keep us engaged, & the way to do this is to shout loudly, speak fast whilst stotting about & flayling your arms wildly, this is what they do. Much to the chagrin of anybody with a measurable attention span.
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