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  1. Can anyone cast any light on Mr. Polc;'s absence ?
  2. OK who are you and what have you done with the real AdrianMF?
  3. October 12th to now is a pretty decent holiday, don't you think
  4. I posted ages ago that I thought their search engine was pretty poor but all it acheived was a wave of Hannants fan boys sticking up for Hannants. It's nice to have someone else express a similar dissatisfaction. It's not just the search engine, their product list could do with a thorough revision. For example if you wish to search their Military injection kits you have to go to the middle of their product categories and find the relevent title from numerous 'military' categories. Surely military inj. kits are a major category and therefore it would make sense to have it near the top of the l
  5. "Saturday Special - finish in a weekend with no modifications, no improvements." my a###e Backslider.
  6. Hi Adrian, you won't be surprised that I'm not surprised that the out of boxedness of the build didn't last long, I look forward to seeing just how deep this 'Saturday' build drags you in whilst all the while you are aware that lurking in the background is a state of the art Airfix job.
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