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  1. Brilliant work, brilliant posts, many thanks, cheers, dave
  2. Greetings Carlos, welcome, I'm very pleased to welcome you as your interests are very like mine, post war airforces and aircraft of South America, South East Asia and Africa.
  3. Once again a really good, interesting post. Sven, you are the man.
  4. That will largely depend on who the importers turn out to be.
  5. Any scale, any subject, don't see the point of limiting my choices when there is so much good stuff out there.
  6. Makes a lot more sense than painting an 'anti glare panel' GLOSS black.
  7. spaddad

    Grumping into the 20s

    The use of "Fighter Jets" in the reporting of any kind of article involving fighters. 99% of everyone self aware enough to actually watch news programmes or able to read written media probably already knows that all modern fighters are jet propelled thus rendering the "jet" suffix annoyingly pointless. Prior to jets they never used to call fighters "propellor fighters" or "internal combustion engined fighters". Whist I'm here might as well get battleships off my chest. Does it annoy anybody else that battleship seems to have supplanted warship as the general term for naval vessels?
  8. Your photo posts never disappoint, once again thanks.
  9. spaddad


    Rather than trying to convince all the stupid, arrogant or entitled numpties to abide by the rules I'm in favour of encouraging them to get out there and infect the hell out of each other, thin out the herd a bit.
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