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  1. spaddad

    Frog F-16C

    21 quid for an F-16!
  2. spaddad

    Grump Britain replacement

    That's brilliant, I'm deffo going to give that a try.
  3. spaddad

    Grump Britain replacement

    Don't know about anybody else but using services toilets, either standard or motor way (even better) without buying anything is a definite minor dopamine producer, a sort of "HaHa take that you greedy exploitational illegitimate offspring bottom holes" moment. (my original words, not the auto censor, I'm starting to get the hang of its interference) Urinating is ok but crapping on them is even better unless the toilets are those infernal auto bogs which constantly flush & wet your nethers the whole time you are sitting there, yet another example of the infinite ways your fellow humans endeavour to freak you out by subjecting you to totally unnecessary technological advancements, I mean how hard is it to flush the bloody toilet yourself?
  4. spaddad

    Grump Britain replacement

    Oh come on, I'm sure a man of your talent & experience would always manage to find something, I mean it's not that hard.
  5. spaddad

    Grump Britain replacement

    I hate everybody, it amazes me that we have evolved as far & survived as a species for so long.
  6. spaddad

    TNI use of Ki-61’s in Indonesia 1945-1946

    Hi 28z, try contacting this address http://www.asianairarms.com Hope this helps, cheers, spad
  7. spaddad

    Motorbikes and Cars

  8. spaddad

    Motorbikes and Cars

    Put me down.
  9. spaddad

    Horsefly bites?

    Tiger beers = really bad heeds if taken to excess Probably.
  10. spaddad

    Oh look, a Tempest

  11. spaddad

    Oh look, a Tempest

    See post 28, you were only out by about 9.25 hours.
  12. spaddad

    Oh look, a Tempest

    What, by you or the MOD?