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  1. Greetings Fellow Modelers, I know that I may as well be looking for the Arc of the Covenant (re: Indiana Jones), but does anyone know where I might be able to find the Cutting Edge 1/48 MH-53J Pave Low cockpit conversion kit for the Revell CH-53? I've looked in every dusty corner of the Internet without success. Any leads will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Larry
  2. Makes great sense. No pylon it is. Thanks Murph. Larry
  3. Nice angles! Thanks Jari. Larry
  4. Hi Richard, Thank you for sharing the article and the other pics. Very helpful indeed. Larry
  5. Greetings all, One of my future projects is an AF CV-22. Already got the GWH 1/48 and Caracal decals. I try to build my planes to be as accurate as possible. But the below recent picture of a CV-22 with some new external hardware has me a little confused. What the heck are these things (highlighted by the arrows)? Any expertise is greatly appreciated. Larry
  6. Thank you for your service Dave. I'm going back to my plane...
  7. Thanks Jari. That center pylon explains my weak visual memories of the B-61 being so tight against the airframe.
  8. Thank you sir. That makes great sense. We always knew that if and when they launched, there probably wouldn't be a base for them to return to.
  9. Thanks Bob. I did get the Eduard's B-61s. They are good looking bombs.
  10. Hi Jari, thank you for sharing the pic. This is where my confusion lies. Since I wasn't able to get that close to the aircraft when loaded, my memory from the early 80's felt like it was strapped directly under the fuselage, like in your pic. I'm still wondering if the B-61 was loaded like this or had some sort of pylon in between.
  11. Thanks Slater. I can totally relate to those mass load exercises. They weren't the most fun but definitely built a lot of character!
  12. Wow, I wasn't expecting such BS from what I thought was a fairly benign question. So, allow me to defend the unappreciated who protected you and your family while you served your 4 years in the AF. I entered the AF in 1980 and yes, I was a security specialist who was a security policeman. In my first two assignments, I supported and protected nuclear weapons that were on war ready alert. Yes, it was Victor Alert because I worked in the QRA for 5 years. I think that might make me a little knowledgeable of this mission. As the years went by you are correct, the name was changed to Security Force
  13. Greetings all, At some point I will be making the 1/48 Hasegawa F-4E, assigned to the 52TFW at Spangdahlem AB, Germany. In the early 1980's I was stationed there as a member of the security forces unit and supported the "special weapons" mission. I am looking for information concerning two things: 1) What was the air-to-air payload on the aircraft while it was on Victor Alert. I saw another modeler had placed to AIM-7s on the rear stations and nothing else. 2) While on Victor Alert, what type of pylon/adapter was the B-61 strapped to under the center station? I'm sure no one makes
  14. Wow, now I'm feeling peer pressured to build a C-141.
  15. Very impressive Russ! I plan on making a very similar Vietnam era AF A-7. I hope it comes out half as well as yours.
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