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  1. In at the local
  2. And today, in Lincoln down an alleyway by the Castle I saw the (an) A team van. Very shiny it was too. Oh, and Yesterday just North of Pocklington I passed a lovely old blue MG saloon of late thirties vintage.
  3. Can you dance Polka? Great finish. Like it.
  4. That first picture, Over your right shoulder can be seen the shadow of the 'visitors' saucer. And I do like your I love Clacton badge. Oh, welcome back, BTW. You didn't miss much. Unlike us. tsk.
  5. Yale only regret it
  6. Like Anti-shipping Tiger Moths
  7. In the sock drawer
  8. Being built in Cornwall apparently. Here's a link, (I mistakenly posted this in the armour section yesterday. Oh the wails!)
  9. Wrong forum. Doh!
  10. Problems for many hairdressers
  11. Found this link on Talking - HyperScale's Aircraft Scale Model Discussion Forum%3A A Bf109E model at full scale ...& A full size bf109 being built in Cornwall.
  12. Do yourself a favour and follow this link. Tim Vine trying to interview Sir Ken Dodd on BBC Radio 4 today. Hilarious.
  13. Yep, a quick build and a great result.
  14. That looks great. BTW I had a couple of places to go to in Bedfordshire today on the way back from deliveries in London. The Black Horse in Leighton Buzzard and the Wellington Arms in Bedford.
  15. His cat's clogged up