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  1. FOUR whom the toll bells

    Takes too long to
  2. FOUR whom the toll bells

    Forgotten memories of tomorrow
  3. FOUR whom the toll bells

    Who run the local
  4. Erm, yuck? Very impressive.
  5. Spot of the Day Part 2

    And today's oddities included... On a trailer, South Lincoln, a Dutton Reef amphibious kitcar! Later in Lincoln, a Yellow Triumph Stag with Hardtop which looked nice until I pulled up alongside at the lights. The passenger door rear shutline was about 2mm at the bottom and about 6mm at the top. Not too impressive. Later still at a Lincoln country pub, a young lady driving a Vanden Plas Allegro. In need of a little TLC and a carb tune up by the sound of the tickover. (The car not her). There were a couple of patches treated with phosphoric acid but essentially she had a good runner, road tax free and from next year MOT free. Not your usual Fiat 500 et al. And, it only cost her 175 pounds. Now stick with me here, It's part of Britains' motoring history, it's quirky, it has picnic tables in the back! and it looks odd. But, As I say, it's not your boring new Mini/Fiat500/Uno etc. So I happen to think it's nearly cool. And if I'd known about it for that price I'd have bought it as a weekend toy. Oh, AND, Darby will approve as it's Blue! Even later out in the lanes, an old Wolesley looking like an overgrown Moggy Minor and simply glowing with black paint & chrome in the sunshine. Quite lovely.
  6. What a great save. Well done, Duncan.
  7. Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    I'll pop by from time to time too. Reserve me a bean bag, old bean. Such a pretty aeroplane.
  8. FOUR whom the toll bells

    Sugar content is above (Someone on the radio complained that Sainsbury's imposed eight sugar tax charges to one bottle of cordial on the grounds that it makes eight litres!)
  9. What have you purchased / been gifted

    Don't think it hasn't crossed my mind....
  10. Heidi's Ride

    I think you're right. In my defence I was fatigued after another 11 1/2 hour day at work! Speaking of steampunk, today I had a look around a gin distillery in Leicestershire. It's all brass alchemy I tell you! Wonderful stuff. The chap even had a tall hat to wear!
  11. Spot of the Day Part 2

    Probably not far off. I only caught a glimpse though. Today as I was leaving Nottingham, A green customised '30 coupe, very nice. About 1645 South of Lincoln, a 30's British sports car. In a sort of eau de nil green and a bit tatty, but nice to see. I couldn't see the badge but, a similar car to the old MG.
  12. No more RAF two-seat Typhoons?

    Bribes? Gosh. Do tell.
  13. FOUR whom the toll bells

    track to the pub
  14. Heidi's Ride

    Fabulous. Is it a scratchbuild or a kit? Those fins are familiar, Ar 240? or Mitchell? I'd like to see bigger pictures if possible. 480 x 640.
  15. Spot of the Day Part 2

    In Lincoln this afternoon, A rather nice blue TR6 on chrome wires. And a red MGA heading North through the city.