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  1. Taste of maple syrup
  2. Yes, it was in a field just outside Farnborough as he'd forgotten to fasten his seatbelt before doing a split S off the top while deploying smoke from his vintage Meerschaum.
  3. I thought it was at least 1/48th! Very impressive paintwork. Keep them coming, please. Gruntfuttock? Any relation to the Gruntfuttocks who live around the Horne?
  4. Things happen at sea (That was predictable. I must be slipping)
  5. From being too close
  6. Kingkit have a 109 for sale at present
  7. That the end is
  8. Ah, Uppingham, jewel of the middle bit. Shining like a diamond in a, Ahem*, I hear the goats cheese shop had to close after a raid by the Milk Marketing Board? *Almost had a fast and loud moment there!
  9. For afters. The bill
  10. I've already forgotten a lot of the Arabic I knew. Even the rude words!
  11. In a kidney dish
  12. I recommend a bit of old T shirt. It also adds a certain sheen to matt.
  13. And he used to smoke his pipe. In front of children! The horror!
  14. But I was declared not guilty in the high court. I even had to stand on a ladder & everyfing! This mix up with the wings, My builder says I've got dry rot in my North wing. Is that what you meant?
  15. As used by Philosophererers