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  1. UnFOURgettable Prose

    Sixth form hockey team
  2. UnFOURgettable Prose

    Money gambling at playtime
  3. VW T1 split panel "Bug Show" - 1/24 Hasegawa

    Fabulous, love it.
  4. UnFOURgettable Prose

    Limited to 2 hours (True, read the small print on their signs)
  5. What have you purchased 9

    It's a fair quantity, but is it enough to destroy the Buccaneer?
  6. UnFOURgettable Prose

    Shampoo which makes you
  7. UnFOURgettable Prose

    Move with the times (Other newspapers are available)
  8. Coming back from a long walk with a shovel to get a brew. Magic. A lovely, very well modelled, and fitting tribute to those brave men. Bless them all.
  9. An Oriental Fantasy

    Not for me there isn't. I agree with Steve, above. There's a lot to catch the eye and to keep interest levels up. I just caught up on the pictures above, Female Samurai, lovely. Then there's a tank hidden in there, The blue Centaur? and a Huey? Is that native American's in the tree's, with the woman in the foreground? If you ever need to move it would all be a nightmare to pack! Please keep the pictures coming, as and when you have time. Oh, and I too wish you good health.
  10. Looks like a great little museum with some very well kept exhibits, and some lovely models. Thanks for posting.
  11. UnFOURgettable Prose

    Of touch with modern
  12. 1:144 XY Junkfighter Kitbash

    I'll take option 2 please. With engines & 2 sugars. Shaken, not stirred.
  13. Not half as wrong as the Zero's on the US boxing!
  14. UnFOURgettable Prose

    Dot com. Must dash
  15. 1:144 XY Junkfighter Kitbash

    Looking at that concept picture, isn't that an engine on the end of the RH wing? The two X wing engines on one side would mess up the thrust line, surely? It is, the ship is an aerodynamic mess. Interesting, but... Atmospheric flight would indeed be interesting! I like the 5 engine idea. I'd add 'fuel tanks' to the wing tips and weapons on pylons. Conventional, but it makes it more believable for me. I'm still trying to figure out what makes a tie fighter move!