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  1. That's just not fair!
  2. Had a delivery to Market Harborough today (plus other places down that way) On the way, on a driveway on Abbey lane in Leicester was a blue Austin Maxi. Near Stoughton road in Oadby was an Austin Montego in showroom condition! And, on the way back, South of Lincoln, a brown Triumph Stag on wire wheels.
  3. With en-suite & internet
  4. Mental mental chicken oriental
  5. They were probably fighting to get away from under that thing.
  6. Yep, I like it too. Nice work with the pictures. Just a thought, if one crashed in your garden, the wings would make great decking.
  7. I was going to write a snappy quip. But my laptop is acting up. I may have to bow out. There will be a short intermission. (Ahem)
  8. All this theatre type stuff. Before you know it someone will make up something about a Firefly having to pancake otherwise it could have been curtains for the cast crew.
  9. Lovely jubbly! Aldi in Newark today had a Revell version of this with a fiver off at 9.99. probably not as good as the Bandai though.
  10. Superb as always. Break a leg tomorrow.
  11. (Where's ma troosers) McHairy (I've never been formally introduced to the OuterIsles. Any relation to the Atolls?)
  12. Much as I like the old Gulf colours I think it will look pretty swish. It's your car, go for it!
  13. Knot kinky at all
  14. Yo gurt to be joking (The shower woke up another brain cell)