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  1. Ray, is the second fuselage in the first set as above, a later internal armoured windscreen or an early external style windscreen, please? I ask because if the first, could it be used with a spare Eduard MkIXc wing to make another Spitfire, Eduard seem to do enough parts in one boxing for lots of spares and the Eduard early MkIX has two lots of wings.
  2. Camouflage On - Masking Off Next will be the Xtradecal markings for 504 County of Nottingham Squadron.
  3. To tell you the truth, I had forgotten all about this! I opened up an Airfix Spitfire 22 kit box yesterday to have a look and thought: 'Ah yes, I was building this'. I was side tracked trying to build an AZ Spitfire 18 (which has now been sidelined) at the same time, and when that got put aside, so was the Airfix kit. I have now dug it out and applied paint. Using Vallejo MSG. and then used Vallejo Ocean Grey. RAD-V is the aircraft that I am looking to build the kit as. Next was to mask off for the Tamiya Dark Green. Now back on track, if late. As an aside I went to the Newark Air Museum Aeroboot which was a nice trip out with a lot of old aircraft instruments, along with a Merlin for sale (from a Halifax?) and the offer of a Puma fuselage carcass! Sadly there were no irresistible kits to buy, but I did get some detail photos of their Tigermoth for a future Airfix build.
  4. Thanks Adam, It seems a good kit, but for some reason Airfix have not done a re-release.
  5. Slight update I am also trying to do a 'side -build' of an AZ/ Freightdog Spitfire 18, so progress has been artificially slow. So all that has happened is some cockpit work and sticking the wings together, thus: The cockpit lacked the undercarriage lever setup (strange as the other Airfix 1/72 Spitfire kits have that detail), so i did some plastic scratch for that and did the O2 tubing (as most 1/72 kits lack), which is visible. I put in some slightly made up basic detail to fill up the side walls. The seat was replaced by one out of the spares box (for a Spitfire early Mk1 - but no one will know) and an unused Sutton harness from a Sword Vc kit I recently built. I also used an etch instrument panel I had for a Spitfire 22, but it didn't really have any form of wow factor. Spitfire cockpits in 1/72 are hard to see when buttoned up. That's the extent of any simple added extras Next is to glue the fuselage together and attach the wings. technical stuff!
  6. Unfortunately I got this sometime ago when they were clearing out their model section.
  7. I would like to go with the Airfix Spitfire 22. I have had the kit for a while, so now seems a good idea (I am not sure why it has not been re-released by Airfix). Its a hopefully not difficult kit to make and I think that I made the above silver version about 6 plus years ago. I gave the finished model to someone at work and watched over the weeks as bits gradually got broken off and lost in his office! I just realised that @PlaStix made this kit for the Spitfire GB last year so I will be trying to lift his ideas. I won't be going down the etch route having seen the work done by PaStix - I cannot get that good level of finished work (a tiny folded etch seat -!!). That said I think I have a spare instrument panel and maybe a resin seat and some Eduard spares along with a Xtradecals set.
  8. Thanks Graham, I didn't think about the elevators, I presume these would be the extended horn version, I didn't even consider about that. I would also guess that the cannon bulges would be narrow as well, which is good as I have the C Wing conversion set for the Airfix 1/48 Vb with the narrow bulges! I am looking to do the Airfix and Special Hobby 1/48 Spitfire Vc as a tandem build. But with the need to chop about both kits, it is receding into maybe next month. I just built the Airfix new 1/72 Spitfire Vc as a SAAF aircraft for the Africa GB, its a nice kit without any gotchas. Interestingly, the nose width is less than the Airfix 1/72 Spitfire 1a which suggests that the 1970s Airfix Spitfire 1a was accurate.
  9. Again thank you very much Troy for the information, I will be bookmarking or printing off the posts for when I pluck up the courage to start to start hacking at the kit. I have found my supply of styrene plasticard and strips, so I should be in position to take the plunge. I have the Malta markings kit, the veracity of which is of course another issue entirely!
  10. Sorry Cookie Just a couple of quick questions about this aircraft, were you able to ascertain if the C wing cannon bulges were wide or the later narrow versions please? I am assuming it was clipped wing. I ask because I am looking to do the same aircraft in 1/48. And will you now be doing this one now with the Airfix 1/72 kit; it is a nice model to build.
  11. Troy did you use 1mmx1mm styrene strip please for nose?
  12. Thank you Troy that was what I was looking for, I need to think about how to get the strip right for the nose insert, I think it is probably more difficult than it first appears.
  13. Spitfire Vc DB-R of 2 Sqn SAAF. Operating over Italy in Autumn 1943. The aircraft had been converted to 4x 20m cannon fit and in this instance was carrying a centre line 250lb bomb. The Kit was the new 1/72 Airfix Spitfire Vc with some additions from the spares box and the markings from the markings box! And the original:
  14. Now Finished I used some alternative sqn codes from an old Sky Models set that I had for DB-R to build JK815 as it survived the war. The Airfix SAAF aircraft markings were for an aircraft that FTR - which I try to avoid building out of superstition. DB-R was also the marking for the old Airfix 'Lancaster wing' Spitfire Vc and I realised that I had those markings in the stash, but I decided they might be a bit old and iffy. I used an old Eduard 250lb bomb for the ordnance and the entry door was also Eduard, I replaced the clumsy antennae with a resin version and the canopy was an old Tamiya canopy with some plastic card added to lengthen it to fit to the rails (with some fiddling). The Kit open canopy is very clumsy and overscale. If I made the kit again, I would use the closed option. The wheel hubs were old Airwaves which fitted exactly - they were designed for the old 1/72 kit! I decided to do the cannon covers as Ocean grey, as an option to the probable Dark Earth re-spray or possible insignia red. The original had some repaint at the rear, so I tried to recreate that with another shade of brown, it is quite distinct on the original aircraft's photos. The Airfix kit goes together well with no gotchas, which is unusual for an Airfix Spitfire! The design of fitting the windscreen to the fuselage is good, the gunsight is the old round type, but I decide I could l live with that! the Rotol prop might be slightly oversized. Interestingly the upper nose is slightly narrower than the current Airfix 1/72 Spitfire Mk 1 kit, which suggests that the original Airfix Spitfire 1a kit had the correct nose dimensions. And the underneath, balanced on my wife's yoga candle:
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