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  1. Thanks very much for the pictures, they are ideal in showing the under nav lights. It is a surprise that Airfix did not put the detail, but they also seemed to miss the radio and struts behind the cockpit. Unfortunately, I have now done my model and I dare not tempt fate by trying to fix the light in post build.
  2. Thanks J-W, I found the referred post most useful.
  3. Sadly I think in a variation of imperial and metric as I was at primary school for the crossover.
  4. I have used some inherited from my father when I found them in his loft from the 80s and 90s. They still worked. The only issue I have found on other old decal/transfer sheets is to soak the decal and remove from the paper backing and then wash any old glue from the reverse side. I used Future to stick the transfers.
  5. Thank you all for the suggestions, I'll have to think about how to do it in an organised way or I could stick with relying on serendipitous luck as I currently do.
  6. Thanks Chuck, all good ideas to mull over.
  7. Thanks Troy, It is the answer to a question I have always wanted to ask about the wing strips and excellent pictures as well.
  8. Can posts be pinned for future reference please? I keep trying to remember interesting or useful posts and it would be ideal to pin them to a personal folder if possible.
  9. Thanks Troy that makes sense, for fabric wing would these be wood or metal just out of interest, possible proper colour as well?
  10. Thanks again @AndyL, your eyesight must be good to spot the light fittings. I trawled through photos without spotting anything. I do like the loose fitment as well! Now I'll have to drill a hole in the nearly finished model and bodge the lamp. What could go wrong. From your in-flight photo, I notice the wing 'strips' are differently coloured to the camouflage, I have also noticed this on early Hurricanes.
  11. Thanks Junchan, it makes sense that the light was fitted for the MkII, however the walkabout photos were from N1671 which was a MkI. That is why I thought it may be retrofitted later. But the below posts suggest it was an original fit.
  12. I didn't realise that I was in such august company. I thought it was Stephen Fry with a moustache. It was nice to see the Spitfire prototype model in the plastic as well. The models in a freezer bag stall was worth a look through.
  13. I was just looking at a walkaround of the RAF Museum Defiant and noticed it has an Amber nav light under fuselage just in front of the gunner escape hatch. As I am trying to finish my 1/48 Airfix Defiant as a BoB era aircraft, I am perplexed as the model has no such light. Did Airfix forget it or was it a later addition for the night fighter role? Any help would be welcomed as it is a biggish detail to get wrong either way.
  14. I looked at the Ducimus book on Box Art Den, what I have just realised is that the factory diagram is that the roundel is further foward compared to a BoB era Defiant.
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