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  1. The link below has a gallery of photos from a Spitfire VIII in South Africa: https://www.largescaleplanes.com/walkaround/wk.php?wid=146 A front cowl photo seems to show no joint.
  2. After some false starts on recent group builds, I thought that I would try to restart in 2021 with this kit, the Sword 1/72: As the kit box clearly states RAAF, it seems ideal for this GB and I have had it for some time. I will be doing the 79 Squadron version which is A58-169 originally ES307 built at Castle Bromwich (kipper tie, no I have just had one thank you). The airframe history is from ADF serials website: 58-169 F.VC ES307 Arrived in Australia on SS Empire Strength 11/04/43.Rec 2AD ex UK 29/03/43. Rec 1AD ex 2AD 23/04/43. Receive
  3. I have just caught up with this Steve and the kits look good with excellent camouflage hard edge demarcation and overall finish. I haven't used the AK and Hataka ranges mainly due to availability. Currently, I use: Tamiya RAF Dark Green XF81 (sometimes lightened with a bit of yellow and a bit of white -technical this isn't!). I did try Vallejo new BS Dark Green, but found it too 'emerald' and vivid. Also because the Vallejo paints are thin and 'wet' the Vallejo can leak under camouflage masks unless 100% sealed - which I am not really able to do using homemade masks
  4. Thanks Ray, the K5054 photo does seem nearly conclusive (if something can be nearly conclusive) and would show that the seat slot was in place from the earliest Spitfires. I had a look at the footage on Youtube of the Spitfire 1 Servicing video when the tradesman checks the Sutton Harness, but that didn't have any closeups of the fittings. It does of course show a hydraulic not manual gear selector viz the debate on Eduard's manual only selector, but that''s another story.
  5. Having re-read Edgar' s contribution to this debate in the Britmodeller threads above and also the Hyperscale thread link provided by Ray_W, I feel that his view was: 'This is how Cross & Scarborough illustrated the harness , in the Patrick Stephens book on the 1/24 Airfix kit, after inspecting the IWM's Mk.I R6915. They said that it is black, which indicates an early metal seat, and do not show a slot, which matches a couple of drawings, in Hendon, which show the early seat as having a plain back, and the slot being cut through the armour plating. I'm not naive enough
  6. Oh Dear I unfortunately used blutak spray to affix the camouflage masks which left a sticky residue. Sometimes the spray is fine and can be cleaned up, but with the fragile Vallejo paints, trying to wash off the residue just damaged the paint. I have sanded it back and will now use my standard Tamiya paint as being more resilient than Vallejo.
  7. Thank you Patrice, that would be ideal and stops me having to move across to the KUTA GB.
  8. Well done to the winners, particularly Little H, and thanks to Jadlam Toys and Models for their sponsorship and generosity in the totally unexpected £5 voucher points.
  9. Despite the decals problems (i think Tamiya used 1mm polythene for their transfers for this kit), it looks good to me and I think that you removed the gun barrel stubs.
  10. Thanks Adrian, I remember your kits, they looked considerably better than mine. The Aussie version is a nice scheme; I have a 1/48 Airfix Tiger Moth to do sometime as a post war RAF basic trainer. The new ICM 1/32 might be interesting as well.
  11. I think that you secretly substituted the shake and bake Tamiya version! I noticed the 4 small Russian stars below the cockpit, were these kill markings for the test pilots that I imagine the real aircraft probably got through, if it did it actually fly. Nice model, I don't think I would even consider such a kit to be makeable and not in 2 days or so.
  12. Impressive to see a fast jet with all its complexity and USN, sorry Marines markings and myriad of stencils.
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