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  1. Thanks Pete for the reply, the exhausts are molded into the kit so they are a bit basic as are the intakes at the front. It is strange that the kit missed the footsteps, but it is originally late 1960s vintage with the rivets to prove it! A large Puma done well will take a lot of detailing and is really beyond my ability and scope, so I think I will have to stick with the original idea of doing it as it looks on the box lid. That said I have 2 Airfix Pumas and a Heller Super Puma, so research isn't going to be wasted: The Pumas will be RAF and French and t
  2. Hawk T1 of 4FTS and CFS display aircraft -1987 Using very old Modeldecal markings dating from 1988, it seemed a good idea at the time.
  3. Now finished Hopefully I get points for turning up! I thought that I should finish this before the better red white and blue Hawks also being built turn up. I am conscious that the model went down hill a bit after I applied the decals, which was ironic as the exercise was to use the colourful old Modeldecals from 1988. Thanks to the mods for the GB and for Jadlam Models for sponsoring, I have just bought the Eduard Spitfire Story from them as it was nice price. Anyway the pictures of Hawk T.1 238 of CFS/ 4 FTS in 1987, when Hawks were Hawks and not the 'Johnnie come lately' T2
  4. looks very good, I am envious because I wanted that kit when it was first released, but my father refused to buy it as it was a bomber and not silver like the Fury and Siskin.
  5. Ah thanks, it will be nice to have motorised one and not have to try to scratch build one or steal one from another kit.
  6. I have 3 1/48 Airfix Spitfire Vbs stored that I bought cheaply from the RAf Museum before it 'changed'. This may encourage me to do something with them in 2021. I thought as well that the new Eduard Spitfire IIb kit released shortly/ now had the option of a round oil cooler that would allow you to make an early Vb.
  7. Thanks Pete I had a look at the detail around that build and I don't think I will be going anyway near that far. I have noticed that the kit does lack amongst other things the foot rails at the cabin doors. That does seem a major omission unless it was an RAF mod and not on the original French airframes or Heller just forgot to put them on. Any thoughts please on how to improve the engine exhaust outlets in the rotor head area or indeed on improving the air intakes detail without going mad...
  8. Green On, Go... I used my usual Spitfire Camouflage paper masks with some slight adjustments to fit a Mark XIV and then airbrushed on the Tamiya RAF Dark Green. I did a bit of pre shade and some lightened green with yellow and white. A late mark Spitfire does look odd in Battle of Britain colours. The Tamiya sprayed well and without the grainyness that I often get with Tamiya. Unfortunately, the careful and subtle variation of colours in the DG and DE has not really come through. I find that the camouflage unfortunately distracts the eye from the individual colo
  9. Markings On - But Hmm When at the start of this thread, I said I wanted to use some old decals (more probably transfers then) I did not realise that the Modeldecal sheet was printed in 1988, so the same vintage as the aircraft! As an exercise in using the markings, it was a success. as a finished model far less so. The glue disintegrated on contact with the water, and so each item had to be cleaned off on the back and then applied. I used the trusted Future and water method which seems to stick down most decals without silvering. The Union Jack tail deca
  10. Some time ago in a fit of charitability, I bought an old Heller 1/50 (clearly not 1/48, how very Gallic) Puma helicopter from Newark Air Museum on an Open Cockpit day. I don't know why as helicopters are not that interesting to me - I think it was £8. So this GB is an ideal way to hopefully get rid of it! Having seen superlative builds of RAF Puma HC1s with all the detailing around the cockpit, rear interior and various external antennae fits, not to mention rotor heads in Britmodeller builds - I won't be going there! This will be OOB: I will try
  11. I see a red door and I want to paint it brown After the excitement of the grey undersides, I though I would push the boat out and paint the top in the SEAC RAF Dark Earth. Some profiles have RN218 as DFS scheme in Green and Grey, but the white aircraft serial numbers usually denote a TLS repaint. Some Spitfire XIVs were DFS and some were TLS in South East Asia post war without seemingly any definite RAF painting instructions. I airbrushed on the Vallejo Dark Earth. I find the latest Vallejo DE 71323 to be a good match, but sometimes I put on a loose base
  12. Thanks Rich for the kind words. 40 C is very hot, I imagine that the paint drys before getting to the model! For 273 Squadron , I have decided on a fictitious backstory that the airmen were all browned off with still being in SEAC after the war had ended and so didn't keep the airframes shiny. I know I would have been keen to go home rather than have to do a stint in French Indo China! Joe for King!
  13. PBS Beat me to it! I was quite happily cruising along with this when Phantombigstu got there ahead of me with a red, white and blue scheme, so I thought I should crack on. So I put on a white coat, then masked over the white areas and grey wings and sprayed a red coat. Then after a day I masked the red areas as well and finished with the blue uppers. This types out much easier than it was! Red is a nightmare to spray, white is a nightmare to spray and blue not much better. And of course, where I mis-taped the demarcation I got some bleed through and misalignment. After sever
  14. Modelling Minion - Your Wish is my Command I spent a bit of time tidying up the model and then re-scribed around the upper fuel tank join line and the lines at the wing root. I also redid the fasteners with a beader and rivet 'holes' where these had been sanded away. Possibly too many redone rivets, but I like 'beading.' Then I sprayed the underside with Tamiya MSG after some pre shading. Following the general trend, I then put in painted over lower C roundels. The aircraft was repainted inTemperate Land Scheme in theatre and I would imagine that the MSG was probab
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