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  1. Thanks Adam, It seems a good kit, but for some reason Airfix have not done a re-release.
  2. Slight update I am also trying to do a 'side -build' of an AZ/ Freightdog Spitfire 18, so progress has been artificially slow. So all that has happened is some cockpit work and sticking the wings together, thus: The cockpit lacked the undercarriage lever setup (strange as the other Airfix 1/72 Spitfire kits have that detail), so i did some plastic scratch for that and did the O2 tubing (as most 1/72 kits lack), which is visible. I put in some slightly made up basic detail to fill up the side walls. The seat was replaced by one out of the spares box (for a S
  3. Unfortunately I got this sometime ago when they were clearing out their model section.
  4. I would like to go with the Airfix Spitfire 22. I have had the kit for a while, so now seems a good idea (I am not sure why it has not been re-released by Airfix). Its a hopefully not difficult kit to make and I think that I made the above silver version about 6 plus years ago. I gave the finished model to someone at work and watched over the weeks as bits gradually got broken off and lost in his office! I just realised that @PlaStix made this kit for the Spitfire GB last year so I will be trying to lift his ideas. I won't be going down the etch ro
  5. Thanks Graham, I didn't think about the elevators, I presume these would be the extended horn version, I didn't even consider about that. I would also guess that the cannon bulges would be narrow as well, which is good as I have the C Wing conversion set for the Airfix 1/48 Vb with the narrow bulges! I am looking to do the Airfix and Special Hobby 1/48 Spitfire Vc as a tandem build. But with the need to chop about both kits, it is receding into maybe next month. I just built the Airfix new 1/72 Spitfire Vc as a SAAF aircraft for the Africa GB,
  6. Again thank you very much Troy for the information, I will be bookmarking or printing off the posts for when I pluck up the courage to start to start hacking at the kit. I have found my supply of styrene plasticard and strips, so I should be in position to take the plunge. I have the Malta markings kit, the veracity of which is of course another issue entirely!
  7. Sorry Cookie Just a couple of quick questions about this aircraft, were you able to ascertain if the C wing cannon bulges were wide or the later narrow versions please? I am assuming it was clipped wing. I ask because I am looking to do the same aircraft in 1/48. And will you now be doing this one now with the Airfix 1/72 kit; it is a nice model to build.
  8. Troy did you use 1mmx1mm styrene strip please for nose?
  9. Thank you Troy that was what I was looking for, I need to think about how to get the strip right for the nose insert, I think it is probably more difficult than it first appears.
  10. Spitfire Vc DB-R of 2 Sqn SAAF. Operating over Italy in Autumn 1943. The aircraft had been converted to 4x 20m cannon fit and in this instance was carrying a centre line 250lb bomb. The Kit was the new 1/72 Airfix Spitfire Vc with some additions from the spares box and the markings from the markings box! And the original:
  11. Now Finished I used some alternative sqn codes from an old Sky Models set that I had for DB-R to build JK815 as it survived the war. The Airfix SAAF aircraft markings were for an aircraft that FTR - which I try to avoid building out of superstition. DB-R was also the marking for the old Airfix 'Lancaster wing' Spitfire Vc and I realised that I had those markings in the stash, but I decided they might be a bit old and iffy. I used an old Eduard 250lb bomb for the ordnance and the entry door was also Eduard, I replaced the clumsy antennae with a re
  12. I have tried the search option, but without success. I remember that someone has already done a post sometime ago on the corrections to the Special Hobby 1/48 Spitfire Vc. I know it involves cutting the the nose and splicing in an extension and moving the wingroot forward. What I cannot find is the measurements. If anyone can point be to the relevant post, I would be most grateful.
  13. Now with Added Paint I used Vallejo Azure Blue for the underside (after a bit of obligatory pre-shading): I am not sure how accurate the colour is, I thinned it back with white as it looked too bright. One thing I can say is that each time I use Vallejo Model Air I become increasing frustrated with them. They seem to clog up the airbrush tip and make a simple spraying job difficult. I persevered with applying Vallejo RAF DE next: The clogging on this was horrendous, and I ended up throwing out the bottle and had to f
  14. Return of the Spitfire Spreader Bar The assembly of the wings tail and fuselage was reasonably easy although I did not get the seamless wing fuselage fit of other builders of the new kit, It wasn't too bad. One aspect I did find was that the cockpit bathtub 'draws in' the lower fuselage slightly so a wing gap occurs. I used the old method of the fuselage spreader bar to open up the fuselage a bit and get a better wing to fuselage fit. The Vokes filter fit is again good, but not brilliant and needed some adjustment as the again the fuselage was tighter than the filter. Again I
  15. As I currently put together the new 1/72 Airfix Spitfire Vc for the African GB, I was musing about the extra clipped wing set in the kit. Obviously it can be used for a Fighter Command Vc version over Europe with the 'temperate' standard filter (also in the kit) and presumably that will be a kit option later. But I also thought that I cannot remember seeing a photo or profile of a Spitfire Vc with a Vokes filter and a clipped wing . So were the clipped wing variants only operated over NW Europe please?
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