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  1. Thanks for your kind remarks everybody,........ I applied a coat of Humbrol 35 enamel gloss varnish a few days ago, ready for the decals,.....but it was a disaster,......I ended up with bits from the brush stuck in the varnish,.....plus the dog must have had a shake near to the model as it dried,.....it was almost as hairy as Chewbakka from Star Wars lol!! So I carefully sanded the varnish down, removing most of the gunk,....... and applied a couple of coats of Kleer,.....again by brush,....which was much better! Next came the Mike Grant decals,.....which were superb,.....and these were sealed into place using a different tin of Humbrol gloss varnish,.....the panel lines have since been scribed, ready for a watercolour wash; DSCF2449_NEW by Tony OToole, on Flickr DSCF2450_NEW by Tony OToole, on Flickr Cheers Tony
  2. PK-23 Hawker Tempest Mk.VI (F.6) ** FINISHED **

    Wow Dave,....... what a wonderful job you have done on this one,......... perfectly built and in my favourite Tempest scheme too,....which you have got off to a tee,.....even done it in 249 Sqn markings,.....one of my favourite units,....... just got to love this one,......superb mate! Cheers Tony
  3. F4U Royal New Zealand Air Force

    I`d go with Ventura decals for a Kiwi Corsair; This is their online shop which also has lots of decent reference info; http://www.venturapublications.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=83&products_id=310&zenid=ne30kvdikmg3s36kf1e48ts9q6 Or Hannants may have some in stock, Cheers Tony
  4. Blackburn Shark 755 Sqn FAA 1939/40

    There is this photo showing what is said to be a Dark Green and Dark Earth scheme with Trainer Yellow undersides,.....but I`d love it to be S1E! I wish that somebody did a conversion for the Mk.III as I`d build a few,......including this colourful RCAF target tug,...from the excellent Aviaology book Avia Dossier 1- Canadian Aircraft of WW2 ;
  5. Hiya Folks, After speaking to a few people at recent model shows I was asked to post my progress on the new Airfix Sea Fury,..... but I`m already at the painting stages so it isn`t a full build,...sorry! It is a beautiful kit with great detail but the thing which got me was the poor fitting cowling doors,....... they are narrower than the front and rear rings resulting in a step between them! I tried to compensate by leaving the joint between the upper and lower halves slightly more open than they should,.....filling in the resulting gap,....and sanding the front and rear rings to match,..... I was surprised at having to do this and hopefully some resin manufacturer will be along soon with a complete engine bay with opened doors. There has been a lot made about problems inthe tail area but I must have been lucky as all I discovered was a sink mark or two,..... although the part rivetted horizontal tailplanes did make me scratch my head,..... I`ll be sanding these down in a future build! Anyway,....here is the model so far,.....I`ll be finishing it in Royal Canadian Navy markings using decals from Mike Grant; DSCF2443 by Tony OToole, on Flickr DSCF2444 by Tony OToole, on Flickr DSCF2446 by Tony OToole, on Flickr Although it looks like I`ve glued the spinner sections together,....they have been dry fitted together,....sanded and then painted,.....I`ll be cracking them open again to fit the prop once I`ve added another coat of yellow to the prop tips. Cheers for now, Tony
  6. Wonderful job,..and I love the diorama too... I have to get one of these built myself!! The upper wing roundels look a little large to me,...... but what do I know,....... I love this scheme on the whistling t*t,....also known by Beverley crews as the `Crisp Carrier' due to its meagre load carrying capability in comparison to the mighty Bev! Cheers Tony
  7. Superb job,.......it is alway nice to a Seafire model but when they are built so nicely it is an even nicer treat,......superb job, Cheers Tony
  8. Wonderful job and great conversion work,....love the BCOF Japan scheme too, Cheers Tony
  9. Heard that one before,....but didn`t realise that it was Lacey!! He was only a little bloke too, must have felt lost in a Thunderbolt! Cheers Tony
  10. Cheers Pete,.....yes Lacey did say that about the bubble top Spits,.....he swapped them with 11 Sqn who had some high back `real Spitfire`s' if I remember correctly!! He seems to have been quite a character,..... and as an ex NCO he was probably a bit of a stickler. Cheers Tony
  11. Cheers Mick, Glad you like it mate. The kit does include the decals for Laceys Spit but they are based on a modern(ish) warbird which was painted in the wrong colours (DE/DG) and also with SEAC stripes,......all wrong. There is another SEAC scheme and some nice European theatre ones too,.....I almost opted for a 2nd TAF one in late war markings using spares box decals and I wish that I`d bought another,..haha! All the best Tony
  12. Greek Pzl P.24G - 1/48 mirage Hobby

    Like it?,....... I love it,......what a cracking little model, I love Greek subjects and really fancy building one of these,.....I`ll be using yours as reference, brilliant job, All the best wishes, Tony
  13. I love this scheme,.........this has to be one of,...if not THE,....best Stuka models that I have see! Brilliant job mate, Cheers Tony
  14. Hasegawa 1/72 B-25J

    What a cracker,........lovely job mate, Cheers Tony
  15. Hiya Folks, Well I`ve finally got around to finishing my Pacific Coast Models Spitfire Mk.XIV after deciding which scheme I wanted to finish it,..and eventually opted for the aircraft flown by Sqn. Ldr, James `Ginger' Lacey at the time he commanded 17 Sqn in Singapore during 1945, just after the war had ended. First a bit of background; As commanding officer of No. 17 Squadron in India and flying Merlin engined Spitfire VIII`s, Sqn. Ldr. James `Ginger' Lacey claimed his last aircraft on 19th February 1945 by shooting down a Japanese Army Air Force Ki 43 “Oscar” using only nine 20mm cannon rounds. Lacey was one of the few RAF pilots on operational duties on both the opening and closing day of the war and his final tally was 28 confirmed, four probables and nine damaged, which was displayed under the cockpit of his Griffon engined Spitfire Mk.XIV, with which 17 Sqn was re equipped for the proposed invasion of Malaya. With the war coming to a close before this invasion could take place Lacey led the unit to Singapore instead when the colony was re occupied and in 1946 he took 17 Sqn to join the British Commonwealth Occupation Forces in Japan, still with Spitfire XIV`s,....although after a failed attempt to strip them to bare metal they were repainted in overall Med. Sea Grey with Dark Green sisruptive camouflage on the upper surfaces,.....but digress!. Here are some photos of Laceys `real' Spitfire Mk.XIV, from the time in Singapore....it has often been replicated in Dark Earth and Dark Green with white SEAC bands before,....but it was in fact a faded but very well kept and clean (hardly any exhaust staining or dirt) Ocean Grey and Dark Green with Medium Sea Grey undersides aircraft which had the original European style RAF national markings over painted using Dark Green which was blended into the existing camouflage where possible and note the white codes thinly outlined with black, the 17 Sqn Gauntlet insignia on the nose and Laceys scoreboard and command pennant under the cockpit,...the spinner is often depicted as being black but it has also been said to be blue too and judging from available photo`s it does seem to match the blue sections of the Sqn. Ldr.s pennant.; And here are some other unit aircraft from around the same time,...some had SEAC bands applied and some `may' have had the Dark Earth/ Dark Green camouflage,..although faded Day Fighter green grey colours with painted out markings do appear to be more common; And now the model; The PCM kit seemed to come and go from sale very quickly and unfortunately has not been available for some time now,....so I`m glad that I got mine when I did. The construction was mixed media with plastic main parts supplemented by resin and brass and it went together quite well really although the wing centre section was quite a struggle to match to the fuselage, especially along the undersides,.....but a bit of fettling here and there did the trick! Colour wise,...the model was brush painted using my dwindling stock of Polly Scale acrylic`s,.......and Humbrol enamel Trainer yellow was used to try and replicate some of the outer wing leading edge colour showing through after this had been over painted on the real aeroplane along with the European style RAF national markings. Polly Scale US Sea Blue was used to replicate the blue spinner with Humbrol enamels used for the interior, propellers, wheels etc. Anyway,....without any more waffling on,....here is the model; DSCF2411 by Tony OToole, on Flickr DSCF2410 by Tony OToole, on Flickr DSCF2408 by Tony OToole, on Flickr DSCF2409 by Tony OToole, on Flickr DSCF2412 by Tony OToole, on Flickr DSCF2420 by Tony OToole, on Flickr DSCF2421 by Tony OToole, on Flickr DSCF2426 by Tony OToole, on Flickr It really is an excellent kit and I wish that I could have afforded to snaffle away a couple more while they were available,....oh well!! In case anybody is interested,.....here is another Supermarine classic that I`m working on at the moment too,....the Airfix 48th scale Walrus,...if anybody is using the Xtradecal sheet on this aircraft beware,....the wing roundels are too large! These are smaller and from an old Swordfish kit; DSCF2433 by Tony OToole, on Flickr And in 32nd scale the FLY Hurricane Mk.I,....which is going to be in SAAF markings; DSCF2431 by Tony OToole, on Flickr So plenty of model on the go now,...I`ve got the elves working overtime once more lol! All the best, Tony