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  1. That is very nice indeed..... nice to see an assembly ship and a lesser known one at that! I bet it looks very imressive in 48th scale too. Cheers Tony
  2. Cheers Andy,......yes I`m slowly getting there,.....walking and standing are still a problem but I can lie down and stick bits of plastic together now without being in too much pain and it is keeping me sane! See I`m even doing a bit of poetry too! I`ve done a Monogram one recently too (as a RCN one) but another has stalled in progress as I`ve lost a wheel and the prop! The Kissimee exerience is great isn`t it, here is me doing the same; Cheers for your kind remarks folks, All the best Tony
  3. Very nice indeed, the Canadian bombphoons and yours is top notch! Cheers Tony
  4. Hiya Folks, Since seeing a colour side view of this aircraft many moons ago I have always fancied doing this Harvard with its large Wireless Operators trade badge on the side of the fuselage and thanks to Belcher Bits decals I was able to do so. As with my previous RCN Harvard and Firefly I again used Humbrol Trainer Yellow from a rattle can and was very impressed with it! According to Wikipedia; Trainees in the "Wireless Air Gunner" (WAG) stream spent 24 weeks at a Wireless School[2][7] learning the theory and application of wireless communications. This included signalling with lights and flags as well as radio. Their "WAG" training was completed with four weeks at a Bombing & Gunnery School. Here is the model; This is the first time that I have built the Occidental kit (which has now been reboxed by Italeri) and I was very impressed, although I lost the rear cockpit instrument panel and console and had to build a new one from plastic card and a spare Monogram kit part cut down to size. Cheers Tony
  5. Oh yeah,..... thats what I mean,...doht!! Cactus,..... what was I thinking? Cheers Tony
  6. Very nice Ian,...... no wonder it took so long,.....great scheme though! Cheers Tony
  7. Might as well have a cactus rolling across the screen I think!!!
  8. Hiya Ian, I used the Revell boxing of the Monogram kit from the racing pair set (moulded in bright red!) and thankfully it had the long exhaust included (plus a pair of fuselage mounted pitot tubes) but I know what you mean and these British style parts are often left off in a Monogram box. Cheers Tony
  9. Cheers fellas and with that parachute on I cannot tell you how tempted I was to jump out of the thing,.....honest!! I was even looking out for decent DZ`s! They did me a video from a camera fitted to the wingtip as well as some still shots, I`ll have to dig them out! Tony
  10. Yes I went up in one of the Kissimee Texans as a birthday prezzie a few years ago. Depending on which references you use, yes I believe that the Mk.IIa was an AT-6C,.... the one that I replicated was said to be a Mk.II which was later converted to a Mk.IIa in Canadian service. So wooden rear fuselage,....who knows! Good luck with your models,....I`m currently finishing off an Occidental Mk.IIb. Cheers Tony
  11. Thanks for your kind words everybody. Cheers Ian...... yes Yellow is the colour,.......I`m on the lookout for some more Monogram/Italeri Harvards! All the best Tony
  12. I`ve seen pics on line of dismantled Lancaster repro airframes and other stuff such as German 88mm guns going into storage in a hangar in NZ.
  13. Yup,....painted silver!
  14. Cheers Neil,..... glad you like it mate,...... yes I`d love the nose cone, but only if you have no plans for it yourself. I was going to use a Hasegawa nose but it just wouldn`t fit! Thanks mate, Tony
  15. Thank you all for your very kind remarks,.....just glad you like it, Cheers Tony