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  1. Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1 announced - finally

    Nice one,......pity it wasn`t a British Corsair mind you! Cheers Tony
  2. Very nice and very apt,......superb timing! Cheers Tony
  3. Brilliant,......and superb timing too,...... love the back story and the Hartensten and ground stuff isn`t too shabby either! Here is a pic of myself and some mates outside the Hartenstein at the Oosterbeek crossroads in 1988 after we had jumped in, Cheers Tony
  4. Fairey Albacore in Far East Service Questions ?

    Hiya Russ,.....apparently the Fulmar above is from 273 Sqn RAF at China Bay in 1942,.....but personally I feel that it is later and part of a 2nd line unit circa 43/44. Yes you are right about the roundel/fin flash.....the original incarnations just had the red parts overpainted using white! I have not been able to find the Albacore pics and I might even have been mistaken,......so sorry about that. I did however find an old article about RAF Albacore`s in Malaya and I`ve copied it here in case it is of use; The RAF Aden Comms Flight flew Albacore`s into 1946 and one of them was painted overall silver! Hope this helps and all the best Tony PS,...there is an interesting thread here which might be of interest; http://rnzaf.proboards.com/thread/20621/infamy-ceylon and although the pics have fallen foul of Photobucket,....here is one of a Vildebeest;
  5. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Something very loud with props over Rochdale this morning (Thursday 14th Sept).....just above the clouds,....so didn`t see it,...nothing showing on Flightradar..... have a feeling that it could have been at Atlas,.....as apparently one was flying around Hull a short while later and also the Lakes. I`ve never actiually seen one of these yet! Cheers Tony
  6. Fairey Albacore in Far East Service Questions ?

    I know which Fulmar you mean, with the small blue and white Eastern Fleet style roundels,.....a rear right quarter view of the aircraft in the air. I have a scanned copy somewhere but have just spent the past hour looking for it, to no avail,....it may be on a CD or external hard drive,....I`ll have another look. I do have a pic from my own collection of a Fulmar in Ceylon which `might' have Eastern Fleet markings......what do you think,....is the fin blue and white or is the red forward section just light,.....or showing through after being overpainted? The same goes for the roundel under the wing; All the best for now, Tony PS,...Haven`t forgotten about the Albacores Russ,....just been really busy today!
  7. 734 Sqn FAA Whitley VII

    Didn`t they replace the Whitley`s with Lancaster`s? I had some pics of these Lanc`s but lost them when my last computer crashed!! Here is a link for more info; http://www.royalnavyresearcharchive.org.uk/Article_Lancasters.htm#.WbnE-rJ97IU Cheers Tony
  8. Fairey Albacore in Far East Service Questions ?

    There are a few pics around showing a squadron at Ceylon where some of the Albacore`s have blue and white roundels/fin flash while others have yet to be painted,.....these have appeared in various books but I couldn`t find one on line,......I shall try to dig one out and copy it for you, One of them was codes C1R if I remember correctly,... Cheers Tony
  9. Fairey Albacore in Far East Service Questions ?

    Hiya Russ, I`ve always assumed that they were operated in Fleet Air Arm colours and markings and most likely without codes too. Same goes for the Fulmar`s used by the RAF during the defence of Ceylon. The Fleet Air Arm did use the type itself in the Far East, first with standard markings, but later they had the blue and white roundels applied. Cheers Tony
  10. XV230 and XV239

    As well as 120 Sqn,.....the Afghan aircraft also had a Royal Marine and a Para aboard as part of the team providing ground comms,.....RIP to everybody. Cheers Tony
  11. Malta Hurricanes

    Thanks Steve,....coming from you that is very nice indeed,.....I always value your informed input, Cheers Tony
  12. Devoitine D-520 overall sand

    I`d alway thought that it was a light blue/grey colour,....but French aviation is not one of my strong points,.....never really considered overall sand! Cheers Tony
  13. Amazing job with the Victor so far and well done on getting your Uni place,......good luck with your course. My lad has got into York studying Chemistry, but isn`t interested in the air sqn! Cheers Tony
  14. Trumpeter Attacker

    Beautiful job Ian and you`ve just reminded me to go and look for that old Magna canopy that I`m sure I have somewhere,....... I went up to look last week and then forgot why I went upstairs,.....doh!!! Been a bit bad with the old back since so it totally slipped my mind,...sorry, Cheers Tony Edit,.....found it mate,.....it is the early type with framing, not the later bubble style,....I`ll drop it off at Halifax this weekend.
  15. Whats the best 1/48 Avenger?

    The old Monogram kit is excellent! ....Seriously,....I`d go for the Accurate Miniatures/Italeri kit every time,... it is beautiful to build and more accurate than the HB kit which is also covered in tiny rivet holes which look awful. Cheers Tony