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  1. Hiya Folks, Here are another pair of models that I originally started for the MTO GB,....... in this case they are a pair of Merlin engined P-40s built from the Special Hobby kits, one being the original short tailed version of the P-40F and the other being the improved longer tail variant of the P-40L. The long tail P-40L was built as `Skipper' from the 86th FS, 79th FG which was found and recovered off the coast of Anzio, Italy some time ago, i the real aircraft; and a good article about this aircraft can be found in this issue of Scale Aviation Modeller; And here is the first model, however the SKY Decals sheet only includes the name Skipper once on the 1/72nd scale sheet,.....yet correctly provides the name for both sides on the 1/48th version! ; The short tailed French P-40F represents 41014349 `Madcot',......coded 13 of GC/5 `La Fayette flown by Commandant Kostia Rozaoff, which has Olive Drab painted over the previous USAAF markings and codes And here is the 2nd model; The models were brush painted and for anybody interested, here is the WIP for these two plus some other P-40`s; . All the best, Tony
  2. I sure was happy to receive it mate,........ just my cup of tea and a brilliant book with lots of reference for future projects too! Thanks to everybody for your very kind comments, Cheers Tony
  3. What an absolutely beautiful Spit, it. Cheers Tony
  4. You`ve done a wonderful job on this one Dick,...... it really does look the part and is well up there with your best, Cheers Tony
  5. This is coming along really well, love the Jostle too,...... looking forward to following the rest of your build, Having recently built a model of the very same aircraft, I`m sure you`ll love it as the quality is excellent. Cheers Tony
  6. Brilliant pics,.......these were my old stomping grounds only 10 years later but things had changed so much, Belfast`s, Briiannia`s or Comet`s anymore (apart from the Lyneham gate guard!) and the Herks were wearing grey and green camo,....... I`d have loved to have been serving in the 70`s. Cheers Tony
  7. Great subject choice Rob and I`ll be following with interest,...... I have a few RAF Libs planned myself for the future plus a RCAF Coastal Lib with a huge face painted on the nose. , Cheers Tony
  8. Thanks everybody, your kind comments are very much appreciated, Jean- I see what you mean about the Sturgeon like nose,..... like you say it must be an acquired taste, I`ve always gone for the weird and wonderful! Cheers Tony
  9. Cheers fella`s,....... glad you like it. I`m on the road to recovery back to where I was before Christmas,..... it is just going to be a long haul but I`m feeling much better cheers. All the best Tony
  10. Hiya Folks, I`ve managed to get the two remaining Special Hobby P-40F`s done plus the Hasegawa Kittyhawk; Cheers Tony
  11. Hiya Folks, I`ve always liked the Blenheim Mk.V and this 1/72nd MPM kit was built for the MTO GB, wearing the markings of 15 Sqn SAAF which used the type on anti shipping sorties from North Africa. It wears the Temperate Sea Scheme with white undersides which was also worn by Baltimore`s and Ventura`s carrying out the same role,....... the TSS was extended down the sides of the fuselage as the better known `coastal' scheme was disliked by crews operating over the Med as it made them stick out like sore thumbs from above against the blue sea and thus more vulnerable to fighters. As usual the model was mostly brush painted, with rattle can white applied to the undersides and Polly Scale Extra Dark Sea Grey and Dark Slate Grey representing a slightly faded looking TSS. Humbrol enamel Gun Metal was used for the exhaust rings and other Humbrol enamels used for detail painting. A massive thanks to my mate Colin Burgess who sent me the excellent book `The Aegean Pirates' which is the wartime history of 15 Sqn as this provided most of the reference pics for this model. Here is the model; Here is the WIP; And here is one that I built a while back in desert colours,......I`m hoping to do another in SEAC markings! All the best Tony
  12. Hiya Folks, Here is the finished Blenheim; Better late than never eh! Cheers Tony
  13. Excellent job there Russ,.....I`ve never seen a Matchbox Skyraider built up before and yours looks superb, Cheers Tony
  14. Wow that is the best F-111 model that I have ever seen,......superb! I remember these lobbing into Brize in pairs landings when I was stationed there and living right next to the runway, plus they used to come in to land right over the railway while catching the train home from Oxford station,.... must have been Upper Heyford. Brilliant job, well done Cheers Tony
  15. Good effort so far Stew, I like the old Buffalo and you are doing a great job on the nice Hasegawa kits, looking forward to following the rest of your build, Cheers Tony Edit,... i this film of Dutch B-339`s of any interest?;