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  1. BDTU Spiffires

    Hello, The scheme would be day fighter scheme with Sky trim. I take it that this is your `J'; I`ll have a look through my books to see if I can find anything else. If you are interested in 2nd line Spits, there are also the OTU aircraft like this one,...X4642 of 61 OTU, Rednal; All the best, Tony
  2. 1/4 scale GPMG SF 7.62mm Pewter Gun Kit

    What a wonderful SF Gimpy,.......love it,..... the detail is spot on,.....from the sight to the mud on the tripod,..... brings back memories and looks good enough to fire,...... I had sacking wrapped around the tripod to save my shoulders!! Brilliant, Cheers Tony
  3. Kittyhawk IV Colours Italy 1944

    I don`t know of any OD/NG painted Kittyhawks in Italy,.....as you say they were either desert scheme or later TLS. Here are some TLS ones; 5 Sqn SAAF,.....`Lady Godiva'; And my model of the above along with a 3 Sqn RAAF example; This famous 112 Sqn Kittyhawk Mk.IV was also TLS,...the RAFM got the colours wrong on theirs; Another 112 Sqn Kitty alongside a desert one; Kittyhawk Mk.IV, FT846 of 11 Sqn SAAF, crashed in Italy. Not sure about this 11 Sqn SAAF one mind you,.....the Day Fighter Scheme was common in Egypt by 1944/45 and it is possible that this was applied prior to them moving over to Italy? Note how the wing of the nearest aircraft wears TLS. Hope this helps, Cheers Tony
  4. Hiya Folks, Here is another Matchbox Wellington, built as a B.Mk.X of 425 (Allouette) Sqn, RCAF when it was based in Tunisia during 1943. The model was brush painted and the kit was modified,...... new nose and tail turrets were added from the spares box, the nose from an old Airfix Wimpey kit and the tail from an old Airfix Lancaster, the fabric effect around the rear of the nose turret was also added using masking tape and white glue. As the kit interior is practically non existent and incorrect, I used the interior from an old Matchbox Halifax. The wheels also came from a Trumpeter Wellington kit and the cockpit canopy was sanded to reprofile it. Here is the WIP, from the Matchbox Group Build; And here is the model,...; Cheers, Tony
  5. Cheers folks, Well after lots of sanding filling in those famous Matchbox trenches,... I`ve applied a couple of coats of Olive Drab, using Tamiya JGSDF Olive Drab, which seemed to match the colour pics of the RAAF aircraft best, rather than the lighter shades seen on the USAAF aircraft; Next to add the Neutral Grey undersides, Cheers, Tony
  6. Wellesley

    Cheers everybody,.....glad you like the first one,......here is the second one with the main paintwork finished; Just going to add some gloss varnish and leave it to dry ready for the decals, Cheers Tony
  7. Thanks Jonny,......I know the Golden Fleece,....drank there a few times and it is lovely,.....not a straight line or floor in the place! But no, we stayed further down the road at the the Black Swan; I hope that you get your mojo back soon and give the cockpit a go,....just get some plastic card and have a whittle,.....best way to beat the doldrums! All the best Tony
  8. Just replaced the old Photobucket images with Flikr if anybody is interested and wants to see this model again!
  9. 1/72 R.A.F. supply canisters?

    Hello, Heritage Aviation did a set of resin ones, the company is now called Kits for Cash,...might be worth contacting them; https://www.kitsforcash.com/Latest-News-p5.htm I used them on a Stirling A.Mk.IV kit; They are pretty basic and some of mine were a bit bent,....but they look great once fitted; Cheers Tony
  10. Strange Bedfellows....

    Lovely job Bill,......imagine seeing the Star Wars X Fighter in a matching scheme to the Spit! The X Fighter is quite a handsome design and you`ve done it proud mate. Cheers Tony
  11. What a beautiful Oxbox Russ,..... you`ve done a brilliant job on it mate,... and I have that scheme planned for one of mine too, Cheers Tony
  12. Matchbox Gallery

    Hiya Folks,...here is the first of my Wellesley`s, this one wearing the later war Temperate Sea Scheme with blue undersides and used by 47 Sqn in 1943 for anti submarine and convoy escort sorties over the Med from Egypt. I t has had a scratch built interior, opened up pilots cockpit, and wheel wells and here is the WIP,...which also includes a series of photos of the real aircraft; And here is the model,....which was brush painted using Aeromaster acrylics; All the best for now, Tony
  13. Wellesley

    The main update however is the first model is now finished,.....although the access steps fell off taking the model to be photographed! I elected to open the canopy and the pilots side door,.....so the pilots canopy from the Falcon vacformed set was used, with the kit windscreen, a Spitfire side door was also modified and used. As the kit propeller hubs are not exactly accurate I drilled a hole into the end of the hub and added a section cut from a set of white metal gun barrels; The finished model; All the best for now, Tony All the best for now, Tony
  14. Wellesley

    Hiya Folks,......got quite a bit done last night and today,,,,,, First,.....the second Model has received its first coat of Dark Green,..... the pilots canopy is the optional closed variant from the Valom kit, which thankfully fits well,....while the rear canopy comes from the Falcon vacformed set;
  15. Wellesley

    Cheers Steve,. I`ve done a bit more,.....added some matt varnish and a watercolour wash to accentuate the panel lines; Having looked at references I`ve realised that the area behind the pilots seat was not open along the top as per the kit, but was a solid roof with an anti roll bar with bracing,....so I have had a go at replicating this using plastic card and strip; And I have done the same for the other model too; Cheers for now, Tony