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  1. Love them all Sean,.....great work! Cheers Tony
  2. You have done a fantastic job and I love the whole back story too,...... I have some old Army mates who served at the Red and Green Life Machine at Ajax Bay who will have known Major Tomba. I built an all resin 48th scale kit of the Pucara some years ago and wish that it had turned out half as good as yours. Cheers Tony
  3. Another beauty there Jerzy and I love the cabinet contents too,.......I always learn something new from your posts! Cheers Tony
  4. Great to see it finished, you`ve done a lovely job on it, Cheers Tony
  5. Excellent stuff Stew and great to see your Beau finished off too,........ they all look superb mate! Cheers Tony
  6. How did I miss this one the first time around, is yet another stunner Paul and I`m sure that Dougie would have loved it mate,.....I certainly do! Cheers Tony
  7. Haha,......B-OB,.......yeah I have the same unit`s R-OB from its wartime Mossie days too,....... my lad is called Robert!! Glad you like the Beau`s,......cheers, Tony
  8. Sorry no,.......just RD8??,........ maybe ending in a `0'? Code,.....probably `P' but could be `F' too! Glad you like the Beau`s, green and grey one is all painted up now apart from the tail band as I cannot decide between Sky or White,......I`ll probably go for the latter with black unit codes and wartime style C/C1 markings.The wingtips were made from wood and one appears to just have red primer painted on the lower wingtip at least. Cheers Tony Edit,......was this one of the ones from your thread? Air Britain have a book about 45 Sqn which may have some serial tie ups and more pics. I have it but cannot get to it due to being laid up,......sorry. Edited edit- check your PM`s!
  9. This is the first one that I have ever seen built and it looks great,............. is it the same kit that Heller also sold? Great job, Cheers Tony
  10. I wish you had said,......I have a photo of that aircraft and may indeed be,.....the private source!! Check your PM mate, Tony
  11. Well done to the winners and thanks for a fantastic GB with some brilliant entries,.......I`m glad that I wasn`t judging them! Just a pity I fell off at the end due to illness, Cheers Tony
  12. They all look great Adrian,...I especially like the Breda. Cheers Tony
  13. Great stuff Col,......I especially like the Hurricane that scheme! Cheers Tony
  14. That is what I call a very productive year Darren,......I especially like the Avenger but they are all superb. Cheers Tony