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  1. Soon after Op Torch RAF Hurricane`s were flown from Gibraltar to French North Africa,.....most notably 43 Sqn. These were camouflaged in Dark Earth and Dark Green with light undersides,.....most likely Sky Blue. They were tropicalised and retained standard RAF markings. Here is one of them, en route across the Med with long range tanks fitted; There do appear to have been some desert coloured ones (sen in the background of pics/films) but the majority wore temperate colours. Cheers Tony
  2. That looks brilliant Chris,....I hope that mine turns out as nice when it start it, job mate, Cheers Tony
  3. Nice one Russ,....another beauty! Cheers Tony
  4. Yes.
  5. I`ve only ever seen silver Valiant`s associated with Suez,.... thought White came in later. Not sure about external tanks without checking but maybe not. They did not have Suez stripes applied either, WZ403 of 207 Sqn seen at Luqa during the crisis; Good luck, Cheers Tony
  6. Henry,.....the black and white photos show Mk.I`s as far as I know,......the colour ones the Mk.II layout. Maybe some early Mk.II`s had the earlier radiator, far as I know the main difference was with the engine variant.
  7. That is a thing of beauty Peter,,...just wow,......again it looks to me as if you are building a real aeroplane! .....As I`ve said before, I love watching your builds take shape, Cheers Tony
  8. Thanks everybody,...glad you like it. Good luck with the loft Chris,.....been there a long time ago! Good luck with your Polo. I know what you mean Jerzy,..... the early Revell and Airfix Boston/Havocs were strangely shaped weren`t they and I know what you mean about being wary of anything that looks different. I did have an A-20 in that USAAF scheme many moons ago but it is long gone now. Cheers, Tony
  9. Hiya Folks, I`ve fancied doing a 22 Sqn RAAF A-20G Havoc for a while to go with my Boston Mk.III and a post by Syd here on BM a week or so ago prompted me to do something about it! By combining the Revell Boston Mk.V/ A-20J kit (Special Hobby parts) with the late gun nose left over from a Revell P-70 kit (again Special Hobby parts) I came up with an A-20G and with decals from the spares box (roundels/fin flashes), Xtradecal (white codes) and Ventura (Grey serials). Here is my WIP with photos of the real thing; And here is the model; Yes it did end up being a tailsitter,......I didn`t think that the undercarriage was strong enough to handle the weight required. As usual it was brush painted,....using a mixture of Humbrol enamel (155- Olive Drab) and Polly Scale acrylic (US Neutral Grey) (US Dark Green,...representing the Mid Green `blotches') and Humbrol enamel black, yellow, silver etc. Thanks again to Syd for his help with info for this model, Cheers Tony PS- I`ve only just managed to post this as Photobucket packed in,.... here is the A-20G with an earlier aircraft from 22 Sqn, in this case replicated by the 1/72nd High Planes Boston III.
  10. Hiya Folks,..... well I`ve managed to finish it off and here it is; Thanks for your support lads and a big thanks to Syd for his additional info and his thread which inspired me. I have added sections of sprue underneath the cheek gun compartments to replicate the air vents added by the Aussies before they discontinued using these weapons, Cheers Tony PS-....Yes it did end up being a tailsitter,......I didn`t think that the undercarriage was strong enough to handle the weight required. PPS- Cheers Colin,.....sorry I was typing this post when yours turned up. PPPS- Here is a pic showing the model alongside the Matchbox A-20 nose,.....and to be honest it isn`t much different!;
  11. Amazing job and I love the scheme, Cheers Tony
  12. Very nice indeed Dick,....another lovely model from your workbench, Cheers Tony
  13. The Mk.II had a larger intake. On the Mk.I the outsides of the chin intake was smaller and the sides of the cowling were raked in slightly with the lower section rising up slightly, plus there was a smaller intake inside the chin intake, but on the Mk.II the side of the cowlings were straight and squared off....caused by the larger chin intake. The side intakes were merely tropical filters. Here is the Mk.I; Mk.II type intake,....seen on the Yeovilton aircraft which was retrofitted with Mk.II intake. Hope this helps, Cheers Tony
  14. Ah the old battlebus,....... you`ve done a superb job and I`ll be referring to your WIP too,...thanks. Might do my old thing,..... having a pack lift just for a change! Cheers Tony
  15. They all look great, Cheers Tony