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  1. There is a problem with the odd bottle of Vallejo acrylic Metal Color not mixing properly as well...some are good..some aren't Leslie
  2. Yep I've used the Mr Hobby water base for many years and the satin and gloss colours just don't dry..to get round it I add their or Tamiya Flat base to matt it down..then use the new Tamiya semi gloss on top to apply the decals..usually works Leslie
  3. A while ago I was painting a Dragon El Alamein Sherman and decided to use XF58 which seemed to be the medium drab green I needed to spray the camo with....i had a old bottle in the larger size I had bought probably back in the 90's..worked fine only problem was I ran out right at the end...bugger...likelihood of a new current bottle of paint matching up would be unlikely...sprayed it on..did some touch ups..perfect match..just goes to show.. Leslie
  4. So in other words if you want to thin their paints you going to have to use thinners that stink to buggery and most likely the best results will be airbrushing them rather than hand painting them and on top of that some of the paint matches aren't the best either.. Leslie
  5. I have bought some colours haven't airbrush them yet but I've done some brush painting and they brush out ok but the paint seems to drag on the brush as you use so I add some water from the bottle I wash the brushs out and that seems to fix that but just feels a bit odd brushing it...
  6. I've just sprayed some Aeromaster Dark Gull Grey for a Phantom cockpit and I used a few drops of Vallejo Airbrush Thinner and it went down pretty well.. Leslie
  7. I bought some of a Mig Ammo Metal Colours too recently and as you say they don't dry..shame as they great looking metallic colours..the Revell Aqua on the other hand brush well when thinned and dry well.. Leslie
  8. From what info I can gather...Tamiya XF75 IJN grey for Dark Sea Grey and Tamiya XF77 IJN grey for Extra Dark Sea Grey..look pretty close to me.. Leslie
  9. A few years ago here in Sydney a hobby shop had some old Humbrol Authentic and had one called ''Silver plate'' must be very old..pre dates Hubrol 11 maybe??..gorgeous liquid chrome..still good to use.. Leslie
  10. I have bought all 3 of the acrylic clears here in Australia and both the matt and semi matt have had the white frosting problem no matter how much you shake/stir them..the gloss I've had no problem with..the other two are basically unusable and total waste of money.. Leslie
  11. My experience since buying a bottle is to use it on a model which had been airbrushed with Mr Hobby acrylic..Revell Aqua and Tamiya acrylic with no problems...takes a while to dry but when it does it gives a great gloss finish.. I've also hand brushed a couple of coats onto a Hellcat drop tank I'd painted with Humbrol acrylic Sky 90 and got a rich deep gloss as good as I've ever seen on here.. Leslie
  12. I've been trying to spray Humbrol Acrylics as well..the times I have got some paint onto anything using Vallejo Airbrush Thinner it's gone on like sand paper..really rough finish..and recently I was brushing out some 94 brown yellow and it seemed to have some grit in it which wasn't there when I prepared the surface I was painting on..maybe that's somethihg to do with the clogging..i just have the feeling with the screw top Humbrol Acrylics that's there something odd happening.. Leslie
  13. Hi these compressors are made by a company in China called Hseng...their website is below http://haoshengnb.en.made-in-china.com/product-list-1.html I've had mine for a couple of years now and the only thing I've had to replace is the regulator which I've replaced with a Sparmax one.. Leslie
  14. lesliegl

    Humbrol Clear

    Humbrol Acrylic Clear coat is very good.. Leslie
  15. I recently here in Oz bought the large bottle of the Humbrol flat clear acrylic applied some to a model with a small flat brush and had it leave white patches like snow on it..not happy Leslie
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