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  1. Hi All. This is the first resin figure I've ever made, and it really won't be the last. It's been a very sharp and steep learning curve in working with resin and how to get the most out of certain paints. I'm by no means a good artist, and I 'm not as good as some of the guys on this forum, but I really feel I've outdone myself with this. I present, my WW1 Centenary tribute to those who fought and fell in The Great War of 1914-1918 "Tommy" Regards, Mark
  2. Thanks Richard, believe me, it only took so long because it pushed our patience. If not for that, it'd have been done in a few months. There was a lot of poor fitting and warped plastic, but we pushed through it and now we're onto aircraft again. Happy days
  3. Thanks Richard, there are parts which are nagging me still, but on the whole I love it. If you go to IPMS shows, I've just joined upto a local group, so will be looking to display it at several this year
  4. Thank you Steve, we added some more to her, but that was only flags and the Flagship crest.
  5. Yes, I know the feeling. Especially when you look at the Royal Caribbean 'Of The Seas' Fleet. Thank You for your kind words, Rob.
  6. Thank you B.M Thank you Bitzer, they'e going for about £90 these days on Amazon and ebay
  7. Thank you Alpha, we would set 3 or 4 hours a week aside for a lads night. We'd get as much done as we could, and I'd try and get some done in the spare time I had. Sometimes there wouldn't be any work done for 2-4 weeks, though.
  8. Hi every one. We're pleased to announce that this model is now finished, and in the Ready For Inspection Thread. Thank you to everyone who has contributed and encouraged us with your kind words, it really has been much appreciated!!! Regards, Mark & Chris
  9. Hi All, @Chris Calland and I are pleased to present to you, our OOB build of the Revell 1/400 Queen Mary 2. She has been a kit which has been neglected atop kitchen cupboards and under sofas until it got passed to me to build along with my friend, Chris. Link to our WIP page is here: I know that my model photography skills leave a lot to be desired Thanks for looking, and thanks to those who have helped and offered advice to me along the way. Mark & Chris
  10. I've made contact with the Langley Moor club so far. Are you in one?
  11. Okay, all but a few pieces of railings/rails are in place Lol yeah I wouldn't be surprised if you could. It weighs an absolute tonne as well. I'm going to try and join a model club before Tynemouth show too, so I can bring her along with a WiP booklet of what it looked like when I got it, through to how it is now.
  12. Hi Everyone, Waterline decals being fitted Top deck attachments finally being fixed into place Side view of her in all of her majesty Aft deck fences and pools painted and built up Propellers added for good measure A fair bit of progress has taken place lately, and apart from a few decals, touch ups and rigging, she's all but finished. Hopefully by the end of next week I will be posting pics of her in the completed kits section I'm not allowed to finish it without the owner of the kit, @Chris Calland Thanks for looking and for your input everyone
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