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  1. @Arjan about your lighting problem, i think i can help. Firstly expose the image with a centre exposure setting in the camera looks like a tv with a circle in it, then point the camera, half click the shutter to get the exposure and then continue to hold until you have the correct composition and fully press. If you wish to take many photos with the same lighting conditions, use Auto Exposure Lock (AEL) and shoot as many as you want. Another option is to play with the Exposure Value (EV) to -, say try -.33 EV first and then continue to reduce the EV as necessary Good luck a
  2. Sorry to hear of your father's passing. Stay strong
  3. Nice touch with the story, keen to follow along!
  4. Thanks @stevehnz if this inspires you to restart then that is a lovely compliment in its own right! I would be glad to see it!
  5. Whilst I used 3.2mm tube, i would recommend something with a smaller diameter next time around. The problem is that the internal radius is visually tighter on the real plane. Also making a parallel jig to slide into the gun barrels on installation to help aid with alignment. It's a small thing but can pay big rewards once it's all together as both Port and starboard sides are easily seen together, and any difference is easily noted. Another comment on the tasman kit is it seems they need to retool, as the panel line details on such things as access panel are so worn down as to be less eff
  6. Last night we got lockdowns again here in Victoria (aus) so apart from watching the news to see which store had run out of toilet paper (an endemic behavioral trait re: lockdown hoarding) That means more model time! Yay! Glad i did the modification, adds depth even without being 100% accurate. Here it is with the assistance of bluetack holding it all together. Below, the cut outs for the landing gear (front) needed clean up and plastic card filler to make the cutout fit the pan.
  7. Greetings indeed! Short or long, i will scale the fujimi against some plans to double check this is the case. It may be about 2mm to cut off from memory but will make sure. A few more discrepancies noted thus far are the wing scribe lines are not correct, nor does this kit seen to have the wing fins. Lastly the long range tanks are incorrect
  8. I...i couldn't help myself. Saw missing landing lights, and they needed to go in. I plan on using SMD less to light them up. For lenses i also plan to cut up old LEDs plastic tubes to insert. I started drilling out and chiseling the machine gun ports, until i stood back to see what a mess i had made. To rectify as well as define the shape correctly i proceeded to form a 3.2mm tube in the right profile and then add the slats the original guns have. So finally this is the result, on the left is a prototyp
  9. This was a painful search, but this will go here for the Sabre...
  10. Omg all these pictures are gone. I swear I don't know what I'm missing out on but i know it's the bees knees. Damn.
  11. That's super! Very impressive
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