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  1. Cutting it a little close to the deadline, but another update from about a week back. Made use of the fact i needed to clip the wings and installed as a dry fit my idea to use fibre optic cable to transmit the position lights on the wings edges. These will be tinted appropriately. Cockpit assembled with PE Dials sanded back and dash boxed in to make way... notice the 1mm hole in the back. This is effectively a projector... Black primer to help with light leakage
  2. Finally made a decision on the wings, going from some plans (not the best but enough for measuring) it turned out i need to clip them off. I will get exact measurements soon but looks around 3-4mm. No going back now. By some coincidence, the new width is almost the same as the fuselage is long. How about that. Also i feel o would like to integrate strobing position lights with the help of fibre optic cable. For now this is the result so far.
  3. A few pics i forgot to load of the cockpit mocked up.
  4. Forgot that the PE set i had, actually included undercarriage details, i set out to install the paneling showing the wing spar cavity with circular cutouts, that meant to remove what i had installed yesterday, and this was the result on both Port and Stbd, but only on the fwd face of the wing, as the aft was not included. Cockpit details too Next was the control stick, needed to give it more life... From this To This... used a pe saw, then diamond file to visually soften the leather base. I feel it work
  5. Love your work and dedication! I am increasingly impressed as to how fast you work, by comparison i feel i am going backwards! Haha, more too you!
  6. Looking at said CMK undercarriage set made me yearn for more details. This was started by walling up the wing half's with .5mm plastic sheet (i think) This was all well and good till i realised my mistake of making the wheel bay narrower thanks to not sandwiching the sheet rather than lazily just popping them in. Moving on, i had an ercksome feeling that the weights i placed weren't enough to hold down the nose Sure enough i was correct in my thinking once it was (again) dry fitted. My solution (on top is said lead weights) was to use an american c
  7. It is actually really quite nice, worth the cash splash. Cheers mate!
  8. Slow burn on this project i must admit. The upside that it gave me time to have parts come in. Didn't have time at home so decided to chip away 10 minutes every lunch this week. I did get more done due to that, also helps with the image lighting!! Namely PE Got started on the seat, and played with some tamiya expoy for the first time to build up a pad. Not convincing but happy there is something there. Added the canopy details for the hydraulic mecanism, which worked perfectly with the scratch built stuff so it's a win by simple luck!!!
  9. Our caisson (graving dock williamstown vic) is filled with air. Once the graving dock is pumped to capacity with water from past the gates, the caisson is then made boyant with the pressurised air and then floated out. I would assume this to be the standard process. Darius
  10. @Arjan about your lighting problem, i think i can help. Firstly expose the image with a centre exposure setting in the camera looks like a tv with a circle in it, then point the camera, half click the shutter to get the exposure and then continue to hold until you have the correct composition and fully press. If you wish to take many photos with the same lighting conditions, use Auto Exposure Lock (AEL) and shoot as many as you want. Another option is to play with the Exposure Value (EV) to -, say try -.33 EV first and then continue to reduce the EV as necessary Good luck a
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