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  1. Wonderful work mate! Just saw your RFI and chased it down here Where abouts do we get future in Australia?? I must be called something else right? Coles: nope, Bunnings: nope. Also, a lot of your images are no longer visible I'm assuming from the image host service.
  2. Beautiful pictures! These are truly works of art up close, so nice to see up close
  3. I know right! One needs to poke around and find clues. And i found another for a generation of M1's. http://mototribumedia.com/constructeur/yamaha/m1/index.html I would love me a 2005 m1 in yellow ( fave colour and colour of My real world 1098 duc)
  4. Worth a risk! The full kit comes with decals for other bikes too with switch plates and tank badges for earlier Honda's and Suzukis from memory. I'll reach out to them and see what they say. Darius
  5. I'm leaving this here in case i lose the link. Great motor details: https://bikereview.com.au/feature-valentino-rossis-2004-title-winning-yzf-m1-tech-development/
  6. Since I needed to search for the link to the WIP: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235094793-cadillac-le-monstre-112-scratch/page/5/
  7. Hi! I have a Ducati 888 from Tamiya in 1/12 I'm now a proud owner of that I'm looking at detailing up with PE and resin, and just found out that GB Models from Italy does a kit, has anyone had any experience with this mob with this or other kits? Looks great but also seems like the only game in town for detail up kits available for the duc at least at a reasonable price and or easy to source. https://www.gbmodels.it/models-1/ducati-888-sbk/ Thoughts appreciated! Darius
  8. My apologies, you did indeed. I'm on my phone and so not Infront of a large screen. Hadn't noticed!
  9. What is your power source and where is it mounted? That would be the hard part to hide if it's external
  10. Damn that's impressive! I did the same with a cockpit detail on my 1/72 Sam fighter adding lighting via smd's. I really adds visual value as the headlights and taillights on your kit would go wasted without it! Looks great, and i totally do not know how people do such great work printing their own parts. It's a Pandora's box for me to to be honest
  11. I second the Skoal, not a usual thing you see on Suzuki's!
  12. That's the unfortunate game though. Would need more tooling etc so i understand...but also at $60+ AUD no, i don't understand. I'll be popping in to your build to have a looksee! Have you got a page?
  13. Check for the exhaust to actually fit Chec-ca! Looking at real examples of swingarms showed me that the inside of it's structure was never really as the model depicts. So this needed filling. Styrene sheet on hand a a paper cut out was done to fill it in. Mental note, do it before it gets glued together! And here is the finished item waiting for the putty to dry. Has anyone finished this model? Can you please weigh it as a finished model? I'm a stickler for having it feel right in the hand as well as looking the part, so will add weight if necessary. This complete, should work out to 90 grams if going by the cubic division of scale Adios Muchachos!!
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