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  1. Yeah, I got them the wrong way round. If you have a look at the tail numbers, there's a massive error there as well I didn't spot! All of the weathering was with 502 oils, panel line washes and effects.
  2. Hi guys, haven't been finishing much recently! Finished photos of my TAMIYA,Inc. 1/32 F-16CJ. Built with AMS Resin ECM pod and L/h HARM pod, Eduard Model AccessoriesSNIPER pod, MASTER Static Dischargers, AIRES HOBBY MODELS wheels, GT Resin R/h targeting pod pylon and Videoaviation GBU-38s. Decals were a mixture of kit and Astra Decals. Painted with MRP & Mr Hobby. Seat belts are scratch built, Bomb rack is robbed from the Academy Hornet. I was planning on using the Quickboost seat and Aires wheel wells but they both were far too small. Ma
  3. Nah, I never bothered with the decal, I didn't want the film showing at all.
  4. https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=3105 Built this one recently, I made my own MDC. 0.2mm Kynar Wire with the insulation stripped. I found lead wire to be too soft and deformed too easily, aluminium worked better. Used Aquagloss to secure it in place.
  5. I'm not a fan at all of prepainted PE, it never looks right to me. Here's a WIP album on my FB page if your interested - https://www.facebook.com/pg/breakermodels/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2014863875412831
  6. No mate, lots of aftermarket, scratch building and spares in this one.
  7. Yeah, it looked about right to me, it was using Mr Paints Super Clear Flat for the final coat but that was on top of a coat of super shiny to allow the decals and panel line washes to go on first. They were really annoying to assemble the belts, especially with there being 2 seats, I lost about 5 hours just to building them up. Airscale decals really make the detail pop if you get the 1/32 modern cockpit placards. Yeah, slightly modified. I used a lightened Sea Grey on the wings and centre of the fuselage and Dark Sea Grey to do my mottling coat th
  8. Completed within 45 days for a challenge on the Scale Modelers Critique Group on Facebook to start and finish a model in 45 days. Revell kit with Aires seats, Master pitot, Xtradecal decals for main insignia and also all of the stencils, Airscale cockpit decals, Archer Rivets, CMK Flaps and missiles & launchers from spares. Quite a few extra additions were hand made as well. Painted with Tamiya, Mr Hobby and MRP paints. Enjoyable kit, went together very nicely for the price. I'd of liked more surface detail on the lower sides though. It was
  9. Just compared my MrHobby MSG to the Xtracyrlic one and the MRH seems to be considerably darker, so that's not helping.
  10. Gents, I'm working on a big Hawk in the all over grey scheme. My decal sheet is calling for Medium Sea Grey over Barley Grey undersides. Looking at a lot of references and using Mr Hobby MSG as my standard, it looks too dark. Several other sites refer to the Hawk in all over grey being in Air Defense Grey, which I've taken to mean all over Barley Grey. Could someone set me right please, what should be the correct paints? If I have to mix some white into my MSG to get it to match, so be it! Photo I'm working towards, the nose looks MSG but not the rest
  11. Thanks guys, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out
  12. My only build for 2016, Trumpeters 1/32 Su-25A. I really struggled to find references for an Afghanistan based aircraft so a lot of it is informed guessing! Completed using Aires cockpit, Master pitots, Quickboost antenna and airscoops, Armory wheels and some of the Eduard exterior photoetch. Painted with Mr Hobby and Tamiya paints with MRP for the cockpit. Ammo Panel Line wash was used for a lot of the 'grime' effect. The kit overall is really nice, the fit is excellent although the halves of the fuselage and nacelles bow inwards slightly I can't comment on the accuracy but the
  13. Would it be worth painting the cockpit up before a wash? Get all the basic detail in and finished then give it a pin wash?
  14. Superglue into the crack and polish it. http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=58969&page=10#entry740496
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