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  1. @Mike N I know exactly what you mean, some can look quite staged. The same could be said for mine, but I'm pleased with the outcome. I think the wet and dry rubbing down before painting helped. @TEXANTOMCAT Yes, the "jeep" Kara drove into the rear of the Hercules was indeed a jazzed up Land Rover. The vehicle running alongside the Herc' containing the bad guys is a modified Dodge WC-51 and that is something I will have to add to the diorama once I've started it. Many thanks chaps for your comments, much appreciated.
  2. Hello again. Propellers and aerials: Props made using the plastic disc method. I used 20 thou clear sheet and think that was about right. Spun each disc in the Dremel and used very fine wet & dry paper used wet on the front of the disc to take off some of the shine from the plastic. Then dry brushed black on the centre, simply by holding the brush in place and spinning the disc, moving the brush carefully outward to make a translucent black centre. (I should add the Dremel went too fast for this stage, so I used a variable speed cordless drill instead.) Held the brush on the edge and this time used some trainer yellow to give a faint, but reasonable yellow edge. Once mounted of the aircraft, I think they look pretty good. Only one pitot and one aerial survived from the time the Hercules spent in the attic, so had to make new ones. The towel rail aerials were a bit tricky, but worth doing to keep the aircraft the same as one used in the “Living Daylights” . Lastly, mounted the Hercules on its base. Viewed from the perspective of two mounted Mujahideen (once they are added!) With aircraft now part of its diorama, it’s time for me to make a start on the other elements. The enemies trying to get aboard the Hercules and the friendlies waving it off. That’s it (finally) for the aircraft, so I’m off to get going on the figures and vehicle, before the whole lot comes together in the finished diorama section. Cheers, Bill
  3. Forgive me if I've missed something, but are the canopy and windscreen sections fixed in place, or just resting in position? If just resting, you could apply a thin bead of liquid masking to the cockpit frame and canopy to windscreen join, and that will hold it in place while you airbrush without letting paint in. If fixed in place, slightly dampened tissue paper lightly pressed into the cockpit will keep out unwanted spray. I'm sure you already know this, but thought it worth mentioning. Bill.
  4. My goodness, this has come along since I last looked. Both Spitfire and Doodlebug look great.
  5. Thank you gentlemen. I’m back for what will probably be the penultimate update on the Hercules. “Shiny, shiny, sh-na-na-na…” Thank you Haysi-Fantayzee, but don’t let me put the song in your head like it got stuck in mine. All varnished and ready for decals. Red stars of the right size were surprisingly difficult to get hold of, but found some on that well known auction site. I risk the wrath of decal collectors, as I’m about to cut this 1960’s decals sheet into bits! The sheet also contains white backers for the red stars, which I was surprised existed back then. Numbers of the right size for the Hercules, but really intended for 1/48 scale, from Fantasy Print Shop. And any other markings either from scratch using some ancient Aeroclub clear decal sheet or from my old PP Models Sea Fury model. For the red stars, I used a white backing star of slightly larger size to give a white outline. (was supposed to be a yellow outline, but couldn’t find any without having to send overseas). The Fantasy Print Shop decals were a dream to apply. Nice and thin, with no visible carrier film round the edges, or centres of the 8’s. The only silly mistake I made when applying the “18” to the starboard side was getting the numbers round the wrong way, so instead of 18 I had 81! That’ll teach me to line up numbers against panel lines. Door and hatchway markings from scratch, warning markings courtesy of PP models. (How I wish they were still going). The doorway that’s going to get the Hercules into trouble on the diorama. Paint looks rather heavy, but should slim down with matt varnish and weathering. And I can’t wait to get the masking off the windows and see what’s underneath. Applied a matt varnish. Used Revell’s matt acrylic. First coat was alright, but second started hazing over white. Stopped, shook and stirred really thoroughly (the varnish. not myself, ha, ha ) and went over the model again. This time no problems. Think I will go back to Rev 2 enamel in future. Applied the base fixing rod with plenty of Araldite, with the aircraft on its side. Supported by an appropriate book! Looks precariously balanced, but was actually very stable while the Araldite set. Next time should see the final update. Thanks for looking, Bill.
  6. It’s been way too long since my last update. I have no excuse that members would buy. The painting was finished a while back, much to the amusement of my wife (she of the many craft things) who looked at the camouflage pattern and said could see a baby donkey, a man in a rowing boat, or it could be a camel or a cat, and on the other side of the tail a rabbit! No, I don’t think so. I’ve tried to be as faithful to the pattern seen in the film as I could. The lack of someone in cockpit has been bugging me since the start, so I removed half of the glazing. (it was cracked at the halfway point anyway.) This has enabled me to add crew figures, otherwise the plane would be taking off with no one at the controls (echoes of the Mysterons! ) I know this should really be in the figure section, but these are the ones I chose for the characters of Bond and Kara. (And later, Necros and Koskov, but they will be with the vehicle) [ One WW2 German soldier was transformed into Kara. She has Plasto for hair and a tissue paper shawl. Another German crew figure became Bond, but now sports a Plasto eighties hair style. Kara didn’t turn out too bad, though her hair isn’t quite right. Bond looks a little gaunt, but otherwise reasonably ok. I’m just hoping Mr Dalton doesn’t look in otherwise he might take me to the cleaners, and I’ve already had my bath for this month. On the flight deck, they don’t look too bad, but won’t notice that much once the glazing goes back in. At least I will know they are there. Cheers, Bill.
  7. Mann über Bord!! Incredible work indeed. Breath taking in fact.
  8. About time I made an update: Plaster painted and added a few patchy grass tufts from the War World Scenics range. Could have made my own grassy bits, but these seemed like fun and they were. Plenty left over for another diorama. I also bought some very fine desert sand from WWS, and with a substantial amount of PVA added to the base, it was off to sanding... The sand was so fine it went straight through a regular sieve, so used this tea infuser from the kitchen. Just perfect for the purpose. If my sister in law says her tea is a bit gritty, I'll just smirk! I did give the sandy areas a light wash over with some dirty thinner, but it looked really horrible. So i lightly PVA'ed and sanded again. Think I'll just leave it at that, maybe do some dry brushing , but that's all. Couldn't wait to see what a model would look like on the base: "Hell of a time for a breakdown!" Wrong aircraft, wrong scale, but I'm pleased with the base as a whole. Next will be incorporating all of the model elements, but that maybe a little while off yet, so no-one hold their breath. Cheerio for now, Bill.
  9. One hastily abandoned Natter for the amazement of the troops. I think this is a fantastic diorama. Very realistic grass too. Superb.
  10. "I'm awfully sorry, but I'm afraid we're going to have to occupy your house...." Obviously not a personal quote, but one from "A Bridge Too Far" This is a fantastic diorama. Open the box to reveal a three dimensional treat full of amazing details. The back lighting (and Tilly lamp), really gives the whole scene an incredible look. - I've always had a fascination for funny little details, so the bird's nest does it for me. Fantastic
  11. When I first saw your mottled pre-shade in an earlier post, it had me rather boggled. But now I've seen the effect it has on the top coat, I can understand the purpose. It really gives the LGG a very realistic lived in look. Great. Painted walkway markings do look better than the decal version, providing a nice anti-slip appearance. - Wish I had done that many moons ago on my F-4E instead of using the decals. But then we live and learn.
  12. Hello @MattH912 I would recommend searching this forum or the internet as a whole for colour comparison charts that will suit you. However, I have included a link to a chart I find useful. https://d63oxfkn1m8sf.cloudfront.net/8416/0345/9998/Humbrol_Conversion_Chart.pdf Although it is mainly Humbrol colours, from page 8 there is a comparison chart for MR Colour, Tamiya and many others, which may help get you started. Example: Tamiya AS-16 is one of their spray paints - "Light Grey" - MR Colour & MR Hobby 311. Hope some of this helps, Best wishes, Bill
  13. Greetings everyone. A plastering we will go... So the plaster can built up slightly higher for the sandy areas, I made up some strips of wood to act as boundaries at the two corners, hence the straps. I used some old casting powder that had been hanging about for over a decade thinking it would not set, so added a good amount of PVA. To my surprise it started settings within a few minutes! This had the effect of making me move faster than is normally the case! Masking removed, and the plaster ended up a little closer to the runway than I thought it would due to the masking tape pulling out from underneath the plaster It can be sorted though, as nothing is impossible in model making. The depressions for the mounted figures were made with the aid of the end of a lolly stick, but will have to be chiseled out more as the plaster set too quickly for the stick to make much of an impression. A little plaster work still to do then, but at least the ground is coming along. Bis bald, Bye for now, Bill
  14. If that tail doesn't look like seriously heated metal, then I don't know what.
  15. Oooo, Think I'm going to have to keep my eye on this, sounds fascinating. I have painted Fleet Air Arm figures before and they turned out alright. Give it a go and I'll bet you'll amaze yourself.
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