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  1. Need help with Stuka info ?

    Thank you Hook i will have to investigate these washable paints.
  2. Achtung Panther !!! Single type

    @SleeperService ... Thats a great choice 👍 ... Im looking forward to seeing this get built. I shall definitely sign you up.
  3. Achtung Panther !!! Single type

    Like the original post says open to any version other than paper designs.
  4. Achtung Panther !!! Single type

    Thank you sir ... you are signed up.
  5. Good looking Spitfire 👍
  6. P-47 D Eduard 1/32

  7. New Airfix Mustang

    Very nice looking Eagle squadron mustang 👍
  8. Hasegawa 1/48th ME-109G-2 in Finnish markings

    Great work 👍 ... you beat my best long build by about 9 years.
  9. Tamiya 1/48 Spitfire MkI RAF 610Sq June 1940

    Great looking Spitfire 👍
  10. Four Brewster Buffalo's

    Ive found a photo about a year ago cant remember where. However it shows the frames on the rear cockpit aren't frames at all. It seems they're just overlapping pieces of perspex ? Because im not sure who owns the rights i cant post it but will PM it to you if you’d like ? Dennis
  11. Hi all

    Hello Jose ... to Britmodeller. Looking forward to seeing your work. Dennis
  12. 1/48 SU-122

    You could try contacting Tamiya and asking for a replacement sprue ?
  13. Need help with Stuka info ?

    I was going to paint the standard Stuka scheme. Then the plan is to decal and overspray the upper surfaces in a very dark grey, either in bands or a nightfighter pattern. Reversing that i would probably go with a semi-opaque dark grey over the bottom blue/grey so the crosses were visible. Im thinking just very thin white crosses on the upper wings. White crosses and swastika for the vertical surfaces but partially covered over with mottle. Then heres where i get confused? Ive seen standard or white crosses for the lower wings, and even no markings for the lowers ? This is what im trying to determine mostly. Thanks again for the help. Dennis
  14. Corsairs Bronco build

    Hello all ... This should be a quick build im about 1/2 done with the fuselage/wings. Heres todays progress report. First is where i am with sanding and polishing. Next is what i finished yesterday, the stub wings and fuselage connection. ⬆️ Port & Starboard views ⬇️ Finally the lower fusalage, this shows the major weakspot of this kit. You have to add weight to the nose but its visible throught the nose gear doors. 😠 ⬇️ The final work on the pit minus control column and painted seatbelts. ⬇️ This includes the painted wire looms and hoses on the rt. sides of the seats. Last couple of photo’s is current work from today. I glued the wing on to the fuselage and you can see where i added the plastic strip to fill the gap. I havent been bored though ... Ive been catching up on an F6F Hellcat & Mosquito Mk.VI that i started last fall. Heres a couple teasers for the Hellcat. Its based on this photo 🔺 which Eduard used for a recent release in 1/72nd scale. I didn't have the exact markings but i had something close enough in the spares. Enough for today, please have a great modelling day. Dennis 🔺* not sure if this is public record so i will state the ownership rights belong to others. I only use them for informational purposes. If i have to i will remove them.
  15. Need help with Stuka info ?

    Hello if anyone can point me in a direction or have photo’s of JU-87’s from any Nachtschlachtgruppen . Im trying to gather info together for a build in may? I want to confirm what type of crosses & swastika’s were worn for the night harassment stuka’s ? Also am trying to confirm if they wore Black or very Dark grey on the upper & lower surfaces ? Would a coat of RLM74 or RLM75 over the upper & lower surface colors of RLM 70,71,& 76 in either a complete coverage or in some form of night fighter pattern also be possible ? Any help is greatly appreciated and Thank you in advance. Dennis