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  1. Steve_farrier


    bit more work done today. Enjoying this project again. Fell out of love with it for a while.
  2. Steve_farrier


    Sorry to report I’ve not had much time to get on this project. I started recently by replacing my building desk with 2 larger office desks so now I have more room. That spread in to a workplace tidy up that took longer than expected. Anyway. I’ve managed to get a 1st coat of some camouflage on.
  3. Steve_farrier


    Welcome aboard thank you kindly
  4. Steve_farrier


    More work done recently, interior is mostly hidden which is a definite shame Dry fitted the rear compartment Just a portion of the low V circuit board !
  5. Very lucky man! What’s on the build list next?
  6. @elmarriachi lovely to see this featured in Model Military International magazine!
  7. Steve_farrier

    Sd.Kfz. 186 Jagdtiger

    I hate those clamps. Didn’t know about the double sided tape until after I needed them!
  8. That’s awesome work! Great detail!
  9. Steve_farrier


    Small update, it’s my brothers stag do this eeekend so nothing will be accomplished!! ive only done a small amount of detailing inside the engine bay as so little is visable. Of interest is the air filter assembly.... it’s jit included anywhere in the instructions. Yet it is provided in the kit. Considering the engine was an addition to the bronco kit... you’d have figured they would have got it right! There a whole tone of “left over parts” on the sprus in the box. No idea where they go. And can only assume they are for different bronco versions. (Annoyingly the “parts not used shaded” description at the front of the instructions... has 0 parts shaded... even the second steering wheel is not shaded!!) sloppy!! @BlackMax12 it’s still tucked away under my daughters bed! (although I’ve been acquiring extras for it!)
  10. Steve_farrier

    Sd.Kfz. 186 Jagdtiger

    Nice work. What PE set are you using? Soldering these was a bugger for me lol
  11. Steve_farrier

    Meng Whippet Tank

    Boootyful seriously nice
  12. Steve_farrier


    Not much to report this weekend. Way to busy to sit down and do much. Suit shopping with my brother for his wedding. Removing my decking (only half done!) removing bodykit off my 3000gt (half done) fixing my l200 after it blew a hose! (Fixed with a ale can and some tape for now!) plus all the habitual bankholiday shopping and gardening the Mrs wanted doing lol. BUT.... I managed to lay down a simple undercoat and base coat. The interior is dunklegelb and ready to be weathered after a coat of varnish. The exterior will be a 1946 type finish. So watch this space. Inspiration for this is from a fella on my friends list on FB called Martin Von Edelweiss who builds 1/16 1946 German vehicles. Anyway here’s a very gemeral overshot as now I need to light the bbq!
  13. Steve_farrier

    MAN - Burnt Out Cab

    That’s pretty epic! Great weathering!
  14. Steve_farrier

    Tamiya Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Awesome work So far. Tamiya made a mess of this one didnt they!!