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  1. Where did you get those display cabinets? I’ve been looking all over for similar!
  2. I’ll be heading there early January. Did they have a good selection of 1/35 tanky things?
  3. It doesnt help that it’s a video of a video I struggled to put the full camcorder version on flicker. I often get told off by my Mrs for breathing too much and too heavy glad everyone likes it! Thank you
  4. Build is finally finished. Tough build, I learnt a lot, especially with help from @Blaubar its taken me a dew days to get this video uploaded to my Flickr account. Please click the image to watch
  5. Thank you john they were great. Although what helped me the most was tracking down some footage from YouTube to really get my head around things, i used this video to correct myself, Amd going by that video I've been able to see where it should be. @Blaubar popped some great photos and screenshots from books up on our facebook page that helped too.... although his descriptions of schwingenstange made me laugh Now or to try and fix this without too much damage
  6. Hi @J Sherratt thank you. The instructions for trumpeter as to where to place these parts are awful at best! They don’t even have the 1/4 turn difference per side would blue or red be the correct placement? I placed these parts 3 times just trying to work on a logical mechanical approach and simply what looked “right” apprecaite the input I’m happy to correct it! Totally agree. Nothing is clean on the railways! Especially as toilets if fitted simply emptied on to the track!
  7. testing all the wiring before completion in the next week or two !
  8. Lovely looking In your photo @bullbasket I certainly prefer the older looking less streamlined version. So for the moment ive put the loco to the side whilst I sort out the temporary track. I say temporary because eventually I will (I will I will I will ) build a dio. i started off with a black undercoat. Then various washes. I did the timber work in oils throwing in some lighter or yellower browns as bass coats to try replicate replacement wood or variations in weather. I need to add some loose ballast. But ultimately th image is let down by the way trumpeter build up this part of the kit. The rails clip to the sleepers after they have been pushed through the base plate. It leaves some sunken or badly fitting. But as I say it’s tempoary for now.. or the next couple of years. Ive still more work to do to it.. but awaiting parts.
  9. We’ve been joking on my Facebook page “Hans n Herrmann were lazy Gits, waiting to get shot, however they had information that their Oberleutnant was a a jewish sympathiser, their loco was war weary and battered, getting every rotten job going because Max the Oberleutnant wanted them dead” its helped me explain why its unusually grubby!
  10. 331 lieutenant Göggle of 3./s pz.Pj Ab Abandoned 03/45 found with a Nazi flag draped over the off side front track guard. The same JT that is now sat at Aberdeen proving grounds although i only found this information out On Sunday when posted on TigerTracms Facebook page
  11. @Das Abteilung no worries at all. The information is great and not picky at all just factual. No print on being upset over facts. Its a VERY grubby paint job simply because I enjoyed the challenge. I’m not a fan of “1946 what ifs” but we could throw this one In here I’m impressed how much attention this is getting so long after being posted origionally lol. most of my builds are what you would describe as extreme weathered. Take my BR52 atm in WiP section. It’s much dirtier than it would have been during the war. And only really dirty examples were seen post war in the eastern satalite countries or in scrap yards. I just have a real trouble with displaying models clean... there’s so much less to look at
  12. Evening guys. I recently started the finer detailing and oil washes. This kits got some fiddley pieces which are vunrable to snapping off when trying to hold such a weighty build.
  13. Weathering has begun. First stages is general wear tear n grime on the running gear.
  14. Two videos showing some of the lights just click on them and should resize and open properly
  15. Thanks @bazer hopefully this will go in to a rail diorama I’m slowly working on
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