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  1. Hey Andy, thanks for the kind words. Even though did take my time with this one I built up a series of mistakes making for a challenging learning curve. The successes were the small victories. The colour choices for one. I'll find it difficult to set aside the brushes for the airbrush but looking through your work it's going to be a no brainer addition. I've already been picking your brains and saved off your B Wing and Snowspeeder builds for down the line, I hope you don't mind. The essay nature of your builds make them a joy to read through and the format you employ is brilliantly effective and informative. A credit. Thanks for the feedback and encouragement.
  2. I've decided to post the final pics of my Slave 1 in RFI. The forum was a huge help and inspiration for me as this is a new hobby and I'm easing my way in. This being my 3rd build after bandai's Red 5 and Vader's Tie Advanced all critique and criticism is most definitely welcome. Happy to join you guys. Its a terrific space. Conor
  3. Exceptional work, presentation and guide. I'm new to this forum and hobby after completing my Bandai Slave 1 and am inspired by both the sense of community within the forum and the very obvious love you have for the craft. Your consistent feedback on queries throughout the essay is as impressive as the work itself. We'll done.
  4. There's really lovely work in that A Wing. I especially like the scorching under the fresh panel on the right wing. Very effective. You've nailed the saturation. I'll be book marking this build for when I get mine on the go. Great stuff.
  5. Any Star Wars fans? I've just finished only my 3rd Bandai kit and as this forum was a terrific help to my Slave 1 build (Especially @ScootyPuffJunior) I decided to post mine up. I've been chipping away at the thing for about 3 weeks now. All critique welcome!
  6. @ScootyPuffJunior Thanks for posting your progress essay for the Slave 1, it was genuinely helpful is getting mine off the ground. Great stuff.
  7. No apologies needed, just glad I worked it out. I took my time with the chipping, especially the burners. The burners I worked up the layers with acrylic followed by some sponged maskol then enamel. Once dry and peeled I worked at them with a file before going back over with a fine trace layer of the enamel. Finally I dry brushed some silver to give the exposed areas a shine and touched in some oil wash. The fuselage and skirt is layers of acrylic with sponged in maskol and the shoulder areas the same but finished with the back side of a blade to scratch separate the panels.
  8. Great stuff Pete, there's a Terry Gillian feel to that work. Scratch built is a whole new level, I'll dip a toe in those waters once I find my feet. I'm still genuinely impressed at just how accurate and detailed these small Bandai kits are. This is my third after the Tie Advanced 1/72 and the Red 5 1/72. 3 weeks I was chipping away at that Slave 1. Loved every mistake. Thanks for the feedback and the Imgur suggestion.
  9. Google photos and Flickr... I'll give Imgur a go. Thanks for the reply!
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