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  1. Simply incredible modelling. Just wonderful to see. Congratulations and a very merry Christmas to you
  2. I think you could be right, but I think only one airframe due to pilots losing ratings
  3. A stunning representation. A real shame that it looks doubtful that we'll see a mig flying in the polish af ever again.
  4. That is blooming wonderful. I was the for the last flights and it was a bloody emotional day on base.
  5. Stunning model, but that exhaust is insane. Wonderful modelling.
  6. That's a stunning free hand camo. Looks the dogs man-vegetables
  7. East of Basingstoke, yes. I never saw the f15s actually, I was in the hangar at the time. They were in and around SPTA weren't they?
  8. I was in the Rapide at the that time. We took her from Membury to SW and back. That was the last show before her annual which has just been started in the last week. Looking forward to many more shows in 2020. We are an actual airline and do 30 minute pleasure flights from old warden, should any of you be interested in the future!
  9. Reported problems on take off and tried to return to the field. What a terrible tragedy and my thoughts are with those lost souls and their families.
  10. Living in the Odiham area, we have what seems to be a constant helicopter noise all day/night with the Helicopter transit lane east/west. They usually follow the M3, as well as circuit bashing Odiham itself. Usually chinooks, wildcats, apache and puma, but this morning I've also had gazelles which is nice to see
  11. There's a lot more going at RAF Fairford with the permanent deployment of 4x U-2 starting from October.
  12. Great kit, but you've done a grand job on those pilots. Lovely
  13. Well I for one am. Really really really excited about the arrival of this tomcat.
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