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  1. You sir, are a legend. Thank you so much
  2. Morning all Im hoping for a little help. I'm trying to track down some 1/32nd scale paint masks for the P-51 "Tall in the saddle" which belongs to Peter at HANGAR11. As the model I have is highly polished metal, decals just won't look right. Im looking for the serial, the large and small number 3 either side of the roundal. I've tried contacting a few Companies with no reply. Do we have and mask makers on here?
  3. Picking jaw off the table top and trying to keep it in place whilst I scroll through the updates. Inspired, but also wanting to give up
  4. I love a challenge when it comes to shooting aircraft. As for keepers, I'd say 90% are keepers. I've earned the nickname of "iron arm" from the guys in the Spanish AF. I'll upload some images later when Flickr is back!
  5. This was a few years ago over the ladybower dam. They came through 3 times escorted by spitfire prXlX and a pair of 617sqn tornado. It was a sight to behold!
  6. I wished swear words could be used on here, because that's all I can think to say.
  7. A good selection from a difficult couple of days. Being completely sun burnt in 31'c sun on Thursday to being drenched with pouring rain and a crazy 20'c colder on Friday was a strange mix! However, this made for interesting photos. The low light led to many slow shutter challenges between me and the team, keeping the iso non above 200 and shooting typhoons at 1/20th was just real good fun!
  8. This airframe is on display at Middle Wallop museum. Lovely model. Really nice detail
  9. That is wonderful. You should be very very happy with this one!!
  10. Your flying history is stupendous. Love it.
  11. I was really excited about this kit, but I'm completely disappointed now. I won't be buying this one.
  12. The Polish F-16s are just stunning looking. Great model. A real pleasure to see
  13. Click the image to see more on Flickr. Simply superb model, Andy. Love it
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