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F-16 D Barak


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This is the third F-16, the F-16 D (Barak).


I built the F-16 D Block 40 "Barak 2" No. 687 from the Scorpion Squadron.


The kit in 1/48 is from Kinetik. Additional parts are from Aires (cockpit, wheel bay and exhaust), Dr. Pepper (Sidewinder), Isracast (fuel tank 600 gallons) and Eduard (masks and etched parts and the ladder).


External stores are:

Station 1/9: 2 AIM 9 L Sidewinder

Station 2/8: 2 Python 4

Station 3/7: 2 JADAM (GBU-31)

Station 4/6: 2 Fuel tank 600 Gallons

Station 5: 1 Fuel tank 300 Gallons


The original is from the book of Ofer Zidon „ Israeli Air Force Cutting Edge“on page 18. However, in the book the stations 2 and 8 are empty.

















Happy Modelling

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Hallo again

To answer your questions:

·         WIP for this:

No. The model I built approx.. 8 years ago

·         Are the 600 gal tanks used a lot

Yes. In the IAF they are common!


Happy modelling


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ok.  probably pre BM days??  nice anyway.  how can u keep your models in that for for so long.  mine take a 1 way drip to the loft on they get damaged beyond repair

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