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  1. Great looking Starfighter even as a model on display it looks like it’s going a million miles an hour ️️️️️
  2. Another marvellous Matchbox creation. Great build and finish of this old Matchbox beauty
  3. Stunning build and finish of this classic icon of aviation ️️️️️
  4. That is one mean looking machine. Fantastically detailed build, execution and a must be a real shelf filler ️️️️️
  5. Outstanding modelling skills and as a few have said before me this is museum quality in my eyes ️️️️️
  6. Fantastic collection of the old Tupelov’s and the latest is stunning. Love these old Soviet era airliners
  7. Cracking Corsair nice to see another scheme than a US Navy bird.
  8. Top notch build and finish of this rarely seen bird.
  9. Nice build of an old kit. I’ve not long finished the 1/48 Hasegawa version in exactly the same markings/scheme my first dip into the 1/48 scale due to failing eyesight and not so steady hands
  10. What more can you want in life? A Bear in Bear Metal finish. Sorry terrible dad joke. Superb build and finish though would make a fantastic centre piece to any collection
  11. Looks like it’s came straight out of a Showroom brochure
  12. Absolutely gobsmacked by this wonder of modelling. This has to be a candidate for model of the year
  13. I would love to add this to my stash but I’m skating on thin ice at the moment and this could well be the tipping point. I’ll play the long game I think. I’ll be following this closely
  14. Outstanding Love these Luftwaffe aircraft but the paint schemes scare the life out of me
  15. Cracking looking machine and it wouldn’t look out of place in an episode of Thunderbirds
  16. I built this kit as a kid too. Loved the swing wing and the glove vane extensions working all together. It looked and worked like a Tomcat
  17. When prototype aircraft looked like prototype aircraft. Fantastic build and finish these old Monogram kits are great you’ve made the perfect F-16 prototype
  18. When is this appearing in the Ready for Inspection section?
  19. Superb, love the Mirage 2000 and love these old Esci kits you’ve definitely done this justice
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