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  1. I would absolutely be interested, and most grateful. I've been meaning to start a book of my own and it wouldn't be complete without a proper section on the Bolingbroke, but I haven't been able to find more than cursory notes or diagrams on the type. Should I PM you?
  2. I've just come across this photo of a Bolingbroke - And immediately, 2 questions came to mind. First, is the color of the blank patches white or yellow? I'm inclined to say white given the similarity to the white of the roundels and flash, but as this is a training aircraft I would think yellow makes more sense. Second, am I the only one that sees an unusual lump atop the right engine nacelle? What could this be for? Any input / answers would be greatly appreciated as I may soon build this one. Thanks, Tweener
  3. Does the photo not show the fuel dumps under the wings still? And what do you mean by tailwheel doors? My understanding is that only the first few Mark 1s had retracting tailwheels. Any clarification is much appreciated as I plan to make something of an attempt at building this airframe soon. Thanks, Tweener
  4. I'm back to it - Only a quick update tonight. The Blue PDU Blenheim is 95% painted and decals will be going on tomorrow, with any luck. As per usual with the Airfix kit, the engine Nacelles were a pain and don't look good. I should've used the 2 sets of SBS replacements I have... Oh well. More soon, Tweener
  5. Recently I've been using it more - my thought is that 2 coats and the use of 3,000 grit sandpaper should give a pretty nice result. A large airframe too! I keep setting it next to the Fury's and Siskin's I've done and there's no comparison.
  6. To me at least, it looks more like the actual windscreen panel has been folded down, but I don't recall off the top of my head if that was a standard fit or not.
  7. Took longer than I wanted it to, but now I have a complete airframe - I've just slapped on some filler (mostly needed due to my own errors) and once that dries I'll move on to surface prep. I want to make sure this one's as smooth as possible before paint as I've noticed a few scuff marks on the last models I've painted a metal color. More soon, Tweener
  8. This does seem possible, but it's the only time in a few hundred pics that I've seen it. I even hunted down a dozen or so pics of the same Squadron and couldn't find it again. Do you know anything about this mod? Thanks, Tweener
  9. This photo shows a Blenheim with an unusual bump on the canopy. Any ideas what this might be? Thanks, Tweener
  10. Bloody hell, it posted twice. Please delete - Thanks, Tweener
  11. Meant to upload these a few days ago - The SH Meteor kits appear to be gems! In just the first evening of work I got to this stage - I haven't painted the forward (seat?) yet, nor installed the ejection seat in the original cockpit, but those are both easy to do. Last night I added the Eduard PE to both wheel wells and those will be installed tonight, meaning that with any luck, the wing will be added by Tuesday night. A dry fit shows that the fit is perfectly good so far, so I'm optimistic I'll have this one done in no time provided I don't get bogged down on the landing gear legs like I always seem to. In the interim, I need to make sure I don't get too ambitious as a result of the relative ease of preparing parts for the Blackburn Blackburn and go start the newest addition - The British sure do have a thing for designing planes at opposite ends of the beauty spectrum, don't they? More soon, Tweener
  12. I do keep pulling this one back off the shelf to have another go, but for whichever reason I plainly can't get the two halves to match. I know they fit just fine before the added work and they seemed to fit just as well once it was nearly done, but something gets in the way now, and no amount of messing about with it seems to reveal a solution. I may finish up the wings to make progress elsewhere. As for the Tasman kit, I would be inclined to say it's a re-hash with some slight corrections and added detail. I've used Tasman detail sets for this and IMO at least, they weren't particularly worth the cost, so I don't imagine the kit itself would be either.
  13. As mentioned, I'll be hopping in to this one with the Special Hobby 1/72 Gloster Meteor F.8 Prone Pilot, WK935. Notably (perhaps) this is the first jet I'll be giving a go in over 3 years. I do seem to have a bad tendency to pick the standard subjects when I try something new... In any case, it's really a nice looking kit. Switching out the nose and tail will be something of a challenge, but it wouldn't do to make the first jet easy, would it? No matter how it goes, I certainly can't say the result will be boring. One thing I wasn't prepared for is the scale of the Meteor - I've recently been looking over the parts of a Whittle and it got into my head that a Meteor wouldn't be much larger. That's not the case - a Meteor is solidly larger than a Blenheim, or at least the fuselage is longer. The wings almost seem too small to work, but then we know they did given the fine history of the type. Anyways, the parts - And lastly, the special sprue for the Prone Pilot boxing - Pics of the clear parts and decals will come when I approach that stage. Elsewise from this, I grabbed the Eduard PE for a standard F.8, so some parts of that (mainly the wheel bays) will make an appearance as well. I've not used much PE before but this seemed like a good kit to push the skills with, so at $6.50 it was impossible to say no. More soon, Tweener
  14. Thanks you three! I'm really excited to tear into this collection, if a bit overwhelmed by all the decal options I've got (which number in the area of 100 now!) So good it was named twice and so bad it's name isn't spoken! I'm actually starting to appreciate it's looks now that I've gotten about half of the pieces cut out and brought to shape. We'll see how I feel once I start scratching the exhausts, gear legs, and the like...
  15. Evening all, Today I've got the Cooperative boxing of the FROG Blenheim 1/1F ready for combat. The Cooperative boxing isn't ultimately worth much more than the base FROG kit imo - the PE cockpit details being all but invisible. I did add some detail with assorted Airfix Blenheim parts. Mainly this included the seat, panel, bombsight, stick, and rear cockpit bulkhead fashioned as usual from the rear bomb bay wall. It isn't perfect, but it's a good improvement. Bar those changes and using Airfix wheels and turret parts, the result is OOB. Originally I finished it as a bomber before remembering that the B/W undersides were a fighter scheme and the fact that 601 doesn't seem to have operated bomber variants confirmed the addition of the gun pack, which was thankfully easy. Thus, the third of a planned 12-15 Blenheims is completed. For whichever reason, there is a hint of silvering evident in photos of this side of the result, no matter what I try - silvering that is only visible from certain angles in the flesh. Odd... Right, the rest. With this one done, I've gone off to work on something a little more elegant - Probably. More soon, Tweener
  16. The good news is that the various modifications are generally traceable to certain production or delivery blocks, from what I've so far seen. The first delivered block appears to have lacked doors but otherwise had the same bay, while one of the Finnish produced blocks had the bulged bay doors to better fit available bombs. What I don't know for sure is that there appears to be 2 different styles of bulged bays - one where only the forward 1/3 or so is bulged uniformly, and one where the whole bay is bulged, but with a dip in the middle presumably related to the centerline structural support. Note that this is only for Mark 1s - I can't speak as tot he features of the 4s.
  17. I reckon I'll be in with the F.8 Prone Pilot if nobody else has done that yet.
  18. After some work tonight, YN*B will be finished tomorrow and headed to RFI on Saturday, assuming the sun comes out. Do please excuse the exceptionally poor late night photo. More soon, Tweener
  19. A similar case for me is the Breguet 693/695. I've just gotten and built most of the AZUR kit and I'd happily do 4-5 more if they were readily available. The Heller Kit simply doesn't cut it unfortunately, and I'm probably best sticking to one obsession, at least until I start writing a book I've been pondering on for a bit. I'm not much a fan either, but at least one of the Blenheims will have to be made in time, as a centerpiece for the collection. In that sense at least, I'm grateful 1/32 kits don't exist!
  20. I've considered the Beaufort a few times now and have a Beaufreighter in the stash, but for whichever reason can't bring myself to buy or build one. In time I'll be sure to get to it, being as I want to build a Buckingham and possibly a Brigand as well - it wouldn't make sense not to leave one member of the family out. Not much in the way of progress yesterday or today - YN*B received the last few parts other than a gear door and the PDU Blenheim is now on it's legs, but elsewise I haven't had the motivation for paint touchups, adding flaps to the PDU, or finishing the turrets for each. Being as I go in for an unexpected op on Tuesday, I'll be out of commission until at least next Saturday. Hopefully I can get YN*B sealed before then. More soon, Tweener
  21. I've gone and cut off the nose entirely, leveled things out with a plastic sheet, and aim to retry with a new cap in the morning. MPM did have a Mark V but that hasn't been produced for some time. I believe Classic Airframes also did the Mark V in 1/48. Ideally Airfix would have made one in either scale but given they declined to make a Mark IV in 1/48, I don't expect that to happen...
  22. Funny enough, I've gotten that right on each of the Airfix kits, but I've forgotten both times on the FROG kits... I'll have to write that one down. Each time I think I've got it taken care of, I leave it for a day and discover the same exact sink marks in the same exact places. At this point I'm well beyond trying to figure out why and hoping the soon to arrive Surfacer 500 makes something of a difference... As for the other Blenheims, YN*B today received most of it's decals - 2 of the remaining 4 will follow once I make some touchups to the paint. The other 2 go onto the canopy and will be among the last things I add. In the meantime I still need to sort out the props, wheels, doors, and tailwheel. With any luck those will all be installed tomorrow. For the moment, here's a late-night bench-top pic - I have to admit, I rather fancy this one even if the markings are a little dull. The next one will have to be a little brighter. Perhaps a Yugo or Croat MK 1 or a South African MK IV with a 20mm Hispano? I've only got all of the Xtradecal, SBS, DK and AML sheets, so I suppose I can't complain I don't have options. That said, I'm learning the hard way that there actually can be too much of a good thing. More soon, Tweener
  23. Back to it - I've made modest progress on the Blenheims in the past few days. The Bisley nose continues to mysteriously shrink, but I have some surfacer 500 on the way that should help in the way of sorting things out, along with a few yellow paints. With any luck that'll come together pretty quick once things arrive. More immediately, work has been slow on the PDU Blenheim because I keep finding small areas of paint to touch up and because the upper glazing is warped and I can't decide how I mean to fix it. That leaves this one - I (foolishly) thought I was done with major painting when I took this pic, until I felt something seemed off about the left wing and realized I did actually miss a spot of Dark Green. That's since been added but will need another coat or two. In the meantime I'll paint the wheels, props, gear doors, and canopy. I'm still very much loving AK paints and I'm excited to build a Blenheim in FAA colors in the near future, pending the completion of a few others and the possible build of a Breguet 693 arriving tomorrow. This bird will be finished as B*YN, with type B roundels and a squadron flash decorating the fin for a chance of pace. Not the most interesting markings but the other option for this paint is one I can't document, so I'll have to come back to that one later. That's all for the moment, Thanks all - Tweener
  24. After a few days away I ended up forming the Bisley nose - this went a lot easier than I was expecting. I used parts of a spare 1/48 500 Pound bomb and some plastic sheet to fill in where the clear parts had been on the Blenheim V, and I soon had a convincing Bisley nose. I added a little bit of filler to round things off, and later some superglue for some of the small scratches. After primer, things looked good - and then something that I can only describe as deeply confusing started to happen. It appears as though the combination of filler (Tamiya Grey) and superglue, despite not initially reacting, caused a lot of melting on a few small parts of the nose, and I've been trying my best to correct that for 5 days. Somehow, the spots simply won't go away, and I'm not exactly sure what I'll try next. Despite how things may look, I assure you this isn't the PDU Blenheim! I also sourced both of these fine works - Sure. most of the info in them is found in the Bowyer and Warner Books, but they were $8 and I rather evidently enjoy the Blenheim. Speaking of books, if anyone knows where I can get the Richard Franks book on the Blenheim, please do let me know. I'll pay *a lot.* Thanks all, Tweener
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