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  1. Outstanding piece of modelling with the 228 bird. Brings back memories of many happy hours at the end of the runway at RAF Leuchars
  2. Outstanding Clipper. Does the SP stand for Superbly Presented?
  3. Stunning F-4E these used to regular visitors to RAF Leuchars. Nice to hear those J-79s it was a change from our Spey powered counterparts. Would give anything to hear a pair of Spey engines at full power again though
  4. Mr Hercules is back going round and round and round and round .........
  5. Had a C-130 out of Leuchars earlier this evening now been replaced by a Chinook doing laps around Barry Buddon
  6. That is a masterclass in B-17 building. Absolutely outstanding paintwork and weathering
  7. Fantastic looking Stirling I’ve always like the look of this aircraft and you’ve done it proud
  8. Very nice build. Love a bit of RAF Leuchars history. Gets me all teary eyed
  9. Thanks for the replies guys I’ll get a set ordered and see how it goes Stef
  10. I wonder if any of you kind modellers can help me. Is there a replacement set of exhaust nozzles available for the Tamiya 1/48 F-15C. I have looked around t’internet and can find replacements for Hasegawa, Revell GWH but nothing listed for the Tamiya kit. Is there a set without Turkey Feathers that fits this kit? Kind Regards Stef (unfinished project)
  11. We had a Brian Sheriffs in Dundee I spent almost every Saturday of the late 70’s and 80’s handing over my hard earned pocket money. I miss the good old days when you could open the box and peruse the contents dreaming that you could create something half as good as the pictures on the box.
  12. Got one of the latter boxings of this on the shelf of doom. Every part needs filed test fitted, filed another EleventyTwelve times to get it to fit. If it gets finished hopefully it’ll look half as good as this beauty you’ve produced
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