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  1. Outstanding build and one of the best NMFs I’ve seen. Looks like a real well worn old work horse ️️️️️
  2. Nice build and finish on this Century Series beauty. It’s good to see it finished mine ended up in the bin after about step 3
  3. I have the same issue with my phone pics. What looks like a nice bright shiny aircraft then you look at the picture it’s too dark and the highlights have a yellow hue.
  4. Top notch build and finish of this brilliant aircraft ️️️️️
  5. One of if not the best Jags I’ve seen here and amazing working on a 1/72 scale kit too
  6. Fantastic looks straight out of an episode of Thunderbirds and as mentioned previously in the thread the Pan-Am colours look great on any aircraft
  7. Looks great and very realistic. Love the last picture with the 3 together looks like a family portrait
  8. That looks great with nice subtle weathering and in my opinion hundreds of hours well spent
  9. Great build and finish of an aircraft that is slowly growing on me
  10. It does look good in the civil colours that’s a job well done. Quite surprising the size comparison with the An-12 I would of thought the Transall would’ve been smaller
  11. Superb Phantom very well executed and it looks great in the dark scheme. I had this kit and made a complete dogs of it between my poor gloss coat to the disintegrating decals.
  12. Now that’s beautiful Meteor nice to see 111 and 43 Sqn back together in the last picture
  13. Superb flightline of some of the RAFs finest. Your pictures look like an British airshow from the early 80’s
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