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  1. Skoda Rasdschlepper Ost Riich.Models 1/35 Engine: The enginer consists of many small parts, all of which are very accurate. So assembled is easy straight forward. The engine I sprayed black completely, then I dry brushed with aluminum C8. Frame: assembly without exhaust, gear rods and winch. Sprayed in dark gray C40, weathering with oil. I dipped the rope in brown oil mixture and left it for one day to become dry. Wheels: The RSO was designed with oversized steel wheels. Aluminum tread sprayed, afterward I put some crystals of salt with some water, and let it dry. After a layer of yellow paint, I brushed off the salt and darkened the surface with highly diluted black paint. Happy modelling
  2. Some mor and better pics.
  3. Hallo Now it is done. Took some time more, until I put the shots on the forum, meanwhile I comp0leted a fleet of cars and trucks. Happy modeling
  4. Hallo I try an easy project after a F-15A in 1/48. Simple kit, as it seemed, but..I will see! Happy modelling
  5. Hallo Well, I did some shading after all. Specific panels, lighting some and darkening some. After all I continued with stenciling and decaling. The panel numbers are days of work and passion. The missiles are very tricky. ResKit and Brasin from Eduard. Well, I need a break with easy stuff now! Stay health Happy modelling
  6. Hallo Now the camouflage is done. With C307 and C308 from Mr. Hobby. Some panels I masked and added white or black to show a different tone. The next step is the highlighting of panels in the center and darken the panel lines. All unmasked. Happy modelling
  7. Hallo again This time with an F-15A from the IAF. The same kit my husband finished a short time ago. Now I learned from him, and I got advice how to make it better. Together with present day regulations according Corona, I stay home and use this amount of time to focus on the paint job of my model. To understand it clearly: The hot area is the first area I focus on. Using the new SM colors from Mr. Hobby. I do not refer to them, read my husband’s blog please! I did nothing else as: Base colour is Titan for the hot area of the engine. Afterward masking panels one by one or in groups. I used highly diluted black for this purpose. One stroke, two or three, to create individual shades. It takes time to learn to understand what one stroke more with the airbrush causes. So I learn on a fuselage with base color in all SM colors. So I get a clue what the result will be. Anyway, the pictures include also the gun and nose area. This is just the beginning. Happy modelling
  8. Hallo The decals I applied on a gloss surface. GX-112 from Mr. Color. Happy modelling
  9. Hallo This is my way to get a little distance from modelling aircarft. This famous truck is my first of many. The AAA I also did. In a few days I show you this truck too! Happy modelling
  10. Hallo again Here is one Sopwith Dolphin in 48. Enjoy the photos. Happy modelling
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