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  1. Hallo again This kit I built straight from the box. In addition to my truck. So, that is it. Happy modelling
  2. Hallo again After some day work I got it. I found some original photos, to get a little bit clue about this fantastic vehicle. Well, the kit was accurate and a joy to build it. Recommended for an advanced modeler. Happy modelling
  3. Skoda Rasdschlepper Ost Riich.Models 1/35 Engine: The enginer consists of many small parts, all of which are very accurate. So assembled is easy straight forward. The engine I sprayed black completely, then I dry brushed with aluminum C8. Frame: assembly without exhaust, gear rods and winch. Sprayed in dark gray C40, weathering with oil. I dipped the rope in brown oil mixture and left it for one day to become dry. Wheels: The RSO was designed with oversized steel wheels. Aluminum tread sprayed, afterward I put some crystals of salt with some water, and let i
  4. Some mor and better pics.
  5. Hallo Now it is done. Took some time more, until I put the shots on the forum, meanwhile I comp0leted a fleet of cars and trucks. Happy modeling
  6. Hallo I try an easy project after a F-15A in 1/48. Simple kit, as it seemed, but..I will see! Happy modelling
  7. Hallo Well, I did some shading after all. Specific panels, lighting some and darkening some. After all I continued with stenciling and decaling. The panel numbers are days of work and passion. The missiles are very tricky. ResKit and Brasin from Eduard. Well, I need a break with easy stuff now! Stay health Happy modelling
  8. Hallo Now the camouflage is done. With C307 and C308 from Mr. Hobby. Some panels I masked and added white or black to show a different tone. The next step is the highlighting of panels in the center and darken the panel lines. All unmasked. Happy modelling
  9. Hallo again This time with an F-15A from the IAF. The same kit my husband finished a short time ago. Now I learned from him, and I got advice how to make it better. Together with present day regulations according Corona, I stay home and use this amount of time to focus on the paint job of my model. To understand it clearly: The hot area is the first area I focus on. Using the new SM colors from Mr. Hobby. I do not refer to them, read my husband’s blog please! I did nothing else as: Base colour is Titan for the ho
  10. Hallo The decals I applied on a gloss surface. GX-112 from Mr. Color. Happy modelling
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