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  1. I've tried purchasing from the far east twice, both times I was supplied with invalid tracking numbers and yes, neither arrived. Maybe I'm just unlucky I'll stick to supporting local stores now I think.
  2. That's turned out very well. I wanted to buy one of these but wasn't sure how such enormous decals would behave. I'm happy to hear they were good so I may just get one yet.
  3. Thank you guys And a special thanks to you Tiger331 for sending me replacement wheels years ago, as I had buggered mine up!
  4. Hopefully yours are better than mine were. Mine are dated 2013 so if yours are newer then perhaps there is hope! Thanks for the comments everyone!
  5. Of course, no problem Werner. I thought if anybody notices these things it's going to be you .. In fact, I considered sending you a PM asking about the loadout but decided against it in the end because I was always going to hang as much as I could underneath and accuracy took a back seat for various reasons! I think the short version is I wouldn't recommend them. Like you, I found them pretty hard to work with. Firstly, one of the sheets had grit between the paper and decal, like someone had dropped it on the floor and printed over it anyway. Registration was not very good either - if you take a close look at the hot air warning marks, you may notice the decal is red printed over white, except the colours don't line up. The white walkway lines are not great quality either, with what looks like 'bleeding' in some places. The instructions were hard to decipher and impossible to read on one of the sheets - I had to email Aztec to ask for a better quality placement guide, which to their credit they did (within 48hrs). I also found they were very sensitive to temperature and the optimal temperature range was very small, which meant changing the water often. The decals were the main reason for me losing any interest in accuracy. See above Thanks for the comments, everyone.
  6. Thank you. I'd say more niggly than difficult. It was a case of every single part needing clean up, light lenses were undersized, that kind of thing. All part of model building I know, but not stuff that I find enjoyable!
  7. This is the Kinetic 1/48 Kfir C2 which I started in 2014 and dumped on the shelf of doom in frustration. I thought the lockdown was an ideal opportunity to give it another go, so here it is. Decals by Aztec, paints used were Tamiya and Mr Hobby Aqueous, weathered with oils and pastels (eye shadow). A layer of dirt hides a multitude of sins (or something to that effect), so I've gone for quite dirty! I'm not entirely sure the loadout is correct - I may be 2 Mk.82's too heavy, in which case I probably have the world's fastest armed land vehicle, but I like it that way! Thanks for stopping by, hope you like it
  8. Great save! That looks the business, well done!
  9. The weathering is just up my street - I like them dirty! Fantastic finish, well done!
  10. The only thing stopping me shaking my box.. I really likethe F-35 and your model looks great!
  11. Well, my order of battle is usually Micro Set/Sol, Tamiya X20a through an airbrush, and if they both fail, a dab of Tamiya Extra Thin. I'd suggest practicing on a surplus decal! The important thing is to only give a single dab, if more is needed then wait until the first appliction is completely dry. Like I said, its a nuclear option and I'd try stronger solvents than the Sol/Set that I have, before giving this a go. I didn't have any X20a left, or a stronger purpose made decal solvent, or the will to put much more effort into the build because the quality of the decals was a let down (see pics). Before TET (Note the out of register printing which is why I stopped caring ) After TET
  12. Sounds a bit like the battle I've just had with some Aztec decals. Thankfully I skipped the hairdryer and went straight for the nuclear option, Tamiya Extra Thin. I learned my lesson with heat a few years back when my Mig-29 that I'd left on the radiator overnight looked like a drooped nose Concorde in the morning.. Well done on the save, l'd never had known you struggled just by looking at it. Nice result !
  13. I really want to do one of these in 48, but can't find the decals anywhere. I did, for a few moments, consider spraying it myself but noped out of that very quickly! You've done a fantastic job, well done
  14. Aaaah, Kittyhawk... Your experience mirrors, to the letter, my experience with their Mirage F1B. Mine sat on a shelf, unfinished, for a few years and when I did decide to pick it up again, I dropped it, splitting the canopy in two. So, well done on finishing the battle and congrats on what looks like a fine victory! The result appears well worth the struggle I'd say!
  15. Probably, it's of that general era. My thinking didn't go that far though. As usual, it was more a case of 'ooooo, bright colours, shiny things..'
  16. I hope so because I have a pile of their Mirages to get through as well!
  17. This. I'm busy with a couple of their Kfirs, one of which has been a shelf queen for nearly 6 years.. Getting back to it, I'm reminded why it sat collecting dust for so long! Just about every piece needs some degree of clean up and with the moulding not being 'sharp' and the plastic being soft, it's quite easy to deform a piece. It doesn't look like you've inserted the wingtip lights yet but I'd be interested to know how they fit - the Kfirs were slightly undersized Still, there are some absolutely stunning results being obtained from the kit so all in all, I guess with some dedication and elbow grease, it's not that bad a kit. You are doing a lovely job!
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