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  1. Due to their Trustpilot reputation, I'll only use them through Ebay as there is a channel for disputes. My last purchase was a He-111 which was sold as 'new' but arrived with seals broken and had obviously been opened up for whatever reason. Not much of an issue for me (I just had to make sure everything was present and accounted for in the box) , but I did wonder if people who buy as gifts and receive opened boxes would be as unbothered.
  2. That's your 'signature'. Click your name at the top of the page (next to your picture) and then click on 'account settings'. On the settings page you'll see 'signature' on the left hand side (PC, not mobile). Click that and then you can customise the contents of that footnote.
  3. Avgas

    Canopy tinting

    My experience with Klear/colour mixed isn't very positive. I find the klear collects wherever gravity takes it which isn't a problem if it's just to gloss a canopy, but causes uneven colour distribution if used mixed for tinting. I find spraying the Tamiya colour first (orange and smoke mixed to make brown) because it clings better than Klear more suitable. Then once dry, dipping in plain Klear to take advantage of its self levelling properties and resulting high gloss finish. I'm open to the idea that I'm just doing it wrong though
  4. That's a spectacular paint and weathering job!
  5. Good. Hopefully bodes well for the 2 seater I'm about to crack open!
  6. I agree, that scheme suits it. How was the build? Did it go together with much resistance?
  7. Personally speaking, all that etch is the stuff of nightmares The result speaks for itself though. Just beautiful. Well done!
  8. Avgas

    Model brands

    Once you have done your research. Typing 'kit xyz review' or just 'who makes the best xyz' into your search engine is helpful because more often than not, someone's asked the question before.
  9. That's beautifully done. Love the colour combination too.
  10. Something happened which made my day today and in fact ranks as a top highlight of my modelling 'career'. I've been helping out at one of my local animal shelter charity stores for a while now and decided to donate a few of my models to them in the hope that they may raise a few pennies. I don't sell my finished articles nor am I a member of a club so any kind of feedback is always appreciated because it's rare! Anyway, today I was approached by a mum who told me her 8 year old son's birthday is coming up and he'd spotted the Rafale I'd donated a few days back and that it's 'all he
  11. Just arrived. Now my collection of Heller M2000's with their terrible decals can be conquered As usual with Syhart quality looks great.
  12. Small world! Yea, glad he kept the ship afloat. Nice looking kit BTW
  13. Avgas

    Model Shops UK

    We had a thread like this a few years ago but it vanished Not before I used it to track down an elusive kit I'd been after for a while. Anyway, to add to the list, another from the midlands: 'Clifton Curios' in Ashby-De-La-Zouch. Small shop but I'm amazed just how much Mike manages to fit in there. What he doesn't have he's always willing to try and source.
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