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  1. If you're referring to the default 'Established member' text, you can find where to edit it if you click the drop down menu at the top of the page, next to your username. Scroll down to 'account settings', then when on the account settings page, look to the right, under 'other settings' and click 'edit profile'. When you've done that, you'll find a box that says 'member title' - that's the box you type into to edit that text.
  2. Very nice! The front end artwork reminds me of 'Ndizani', the SAA special schemed 747 from the early 90's.
  3. Just 15 minutes ago I took out my Alclad which has been sitting lonely and neglected for the better part of a decade, because I've not had the guts to attempt a NMF. Having read your WIP I feel there are enough pointers to take the plunge on a P-51 I've just bought.. The result you've attained is inspiration and motivation in itself - lovely result, well done!
  4. I swear she said 'acquisitions must be Russianed' but it turns out she said 'rationed'. Oh well, there's no going back now A few bits and bobs from the last week or two. BTW just joking with the above - my lovely wife fully supports my hobby
  5. I've noticed they've recently started introducing etch with 3D clear blobs on the dials, for want of a better discription. Perhaps they'll be reintroduced in the newer improved format as a new product. I must add a disclaimer that I have a hate/hate relationship with etch so don't pay much attention to what's out there and therefore, what I've stated above may not be as recent as I imagined..
  6. Yea, I'm with you there. Being a fairly lazy modeller, open canopies mean more work required getting the cockpit looking decent. Not for me.
  7. Looks good in that scheme!
  8. Thank you. To my eye, though I like them grubby, I wondered if it was overdone. I get a bit carried away in the moment sometimes! Nice to have another set of eyes and opinion
  9. That looks like it was fun to do Were they decals or painted? The result looks fantastic!
  10. About two weeks, doing 2 or 3 patches a day. If I did it again (and I won't) I'd spray the white first , then mask it. Instead, I sprayed the grey first so building up decent coverage of white and avoiding ridges was a balancing act.
  11. On that note, If anybody needs spare roundels, I have tons..
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