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  1. Those are great!
  2. Avgas

    Multiple threads on one subject

    Appears to work with search engines other than google too. Duckduckgo in my case, which is handy.
  3. Beautifully done. Very impressive!
  4. Nearly there! Looks great. Not wantingto take anything away from your lovely work, but I think your greatest achievement was managing to keep the static dischargers attached, something I've never managed to do with any of my F-16's.
  5. I had no idea you had a Wip thread. Looking really good!
  6. It certainly did! Nice work on the black/white transitioning walkway demarcation lines.
  7. That's going to be a stunner! Looks really good mate. Straight from the box? Just looking at some of the detail and it looks pretty crisp.
  8. haha yea modelling is a mind game sometimes. I'm surprised about the ejector pin marks on the Tamiya kit tbh, after all I've heard about it. You've reminded me about the ejector pin marks on this Kinetic kit. There was one on the canopy frame of all places. I'd forgotten about that strangely, or maybe it was subconsciously surpressed lol..
  9. Beautiful finish on that. Fantastic, well done!
  10. Avgas

    F-16 D Barak

    Having just completed a Kinetic F-16 I can appreciate the effort you've made. Very nicely done!
  11. Thank you. Same thing happened with my arctic aggressor. Spent over two years as a shelf queen..
  12. Excellent, looking forward to seeing it!
  13. That sounds all too familiar... I've mastered turning 10 minute jobs into 10 days. I find near the end of a build I'm not doing much more than moving things around Usually takes determined (ie rushed, because I don't like the fiddly bits) sit down and just do it session to get it done, like I did with this one.. Thanks Bob, it's a DiY job. Lotsa Tamiya tape!
  14. That's a lovely scheme. I have plans for the blue/grey, the green/brown and the arctic splinters. Please post pics when it's done!