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  1. wow, another gem is coming, I m stay tune to get some kind of direction for my future project with GWH kit. cheers
  2. fantastic kit, well done did you use two bobs decals? which parts did on 3D printer? lateral IRST and tail add ons? cheers
  3. great subject theMirage Elkan in FACH colours, well done cheers
  4. epic Tomcat, fantastic build, well done!!! cheers
  5. Hello Andrés, nice to see you (virtualy) again A great subject to do, the Viper Block50+ FACH with the best kit and really nice aftermarkets. I will see with a lot of attention your work as I and many countrymen use the same to replecate our beautiful Vipers on original scheme. mucho éxito andrés!!! un abrazo Cheers
  6. Stunning work!!! awesome, well done cheers
  7. absolutely stunning Viper, well done Jorge cheers
  8. fantastic work, as usual, well done Dr MiG Cheers
  9. es lo unico bueno del covid, poder estar en casa mas tiempo y maquetear!!!! Un gran abrazo Jorge I saw other models on your web, uff fantastic all, well done again slds Humberto AKA Gremlin
  10. wow, stunning KFIR FAE, well done cheers
  11. Absolutely fantastic model, stunning paint and finishes, really well done cheers PD eres Jark (Chileno en Australia)? si es así un gusto saludarte de nuevo, tanto tiempo, fantástico tu Sukhoi.
  12. nice Iraqui MIG Pierpaolo, very accurate camouflage (well documented) Well done, complimenti modella fantastica cheers
  13. really nice work, stunning Strike Eagle welll done cheers
  14. excellent MiG-21FL, well done which brown did you use? the cockpit is all gray? which one? the decals are Casper or other? fantastic Indo-Pakistani War Plane!!! cheers
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