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Found 55 results

  1. My D-Day project is going to be a 1/48 vignette using the kits below: I am going to to use some aftermarket for both kits - these from Airfix and Eduard for the Typhoon: .......and these track links from Skybow and the grills from Hauler for the Tiger: I'm going to be doing a crossover project where I build the Tiger 1 also as part of the Tiger STGB (at the same time as this D-Day GB) and the Typhoon and vignette here. I have some figures from Tamiya to use as well. Really looking forward to getting started on this. Kind regards, Stix
  2. EDIT: This build was started in the Made in Britain GB, back in 2016. As usual with me, I didn't manage to finish it in time and it's been on hold till now. I'll try to finish it now. Thanks for looking Jaime ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, This is my first entry to this GB and constitutes the first of a two part series.This one is Academy's 1/72 Typhoon Mk Ib, which i'll build in D-Day striped camouflage, as flown by Wing Commander R E P Brooker, the No. 123 Wing Leader. His aircraft was marked MN570 ‘B’. The second part of the series is a Tempest Mk V. Here is an article about Typhoon operations during the Normandy Invasion. There's a picture of the aircraft at the end of the article and here is a hi-res version. Here is a profile of the aircraft. The aircraft was armed with under-wing unguided rockets for ground attack. The Academy kit comes in a double boxing, commemorating D-Day, from which I already built the Spitfire Mk XIV. I'll be using Eduard's Zoom set for the Typhoon, as well as Quickboost's resin exhausts: IMAG1512 IMAG1656 I've already took the fuselage and wing parts off the sprues for a test fit. This was done back in March, when I was building the Spit and intended to start the Typhoon right after, which didn't happen. Regarding fit, everything fits well apart from a small gap between the front of the wing parts and the fuselage on the right side. IMAG1551 These parts, the tail plane parts and the control stick are now waiting for the build to start: IMAG1552 IMAG1553 In April I also primed and painted the resin exhausts for the Typhoon and the Tempest. This was done at the same time as I painted the exhausts for my Bf 109 G10, like shown in the next picture: IMAG1808 I used Alclad's Grey Primer and Alclad's Burnt Iron for the exhausts. The plan is to start building in the next few days. Thanks for looking Jaime
  3. Hi all My entry will be a Eduard Spitfire MK.XIe in 1:48 (84138) with a few after market items ie cockpit Wheels cannons engine ? decals I will be using Xtradecal set X48172 Using markings for MK304 Y2K Flown by Flight Lieutenant Arnold “Rosy” Roseland of 442 (RCAF) Squadron based at St. Croix Sur Mer France July 1944
  4. Coming to you in the July issue of SAMI, here's my take on the special Hobby 1/32 Tempest V, in the markings of Pilot Officer George ‘Lefty’ Whitman, 3 Sqn, RAF, June 8th, 1944 - he was Roland Beamont's wingman that day. I used various aftermarket bits, including the CMK cannon bay set for the starboard wing. Pilot figure by MDC, along with his faithful companion, from a set of RAF figures by Masterbox. Hope you like it!
  5. Good morning all Thought I would make a thread seeing as I actually cut some plastic over the weekend. The idea of doing a dio is one that appealed to me, I'm more a railway modeller and just love doing scenics, so with this in mind I set about starting. I'll add some photos in tonight, but I've made a good start in the cromwell tank from airfix, bare in mind this is my first go at doing a tank, and I thoroughly enjoyed clubbing it together. So where am I going with this, well the plan is to have a river/stream, with a destroyed bridge across it, either side we have the tanks, one the cromwell, the other a tiger, more about these in the coming posts... Now you can't really have a D-day themed model without having some invasion stripes? Don't worry I have this covered in the form of a 1/72 tiffy, but for now it's role in the scene I'll be keeping hush, element of suprise and all that A fair bit going on but hopefully it'll all come together and I'm not biting more then I can chew, hopefully a few pics over the coming days All the best Matt
  6. The Waffen SS in Normandy (9781612006413) July 1944, Operations Goodwood and Cobra Casemate Publishers via Casemate UK Once the Allies landed on the beaches in Normandy in June 1944, the Nazi forces that were defending the northern French coastline had to move their units, particularly their armoured SS units to the point of attack, despite Hitler's lingering concerns that this might be a feint to distract from the main attack. That and the general interfering that Hitler was prone to meant that getting authority to move would be difficult and could have consequences for those disturbing him or going against his wishes. This new book from Casemate is bound in a softback cover with half-width fold-out fly-leaves giving a synopsis of the contents in front, and details of the publishing house at the rear. It contains 128 pages of glossy paper, much of which is printed in black and white, with a number of pages in colour, including profiles and some excellent colour photos from the time. The book follows the timeline of the battles and gives information about the key players in the Waffen-SS Divisions, and their struggle to get to the front in a vain attempt to throw the Allies back into the ocean. The German forces that were present in the invasion area did a good job of holding the Allies in check until the end of June, after which their break-out was to test and break their resistance, with operations Goodwood and Cobra taking Caen and rolling into Brittany, sealing the fate of the German forces in France. Later, the British Operation Goodwood and Canadian Operation Totalize began the constriction of what was to become known as the Falaise Gap, where much of the retreating German materiel and manpower were either killed or captured. The photos are of the usual high quality, with a number of destroyed SS vehicles, plus some grisly pictures of dead soldiers, and of course the leading figures of the SS. Thankfully the number of gruesome pictures are few, but they are a little upsetting, so if you're of a delicate nature, now you know. Spread throughout the book are a quantity of profiles of the SS vehicles involved in the actions detailed in the book, and each of the main battles and engagements have a short section devoted to them. Conclusion Although the SS are a contentious subject for some, they were integral to the defence of France, so their activities bear scrutiny if you wish to have the whole picture of the battles. Of course it's not for everyone because of this, but it's interesting to see how they were defeated both by the Allies and the lack of understanding of the situation by the Führer back in Berlin. Review sample courtesy of
  7. Hello all, This really has no proper place to go, so I included it here hoping to get more views in honor of those who saved Europe 75 years ago. Some of you know that I have a background in carpentry, as well as being a soldier in the US Army. I was stationed in Germany as part of the famous, Big Red One! So I combined my skills, and using a piece of scrap wood from a stair plank, I cut it into thin stips and even created a tongue and groove, using my table saw improperly, I am happy to report, I still have all my fingers! I made this in honor of my Division, as part of what eventually will become a hand made dart board cabinet. I am in no way, a cabinet maker, but it doesn't hurt to try. Anyway, I love the beautiful wood grain, and I considered painting it into the proper red/green color of the 1st ID insignia. Would love some feedback from the group as to which way to preserve the beautiful wood. Paint, stain or clear coat? All feedback is welcome, thanks for looking! Anthony Without further ado..............
  8. Today is Memorial Day here in the United States and with the advent of the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion coming up I felt compelled to post of pictures of my meager tribute to the brave men of the 101st Airborne , The Screaming Eagles built for the 65th anniversary. It has held up rather well after a dusting. Please remember those who did not return from all our wars for when the call was made they went. All the Best! Don
  9. Good Day All, Just getting ready to start this group build. I'll be doing a D-Day machine using decal from a company I never used before called Foxbot. The decals are on their way from Hannants along with the Eduard mask. Foxbot have some very interesting nose arts. Other than that I am thinking about putting the tow assembly on the tail and possibly some battle damage....we'll see how it goes. In any case here are the obligatory starting point pics. So far all that has been done is the kit has been washed with dish soap to get the mold release off and help with paint adhesion. All the Best! Don
  10. Good Day All, Finished my C-47 for the Group Build. Thought you would enjoy the pictures. All the Best! Don
  11. Hello All, I'm participating in the STGB on the C-47. Thought you would enjoy the pics also. The only thing I added was the seat belts from masking tape and various levers on the console. The one thing I have learned over the years is to check the fit of doors, windows etc and install them early in the assembly so you can fiddle with them easier...especially when the instructions tell you to put them on late in the assembly. I did that for all the doors, the two cockpit side windows and the wing fillets. I am glad I did quite a bit of fiddling was required and it is so much easier when the fuselage is not buttoned up. Even with that there is still some filling and rescribing required. In any case enjoy the pics...any comments or questions are appreciated. Sorry a couple are a bit out of focus..didn't notice until I after I had them on IMGUR. All the Best! Don
  12. Trying to make my cabinet more colourful I've decided to built my Mosquito FB.VI as the intruder operating from the UK in the D-day period of 1944. There are several pictures known of such black-bellied planes from the RAF squadrons No.23 (PZ170), 605 (NS838) and RCAF No.418 (HJ719, HJ722). There's even a FB.VI used for night recce flights over Italy by No.60 Sq. SAAF, but it doesn't sport code letters - just the serial in red. But no one of them feature AEAF stripes on the wings. My question is whether the abovementioned units were the only ones using the FB.VIs in such (black-bellied) camouflage? EG the Polish No.305 and No.307 Squadrons were also flying the FB.VI (including night intruder sorties), but all photos known to me show their Mossies in standard NF scheme with SGM undersurfaces. And the main question appears, whether any black-bellied Mossies were flown with AEAF invasion stripes on the wings? The ones I've found have them only on the fuselage underside. Cheers Michael
  13. Hi all, this is AZ's 1/72 Spitfire IXc. Not a bad kit with nice surface detail, but the next time I would try the Eduard kit. Decals came from the Kagero booklet on the Spitfire IX. The model represents an aircraft of No. 340 Sqn filmed at Merston apparently on 18 June 1944 before flying to Normandy. It was piloted by Sous Chef Denys Boudard who had joined the RAF after quite a remarkable escape from France. On 29 April 1941, Boudard and a fellow conuntryman had dressed to resemble German mechanics, walked into a Luftwaffe airfield, stole a Bücker Jungmann and flew to Britain. Two pictures of this aircraft can be found in Christopher Shore's and Chris Thomas' fantastic book on the 2nd Tactical Air Force. These pictures also show that this aircraft was unusually heavily weathered by Spitfire standards, something I tried to replicate on the model. Thanks for viewing and all comments welcome.
  14. Doc72

    D-Day Typhoons

    Recently I became interested in Typhoons operated on D-Day or in the immediate aftermath (full invasion stripes). There are some good photos in Shores/Thomas, 2nd TAF and on the IWM-site. It seems that the 3-bladed propeller was more common at this time than the 4-bladed type, but on many photos you can’t tell because the engine is running. It is even more tricky with the tailplanes. On most photos I can’t say whether a Typhoon had the older small tailplane or the Tempest-type. Is there any trick or rule of thumb to decide these questions based on the existing photos? Thanks in advance Ole
  15. Has anyone seen any pics of Hawker Hurricanes with D-Day invasion stripes on them? Any links welcome.
  16. Hi folk's here's Tamiyas carrier which I posted in RFI earlier but with two of the figures supplied with the kit added to the vehicle dio that I did for the D-Day GB a couple of years ago I am not a figure painter but it was a shame not to use them as they are really nicely detailed.Many thanks for looking in,
  17. The Roden kit does not give the individual code, carried on the tail, of this aircraft. Does anyone know what it was or must I simply invent one? Separately, was this aircraft with the unit for D-Day? The kit lacks the upper wing and fuselage stripes as is correct for the July 1944 date given, but have they been carried and then overpainted, rubbed off? Either would present an additional way of breaking up blank expanses of Olive Drab. Further, did these aircraft appear with the multi-toned ODs often seen on early aircraft (this is after all a 1941-ordered aircraft) including the Medium Green blotches, or were they more consistently painted/repainted? Most views of D-Day period aircraft appear to lack the more extreme variations seen elsewhere, unless I'm just not looking at enough photos.
  18. Three Days in Hell 7-9 June 1944 Heimdal Publishing The Normandy campaign of 1944 is probably one of the most documented areas of WWII. This new book from Heimdal concentrates on one part of the Normandy landings for a period of 3 days after the landing the 7th to the 9th of June 1944. The area concentrated on is the Canadian landings and the subsequent advance into Normandy which was quite bloody. The book makes valuable use of testimony from both sets of combatants, and the local French population who were caught up in the fierce fighting with no where to go. The book offers a degree of completeness not offered in some publications through the use of this testimony, plans of the battles; and photographs (wartime & contemporary). Also of interest is a short section at the beginning of the book which shows what life was like before the 6th of June for all those involved. The book is A4 softbound with 160 pages featuring maps, colour and Black & white photographs. Conclusion This is primarily a history book covering these 3 days and the fighting between the Canadian and the Germans. It covers this excellently and the addition of testimony from the local French population shows how hellish it must have been for all sides. The photographs will be of some use to us modellers as well. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  19. This was something of a themed build, begun in 2014 in acknowledgement of the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings. One of their early kits, representing the half-fabulous initial high-altitude variant. A few were issued to FAG.123 at Guyancourt, with the thankless task of providing adequate photoreconnaissance cover of the Normandy area in the weeks following the invasion. Significantly increasing an aircraft's wingspan and area (and this was little more than two plugs inserted between the existing G-5 wings and fuselage) rarely works well, and this was no exception. The aircraft was only present for a brief time, being ostentatiously left outdoors in the hope that the Allies would take care of it. 'Oh Heinrich, you make me shudder' one Luftwaffe airman is said to have remarked. I am unsure about the historicity of some of the details, but the camera setup of the G-5, with a tall fin of the final variants, and a longer tailwheel (not needing so much AoA on takeoff), along with the removal of all guns bar the engine cannon seemed consistent enough, along with the overall RLM76 scheme. I hope you like it. http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
  20. Hi, Few Airspeed Horsa gliders with troops started about midnight of 5th June 1944 in aim to capture one or more (I am not that much expert to know it exactly) bridges in Normandy - one of the most fameus was so called Pegasus bridge. Here is a basic info https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pegasus_Bridge. Some years ago I made a Horsa machine from this action: I added some details inside and modified skid following the photos. On the contrary to Albemarle, which was badly weathered I assumed that Horsa was almost directly from production line (perhaps I was wrong?) - so even I made her with satin finish... Comments welcome Cheers Jerzy-Wojtek
  21. So, I finally got my Beau finished over the Christmas holidays. I'm quite pleased with how it came out. I now just need a white / EDSG / DSG / white camo'd one! regards, Martin
  22. Happy Christmas, folks! Another Airfix Beau from me (I really like this kit). Sorry there aren't any more build pics, but I got to this advanced stage and thought I'd take some pics. Model is essentially oob, although I did add an internal fuselage bulkhead and a heating pipe to the cockpit. There are also Little Light lenses (2.5mm diameter) sitting behind the fuselage landing light cover, and I used one of the options from the Xtradecal Beaufighter sheet. Quite pleased with the finish, although my enamel 'dot' streaking on the top camo is too subtle. regards, Martin
  23. Valiant Wings Airframe Extra No.1 D-Day to VE Day. Many modellers these days seem to like building subjects based on a theme, which can often be historical events. This series of books from Valiant Wings will look at specific areas, and events in the history of aerial warfare with this in mind. Each title will cover the history and details details of these event. Each will contain period photographs, and colour artwork from Richard J Caruana. More importantly to the modeller each will contain kit builds in all three major scales (1/72nd, 1/48th and 1/32nd) from modellers; Dani Zamarbide, Steve A. Evans and Libor Jekl. The books are A4 soft cover format very well printed with clear text, good artwork and clear build photographs. The first book in this series covers The Air Battle Over Europe in the period D-Day to VE Day. The colour artwork features many aircraft wearing D-Day stripes as you would expect. The seven models features in this volume are; Airfix 1/72 Douglas C-47A Airfix 1/72 Supermarine Spritfire PR.XIX Hasegawa 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf 109G-10 Academy 1/48 Lockheed P-38 Lightning HobbyBoss 1/48 Messerschmitt Me 262B-1a Schwalbe Hasegawa 1/32 Republic P-47D Thunderbolt Hasegawa 1/32 Supermarine Spritfire PR.XIX Also of interest to the modeller is a list of commonly used colours of this period with reference to commonly used Enamel and Acrylic paints. Conclusion This looks like the beginning of a great new series from Valiant Wings. The book mixes history, profiles and modelling in a fresh new way. Highly Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  24. Kicking off with my first AFV Club Churchill Mk IV with Mk5, L/50 6pdr Gun for this build Unit information TBC
  25. My entry for this GB will be this: Inevitable sprue shot: and this is the scheme I'll be building it as: This will be pretty much OOB, except for the Barracuda resin intakes and exhaust. I intend to build it flying so I'll be using some prop-blurs left over from my Mosquito build last year so the stand MAY contain some element of cotton wool
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