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  1. Good morning all Thought I would make a thread seeing as I actually cut some plastic over the weekend. The idea of doing a dio is one that appealed to me, I'm more a railway modeller and just love doing scenics, so with this in mind I set about starting. I'll add some photos in tonight, but I've made a good start in the cromwell tank from airfix, bare in mind this is my first go at doing a tank, and I thoroughly enjoyed clubbing it together. So where am I going with this, well the plan is to have a river/stream, with a destroyed bridge across it, either s
  2. Love the attention to detail mate, never in doubt having seen a few of your loco builds All the best and hopefully see you on a charter soon, matt
  3. Decal sheet ordered for my typhoon, but plans in place for a diorama for this, not sure I can complete it in time but I'm gonna give it a bloody good go Will start a thread very soon All the best Matt
  4. Got an airfix 1/72 typhoon in the stash is it too late to put my name down? All the best Matt
  5. Great choice buddy I too have recently picked up this kit and the liquid red from zero paints, Tim's car is the look I'm going for too! Will follow with interest Matt
  6. Many thanks gents I shall continue to put 50 quid aside each pay packet and should have one in no time, be assured I'll be asking lots of questions All the best matt
  7. Morning all Now I've been a huge fan of the Mclaren F1 GTR for a very very long time, in the striking harrods yellow and green livery I just think they look sublime. Anyways looking on hiroboy and coming across the mfh kit of the short tail... Few questions while looking absolutely stunning and a rear work of art does anyone have any experience of building this kit? This will be my first multi media kit, is there anything I will need in order to complete this kit other then the usual items to assemble pe? And finally what's the best for cleaning up the metal part?.
  8. What a mighty fine lanc, one to be proud of, beautifully weathered too, top draw sir! Matt
  9. Having two of the aoshima kits, the loctite and the gulf ones, it's a beautiful kit, although lots of parts, they all look high quality it's the one I'd go for and have
  10. So I'm up and running with this one, first impressions the fit seems pretty good, this is just a basic test fit with aerospace standard tested tamiya tape.... a while before the first test flight mind! And then to add in the intakes, remember this is just a dry test fit... Work on painting the cockpit has begun, no doubt this could be greatly improved with a few after market options but for me at the moment an out of the box build will hopefully restore some of the mojo for building again, anyway that is all for now, back to add the transfers to the cockpit, Until next
  11. Hello one and all hope we are all well? Late starter to this build and my first group build project, So for mine I recently picked up GNA from hobbycraft this week, soon as a I saw Revell was doing this I knew it would end up in the stash.... So a quick look at the transfers and a lot less then you would find on a normal typhoon, not that I'm complaining! Quick look at the sprue list, don't worry I shall add some proper sprue shots once I get underway And finally a call out for said transfers and the colour scheme. Nice to see revell have followed the lea
  12. Many thanks Robert I shall look to make a start this coming week all the best Matt
  13. Good afternoon everyone now I've never entered a group build but a recent purchase has got me thinking about entering or have i left it too late to join? this would my entry, can I join in the build? If someone could let me know that would be superb all the best Matt
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