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  1. Thanks for the comprehensive and helpful response... very much appreciated. I guess if the deal looks too good to be true and all that I may take another look at Graphicair.co.uk after all. Regards Roger
  2. Hi all, I'm new to Britmodeller and came to it through this thread. Although I'm not having any difficulties deciding which Iwata to get (HP-CH), I do have a dilemma about where to buy from. Looking on eBay, there is what looks to be a legit outlet, albeit from Macau (Lewis Online Shop) that appears to be selling Iwatas at similar prices to the second-hand ones out there. Has anyone had any dealings with them and if so, are these genuine Iwatas and am I likely to get stung for import duty? I know I'll lose out on the 10 year warranty by not purchasing from the UK, but I wouldn't get the warr
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