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  1. Paul A H

    Are some of us "fascist fetishists"?

    The latter example in particular is completely unacceptable and demonstrates exactly how one idiot (or a small group of idiots) can end up getting everyone tarred with the same brush. I think this reinforces the point that reenactors and traders at such events do have a clear duty of care to the public, the organisers and one another to undertake their activities responsibly. Many items from the past are loaded with meaning and must be displayed with the utmost care and sensitivity. Who knows? Most likely you're just waiting to be triggered!
  2. Paul A H

    Are some of us "fascist fetishists"?

    Oh well done Steve. We were just developing the right amount of enmity in this thread and then you come along and spoil everything with your sensible, reasoned opinions borne out of personal experience!
  3. Paul A H

    Our latest grandchild.

  4. Paul A H

    Dust Inside My Camera Lens - Solved

    Excellent application of man-maths Let's head over to Hannants/dpreview/autotrader to see what takes our fancy!
  5. Paul A H

    Are some of us "fascist fetishists"?

    Whilst I don't claim to speak for @Procopius, I believe that quotation was applied ironically in the context of his post. Furthermore, I think the application of irony was self-evident. Yes, it was suggested that German WWII reenactors sometimes convey a false impression. But it wasn't suggested that reenactments - nor any of the examples that you cite - should be stopped or banned. None of us suggested that surviving Nazi military hardware should be turned into ashtrays. You are refuting an argument that has not been proposed. We need to get away from this straw man argument and get back to exploring the nuances surrounding this activity. Where does reenactment fit into the context of popular history? What responsibilities do reenactors have? Do they have a duty of care, or is it a case of 'observer beware'? I think these are fascinating topics and worthy of serious debate.
  6. Paul A H

    Dust Inside My Camera Lens - Solved

    A very good result I'll have to remember this trick next time the dust bunnies pay a visit! You say that now, but I have a feeling your head may yet be turned by that shiny new Canon/Sony!
  7. Paul A H

    Are some of us "fascist fetishists"?

    To suggest that reenactors could hit spectators to make the reenactment more realistic is an appeal to ridicule and doesn't address my argument. What I - and others - are saying is that reenactments do relatively little to teach us about history. They do a much better job of raising awareness of history, which is an entirely different thing. Reenactment, by definition, can seldom be realistic because of the inherent presentism of both the reenactor and observer. I think you're formulating an argument from a different starting place to mine. If it means that more people pick up a copy of Ordinary Men by Christopher Browning (like @Procopius) then I would agree. I don't want to overextend my argument however, lest I end up arguing against most war films ever made
  8. Paul A H

    Are some of us "fascist fetishists"?

    That's just it. I'm sure most of these guys are perfectly nice, but they must attract a fair few idiots as well. Still, it's a free country. Why did our ancestors fight and die in the Second World War, if it wasn't to protect the freedoms and rights of people who like to dress up as Nazis in 2018?
  9. Bismarck Photo Etched Upgrades for Meng Kit 1:700 Eduard Meng Model have taken a somewhat curious approach to their fledgling range of 1:700 scale warships. The kits are well made and nicely detailed, but are moulded in multi-coloured plastic and designed as snap-fit models. While that makes them seem somewhat toy-like, Eduard have clearly taken the view that enough 'serious' modellers will acquire and build the kits to justify the release of upgrade sets for them. These sets cover the recent Bismarck kit. Bismarck Photo Etched Set (53220) As with any small-scale ship, there are an awful lot of fine details that cannot be replicated satisfactorily in injection moulded plastic. That's where Eduard's set will prove to be useful. The first set includes a range of small detail parts including the FuMO 23 radar, details for the optical rangefinders, small platforms, windlasses, the anchor chains and various other deck furniture. Also on this fret are a range of ladders and stairways, details for the aircraft hangar and catapault, the mast and the main and secondary armament. Splinter shields for the smaller guns are also provided, alongside details for the ship's boats. Bismarck Railings Photo Etched Set (53221) This fret includes a full set of railings and stairways. The railings feature a constant lower rail rather than individual stanchions, which will make them easier to fix to the model. Conclusion Nothing finishes a model warship off better than a set of fine photo etched parts. With this pair of frets, Eduard have included almost everything you could want to complete the Meng kit to a high standard. If I were to choose just one of these sets then it would be the railings, but both will make a positive difference to the kit. Review sample courtesy of
  10. Paul A H

    Are some of us "fascist fetishists"?

    I guess the point is that my stamps are in a book, tucked safely away, not framed on my living room wall. I'll go to bed tonight content that my non-fascist credentials are intact.
  11. Paul A H

    Are some of us "fascist fetishists"?

    I would tend to agree. I've re-read my posts and I'm pretty confident that I didn't write anything that could be interpreted as 'reenactments shouldn't happen'. I was addressing a point that had been made by someone else, which was that having reenactors dressed up as Wehrmacht soldiers (alongside those dressed up as Allied soldiers) portrays a balanced view. I would contend that it doesn't. My view is that historical reenactment should be seen in the context of historical-themed entertainment rather than an exercise in educating the public. Not everyone will see it as entertainment, however. If you dress up as a 'Nazi' then some people are going to get annoyed. Just ask Prince Harry
  12. Paul A H

    Are some of us "fascist fetishists"?

    No it doesn't. Parading around at home singing the Horst Wessel song would make you a fascist I have a fairly large collection of Nazi postage stamps in my possession. I'm not a fascist; I inherited them from my Grandfather, who traded his cigarette ration for most of them during his European holiday in 1944. It is that context that gives them value to me. That, and the sense that something as benign as a postage stamp can appear so evil with Hitler's face on it. Associating fascist objects with fascism is entirely normal. That's why we have a great responsibility when it comes to interpreting this stuff.
  13. Paul A H

    Dust Inside My Camera Lens - Solved

    Most zoom lenses behave like a trombone and suck air in as they extend and retract. If I hold some of my lenses in my hand and rotate the zoom collar, I can feel the puff of air on my face! Dust is therefore inevitable, although I've seldom seen anything as bad as this, however. As for which camera is best for ~£300, how long is a piece of string? I'm sure the Canon is a great camera for the money, but I would take a long, hard look at the original Sony RX100. Argos have it for £329 at the moment, which is a really good deal. The Canon has a much bigger zoom range, but the Sony will win hands down for image quality and low light performance thanks to its larger sensor. For that price you also have to look at some of the lower-spec mirrorless cameras. The Fujifilm X-A10 and Sony A5100 are both within range. They will absolutely monster the Canon for image quality, but you'll miss the massive zoom. It all comes down to this: what do you want to photograph?
  14. Paul A H

    Are some of us "fascist fetishists"?

    I'm not so sure. Re: point 4, I'm sure the majority of the guys dressed up in Wehrmacht uniforms are nice guys and would spend time chatting to members of the public... how is a young person supposed to interpret history based on that experience? If they were to draw the conclusion that most Nazis were ordinary people, then that would be positive. But what if they were to draw the conclusion that Nazis were just nice blokes with well-cut uniforms? Do the reenactors educate the public about the Holocaust, or do they confine their narrative to the day-to-day military campaign? Do they help to perpetuate the myth that the Wehrmacht were not involved in genocide? This is a very complex area of history and not one I would entrust to military vehicle enthusiasts to portray. Re: point 5, most countries that have banned the 'swastika' have actually banned the Hakenkreuz, specifically in the context of promoting Nazism. Austria has a pretty severe approache to this, but the trade in historical artifacts relating to that period is still perfectly lawful, as is the display of such symbols in the context of education about that period. Notwithstanding this, I don't think the Hakenkreuz was banned in Yugoslavia and it didn't seem to make much difference. When I visited eastern European countries, certainly as late as the early 2000s, the narrative around sites of significance to the Holocaust was generally (but not exclusively) geared towards the struggle of slavic nations against Hitlerite fascism. I cannot stress enough that the mere appearance of people dressed up as Wehrmacht soldiers is not sufficient to inject balance into the depiction of events from that period.
  15. Paul A H

    Are some of us "fascist fetishists"?

    At the risk of sounding like Rudy Giuliani, history isn't history. There are plenty of nuts out there like David Irving who have written 'history' in order to further their own political agenda. That kind of history never stands up to scrutiny. In relation to Schindler's List, there's a profound difference between acting in a film and running around a National Trust property at the weekend pretending to shoot Tommys