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  1. Hello all Today a small update on the T54. I painted details and highlights with acrylic and then applied a filter with Vallejo. As preparation for the decals I like to use Smoke from Tamiya, because there is already the appropriate gloss and so the unsightly silvering is prevented. The decals are not from Takom, but from a Trumpeter kit. Why ever, but with the Takom decals I have only problems (very thick and difficult to remove). After the decals I apply a protective layer of Tamiya silk matt from the can. On the building I also continued. Here I built the advertising board and a (fantasy) support construction for the facade. I also added texture and cobblestones to the street. As you can see on the last picture, the paint has become much darker. Of course, this is also due to the clear coat, so always choose lighter colours in advance. I think I've got the colour right-what do you think? Have fun! MD some brushwork a filter some details waiting for the decals (before smoke w. 90% thinner) a protective cover is a must for slow drying colours the decals look good, but have a small edge. this can be removed with wet sandpaper a last protective coat before weathering now a little construction work with the help of this old bending tool, it is ensured that all drill holes are exactly at the same height See you!
  2. Perfect and absolute clean PE work Great model so far! MD
  3. Hello Wayne Thanks for your opinion. Indeed, this project has cost me a lot of nerves with a lot of back and forth. In the end, it's the result that counts and I'm more and more satisfied with it every day. MD
  4. Hello Ben Good to read that you are feeling better again Health is the most important thing and I'm sure our hobby will help you to recharge your batteries and get your mind off things. All the best! BTW: your build and also the stowage looks very good up to here. MD
  5. Hello all Follow with interest your posts about the T55 and have also read the opinion about Paracel figures. I ordered one for my current project, which arrived today. I did not want to withhold the result from you and have attached a few pictures for those who are interested. MD Have seen better cast figures-light years away from alpine, but usable. the edgy face is ok the arms are ok, but the hands are junk for 17€ no comparison to the Panzerart quality, but unfortunately there are not so many suppliers of Asian tank crews. Cheers!
  6. Absolutely! Although Ferdinant / Elefant are super, my model is also gathering dust half finished in the cabinet. Had your build actually want to use as a pacemaker, but does not seem to work
  7. Hi Darryl For my buildings, walls, etc. I always use XPS boards. You may know it from the hardware store as insulation material. Unfortunately, there are usually only plates from 20mm and that would mean a lot of cutting work. Of course there is the material also from AK, but as so often in my opinion much too expensive I buy all at an online store for architects needs (with which they build their models). In addition to a large selection (from 1.5mm) also good prices and very fine material with top quality. Since even the smallest scratches can be made very easily. BTW: it is the same with Burnishing Fluid for metal tracks. I have once researched and tested an alternative ones. Can be ordered in stores for Tiffany glass and is absolutely the same result - only much cheaper. MD for comparison:
  8. Indeed! What always concerns me is what is behind the damage and what construction would be seen. If you bend 2 riveted steel plates and you can see a gap, there must be some connecting piece behind it, such as a flat or angle iron. Then the question arises whether the rivets have been welded from the inside (so that they do not injure the crew when they burst). Unfortunately, I only found out about this after the fact with my Grant project, so you can see what has to be taken into account A good example are your burnt wooden planks. One wonders (if no pictures of the interior are available) how they were fixed. I agree, building a destroyed vehicle means a lot of thinking. Don't give up MD
  9. Hello Nenad I have just discovered your post and find your construction up to this point absolutely great. Many details and clean implementation. By the way, the reference photos and the accessories are also awesome Have fun - I'm looking forward to it! MD
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