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  1. Gentlemen! As announced a few news from the M12. I slowly see light at the end of the tunnel... Cheers! old school: the rear fenders were shortened and ground thinner at the visible outer edges i love field improvisations... here the mechanics have put in a lot of effort from a template... ...the packing crate incl. mounting bracket was rebuilt for further details the collected references are searched again The hatch needs locks and a new padding. I only had some from a german tank, but better than nothing.... The cast-on padding from the kit was too thin. To achieve a realistic effect, simply sand everything down and rebuild the padding from plastic card. Round off the edges and sand the surface a bit. Leather or fabric surfaces are always uneven. Finally a railing for additional cargo
  2. Yes, agree with you! Also reminds me of the base of a naval gun. Thick cast iron makes the model even more interesting
  3. Top post and build so far Do not forget the casting marks on the pepper pot pipes, or do they say pepper shaker in Canada? Keep up the good work!
  4. Can only join the others! Basically, you have to be satisfied with it - that's all that matters. Give the paint a little time and look at it from a distance Sometimes you get caught up in something and think it could be better. But as with wine, let it stand and it will taste better and better As Ed has written, there is nothing that you can't make more beautiful with filters and a little oil paint... Keep at it!
  5. Gentlemen! I'm trying to post more often now - exchanging ideas is actually the whole point of the GB At the weekend I rebuilt the height adjustment of the gun and added details. Today I will continue with the rear mudguards. There I will deviate from the kit... MD The gun cradle on the model has gaps that need to be filled in The mechanism for the height adjustment is missing here, which would probably be seen later on The template... To make small rings or sleeves, simply drill out a round plastic rod or tube, then insert the drill the other way round and carefully cut in with the knife while turning the drill. The beautiful round ring is ready, without having pressed it flat or oval I don't get a beauty award for it... ...but much better than before These mudguards belong on a vintage car, but not on a 155mm monster Tuning is the order of the day
  6. Hello Bertie Nice idea with the additional armour Spontaneously I would say to give one or the other plate a splash of dirt, which still comes from the original tank, during the upcoming painting / weathering. I don't think anyone would bother to clean the plates before assembly You might also be able to add the remnants of a white US star or similar insignia to a plate... Or you turn a plate and you can see the remains of the interior painting... Ok, lots of crazy thoughts MD
  7. Hello all First of all, thank you for your comments - they are always very welcome! Ok, after my wife's insistence that I spend a lot of time on our new lawn in the garden, I'm back at the workbench The detail work on the M12 is going well and today I want to show you the progress. In the course of the construction, I have discovered more and more inconsistencies with the original through research and am trying to correct them. Apart from the superstructure, I am currently working on the massive gun. The fact that it is a relic of WW1 makes it even more interesting. I think I will be busy with PE and accessories all next week, then hopefully the painting can start. Until then have fun! MD the rear superstructure was partially rebuilt Welded seams made of stretched plastic missing screws and rivets have been added with a little wire more details i had doubts about the grenades from the kit so research was done these beans taste better i have taken this information as a template not 100% but better than before The gun had an enormous recoil Therefore, a hole had to be dug behind it fat thing in the mud
  8. A well-done model up to this point I also like the painting on the dozer blade very much-the number 3 is the cherry on top of the cream MD
  9. Can only agree with Ed-very nice and clean MD
  10. Hey Stix As always very nice model and a good idea with the knocked out turret The painting again very well done! MD
  11. Hello Darryl Good paint job Yes, indeed-Panzer Putty's advantage of spreading everywhere can be a real disadvantage (especially on warm days) MD
  12. Hey Ed Up to here very nice model-Miniart was once again conquered by you The colour contrast on the side skirts is top and helps the dusting even more It's always a bit difficult on light models with a desert theme. Keep it up! MD
  13. I am very honoured by your enthusiasm Thank you very much for that! MD
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