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  1. Hello Stix Thanks so much for the comment, I really appreciate it It means a lot to me when other modelers like my style-that's the reward for all the work. I like to share my experiences and here at BM you always learn new tricks from other posts. Let's see - on the weekend I will hopefully be able to present my finished scene So long! MD
  2. Hello Ray Because of the many work on my model and Bob`s latest HS theme i only now come to look at your article. I find everything really very well done and especially I like the theme figure painting I know many AFV modelers who are "afraid" of the painting and honestly it is not so easy even after 100 books and videos, as it looks with professionals. For me, figures simply belong to it, they bring a model to life. Your composition and modification of the figures with Rabbit reminds me a little of Roger Hurkmann's style and just this interaction makes it. I will also
  3. ... every modelling day is a learning experience. Absolut! This hobby can never be boring MD
  4. Hello Bob THX a lot I think you can also achieve good effects with AK. My tip: test different thick snow mixtures on a piece of plastic card. If you dilute with PVA, note the shrinkage of the glue (and the water) after drying. I added a little tamiya white and flow improver from vallejo to my mix in the first coat and the last coat without color for a slightly translucent effect. Have fun and good results! MD
  5. Good morning Bob! Here is my experience: Whether you use HS or Chipping Fluid, it doesn't really matter in principle. The advantage of HS is that you can work on it longer (if you use a medium strength 3) than e.g. Worn effects from AK. The application depends only on how you want to create the effect (large or fine chips). The HS should be applied in 2-3 thin coats (let each coat dry first) and finally leave a slightly shiny sheen on the model, similar to a clear coat. You can then immediately apply the water-diluted white non-opaque and remove this again with a br
  6. Hello all The GB is approaching the final and I think to show the last pictures before the finished model today The IG is finished with accessories, the first November snow has fallen on the vignette and there are only details left to paint on the figure. Have fun! MD a few more pictures of the weathering of the tracks Rust dust blending w. brush metal shine It's now the monster mash
  7. Hello all Big thanks to Stix, Hewy and Vytautas for the nice comments!! Yes, making the boxy design interesting is a bit of a challenge in my opinion. After I had decided on this model for the GB, I discovered some IG's on the internet, e.g. from M. Rinaldi. For me it was now even more important not to build a copy, but to show my own style. A parcel full of snow and bushes has just arrived At the moment I'm finishing the vignette-before it can be winter, all details have to be in place. I'm using the powder from DM for the first time and hope it all go
  8. Hello all After a very loooooong time an new update from the construction of the IG. Today I would like to present you the 99% finished model (without accessories)-i have tried to show the details better with a neutral background. My talent for photography is probably not that high, but I hope you like the pictures anyway The vignette and figure are also almost finished and I will be able to bring (almost) everything together next weekend. I still have a little time left , so have fun!! MD
  9. Ok, after I have been unmasked today a small contribution on the subject of winter white wash On my example I would like to show that it must not always be HS or chipping fluid. The advantage of pigments is that you can remove them again (almost) without great problems - at least better than pure color. So maybe this way is also for people who are afraid to mess up their precious model. In contrast to pure chipping, where the flaking of paint is to be imitated, I want to achieve a washed-off effect by rain and snow. In the first step shown here, I applied pigments in
  10. Damn!! With the discovery of Photoshop, Bletchley has revealed the last great German secret after the decryption of the Enigma Your funny comment has pleased me very much and shows that the trouble with the water pump has apparently been worthwhile It reminds me a bit of my childhood, the like many of us I was a proud owner of a model railroad. There you see that our hobby is simply the best, if you are still enthusiastic after many years. MD
  11. Hey Stix Congratulations on the beautiful model The weathered 3 tone camouflage and the mud are very well done. The additional equipment makes a good impression and also the figures look high quality from the details. I did not know that Hobbyboss offers this quality. You can also see the Tamiya figures a great progress in the direction of resin. The times of the monster soldiers seems to be gone for good Have fun and good luck with the painting! PS: the 44 is also very cool MD
  12. Hello all After a longer forced break at work, I used the Easter days to continue weathering on the IG The chipping is done with acrylic and all other effects with oil paints. I think that all components of the vignette have to have the same level, so I spent a lot of time on the water pump as well as the tank. The project is slowly coming to an end, but the work is getting finer and finer and takes time accordingly. At the moment, I'm still working on accessories that will go on the tank. Have fun! MD my colours for OPR
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