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  1. Hi Paul The canopy was a bit of a pain using the jig. I had fit issues with it at the end of the build it wouldn’t sit snuggly on to the fuselage so I had to carefully bend the canopy sides out slightly to get a better fit. I think Airfix over thought the jig idea it would of been better to have one piece rear canopy but I suppose they did it that way due to mould restraints and got two styles of side canopy for different versions.
  2. First time I’ve used 3D printed decals and I didn’t know how to apply them as there was no instructions on how to use them so anyway I went through the usual process like normal decals and when applying them to the cockpit they wouldn’t stick I ended up using PVA to stick them down.
  3. Hi all I present to you my rendition of the Airfix 1:48 Chipmunk T.10 I chose to do the camouflaged markings of WP964 serving with the Army Air Corps at AAC Middle Wallop in June 1968 I used kits-world 3-D printed decals for the instrument panels and seatbelts (KW3D1481020) not overly impressed with these would of preferred photo-etch but hay-ho Tamyia XF-52 and XF-81 acrylic paints used for the camo also added the break lines from nylon thread i throughly enjoyed this build thanks for looking and happy modelling
  4. Cracking build there Steve finished to your usual high standard job well done
  5. Thank you for bringing to my attention about the Matt area around the cockpit I hadn’t noticed on photos of the real thing. I will make the necessary adjustments and yes it’s my lighting that is giving the colour that off colour. Cheers
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