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  1. Airfix 1/48 Spitfire I, 19 Sqn, Sept 1940: spit02 by Paul Bradley, on Flickr spit01 by Paul Bradley, on Flickr
  2. spit02 by Paul Bradley, on Flickr spit01 by Paul Bradley, on Flickr All done. Thanks for your support and kind words.
  3. Nice shots, and thanks for sharing your experiences this summer!
  4. Right click/Save - thanks, Daneel! I'd love to build one - but where would I get the decals? Is there a Croatian company that prints them?
  5. With the pandemic, airlines not flying and the general world situation, I'm finding that British magazines are VERY sparse here in the US. My local Barnes and Noble has very few aviation and modelling mags and most of those are from March/April. It's a tough time to be a print magazine.
  6. Very nice, James! Weathering looks just right.
  7. Is North Weald still operational? It used to hold some really nice airshows back in the 80s. Kemble, perhaps? Plenty of space.
  8. Welcome to BM, MP! Are you aware of IPMS/Phoenix? http://www.ipms-phoenix.com/ One of the best and most active modelling clubs in the US. I do encourage you to get in touch - super-nice folks there.
  9. It's a Croatian one - here's a photo of the same airframe I took in Dubrovnik in 2013: croatia 811 by paulbradley109, on Flickr They are very proud of their 'Canadians': https://www.morh.hr/kategorija/protupozarne-aktivnosti-2020/
  10. Wow, that's confidence in your aircraft and skills for you! What a pity you can't get decals for these Croatian machines - just about every other operator, but not them..... I have both the 215 and 415 kits I'd like to finish in these markings.
  11. Cheers, Trevor! Well, some stuttering progress due to other commitments, but a few minutes here, a few minutes there now sees me to the point where decals have been applied! I really dislike masking - it is perhaps my least favourite task in modelling - but here's the Spit masked and after a shot of Dark Green: Removing the masks revealed a few areas I needed to touch up, but - amazingly - no areas where paint had pulled up. Bit chuffed about that. The 'pre-shading' didn't work so well with the Dk Green - perhaps because the paint is so dark. S
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