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  1. Check with our Chris Payne - @falcon - as I know he took a boatload of photos of SIGs and branches this year, and there's a good chance NI is in there somewhere!
  2. I've no doubt they did their homework with the design - doesn't make her look any better though! An interesting tidbit in the TV prog was the part about the part the wind direction plays in flight ops, specifically the blanking and funneling effect of the islands and the turbulence this sets up across the very spots the F-35s land on.
  3. I think the for'ard island is a bit too for'ard, and the front of the flight deck is a bit bluff, but otherwise a smart ship.
  4. It should be pointed out that the USAF Heritage Flight and the US Navy Legacy Flight are two completely different organizations; OP is referring to the USAF.
  5. Nice! Hopefully, Airfix will provide both options when they produce their kit. E-mail sent to Airfix. I'd love to see a 1/350, but that might be too big and expensive for many. Would they make one to 1/600 and be out of sync with the rest of the modelling world or start a new-to-them 1/700 scale range? A chance to do other modern RN subjects, too? And I'd love to see F-35B and Merlin 3 and 4 models to go alongside in 1/72. Perhaps a Wildcat, too...
  6. Me, too - Dell w/Google Chrome. Can see the daytime Phantom photos just fine, but not these.
  7. Two new threads were started on the Airfix Vulcan when there was already a thread over 300 posts......they can't have been looking very hard..............
  8. Already a thread on this with pictures.
  9. Stuff the kit - I want that huge poster/banner!
  10. Yup, the cat was well and truly let out of the bag, and last seen screaming up the M62....... There's a thread elsewhere.
  11. Another vote for the 1/350 HMS QE/PoW. It would be big........ Expensive, yes, but topical and the real thing will be in service for many, many years. They could then release 1/72 F-35B and Merlin (with Crowsnest parts) kits to complement it. And they could also update and re-release the Type 45 kit as an escort.
  12. Well, that IS excellent news! These were my dad's boats and I'd like to make one in memory.
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