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  1. Fantastic formation shot of the fast birds - two of my all-time favourite types! I hope I can see '661 in action one day.......A Sigh for a Centaurus....... Thanks for sharing! One minor quibble - they really ought to have known that it's spelled 'Pearl Harbor'. And thank goodness they explained the Pearl Harbor/Spitfire connection - I thought they'd gone all Ben Affleck on us for a moment.......
  2. French Navy prototype only, I believe - see the photo here: https://forum.keypublishing.com/forum/modern-military-aviation/137399-rockets-red-glare?p=3422294#post3422294
  3. Any chance you could submit those to Julian for the walkaround section?
  4. Ah, that dates from the time when the Directorate of Naval Design employed MC Escher.
  5. Also watching with great interest! I'll be building Lusty next year. Regarding 1/400 Hurricanes - you might ask this chap at Shapeways if he can re-scale: https://www.shapeways.com/product/TFK4LDQWH/hurricane-w-gear-x4-fud?optionId=66660098&li=marketplace He does them in 1/350 and 1/500, so might be willing to tweak the CAD files.
  6. Wow, I'll echo that - many thanks, Ian!! I, too, would be very interested in seeing a diagram of the Scheme 1 port side. So - as far as you know - was the disruptive scheme painted over the Home Fleet Grey, and what colour would it have been? And would the deck also have been finished with a disruptive pattern? The one photo with the upturned Glad would suggest otherwise, but it's a relatively small area.
  7. And done - thanks, Jamie!
  8. So this is in response to a couple of entries in the HMS Indomitable colours thread, where the colours of her sister ship, Illustrious, and specifically her colours at the time of the Taranto Raid, were briefly alluded to. I shall, hopefully, shortly be embarking on a project to build Illustrious at Taranto in time for the 80th anniversary next year, so I've been doing a little research. What I've seen is a rather confusing, as some sources state she was overall dark grey, while others state she had been given a disruptive camo scheme in time for the raid. So what is the consensus of opinion of the more learned members of this forum?
  9. Sorry to drag this slightly off topic, but I'm intending, in the near future, to build an Illustrious as at Taranto - so what colour(s) was she in for the attack? I thought she was an overall dark grey at that time, that camo wasn't applied until after the raid. Should we start a separate thread on this?
  10. There was an RAF one at MCAS Yuma last Monday, for what it's worth.
  11. Good job there wasn't an HMS Continent then.......
  12. Meh, don't think I'll bother then.
  13. Lovely! Especially the shots of the Alize and Wessex. Thanks for sharing, Shaun!
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