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  1. Paul Bradley

    RIP John Farley

  2. Interesting story at the BBC website of a recently restored and running Renault FT: http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20180531-the-wwi-tank-that-helped-change-warfare-forever Some footage of the driver's compartment and some fascinating close-up footage of the vehicle running - well, crawling...... Good for anyone building the various kits.
  3. Paul Bradley

    Bonus Buys

    Bought a Hobbycraft Sea fury for $5 at a show from a well-known dealer. Opened it later to find complete resin/white metal/PE enhancement sets to fix all the issues, and three aftermarket decal sheets......
  4. Paul Bradley

    Hunter as D-558 in The Right Stuff

    It's volume 26, for those with bound sets. Unfortunately, I don't have that one, but thought the info might help those who want to search for it. The cover features a Japanese C-130H, and the contents are: http://www.magazineexchange.co.uk/air-international-magazine-january-1984-issue.html#
  5. Paul Bradley

    Monogram Helldiver Instructions

    Dauntless, were you referring to the old Monogram kit or the newer ProModeller kit? If the former, I just acquired one myself and can scan and send you those instructions.
  6. Underwhelming - I guess that's why it's pronounced MEH-ng.........
  7. Paul Bradley

    "Since my last visit" has stopped working

    Appears to be working for me as well! Many thanks for the persistence, Mike, and to Support for their support!
  8. Paul Bradley

    "Since my last visit" has stopped working

    Still not working.
  9. Paul Bradley

    "Since my last visit" has stopped working

    https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/discover/6/&stream_club_select=undefined&stream_club_filter=undefined&stream_date_type=last_visit Only logging in on my home desktop via either Chrome or IE. Neither works.
  10. Paul Bradley

    "Since my last visit" has stopped working

    Sure, no problem. Should I PM you my details?
  11. Paul Bradley

    "Since my last visit" has stopped working

    Hasn't worked for me for a week. I am visiting right now and it is not working - I have to switch Time Period to Specified Number of Days (1) to make the feature work at all. Most annoying. I figured the brains trust at support would have figured it out by now.
  12. Paul Bradley

    US Navy to buy an RAF C-130J

    I, too, have always been far more impressed by the European teams than the American ones. However, the love and respect for the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels in this country should not be underestimated. When I was at the Yuma show last month, the crowd was very disappointed that the Angels were not displaying, and, equally, the crowd at Luke the following day where the Angels WERE performing were extremely enthusiastic. Both teams put on highly professional displays, and while neither is as 'dynamic' as their European counterparts, their close formation manoeuvres should not be pooh-poohed. The bit I cannot stand is the silly 30 minute synchronized square-bashing crap by the pilots and mechanics of both teams prior to take off......
  13. Paul Bradley

    Uamf down?

  14. Paul Bradley

    Uamf down?

    Is that all? Mine's a lot longer than yours........
  15. Paul Bradley

    1978-80 RAF decal sets

    Matt, check your e-mail.