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  1. Wow, nice! That would be the size of the ones that were applied to the raspberry ripple anniversary Phantom.
  2. It's very wrinkly.... 021 by Paul Bradley, on Flickr And she is a real one, not a replica: https://www.airforcetimes.com/veterans/military-history/2019/11/04/restored-f-117-nighthawk-coming-to-reagan-library/
  3. Nice set! I was there just before Christmas last year; the fires burned right up to the grounds in places, but none of the buildings was touched. they were very lucky. As for the f-117, it had not long been put on display when we visited. It is very awkwardly placed on the west side of the main building, in shadow for most of the day and in a bad position to get a good photo of the whole airframe. 013 by Paul Bradley, on Flickr 024 by Paul Bradley, on Flickr On the plus side, if you need close-up detail shots...... 014 by Paul Bradley, on Flickr
  4. Cheers, John. I made the base for an Airfix Vulcan about 20 years ago, based on a quick reaction stand. It's simple foam posterboard with 'concrete' paint, the 'grass' areas are scenic flocking over dark earth paint. The Vulcan has long since gone to the breakers yard, but the base is still useful for these sorts of shots.
  5. If I have time, I'll try to do some studio portraits later. Lots doing today though.
  6. Cheers, guys! That's an Oxford Miniatures model - they have some really nice vehicles that can be used on airfield dioramas.
  7. Yet and other of the new mould Airfix 1/72 Buccaneer. Rather than depict the Ark option from the box, I re-arranged the decals to create the last 021 to serve on the Ark, XV361, with the late-style roundels. As has been mentioned endlessly, it's an OK kit, short on detail, especially in the cockpit, but far better than any previous 1/72 IM Buccaneer. OOB aside from a pair of resin seats as I heartily dislike modern multi-piece ejection seats, especially when they aren't all that detailed! bucc01 by Paul Bradley, on Flickr bucc02 by Paul Bradley, on Flickr
  8. LOL, so true! If Genius is 1% Inspiration and 99% perspiration, then the inventor of the sauna was Albert Einstein.....
  9. Nice one, Gary - a cool, minimal conversion and thoroughly believable!
  10. Cheers, Zig - doing the occasional model in flight can provide a pleasant change! Thanks, Wulfman!
  11. Wow, so cool! What's the nose on the 707 - F-16?
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