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  1. Nice work on the Heller Sherman, Bodmin. I've built several already and I think they are on par with the Dragon kits. I wish they would issue more versions, like an M4A1, a !c Firefly or a Mk. Vc Firefly.... Peter
  2. That's a very nice Paladin Willy, especially considering the scale. Well done! Peter
  3. What's not to love of such an iconic French bomber. Well done! Peter PS: Jacques Brel was from Belgium...
  4. Lovely Beaufort, I may have to get one myself Peter
  5. Stunning little dio, very creative way of presenting the end of a Bf 110. Peter
  6. That's a very impressive beast and an immaculate finish. Thank you for sharing! Peter
  7. That a great restart of your modelling career . Well done and welcome back. Peter
  8. Like it a lot Roman, and great idea to use the sticky circles for the camo! Peter
  9. Like it a lot Pete, great model of a kit one rarely sees built. Peter
  10. That's a great looking Claude in a ver smart paint scheme! Peter
  11. Dear all, Please find below some images of my recently finished 1:72 Heller Sherman III (M4A2) of the 3rd County of London Yeomanry (3CLY) 'Sharpshooters' as it appeared during the Sicily landings in 1943. Although not indicated in the instructions, the Heller kit has all the parts to build an early M4A2, although for this build I also needed the sand shields and deep wading gear from Dan Taylor Modelworks. The wading trunks for the Sicily landings were a bit shorter than the ones used in Normandy, so I replaced the etched trunks with new ones from thin plastic sheet. The decals are also from Dan Taylor, as well as some stowage, and this was complemented with stuff from O3D and Black Dog. I hope you like it. Peter
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