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  1. That a truly classic kit and you've don it justice, nice! Peter
  2. Great build, very nice to see Sword issuing all these great kits that have never been done in injected plastic before! Peter
  3. Very nice, Fuad. And I think these red-yellow circus tent stripes look great Peter
  4. Lovely Hurribomber, Libor! Makes me want to get mine out of the stash. Peter
  5. Great first post Farnarkle, love what you did with the kit! Peter
  6. A great build of a very unusual subject. Love it for both reasons Peter
  7. That's a nice one Roman, I love the subtle weathering you applied! Peter
  8. The Arma kit certainly looks the part. I have to get mine out of the stash Peter
  9. Which is also a very nice looking aeroplane btw Peter
  10. Hi Miguel, Maybe you can use Aztec's generic Venezuelan decal sheet for starters? This also includes 1:144 scale markings: https://aztecmodels.com/collections/decals/products/g-004-generic-decals-venezuelan-air-force Or write them an e-mail suggesting they should issue the F-16 sheet in your scale Un cordial saludo, Peter
  11. Not my usual kind of subject (no propeller...), but I joined an F-16 group build of my regional model club. I'm not very interested in the 50 shades of grey that normally adorn modern jet fighters, so I opted for an aircraft in the SEAC colours of the Venezuelan Air Force, with the bright commemorative markings for the 25th anniversary of the 'Dragones'. The kit is from Revell, that I kindly acquired from a fellow modeller from Denmark, through the Scalemates network. The decals are from Aztec, and using the 'strong' version of Daco decal setting solution they confirmed beautifully
  12. Great work on the G-6AS. As Roman said, not an easy build, but the result is awesome!
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