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  1. Pedro1

    Canadian armour Battle of the Scheldt

    Many thanks!
  2. Hi Jerzy, Just catching up on your A-101 build. Looks like a very ambitious conversion and looking forward to the end result! Have you decided the markings yet? Peter
  3. Pedro1

    Supermarine S6B in 1/72 & 1/48 from MikroMir

    SBS Models from Hungary also do a 1:72 Macchi MC72 which is light years ahead of the old Delta2 offering. It would be nice though to get some other Schneider Trophy contenders... Peter
  4. Another great build Moa, I like how you removed the landing gear fairings and dropped the flaps! Peter
  5. Dear all, Please find below some images of my Airco DH.9 Hispano Suiza from the Aviación Militar, on the eve of the Spanish Civil War. For this conversion I used the Classic Plane vacuform fuselage for the DH9, with a modified nose and upper front fuselage, combined with the wings, tail plane and undercarriage of the Airfix DH.4. The Roundels came from a Loire 46, the crow and tail number were custom printed by Arctic Decals I finished it already last year, but didn't have any decent photos until recently (Thanks LJ). I hope you like it Peter
  6. That's another nice one in civvy clothes Moa! I love the orange and green colour combination. Peter
  7. Great result on the camo, very nice Piaggio!
  8. Hi Spad, It definitely makes the wings less wobbly. Peter
  9. Hi Kapam, It is already straight, so no need to tension it afterwards with all risks of pulling the wings out of alignment. The wire is used for antenae for rc race cars and is widely available. Peter
  10. Great build of an interesting aircraft.
  11. The decals are from Arctic Decals (www.arcticdecals.com) from Finland. They can be ordered both in 1:72 and 1:48. Peter
  12. Hi Kapam, I used 0.3 mm steel wire, cut to length and glued in place with superglue. Work from the inside out and take your time, and you can do it as well. Peter Thanks to all for the positive feedback!
  13. Here's my recent conversion of the 1:72 Pegasus Airco DH.4 into the passenger carrying DH.4A from Instone Air Lines. The original gained fame for winning the very King's Cup. An article on the conversion will appear in one of the upcoming issues of SAMI. I hope you like it! Peter
  14. Pedro1

    Vista Fairey Fulmar.1/72

    IIRC the stars were added as the FAA thought the opposing Vichy forces were less likely to shoot at American aircraft rather than British. The French were still pretty angry with the Royal Navy for attacking the French fleet in July 1940 at Mers-el-Kébir (Algeria) with little or no warning, after France had surrendered to the Nazis... Peter