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  1. Very impressive result, Roman. I've had one like this in my stash for ages, but always shied away from the amount of work Peter
  2. Only shows that a model doesn't have to be big to impress. Well done! Peter
  3. Lovely build, I like the tattered look of a Korean war Mustang. What did you use to fix the clear part of the cockpit hood to the frame? The Tamiya kit of the Mustang looks like a great kit but I find it annoying they supply the the hood as two separate pieces. I have the kit in the stash and have been wondering if I need to use a vac part instead. Peter
  4. That's a lovely Spit, Roman. What's not to like of a low back Merlin engined variant Peter
  5. That looks like a very promising start, lovely work on the interior. I just wish Airfix had done this one in 1:72. I know there's a basic vacform available, but with only limited time for modelling, there's no way I would take on a vac HP42 .... Peter
  6. Nice work on the Heller Sherman, Bodmin. I've built several already and I think they are on par with the Dragon kits. I wish they would issue more versions, like an M4A1, a !c Firefly or a Mk. Vc Firefly.... Peter
  7. That's a very nice Paladin Willy, especially considering the scale. Well done! Peter
  8. What's not to love of such an iconic French bomber. Well done! Peter PS: Jacques Brel was from Belgium...
  9. Lovely Beaufort, I may have to get one myself Peter
  10. Stunning little dio, very creative way of presenting the end of a Bf 110. Peter
  11. That's a very impressive beast and an immaculate finish. Thank you for sharing! Peter
  12. That a great restart of your modelling career . Well done and welcome back. Peter
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