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  1. Great job on the RS kit, the end result looks the part!
  2. Very nice Roman, and thanks for the tip regarding the upcoming Revell Grille Peter
  3. Well done Srkirad, hard to believe it is only 1:72! Peter
  4. Very nice looking Comet, Roman! Good to see it build, as I was very curious what it would be like ever since it was first announced. I will now have to get one myself Peter
  5. Great result from the Ace kit. Ace have some lovely braille scale subjects, but I never seem to be able to finish one due to the fit of the parts Peter
  6. Very nice Gustav. And you can never go wrong with those Finnish markings Peter
  7. Wow! This is a real stunner. And those colours look spot on. Peter
  8. That is one great looking Caudron! Amazing what you did with this classic kit, a real stunner. Peter
  9. Great looking Auntie Ju! You've done her justice. Like you I have been looking for the Heller kit for ages, good to know the KP kit is the Heller moulding Peter
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