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  1. That is made of a cobblestone set from Juweela, not cheap but very realistic. Peter
  2. You should! For inspiration you may want to check out the Braille Scale Discussion Group on Tapatalk: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/missinglynx/braille-scale-discussion-group-f47210/ Peter
  3. Great little build. I picked one up the other day for the same reasons. Stuck with a number of stalled builds I wanted something quick and easy to get he mojo flowing again. I did mine in Ukrainian markings. Peter
  4. Great job on the RS kit, the end result looks the part!
  5. Very nice Roman, and thanks for the tip regarding the upcoming Revell Grille Peter
  6. Well done Srkirad, hard to believe it is only 1:72! Peter
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