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  1. Great build and inspiration for the one in my stash
  2. Great job on the Barracuda, good to see these Indian Ocean markings for a chance. Also love the scenery! Peter
  3. Pedro1

    Matchbox Wellesley

    Well done! Inspiration for me to dust off the one I have on my shelf of doom and finally finish it Peter
  4. Pedro1

    New book on SCW Bf109 just out.

    Sounds like an interesting read. Can you maybe post a pic of the cover?
  5. Thanks for your kind comments. I started this build as I wanted a P-51 with a Malcolm hood without invasion stripes in my collection and then stumbled on the Kitsworld set. Reading up a bit about ‘Salem Representative’, I found out that Ralph ‘Kidd" Hofer was quite a character and ran into trouble with his commanding officer on several occasions. He initially joined the Royal Canadian Air Force before transferring to the 4th Fighter Group, 8th Air Force, in September 1943. He scored his first two victories in P-47s but his most famous mount is P-51B 42-106924 QP—L, named ‘Salem Representative’. Hofer flew several shuttle missions from the UK to Russia to Italy and back to the UK. While flying P-51B QP-X, he apparently received several hits from a Hungarian Bf 109 over Budapest, on July 2, 1944. While trying to guide his crippled plane back to Italy, he was fatally hit when trying to make an emergency landing on a Luftwaffe airfield near Mostar, in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Hofer is now buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri. Peter
  6. I'm a bit on a Mustang spree at the moment, so here are some images of another recently finished Academy build in 1:72; 'Salem Representative' flown by Flying Officer Ralph "Kidd" Hofer. I used an Eduard Zoom set for the cockpit, while the decals came from Kitsworld. I dropped the flaps on this one as well, as it adds a lot of character to the model IMHO. The rest was build pretty much as per the instructions. Next up will be a P-51 'Red Tail', inspired by the film on the Tuskegee Airmen. I hope you like it! Peter
  7. Pedro1

    P-51 Mustang Mk.III RAAF

    Thank you for your kind comment Kitchen Modeller. IMHO Academy indeed offers great value for money with decent shapes, general good fit and finely recessed panel lines. With the Mustang I particularly like the fact that you can model the cockpit open, without having to resort to major surgery. The only tricky bit is the separate tail section, to accommodate the versions with and without fin fillet. But take care aligning the port and starboard fuselage sides and you hardly need any filler around the tail. Peter
  8. Dear all, Please find below some images of another recent build. It's the 1:72 Academy P-51C Mustang build as a Mustang Mk.III of the RAAF, as operated from Fano, Italy, on the Adriatic coast in 1944. I used an Eduard Zoom set for the cockpit and dropped the flaps, while the guns were replaced with brass tubes and the kit's bombs with some Eduard Brassin items. The camouflage was sprayed on using a masking set from Kora Models. The decals are from On Target decals for Commonwealth Mustangs as I liked the Southern Cross image on the tail. It's a great little sheet, but it has unfortunately a few errors when it comes to instructions. The Mustangs from 3 Sqn RAAF didn't have a medium blue spinner but a red one (like all allied fighter aircraft in Italy) and didn't have the white identification bands on the wings and tail. They didn't have the yellow markings on the wings either, but I only found that out after I finished painting the whole lot, so I left that as it was. I hope you like it! Peter PS: looking at the images I realize I need to add a bit more grime to the wheels... These Mustangs were kept well but worked hard.
  9. I used Ushi van der Rosten elastic thread for the antennae. Biggest advantage is that it doesn't snap if you accidentally touch the wires when packing or unpacking the model at a model show. Peter
  10. Thanks for the kind comments and the likes
  11. Time to post some images of my first ever Tamiya kit, as my usual diet consists of Czech short run kits or conversions of bombers into something more civil. I used an Eduard Zoom set for the interior and a CMK set for the dropped flaps. The kit decals are nice, but as I wanted to depict a late war F4U-1D from the USS Cape Gloucester, I used a sheet from Barracudacals. I hope you like it. Peter
  12. Pedro1

    1/72 AZ Model Messerschmitt Bf-109 K4

    Great looking K-4 Roman! Peter
  13. Really nice build Jerzy, and a brave one as well, considering the camouflage scheme. I have one half started in my stash, maybe I should drag it out and finally finish it . Peter
  14. Another great build Moa. This wouldn't look out of place at a trailer park
  15. Nice work on the DH9 conversion Jerzy! I may have to do a nationalist version as well Peter