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  1. Wow, that's a neat little machine. Don't know if it'll be of interest to you, but here is a picture of an Indian one. Photo taken by me.
  2. Looks great, maybe brighter lighting for your photos may be a good idea
  3. Wow, great work Carius. We have a captured example here in my town, which admittedly is in worse shape, but the small details have been captured very well by you
  4. Going great Vytautas. I agree about stories adding another layer to the model, this is often the case with real vehicles as well. Looking forward to seeing this completed
  5. Herr Metalpig has listened to the people. Hurrah for Democracy...
  6. Petition to rename this thread to Gaffing Around Superthread with occasional Tiger building
  7. Ahh, M47 Pattons. Our extremely friendly western neighbor used them in 1965 and 1971. At the battle of Asal Uttar, so many Pattons were knocked out by us that a graveyard of them was formed. It was called Patton Nagar (city of Pattons) Interesting build and lovely work.
  8. The stamped star would be from T-26-4 (the one with the howitzer in the turret. I believe these had the same turret, so....
  9. Looks very interesting. Might I suggest you make an Indian one..... The only bit you will have to make yourself is a fake fume extractor, which we put on our tanks so that they could be clearly distinguished from the Pakistani Type 59/T-54s. Also, welcome to the forum
  10. Patron saint of Shermans turns to another. I'm sure it will be a stupendous job. And all those superlatives. Now get to it please, I love your work
  11. Looks great and very satisfying. Lovely work. BTW, would you recommend Friul or MasterClub for a T-55?
  12. The "ma friends" is always is a sign of great stuff ahead.
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