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  1. Vah, lajawab. I am speechless by now. . Where do you get such skill from??
  2. Excellent build, makes my Stug efforts seem rather inadequate, but then, People don't choose the Stug life, Stug life chooses them
  3. Here are some photos of Tata Trucks/Buses This is the Tata 1210D (MB 312W) Tata 1210A Tata 407 Tata 1613c Tata 2515c
  4. Yes indeed it is It's called Tata Grey, because Tata 1210D trucks used to originally be painted in that colour. Its a sort of bluish grey
  5. Maybe you could do an IAF aircraft (Indian Air Force) Our camouflages actually vary a lot (from painter to painter actually)
  6. Vaastav


    Ram Ram Bhai Swagat hai (Welcome in Hindi)
  7. Tata used to build the Mercedes 312W as the Tata 1210D for many years. Now they build their own design trucks, though most of them have Mercedes Design Shadows in them. Unfortunately Village Photos is currently not working, so I will post pictures later.
  8. I suppose you mean Tata Grey, we use it on civillian Mahindra jeeps
  9. Get Well Soon Robert, As we indians say "Shubh Swasthya Jaldi Pao"
  10. One can only try, try and try again
  11. Vaastav


    Hello, I am Ivor Ismail from India. My favourite types of models are 1/35 military vehiclesn and 1/72 aircraft. I have already posted 2 builds, one of a Zvezda ZiS 151 and one of a Tamiya Hanomag Sd.Kfz 251/1. I work fast enough, but my painting is a little wanting as I don't really have any modelling supplies. Other than that, my interests are Films, History, Vehicles etc. Thank you for allowing me to be here
  12. Anyone having extra models/ models they have duplicates of, please message me. They can go to an honourable cause "Vaastav Parityakt Model Ka Ghar" or "The Vaastav home for extra models" Thank you
  13. Excellent attention to detail & scratch building, I need to learn from you
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