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  1. Oh I see. I almost get carried away but I have an annoying younger brother who makes my life the devil's domain by getting after me about photos...
  2. Thanks a lot for the kind words @Wez. I am curious though, what tradition did I follow? (I am a bit new to this...)
  3. The work is finally done. Sorry about no intermediate pictures, but my phone fell into the hands of a five year old cousin who did quite a bit of deleting and has caused rather a lot of grief. (Memo to self- Models and phones do not mix well with small children)
  4. 1/35 JSU 152 (Berlin)-May 1945) Tamiya Kit. Various paints (Humbrol, Vallejo, Camlin Artists Acrylics, AK) WIP here Comments and criticism welcome.
  5. The tracks and lower hull are officially done, and now I will be focusing on the upper hull. I think I have manage to make the tracks look realistic, but please do tell me if anything more is needed The side view: Top view The front with spare track links added
  6. Hello all. Update time: I painted the upper and lower hull, as well as the wheels. The paint is a homemade approximation of 4BO, made by trial and error, so please excuse it if it is a bit inaccurate. The upper hull 'T Lower Hull The Dushka Roadwheels
  7. Thanks @CliffB for the kind words. Update time: The tracks were made and the fitted perfectly and weren't too much of a chore to make. The upper track section on the jig: The tracks attached to the tank: Front view: The painting was started with Dmitri the loader: Comments and critiques welcome. Stay safe
  8. Thanks @Wez I am looking at starting the painting next week
  9. OK, update time. The kit is mostly finished (except for the tracks, which will be done) The muzzle brake on the gun was very well made and realistic without any flash or anything. And here is the gun mounted (with cement bottle for scale) The kit's Dushka, was also quite an intricate piece despite having the wrong muzzle brake for its type The entire casemate top I decided to leave the commander's hatch closed because he is rather deep down and not very visible, so I will only be using the loader figure Dmitri the loader Stay safe
  10. Great work. Though how your hand remained attached to your body after all those squiggles is a mystery.
  11. Alright it's update time. The lower and upper body have been glued together. I will be doing the tracks later, as Tamiya have provided link and length tracks as well as a jig for track sag.  PE mesh was also given for the engine grilles. A nice touch from Tamiya. Some of the odds and ends on the casemate have been added The cap on the return roller fell off when I took the photo. Comments and criticism welcome. Stay safe
  12. Thanks @Wez, the build is now Here.
  13. Well, Its the truth John. Anyhow, update time: The Wheels are done (lot's of them here.) The lower hull: I decided to put the spare track links on the front after painting. The squashed bits of metal are bullets that are being used to weight the tank. Comments and critiques welcome. Stay safe
  14. OK @Wez please do move it to the appropriate forum.
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