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  1. The tiger is finished. Thanks to all of you great guys for the support and kind words. Phir milenge. *Comments and critique welcome
  2. Hi people. I worked on getting some damage on the mufflers as well as turret bin. It was done through a process known as playing with fire. Other work: The end of the muzzle brake was worn to show the effect of firing the 88mm. Turret was weathered. Phir milenge
  3. Hi Guys. This is a mini update. Hans the commander has been given the first lick of paint. More to follow. The turret has been made and zimmed up. And painted as well. Next up, I will weather the turret and put finishing touches. Also, I decided not to put any markings, as I was watching a documentary about the german tank crews and their stories. This made me decide to keep the tiger unmarked and representative of all the tanks and their crews.
  4. Ok, part 2 I weathered and improved some of my older models. I built Tamiya's DAK Kubelwagen as well. I also made Zvezda's 1/35 T-72B into an Ajeya tank of the Indian Army.
  5. Hi guys, Happy New Year to you and your families. My year saw more model making, because lock down etc. First lockdown build, Tamiya's 1/35 SdKfz 222 and Horch 1a. I also managed to finish off my Airfix M10 GMC. I made Tamiya's ISU-152 as part of the Journey's End GB.
  6. Update time: Upper hull has been weathered. The rust color will be tempered with brown to make it look like dirt. Attached to the lower hull. The red oxide is in places where the zimm got blown off along with the side fenders by an artillery shell that landed near it. The main gun has been started on. Everything is currently dry fitted as I have to do the zimm on the mantlet. The kit also provides a simple breech, which is a nice touch, as I plan to have a figure and this way there won't be a dark void beneath him. The gun is loooong.
  7. Looking great. Happy new year
  8. @Longbow, since you have a sPzAbt 502 book, please could you see if there are any of 002 (my project). Ok, now for updates. The upper hull painted yellow. The pioneer tools painted, and green camo scheme applied. Please don't go on the camo too much, it's painted with imagination and a hairy stick (not that I'm very good with either. Dry fitted to the lower hull. The front left fender is damaged to show a little battle weariness. Next up, weathering
  9. Update time.. The exhaust area was blackened and rusted to kind of simulate the real thing. (I know it's kind of weird from this angle but it looks good.) The front plate had it's zimm applied, auto filler and bolt thread method. The hatches were attached, as was the front plate. The bow MG was fitted as well. The bow MG is actually quite a nice piece, it's mounting is fitted in a way that it still moves like an MG in a ball mount. Phir milenge
  10. The lower hull is officially done. Upper hull next... The tracks had a pencil run over them for metallic effect. The camo is painted by brush and isn't the most historically accurate, so please bear with me. A piece of the fender was broken off to simulate battle damage. Phir milenge
  11. Great work with the seats. The level of detail is amazing Vytautas, and merry Christmas
  12. I wasn't able to get too much modelling time in due to Christmas preps, but some progress was made. The wheels were attached, and boy did I feel for the crew when they had to change wheels or do maintenance...... I will be doing it in steps, like finishing the lower hull and painting it, finishing upper hull and painting it and then doing the turret and painting it, and finally weathering all of them together. The tracks of 1 side done. Tamiya has provided Indi-link tracks which fit very well together, My only grouse is that with the lower part of the body sit
  13. Minor update. *Trigger Warning: zimmerit ahead is highly improvised, using auto filler and the threads of a bolt. Please don't kill me. * I know the zimm is a bit smudged in places, but it will be shown as damaged and broken there, so no sweat. Mud will be applied on the front the zimm is a bit cursory. A hella lot of wheels And on a light note.
  14. After much deliberation as to whether my semi skilled modelling would be welcome, I decided to take the plunge and pulled out Tamiya's Tiger 1 Mid. The round thing is a tin of auto filler for the zimmerit. I will be doing it as the tank on the box, Tiger 002 of sPzAbt 502 in Russia. This is the only photo I have managed to find of it. If anyone had any other picture please help.
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