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  1. Nice one. I did this one some time back with the Sd. Kfz 222. Yours already looks much better than mine
  2. Wow. Nice and subtle. You definitely shouldn't have trouble
  3. I think it's time you went into other home appliances as well. After all the number 2 of the house (ahem ahem) might get suspicious at the number of vacuum cleaners being ordered while the same wheezy old one is being used.
  4. Nice work. I am sure the weathering will be great too
  5. Good to see you back @Gorby. I am sure that whatever ills plagued you took one peek at what was inside your cranium (or lack thereof) and took to their heels, and didn't look back. What with your sanity being in a caravan near Slough and you scratching mad scientist ideas. The whopper looks great and worthy of being made by you. I am waiting for your next project.
  6. Wow. That is miles beyond my effort with the airfix m10. Looks a smasher
  7. Mind if I follow, Israeli stuff is interesting.
  8. Great work. A superb example of a well used (and well ridden) tank. Crack on
  9. Some troops wore Pattis (puttees), and trousers while some wore pattis and shorts (Gurkhas etc). The figures in the HaT set are generic for Dogras, Jat etc. Hornet heads are 1/35, so a bit bigheaded (sorry couldn't resist). ICM's smallest figures are 1/48, so worth considering. Masterbox is a bit too big (smallest is 1/35) Thanks a lot all you guys for the help
  10. Thanks a ton for the tip @Stew Dapple, Hannants does ship to India.
  11. It is the right scale, thanks a ton. However, upon going to their site, they don't list India as a country they ship to. However, if no one ships direct, then maybe I can ask one of my relatives to get it and send it over.
  12. Hello all, I am planning a project depicting Indian soldiers in the trenches of France in the First World War. However, the problem is that I haven't really been able to find anywhere that sells these figures and ships to India. Help please
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