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  1. I'm in for this one!! Although quite how you're going to light it and add engine sounds is, quite frankly, beyond me All the best Ben
  2. Got a couple of the airfix / freightdog combination to build myself so following with interest.
  3. That looks absolutely fantastic with (almost) all the components in place!!! Really well done - superb work! All the best Ben
  4. Haha - thats brilliant! Be glad when it's all done now and I can get back to normality and not keep falling over boxes of things!!
  5. Sadly no progress on this for a little while as have had a week away while the new kitchen was fitted (and a nice job they have done of it). Came back and decided that the hall could do with redecorating (it's been on the cards for a while), then decided that rather than just a repaint I'd strip it back to plasterboard and completely redo it. If that wasn't enough while some new plaster work was drying I thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of the fact the lounge / dining room were still packed up and repaint these. Have just finished this (6hrs - not bad!!). All this diy means the T-55 is still safely tucked away and will probably stay there until I'm finished. Tomorrow - I get to play with my power sander! All the best Ben
  6. badger

    a couple of magach's in 1/72

    Excellent progress and awesome subjects!
  7. Great progress!! How did the decals behave as I have some other blue rider ones to use on a Sopwith Pup?
  8. Hi Steve Sorry this is once again a bit late. Have been putting the kitchen back together after having had it refitted and trying to get the hall ready for painting tomorrow. This is an excellent section on the use of blanco taken from Dick Taylor's "The Men inside the Metal - The British AFV Crewman in WW2 Vol 1". Photo is for discussion purposes only Hope this helps All the best Ben
  9. Cool - I'd noticed the same thing from the photos but wasn't sure how to recreate it.
  10. Watching with interest as I look forward to seeing the final result
  11. They do some nice bits. I have their seagulls which have used to populate an abandoned Dieppe Churchill tank.
  12. Cheers Steve Started as a "lets just paint this", then I went "Ooh - this papers loose". Now its a full strip back to plasterboard!!
  13. Hi Steve Sorry - been stripping wallpaper off all day ready to do some decorating and only just checked in. I tend to use varying shades of a sandy green as the original item was a beigey tan which was then coloured with the application of blanco which came in several shades. The reenactor chap's pack is about as dark as I would go in 1/72. Hope that helps All the best Ben
  14. That's superb!! Utterly brilliant! Very realistic finish and the ripples are just right for the scale. Be very interested in learning how you did it. All the best Ben
  15. It's a shame it's not worked out for you at the moment. Sometimes best to leave it and come back to it later I find, as once you're unhappy with it, it can be quite difficult to see past this. A break sometimes allows you to reapproach it with a fresh set of eyes and a clear head. Also I find a break sometimes allows us to come up with a solution we may not otherwise have thought of. Don't be too disappointed about it though. All the best Ben