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  1. That is good news on the republication as they are excellent references. Mine are now very well thumbed indeed. Just need Tankograd to reprint Les Freathys WW2 British Trucks. All the best and keep up the good work Ben
  2. Friendship are one of my go to places for 1/72 bits. Always had good service from them. Whoops- just spotted that - sorry. Can't seem to find any photos of a matching one but did find a 1/48 kit which gives a bit more detail. http://www.asam.co.uk/mmbed.html Will keep looking. All the best Ben
  3. Ex services one for sale here with a great photo inside the pump housing http://www.justtankers.com/tanker-sales/bedford-/bedford-mj-4x4-aviation-refueler-2000-436
  4. Great progress on this Wheels, of course they are. Ben @badger mentions metal options, what's wrong with these? Metal ones are a bit more detailed with a more accurate tread pattern from memory. http://friendshipmodels.co.uk/epages/927b314c-3d48-4f6e-9263-90c86771b2e6.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/927b314c-3d48-4f6e-9263-90c86771b2e6/Products/WBM76068 All the best Ben
  5. Looking great - glad the tracks arrived safely. Nice tip about thinning the sprocket - will remember that (by writing it on the kit box!!). All the best Ben
  6. Hi Jack Entirely coincidentally my order turned up today! Thanks for posting this - I did think it very out of character and figured there must be a reason. Hopefully you'll get your order soon. All the best Ben
  7. I use AB figures a lot as I really like the character they have - they are metal though
  8. Ooh - nice choice. I love the Bedford MK series. Got to have a go at driving one over an off road track some years ago - loads of fun. Friendship models do a nice set of metal wheels and did do a detailing set that had a roof plate, wing mirrors and some other bits (not sure if they still offer it). Following with interest Ben
  9. Great job!! I have loads of these to do at some point as well and had contemplated mounting them on figure bases. Having seen how good yours look I'll definitely be doing that. Good luck with the hellbore - I stalled on one about 10 years ago and it is still mocking me from the shelf of shame.
  10. Hi Jack No - dan is usually very good at responding to emails although he doesnt usually send an email to say the parcel has been sent. I've ordered from him for years with absolutely no issues. I know he's been waiting on some OKB tracks to arrive (I have an order with him at the moment). Like yourself I've emailed recently and had no reply. I wonder if it's an email problem. Might be worth trying the contact form on his website as I see he's updated Facebook yesterday. Let me know if you get a response Kind regards Ben
  11. Trumpeter Model 1944 T-34/85 with SHQ figures. Mildly detailed kit with replacement wheels, tow cables, handles and a few other bits. SHQ tank riders and infantry Unknown make plaster building, heavily detailed with a lot of scratch building. Although the Trumpeter kit is pretty poor, especially the tracks I'm rather pleased with how this turned out. Thanks to the hosts for a fun GB. All the best Ben
  12. Calling this done. A final session today has finished this off. A few touch ups around the figures and some pastel weathering to blend the tracks and figures into the base has completed the build. I'll post my photos up in the gallery but would just like to end with a thanks to the hosts for a fun GB. All the best Ben
  13. Very clever and artfully done! I'm my opinion the weathering is spot on and adds a great deal of visual interest. Ben
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