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  1. Sadly I'm going to have to bow out of this GB. Not modelling much at the moment and have a lot on at work so not going to be able to join this I'm afraid. Kind regards Ben
  2. Looks really good so far - have tried building this kit a couple of times over the last 30 odd years bit never managed to get it to look as good as yours!!
  3. I was prepared to cross kit it with a Revell hull and running gear, as I got it cheap enough to do this, but to be honest the kit doesn't seem like it needs it. I haven't done much research on the real thing yet as tied up with a few other builds first.
  4. I don't think so. The running gear is definitely not and the sprues dont seem the same so I would guess its a new mould. Its a bit similar to the newer ACE kits (such as their Centurion). I'll post some sprue shots when I get chance
  5. Not a lot to update as have been busy with other things the last couple of months. Have added another T-55 build in the form of a Northern Alliance T-55 using a Revell kit I got cheap along with some Star decals and a few other bits and pieces. Just had the A&A S-125M Neva arrive through the post which I picked up off ebay for about half it's retail price. This looks much better than I was expecting (and far better than the box art!). Planning an additional T-54 as have a second Blackdog conversion in the post from Tracks and Troops (I ordered it over 12 months ago along with some other bits and pieces). After some pondering this will be a Soviet tank from the Prague Spring in 1968, chosen as some of them were spotted with a mix of older spider and newer starfish wheels. More at some point Ben
  6. A very nice 1/72 A&A S-125M Neva for a very reasonable price off ebay to add to my T-54/55 1/72 mega build.
  7. Amusing Hobby do a T-72M1 with a full interior that might be worth looking at?
  8. Not built mine yet, but when I do I plan on adding a full interior.
  9. Cool build and very informative write up. Thanks for sharing All the best Ben
  10. A new Tamiya 1/35 Tiran 5 for a very good price from ebay to add to the T-55 collection. As it was so cheap, I splashed out on a few bits to improve it as well. Miniart T-55 wheels and their Omsh Late Track Aber etched grilles and wading screen attachment RB models turned metal barrel Looking forward to this as should be a bit less intimidating than the Miniart T-54/55 kits I have so a good starting point.
  11. Another bargain 1/35 Miniart T-54 from ebay last night. This time the full interior T-54-2 version. To go with it a metal barrel from Model Hobbies and the Miniart early T-54 transmission set from Creative Models because it would be rude not too!!
  12. Brilliant - thanks for the pic and the helpful explanation. I'll pick some up and give it a go. All the best Ben
  13. Had to look in in this build as this was my Scalextric car of choice back in the day. Absolutely stunning job!! Can I ask what levelling thinner you've used as I have a black Tamiya Porsche 911 GT2 to have a go at and that finish is superb. All the best Ben
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