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  1. I'd be interested John as I recently picked this kit up, if you don't mind sharing? All the best Ben
  2. Nice job Steve - missed this in the blitz build sadly. Like the groundwork All the best Ben
  3. Thanks chaps - just not feeling it at the moment. Been busy with other things - gardening, DIY and researching some family history that have taken me away from the models. I'll get back into it I'm sure - every now and again I take a break, but always return. All the best Ben
  4. Well sadly this is not going to get finished for the end of the GB as have lost all enthusiasm for modelling at the moment. Haven't done anything on this since the last update so its safely back in it's box in the garage ready for when I get back into it. All the best Ben
  5. Wow - I disappear off for a few weeks and come back to find you've finished it! Well done mate - a very nice job you've made of it indeed Figures are very impressive, even more so considering they're your first ones. Have to say the ruin is thoroughly excellent, especially with the cat. Really sets the scene nicely. Have you seen Tamiya do a Cromwell in 1/35? And it has markings for 11th Armoured All the best Ben
  6. Cool- this was also my first model and I still have it somewhere. Yours turned out much better than mine though!
  7. Cheers Steve Have read his "Churchills Secret Warriors" a couple of years ago and really enjoyed that. Will have to move it up the pile. All the best Ben
  8. Excellent progress mate - far more than I've managed recently and really like how the building is coming together. Made me laugh as I have the same "Nazi Hunters" book in my to read pile (Ooh I can get emoji again as they didn't work on my old phone!). More importantly - glad you are having fun with it again. All the best Ben
  9. badger

    1:72/1:76 conversions

    Hi Can I recommend these This is a book of plans for 1/72 allied armour - mostly fairly common subjects but very useful for adding details. I also recommend this as it deals exclusively in 1/72 British with some conversion projects, superdetailing and general help and advice All the best Ben
  10. That looks excellent mate! Glad the damage wasn't too severe as it would be a shame if this didn't get finished. The flag is a nice touch and adds a splash of colour. Go for it with the mud splashes - looks great! What colour did you use for the wooden tool handles as it's really effective? All the best Ben
  11. Thanks for looking in. I'm rather pleased with it for the first time and will definitely be using it again. The only downside is the smell as it is rather "pungent" but dries very quickly. All the best Ben
  12. Mrs Badger has been working away on the skeletons and has almost finished the 80 we need. Not done anything on it myself for a few months but on holiday next week so shall try and do a bit more on the groundwork. Thanks for looking in All the best Ben
  13. Thanks Steve That was my thoughts exactly. I have another in the stash and didn't fancy two bridgelayers. I've made a bit more progress on this tonight. At the end of last session I assembled the turret, then slathered it in filler to sort out a rather nasty seam where the top overhang the bottom. There were also some noticeable sink marks in the turret sides. I started tonight by heavily sanding the filler smooth, then tried something new for me and stopped on a coat of mr surfacer 1000 to add a cast texture and help hide the filler. This worked a treat and I'm really impressed with the result. I need to apply a bit more around the mantle opening. To end tonight I've removed the excessive lip from inside both hatches and thinned the loaders hatch to about half it's original thickness. I'll do the same to the commanders hatch next session. All the best Ben
  14. Cheers Stix. I actually got a fair bit more done last night but didn't get chance to take any photos as my phone battery died. Will update tonight All the best Ben
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