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  1. Cheers for the support chaps! Very much appreciated. Although it wasn't pleasant, things have settled down a bit now workwise but I just haven't been able to get back into this build. Luckily I have managed to finish off a couple of tanks so all is not lost. Taking a few weeks off at present and working on some wargames stuff for a break as I sometimes find a change of subject helps. All the best and thanks again Ben
  2. Well sadly this one didn't make it to the finish line. Problems at work totally killed my mojo for this build and I never managed to get it back. Oh well - there's alway the KUTA gb. All the best Ben
  3. Nice review and good to see Revell have released this, as I missed it first time round. This is a much nicer kit than the Hasegawa one I have in the stash so really must pick one up.
  4. Excellent work - lots of handy tips which I have bookmarked for when I get round to building my WW1 planes. The mottling effect is most striking. Following with interest. All the best Ben
  5. Considering what you had to work with, I quantify that as a resounding success!! I've built that kit in the past and "tough" is being kind! Hopefully for the next one you can find something more enjoyable, that merits the full "Big X treatment"™ All the best Ben
  6. Neighbours should be well used to it by now - I do it often enough when I'm spraying outside. It's when you forget and open the door to the postie still wearing it!! All the best Ben
  7. Luckily I had a respirator mask on, although not pleasant when you start sneezing whilst wearing one ! Ooh - like the idea for the lemsip - shall try that next time. All the best Ben
  8. Good news - there is progress of a kind. I've popped out and resprayed the rear of the T-55 as it has been warm and sunny today. This has touched up where I removed the erroneous snorkel and guard. On other news a box of bits for the Kladivo has arrived thanks to Old Pro. This will allow me to add the missing bits and correct some issues with the modelltrans kit. Many thanks for the help!!! Feeling a bit better so will try and get back to this tonight. All the best Ben
  9. Urrghh - I hate the first few weeks of a new academic year! New students, new germs, new illnesses!! Have come down with a horrible head cold earlier in the week so much as I would like to crack on with the T-55s, I can't stop coughing and sneezing so modellings a no go until this eases a bit . Catching up on some films with a lemsip and a box of tissues instead Hopefully normal service will resume shortly! All the best Ben
  10. Hi Steve Yum - garlic bread looks good!! Sorry to hear about the mojo - I get it now and again and have figured out there's no point trying to force it. I usually find it'll return when it's ready. All the best mate Ben
  11. badger

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    Blacktop mojo's cover of Aerosmith's Dream On. Awesome!
  12. So as it transpires the Modelltrans conversion is a bit of a mixed bag. Whilst it is very nicely cast and requires little clean up it seems a bit confused about what it represents and the "instructions" are totally useless. A couple of hours googling has got me to the point where I am pretty certain what the tank should look like. However there are a few bits not in the conversion set that I really need. Chief amongst these are the belly armour and ammo box stowage. I've contacted revell to see if I can buy the appropriate sprue from their T-55am2 kit as this has the bits I need. In the meantime I'll continue with both of them, as hopefully revell won't take long to respond. All the best Ben
  13. Well - as it's chucking it down here, I thought I'd have a quick try of the main components. One thing lead to another and here's where we're now at Quite enjoyed it All the best Ben