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  1. Looking good so far John. I too have this in the stash and have been wary of starting it so I'll follow along with interest if I may. All the best Ben
  2. Simply awesome!! Superb choice of colour too.
  3. Hi Try SHQ miniatures as from memory he offers some All the best Ben
  4. I managed to clear out a huge amount of spares and scrap kits so pretty pleased with that and should restock your spares nicely. If you can drop me a PM with your details Pete I'll get it off to you once it's safe to do so. Also managed to find some bits I promised another BM member 6 months ago and then couldn't find so they've been parcelled up ready to post when I can.
  5. Well I took the opportunity of a rainy day down here to dig out the spares - have already had to change the postal box twice for bigger ones
  6. Not a problem - I'll sort through the spares as some I know I want to keep but there's a lot that you are welcome to. Be interesting to see what you make of it. All the best Ben
  7. Hi Steve PM inbound - very kind of you and that lot will be great. In the same spirit @Pete in Lincs I have a huge box of spares (mostly 1/72) but some 1/35. A lot of it I'll never use so happy to send your way once this is all over and we can get out and about again. Stay safe all and thanks again Steve.
  8. Hi Mate Hope you are ok - if it helps I have about 50ish part started / finished models in some storage boxes. I go back to them now and again and finish the odd one - have cleared 3 this week which is a record. Some have been in there for over 10 years! If it's not too late please don't bin them. If you really dont want them I'll happily give you something for them as have a couple of resin hulls and turrets (with zimmerit) that need donor parts. Have never gotten round to buying the revell kits for them though. Take care Ben
  9. Hi John Seems to be typical of Mac kits - unusual subjects but a bit rough and ready. I have a couple of their Horchs and they are the same. Speaking of engineering quality. I am currently building this https://www.scalemates.com/kits/ammo-by-mig-jimenez-amig-8502-t-54-b--1195612 Without a shadow of a doubt this is one of the best kits I have ever built. The instructions are full colour and have a walk round of the real tank included. Might be worth mentioning I'm not a fanboy of the Mig / Ammo brands but picked the kit up more out of curiosity (and I really wanted a T-54!) All the best Ben
  10. Looking good John and very rapid progress! Stay safe Ben
  11. Hi Stuart At this point in the war they are probably not "jerrycans" but either 2 gallon or 4 gallon flimsies so the size and shape isn't far off to be honest. All the best Ben
  12. Great job mate. Like the crew in the back It would look the business paired up with your king tiger. All the best Ben
  13. I was wondering the same. If it's real I could be very interested in having a go in 1/72. Ben
  14. No worries - they were a new company to me. Found they do lots of interesting figures and bits for my Aussie build as well as a sandbagged M113 floor which I had been after for a mammoth, ongoing build.
  15. A company called callsign models do resin replacement tyres. Historex agents stock some of the range but not these. Firestorm models in Australia have them (and their prices are a lot cheaper than Historex but not sure on postage).
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