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  1. Hi Stuart Thanks for this - I've found an email address for costal craft so will get in touch and see. If not thats a good idea and will give it a go All the best Ben
  2. Hi Guy Many thanks - thats very helpful, especially with the explanation of your method. I'll have a hunt for some appropriate vents now I know what they look like so thanks for sharing the photo. I've had my kits a few years (mid eighties boxing that arrived still shrink wrapped!) and have collected a few bits to upgrade it (mostly from DJ Parkins). I ordered some of the mesh you recommended which arrived today - looks very promising. Looking forward to seeing more progress. All the best Ben
  3. If I could also ask where your replacment mushroom vents are from, as again they are a big improvement?
  4. Hi Brilliant work and looks very nice so far! I have one of these to do and wanted to ask what the measurements were for cutting out the front rails please as this makes a huge improvement. Kind regards Ben
  5. Genius Sir!!! Hopefully someone will do an 11th Armoured Division option!
  6. Having said that I'm holding out for the later boxing of the Gecko kit for vehicles in NW Europe as I'm not that interested in either of the "well known" ones (despite the fact the old ATS school in Camberley is about 20mins from where I live).
  7. Having seen a few reviews, I'll be going for the Gecko one myself. The Airfix one, from what I have read, has post war bar grip tyres. There is at least one set of resin replacements out already (Def Models), but add this to the cost of the kit and it makes the Gecko one cheaper for what appears to be a far more detailed kit.
  8. The Tiran has turned out very nicely indeed. I've been building the Tamiya 1/35 one and really must finish it off.
  9. I would hazard a guess its to make the vehicle more visable when viewed directly head on as you wouldn't see the crosses from that angle. Pics of the Gecko test build can be seen here: https://www.track-link.com/forums/modelling_kits/23058
  10. AFV Club 1/35 Berlin wall for a diorama I have in mind.
  11. I wonder whether this site might be of use? https://www.scorpion-miniature-models.co.uk/shop Very helpful chap runs it and he was able to advise me when I had some questions on a gulf war scorpion.
  12. Thanks for sharing this and good spot on the photo etch - certainly adds to the appeal of the kit. All the best Ben
  13. Thanks for that - must try that next time Thanks John - its been a while since I've been on here. Nice to move it along a little. Have a few in the stash - prefer the steel wheel version myself for some reason
  14. Gahh - rediscovered how much I dislike painting roadwheels!!! No matter how hard I try I can never get them as neat as I would like. Luckily this ones going to be pretty dusty .
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