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  1. Looking great John and full of useful tips of things I need to add to mine
  2. Managed to do some more on my MkIII today. Slowly coming together but for a 1976 kit the detail is actually really rather nice.
  3. Great progress John and liking all the little additions 👍
  4. @Kingsman - as always thanks for the help and the clarification on aerial vs antenna (something I didn't know). I agree with your points on the photo. Much as I'd like the tank in the foreground to have the longer barrel, I also suspect it is the shorter one, although it does seem to have "later" features with the extra armour which I believe was brought in about the same time as the longer barrel and the antenna cage. It does have an odd looking sideskirt which seems like the upper section from the desert style. I think I have enough to put together a representative model of a late version using the linked photo as "inspiration" (I won't add the tank name) - long barrel (its well and truly fixed in now so too late to change it), additional armour and Essex extinguishers. I may go with the glacis stowage for the tow cable as well. I'd have never have thought Crusaders could be so complicated!
  5. Playing around with this image earlier in photoshop and I can just make out the cage for the aerial against the background building. I'll go with the later extinguishers now I've established this. Have ordered the SBS set from Wildcat Models as it has both styles so can always change back if new evidence comes to light
  6. This is the one I'm basing my model on doesn't need to be an exact replica). No evidence of aerial cage, so will assume earlier extinguishers. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:IWM-H-30925-Crusader-III-19430623.jpg Has been uparmoured and I'm really hoping that's the longer gun as I've fitted one to the kit already. Photo is dated 23/6/43. Interestingly it seems to have a section of sideskirt fitted that looks like the fuller ones used in North Africa. And I thought Shermans were complicated!!
  7. Thanks for the clarification - is it the angle or do these look like the turret tops are white?
  8. Many thanks for the help @Kingsman. I had figured much the same but then came across this late last night on Panzerserra's website showing Crusader IIIs from the CIAB during a parade in 1943. To my eye these are all late models with the longer gun. They also have a cage around the foremost aerial that isn't seen on a lot of MkIIIs
  9. Hi all I'm building a late mkiii Crusader with the longer gun and added armour. Both the Eduard etch set and the offical vehicle stowage diagram show later pattern fire extinguishers on either side of the turret bin. I am struggling to find them in photos as most seem to have the earlier, smaller extinguishers mounted on the hull. Is there any evidence the larger essex extinguishers were fitted to the Crusader III? Kind regards Ben
  10. A TMD resin interior for Academy/ Airfix's M3 Stuart from ebay. Been after one for years as the kit is very wrong and this was a very reasonable price. As a bonus it come with TMDs replacement, corrected upper and lower hull which is ideal as I made a bit of a mess of the original kit some years ago and this saves a fair bit of work sorting it all out.
  11. Awesome progress John. Just retrieved my Mk III out of the attic and have done more on it than I remembered.
  12. That's the problem - I very much do want to but as my output has been pretty dire recently I'm trying to clear up some part started builds before tackling anything new. I possibly fancy a Tiran 6 at some point (have Tamiya's Tiran 5 almost built) and have a couple of Trumpeters T-62s. I've swopped out the wheels for Miniart ones as I don't like the seperate tyres very much, and am about to start the fuel lines.
  13. Watching your progress is making want to dig my mk III out of the stash. Must resist - have a Trumpeter T62 I'm partway through that I want to get built first
  14. Not sure if this helps but theres a set of Friuls on ebay from a chap in Germany? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/285710086395?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=35hgf3cFSkW&sssrc=4429486&ssuid=gKCxPngSRVK&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  15. No worries - that's worth knowing. I have some 3d printed ones by Heavy Hobby for a M4A3 USMC build and can't really recommend those either as the connectors are too fragile and break without extreme care. There are also only 8 spares in the set so I ended up having to buy 2 sets which was rather expensive!
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