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  1. Excellent progress today Steve. Glad to see no cats were harmed in the making of the model though. Good idea to "breakage-proof" as much as possible. I hate it when you have everything nicely painted only to snap something off and then get glue marks over the paintwork. All the best Ben
  2. Excellent progress today and I like the trick with the radiator - should look the part once it's all painted. Gearstick looks good as well. All the best Ben
  3. They are a decent set of figures - I picked them up from a charity shop years ago and have used a couple. Essentially the main differences are the high uniform collar, full length jack boots and side cap. These were all changed in about 1943 for an open collar jacket, ankle boots and waiters and a peaked cap. Whilst the older uniform items continued to be worn for a while the side cap disappeared quite quickly and the Jack boots were quite rare by the time of Normandy. The plan sounds entirely feasible to me. I can have a look and see if I have 12th SS markings spare if that helps? All the best Ben
  4. Good save on the gear knob. I often replace them - in 1/72 they are always too thick. I use insect pins as they have a ball on top - very cheap and a box will last a lifetime. Come in different sizes as well. Don't know if you have decided on a colour scheme yet, but if you fancy the early war grey I have a couple of figures that would work well as the crew. Was thinking of the two on the right from this picture. I doubt I'll use them so they're yours if you can? All the best Ben
  5. Great start mate and an interesting subject. I'm a fan of the "undersung" vehicles of the war - the cargo carriers, troop transports and general runabouts that sit in the background ignored in favour of the more "glamorous" afvs. Looking forward to seeing you work your magic on this. All the best Ben Ps - a belated happy birthday for last month!
  6. They also do a set for the recently released IBG Crusader mkiii AA. Just ordered one as the detail is amazing! Recoil springs are actual springs. All the best Ben
  7. Cheers chaps- hopefully something festive I've been working on will appear soon. The idea of Peter Rabbit taking down tanks is genius! All the best Ben
  8. Thanks Adam - sorry to hear that. It is true some of their stuff would benefit from some casting quality control! No worries Steve - I managed to follow it as one of the "advantages" of working with the youth of today is you end up picking up all kinds of new words and abbreviations. Thanks again for the support. Not a problem John - you've found it now and thanks for the comments. All the best Ben
  9. Condolences on your loss Roger - been there myself with various pets and it's heartbreaking, especially when it's sudden. The tanks look good though (have built the 94 and have the 89 in the stash part started). IBG have done quite a range of Japanese armour now and they're rather nice kits. New arrival is certainly very photogenic - just dont let her near the models! All the best Ben
  10. Thanks chap. Really enjoyed this as a total break and change of pace from my more usual 1/72 armour. All the best Ben
  11. No worries- their new album is on YouTube. Definately worth a listen. All the best Ben
  12. Mongolian rock music. Strangely cool!
  13. Humm- frustrating to assemble to say the least! I've managed one wheel, the frame and the front mudguard. All I can say is that I wanted a "battered" look which is probably a good thing. It's still an improvement on the one from the Airfix Bedford QLT which was my original idea.
  14. Shiny bits have arrived in the post today I've been wanting to add a bicycle to the base but the one I had wasn't very good. Managed to get these off ebay for the princely sum of 99p More soon All the best Ben
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