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  1. Thanks chaps. I've not long had these kits having been looking for them for a while. I was doing some stash mining to see what other gulf war kits I had and they caught my eye. Been quite a nice build so far. Will finish off the M60 so it's ready for paint then get back to this. Ben
  2. Yep - it is quite stowed up isn't it. Checking photos they did carry a fair bit of stowage but I think Blackdog have potentially overdone it slightly. Theres a couple of bits I wont be fitting and I'd like to add a couple of drinks boxes to the turret rear once its all painted
  3. Hi Steve Thanks for this mate and a cracking collection you have there. This one is coming along very nicely so far. I've built a couple of the Revell Hmmwvs in the past and they go together nicely with a little bit of care. The main ambulance body is together with just one part left to fit. The chassis is also coming along well, will need to leave the two sections separate so I can paint the interior. More soon Ben
  4. Afternoon all, As the M60A1 build is proceeding nicely, and we have until May, I thought I'd enter a second build. This will be the Revell 1/72 HMMWV M997 Ambulance as there are Gulf War decals in the box. The only addition may be a set of Calibre 72 resin wheels, although these have nice tread pattern they are excessively "sagged" and look flat so I need to try and reduce this a bit as otherwise they just look daft. More soon Ben
  5. Lots of progress today. I've added a lot of the hull details and all the remaining era blocks before starting to add some of the blackdog resin stowage. The sandbags went on well as did the bits on the sides of the turret and engine deck. The bustle rack was a bit of a faff and needed some trimming which lead to a small amount of damage in a couple of places. I should probably have fitted this before the side era plates as this may have been easier. In any event I have managed to hide most of the damage with the other stowage and in
  6. Thanks Cliff To be honest the roadwheels were pretty straightforward but now they are out of the way the fun can resume. More soon Ben
  7. And done! Thats the worst part over More soon Ben Just noticed the rearmost wheel looks wonky. It's the angle of the photo - it is definitely straight and level!
  8. Cheers Hewy. It is a fair amount of stowage. Not sure I'll use all of it as it hides the extra armour a bit too much and I really want to highlight this as it will make it different than my other M60s I've built. The turret basket will definitely be added and I'll then pick and choose from the rest. More soon Ben
  9. Thanks Dennis. Hopefully so - I look forward to seeing it. All the best Ben Thank you very much - it does look rather menacing from certain angles
  10. And this is where I've got to tonight on this. Gone together quite well, apart from some of the ERA panels whose location points are a bit vague. Still got a seam to deal with around the small mg turret. More soon Ben
  11. Just seen this in the gallery and thought it was 1/35!!! Absolutely excellent build!! Well done - I'd tip my cap to you if I wore one! Ben
  12. Dragon 1/72 Erstaz M10 Panther RB models metal barrel Etched engine deck screens Scratch built armour supports, lifting eyes and bow machine gun cover Calibre 72 US tank crew with CMK german heads. Build thread here: Thanks to @Corsairfoxfouruncle for hosting. All the best Ben
  13. Thanks Stix - it wasn't quite finished in that photo but is now Ben
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