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  1. If I go with this there will be rigging!! Building the Chieftain first as I've wanted to do one of these for years. I have one in the stash but it's over the 25% built point and is being heavily converted to a much later version. I have 50+ WW1 aircraft in the stash and bought the Pup at the IPMS nationals in Donnington just before I packed up modelling to go to Uni. It's almost the longest stash resident so really does deserve to get built!
  2. Gotta love a cromwell (well I do!). Cracking job as always All the best Ben
  3. Really like these - turned out nicely. All the best Ben
  4. badger

    Milicast 1/72 A10 Cruiser

    Really like that - just out of interest what paints did you use as I have a few to do in the early war two tone green scheme? All the best Ben
  5. Hi Steve Stretchers look good - worked nicely. As for the canvas colour - Vallejo do a "canvas" in their Panzer Aces range which I use quite a lot as it's a very useful colour. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vallejo-Panzer-Aces-Canvas-70-314-17ml-Acrylic-Modelling-Paint/131963441988?hash=item1eb9a25344:g:FWoAAOSwNRdX-D-0 All the best Ben
  6. That's really odd - I use halfords primer and have never had that before. A bath overnight in some fairy power spray should remove most of it (use an old tooth brush) if that helps at all? Don't bin them - if need be stick them back in the box and forget about them for a bit, but don't actually chuck them. Every time I've ever done that I've regretted it as the kit has instantly gone out of production and been impossible to replace. It happens to us all - I stuffed a fully built Revell T-90 tank last week whilst airbrushing it (I had a similar effect), it took 2 hours to clean up but I had spent so long building it (and it fought me the whole way), that I was damned if I was going to let it beat me! All the best Ben
  7. Haha - brilliant!! I had a ceramic dusty bin money box as a kid - in fact I think I still have it up the loft.
  8. I'm a big fan of Dan Taylor's range. Nice items at a very reasonable price and great service. No connection other than a repeat customer.
  9. Actually not too bad at £6. Seen them go for a lot more than that
  10. badger

    Masterbox 1/72 Mark I Male

    Many thanks The base matches all my other 1/72 AFV's and I really enjoy painting tiny figures - sadly this one didn't have lots of insignia to get carried away with All the best Ben
  11. badger

    Masterbox 1/72 Mark I Male

    Many thanks - really pleased I managed to finish one as didn't know if I still could null Thanks Steve I use a simple process for tracks - grey primer, steel spray (Halfords Peugeot cossack grey in this case but any metallic grey will do), thinned black ink was to shade, thinned sepia wash to add rust, mud effects (in this case Games Workshop Typhus corrosion which is a textured paint for weathering) then a light drybrush of steel on wear points. I'll try and take a series of photos next time I paint some tracks to illustrate this. As for the groundwork it's simple ready mix polyfilla watered down a touch, with a handful of model railway ballast gravel, some sand and several types of shotblasting powder mixed in to add texture. I usually mix in some mud brown paint to prevent white showing if it chips. This was applied with an old teaspoon, allowed to dry for a bit, then I put some clingfilm over it and pressed the tank down to add track marks. It was painted earth brown, various washes applied (same as used on the tank) and a light drybrush of a lighter earth brown. Puddles were gloss varnish with green ink. Hope this helps All the best Ben
  12. badger

    AGB White M3A1 Scout Car - 1/72

    Good job! Can see at least one of these heading my way soon!
  13. Woo - my Chieftain kit arrived today Looking forward to this as have just finished my first model in 3 years!! All the best Ben
  14. First completed model in almost 3 years. Built out of the box with polyfilla, gravel and shotblasting powder groundwork. Figure is AB figures (and yes he does have rank insignia!) Paints were mainly Vallejo with a few Games Workshop. Puddles were done with gloss varnish with a tiny dab of green ink. Weathering was Games Workshop Typhus Corrosion and various MIG / Ammo weathering effects with the exhaust stains done with MIG soot black powder. Quite pleased with how it turned out. Thanks for looking All the best Ben
  15. With your well practiced scratching skills I'd say that's definitely worth a try first.