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  1. Thanks for the heads up Stix. I'm still struggling to find any time / motivation and have the Panzer iii GB and Gulf GBs on the go but will try and join in with something easy
  2. Hi Stix Sadly not - been ridiculously busy at work the last few weeks so no modelling time. Just finished today for Easter hols so hoping to get a bit done over the next week or two Kind regards Ben
  3. Hi Stix Thanks for dropping in. Fenders arrived last week luckily but sadly I have had no time recently to progress any of my group builds as work has gotten ridiculously busy since the college reopened. Hoping to get some more done over the Easter holidays as i have some time booked off. Cheers Ben
  4. Thanks chaps - I very much need to get back to this as I haven't managed much this last week or two as works been rather busy. All the best Ben
  5. A bit of a blurry photo but there is progress on the base, although the wash has dried gloss annoyingly The fencing I wanted to add has arrived today so I can get this tidied up and trimmed to size now. More soon Ben
  6. Sadly no progress on this as am still waiting for the fenders which are somewhere in the post from Poland.
  7. Well thats different and most excellently done!!
  8. Great job with this Steve - you must be pleased to get it finished and on the display shelf. All the best Ben
  9. Ooh - nice choices!! Of the two I imagine the tamiya M3 would be the easier build, although I am very partial to the Humber myself All the best Ben
  10. Thanks Steve I went for the AB bike over the Zvezda one I have in that stash as Zvezda have moulded the spokes as a solid disc which looks a bit rubbish in my opinion. I've just popped out between lessons and primed the barrier (the joys of teaching from home!) so I can now start painting the bases in earnest. If I can get time later I'll add the handle bars and brake cables. I need to dig in my box of etch as I'm sure I have some etched number plates somewhere More soon Ben
  11. Hi Alan I've been using them for about 20 years - really like the character in the sculpts and was originally drawn to them as they offer a very extensive British range which few manufacturers at the time did. I've measured a couple and they are between 23 and 24mm tall which I get to be approx 5'5" in real life which is probably pretty accurate for 1940s tank crew. They were originally marketed for 1/76 but I think they work well enough for 1/72 and seem "right" stood next to, and in, vehicles (for me anyway). Cheers Stix - I'm enjoying this one again af
  12. Hi Stix Great news. Not sure what I'll build yet as have dozens of candidates but it'll be in 1/72! Kind regards Ben
  13. Sounds like you've been having a tough old time of it trying to do the best by everyone. Hopefully better days are not too far away - fingers crossed! As for the figures I'll get them in the post to you later today as I've got a parcel to take to the post office already. Keep up the good work Ben
  14. Hi Steve May sound weird but I'm actually quite looking forward to getting back into the college. Teaching online is getting a bit tedious now as I feel like I'm just talking to a computer all day and miss the interaction with the students. May even save me some time as it's quite a bit of work to adapt everything for online, whereas in the classroom I have everything ready and can just pick it up and go. I've definitely felt like I've been busier since we went into lockdown. Anyhoo - onto your figures. I have three crew figures from these spare if it would
  15. Well I didn't get to do much on this whilst on holiday sadly but I've been plodding away at it the last couple of nights. The final return rollers are on which finishes all the running gear off nicely and I've started adding a few of the detail bits to the Panzer. I've scratch built the barrier mechanism using some plastic strip and various spares from a munitions Panzer IV for the Karl Morser. This was heavily based on the Miniart kit and the intention was to convey something that looks like it might work rather than being absolutely accurate.
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