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Gecko K2 Ambulance and friends


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This is the new Gecko K2 straight from the box. As you would guess its much more detailed than the Airfix kit and also much more complicated. So many tiny parts where I would have thought (and Airfix did) where one would do.

Anyway, parts fit together very well as you would expect but take your time getting parts aligned, particularly the chassis and axles. I'm also not a fan of too much photo etch which there is here and I had a particular problem with shaping the 8 stretcher rails 😵

Although they're a little on the thick side, Airfix seemed to manage OK with plastic parts here. There are numerous other tiny photo etch parts particularly for the windscreen and the rear Jerry can frames. 

The engine is very nice but I decided to leave the bonnet shut as I feel its a characteristic part of the Austin shape. 

Markings include one from the film Ice Cold in Alex in an overall sand colour (although the forward roof vent is incorrect for this one )and the one I chose was the one driven by Her Majesty The Queen in 1945. In fact, the box art is very similar to the well known photo of her stood by the vehicle.

I had always intended to build this version but it seems so much more poignant now with passing of Her Majesty just over a week ago. The figure included is very nice but I just couldn't do her justice as they're not one of my strong points.

Colour wise I decided to go with popular opinion and its finished it in Khaki Green No.3. In this case by MRP. Decals are first rate with a nice solid white on the crosses.

I have also taken some photos of the other 2 kits available namely the Airfix one in the Caunter scheme and the Accurate Armour one (which I built about 10 years ago).

Anyway, thanks for looking.













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A nice trio.


I agree with your comments on parts count & PE. I think there's a department in some of these companies dedicated to making kits as awkward as possible. I've just finished the Tamiya Jagdpanther & AFV Club Churchill AVRE, the contrast is striking.



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