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  1. I will be very happy to have the RFC Nieuports in December. In fact Avalon is my hobby and the work for Guidelines and plastic kits producers have priority. I am finishing the Combat Colours book right now and then there are Nieuports in the pipeline together with SE-5a sheet in 1/72.
  2. Morning gentlemen, let me comment the discussion from the point of author of the decal sheet (and Aircraft in Profile article in SAM magazine). When I was looking for British SPADs, I have found this so much discussed overall Grey aircraft in Squadron Signal - SPAD fighters in action, page 24 (talking about photo, not profile). Photo caption says that aircraft is Grey overall with probably Red and White add-ons. I have discussed it with my friend Michal Ovcacik, who is the author of the publication covering SPAD VII (4+ publications, ISBN 8086637-00-X) and when looking on the really "overall look" of the aircraft he also is close to the light grey colour. This theory was confirmed (sic) by Jan Kase, who also published the book on SPADs in the nineties. That is why I decided to design the profile in Grey. I can not say that I am correct, the same is that nobody can say I am wrong because we are discussing the BW photo more than hundred years old. My reconstruction depicts the possible appearance of the aircraft. I just wanted to add remark with the explanation why... I hope that the next WWI decal sheet covering RFC Nieuports XI and XVII will not start another discussion... Happy modelling to all. Jan
  3. DH Hornet if redone will retain all from the previous kit. And - I did not say we will do it, but it seems like... Diameter of the spinner is correct according to the references we have got from the guys who are quite an experts in the subject... SIAI SF-260 - test build - can be seen in the link. http://www.modelarovo.cz/siai-sf-260-1-72-kp-kovozavody-prostejov-3/
  4. gunzo- it was Mr. Collins and Mr. Askett who gave us information and many photographic and drawn references, which were followed very carefully... our Thank you can be found in the instructions Thats why I am asking, because I know that panel lines were checked more than once.
  5. gunzo - from what reference do you have info, that our panel lines on top of the wing are wrong? If it is a plan by Ian Huntley or Richard Caruana, these two are wrong. Our lines correspond with factory facsimiles provided to us. underwing cooling slats - have you any imagination about their size in the scale? and, it was closed when aircraft on the ground do not understand clearly where is the problem with tail wheel bay.... also diameter of the spinner is correct according the drawings provided to us..., some 9.5mm, information that it has to be 11mm is not correct
  6. Morning gentlemen, I have a personal request - for my private project I am looking for really good scale plans of Percival Provost (not Jet Provost). Is there anybody who can help me with scan, link or suggestion in which book/magazine I can find it? Be so kind as to PM me or e-mail me at [email protected]. Thank you beforehand. Jan
  7. so it was you they were talking with me about.... ๐Ÿ™‚ congratulations, you have practically opened the new e-shop.
  8. Gentlemen, URGENT - we need an aerial photo or picture of 1940 British radar station. Our artist, Mr. Jaroslav Velc wants to use it in the background of our coming soon aircraft in 1/32 scale (not Delfin ๐Ÿ™‚ ) If you have it or know linl, please let me know on my e-mail [email protected] Thank you.
  9. Some of you were asking which schemes we have chosen for the new SF 260 kit. So, here is an overview of 1/72 scale kits.
  10. US distribution - we use company Czech Mate, Mr. Scott Bell, try to find him here - https://www.facebook.com/groups/190058324802902 or simply order in our company e-shop, we react quickly and even - we are able to complete some sold out items time to time... ๐Ÿ™‚ Bf 109E-1 - will come in the secound round, E-3, 4, 7 now.
  11. Bf 109E Emils coming very very soon... http://www.modelarovo.cz/messerschmitt-bf-109e-emil-azmodel-1-72/
  12. Mr T - naval versions are not planned now, but.... Thanks to your orders (thank you) we will reach the mould life limits and at the moment we will make another set of mouldings, Sea Hornets are in the pipeline.
  13. Let us present you the list of best selling items of the week at our UK distributor โ€“ Hannants. We were very lucky that 9 of 20 products in that popular โ€žkitparadeโ€œ are plastic kits under the marks KP and AZ. The whole team of the company would like to express theirs thanks to all our customers for interest in our products and purchase of our kits. Our thanks go also to the team of Hannants for the excellent co-operation in the distribution of KP/AZ kits. We understand this achievement as appreciation of our work and the great motivation into our future project we work on. Thank you Petr Muzikant and KP/AZ team alt-92 - let me confirm that
  14. alt-92 - let me confirm that they use the same e-shop engine as KP/AZ, not all features defined yet.... :-) Let us give them patience and chance.
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