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  1. AliGauld - there is no problém. To correct what we can correct is one of the reasons I am here discussing with all of you. We will double check this in the future, I promise. It is the end of June, company is switching to the summer mode now. All the team wish to you pleasant holidays, refreshing sunny days and, of course, happy modelling.
  2. Gentlemen, thanks to your comments we have corrected the instructions. These new ones have correct numbers, correct gunner station and the numbers of original SMER are equal to that in the instructions. We have to apologise ourselves, final versions will be on the web for download from this Friday. Jan
  3. I am watching gentleman and asking the executed author for another changes.
  4. Gentlemen, we have corrected the instructions in our IL-2 kits. Corrected version can be downloaded here - KPM 0136 - http://www.modelarovo.cz/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/KPM0136-instructions-WEB.pdf KPM 0137 - http://www.modelarovo.cz/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/KPM0137-instructions-WEB.pdf Let me apologise for any complications we have caused by this our mistake. Author of the instructions was immediately executed in front of the company…. For detailed references I strongly reccommene excellent Warpaint book - https://www.guidelinepublications.co.uk/index.php?GOTO=476&PICFILE=476&STKNR=476&STRH=&ORDN=&RNZ=735691 Over and out, Jan
  5. Gentlemen, thank you for your comments on the instructions in our IL-2 kit. We are working on the correction, which will be available to download as PDF file from our website, I will post the link here. To the "missing parts: - Pitot tube and balance horn are a little bit above the production limits in our technology. But I think it is not big problém to do it as scratch. Sorry for discomfort. Gunner seat - there was no seat in Ilyushin. He was sitting on simple strap. The best is to do it from thick paper or from the piece of magnetophone tape (I apologise to younger modeler who do not know what I am talking about). I will inform you as soon as possible.
  6. Hi Roman, together with Gisela is one ANR camo scheme, if I remember good "White 5" (not sure, I am out of office - Sunday boys…). This box is planned after summer holidays.
  7. Hi Edge, quick question in KP/AZ and here is the answer - yes there will be re-edition, but not in this year. Moulds have to be modified for another systém of moulding and it takes time and money... Re-edited Oxford can be released later in 2020.
  8. Another agro aircraft in KP portfolio - LET Z-37T AGRO TURBO 1/72, planned for Modellbrno 2019. More in the link - http://www.modelarovo.cz/let-z-37t-agro-turbo-1-72-kp-kovozavody-prostejov/
  9. Hi Paul, unfortunately I do not have any info on FD. 2. The last info was to make it for Telford this year, but it looks more probable, that Cessna family is planned for the show instead of FD. I will ask and come back to you with more proper info.
  10. Avalon will release in May new decal sheet covering the service of Bristol F.2b after the Great War. More in the link - http://www.avalondecals.com/index.php/2019/05/21/7020-bristol-f-2b-in-post-war-service-coming-soon/
  11. Avalon will release in May new decal sheet covering the service of Bristol F.2b after the Great War. More in the link - http://www.avalondecals.com/index.php/2019/05/21/7020-bristol-f-2b-in-post-war-service-coming-soon/
  12. Dear Jose, when I was designing decals and schemes for the new Erla Bf 109, I have got some photos and remark - see "Wolowksi book pages...". So, it can be that these two schemes are wrong, I am not a Luftwaffe expert. (In fact I am not expert in anything...) Your claim has been passed to Petr Muzikant, let us see what we will do with the issue. Anyway, my deep apologies for that problem. I hope that the next boxes will be correct. MODELLBRNO - yes KP/AZ plan some new kits for this action. There is LET Z-37T Turbo Cmelak prepared, in civilian and military version. Another civilian kit is ZLIN 142, both in 1/72 scale. Then there is "John Thompson Line" - we hope that all will work and Lavochkin La-5 razorback and La-5F will be present there. Looks good today, so let us see. KP/AZ will present some new boxings of existing kits - new boxing of Erla 109, including Hartmann aircraft, I hope with correct camouflage schemes, Spitfire Mk. Vc in RAAF service, if I remember well LVG C. VI with lozenge camouflage schemes and some more. Will post complete list later... Piper Pawnee - I do not know exactly, as this project was done by Mr. Hybner, but I gave him a lot of photos from Medlanky airfield so I expect that this scheme is included.
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