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  1. AaCee26 - Lithuanian Dewoitine - box is going to the printers on Monday. Nordic Fighter hawk - the same situation. Rabbit Leader - according to our agreement with SAM magazine, they will get the info exclusively, follow their FB page.
  2. Plastimic - thank you for your comment on H-75/P-36. When I was talking with Radek from MARABU, who is my very close friend for a long years I think he was talking about the PE set as that it is finished. Maybe not produced in series. He also has finished PE set for MiG-19...
  3. Michael, I never realised that Chinese are guilty in my pub closing.... Now I know. We refused Chinese as we have not good selling numbers with f. i. Chinese boxing of Fresco. I am sure that there will be some more boxings in the early future. Stay tuned. Jan
  4. Yes I can, but painting schemes today looks like a list written on sheet of paper and folder with photographs... I have to finish some illustrations for the next SAM issue and than MiGs are on the table. The list looks like this - Box 1) - Shenyang F6A early (without brake parachute) - Pakistan AF 823 in three colour camo Pakistan AF Silver overall 1817 - this aircraft shot down Su-7 Vietnamese AF Silver/Green 6066 Chinese AF 0138 in three colour camo scheme Box 2 - MiG-19/Shenyang F-6A Arab AF Egyptian AF Grey/Grey camo with orange ID markings Egyptian AF in Green/Sand camo Syrian AF in Sand/Olive Egyptian AF 3571 in Silver overall Box 3 Warsaw Pact east German AF 495, Silver overall Soviet AF 27, in Grey over Blue Bulgarian AF 882 in three colour camo Polish AF 916, Silver overall - after discussions on this we decided to add this mysterious plane, as our refences talk about one single delivered... Is it big enough...?
  5. Morning gentlemen, I was quoted, so my few words into topic from the point of view of manufacturer, All major parts were re-tooled, surface details are another on the wings and fuselage. Also some - not all - small parts were refined. So it is a new tooled kit. Talking about KP.... We decided to make La-5, 5F, new 5FN and trainer version, here it will be based on FN version as trainers based on F are different piece to piece. Lavochkin La-7 is in the pipeline as we considered that there is no one "seven" on the level of today. When staying in front of decision which kit to buy remember, that CP and KP are different versions. KP decided not to make an early La-5, because it is not only the question of another windscreen but also anothe vertical tail surfaces and rear part of fuselage. Limited in available camouflage references the investments into another mould was too high. Time schedule - "Razorbacks" are released, new boxings in preparation, 5F is expected in June and FN with UTI later this year. LaGG-3 - thanks to the complexicity of series and differencies between them KP declined to make this kit. CP promised it, so you have good chance to make full line of Lavochkin fighters. I am not the person, who is allowed to say "Buy this", it is on your choice. I am sure, that both kits have some issues, rivet counters will discover these very early. The only thing I can say is, that CP La-5 is nice kit when looking at the parts in the sprues (I have no personal experience with the fit) and some alternative parts are also promising. On the other hand, KP kit is also nice kit, with no significant fit problem (I have personal experience with). CP offers a little bit uniform camouflage schemes, thanks to the real thing they kitted. KP offers attractive schemes and we can expect more... So, which kit to buy?
  6. It was in another colour gentlemen? Maybe we interpreted BW photograph in wrong way. Your comments please...
  7. Col. - shops yes..., but the pubs and bars...
  8. Space Ranger - contact me regarding Bobcats on e-mail marketing@kovozavody.cz please
  9. Hi gentlemen, workload led me far away from internet for some days... Let me answer your questions in cumulative form. Cessna 150/152/180 - still in the stash, after some more info picking new wings to be done. Aero 304 - thanks to that f*cking COVID we decided to release the types with the potential to be sold internationally, so A-304 as local type was postponed and Hornet is under way instead. Two stages Mosquitoes - 3D is ready for this type. I am afraid it will come not earlier as in January or for the Nuremberg Toy fair 2021. Cessna Bobcat - it was sent to Hannants yesterday. So it will be on sale within two weeks. On our company e-shop it is available today. Case DH-103 Hornet - I have got some e-mails with questions about that project. Let me inform you, that we are cooperating with Roy Sutherland, David Askett and David Collins on it. We have got a lot of drawings, plans and photographs and I hope we will release as accurate kit as possible. We also have an agreement with Scale Aircraft Modelling and we share all significant news with them exclusively, so watch their FB page please. BTW, modelling shops are opened back again in Czech republic, but for pubs and bars we have to wait until 25th May....
  10. I have read about the photo of D-510 with serial on the rudder on more then one place, but I have never seen it... Anybody here?
  11. Graham Boak - according to our information D-510 was delivered unmarked and marking was applied in UK. And the style of the period was very similar. So we expect, that colour order was "British". Serials is a question. There is no serial visible on the photos. Please let us for some "producer license". I suggested to include it on the sheet.
  12. Gentlemen, I wish you pleasant weekend. As I promised, here is a boxart for the last boxing of Triplane - "in French Service". Author is Carlos Alonso and in my personal opinion it is his the best work for KP/AZ until now. I have used it as a PC wallpaper immediately. I am sure it will come as "Poster of the Week" very shortly.
  13. occa - please keep in mind, that we were not expressing any political opinions. As I said the title is the same as the title of articles about Czechoslovak pilots fighting in French AF and published in 1941, so more than politics it is keeping traditions. That is all.... Also, look at more references for more correct numbers about the victims after the war. It is also my the last comment on the theme. My next post will show you one more boxart of Triplane - in paradox "in French service" ...
  14. AaCee26 - yes. In one of coming soon boxings are - Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Lithuanian. Also British is in the pipeline. Homebee - I am keeping this thread free of political correctness or Greta Thunberg and with some portion of humour. But I feel I have to comment D-510 boxart. I am very sorry that your French friends feel offended by it. First of all, let your French friends go back to Munich 1938 and sarcastic behaviors of Mr. Daladier, as this act caused that Bf 109 is flying on the French sky... We feel Munich as very sarcastic. To the boxart - 1) it is Czechoslovak pilot sitting in D-510, that Czechoslovak pilot, who escaped from occupied Czechoslovakia to help its former ally who left us abandoned and alone, help him to defend his country. 2) there is no sign of machine guns fire, even no sign of attack as 109 is just passing by. Who will be the winner of the dog fight? Why your French friends think that Messerschmitt will shot down D-510? It is one to one Homebee... 3) "In the Blue Sky of Sweet France" - it is not sarcastic sentence. It is based on the title of article series, published in 1941 in the military newspaper "Czechoslovak" and describing the bravery of Czechoslovak pilots in French campaign. Just for info - Alois Vasatko was the second most successful pilot over France, Frantisek Perina the fourth, both were Knights of the Legion of Honor. It is also the title of excellent two volume book by respected Czech aviation historian Jiri Rajlich. And that is why we have used it, nothing more. 4) If we remove Bf 109, boxart will loose its action. Maybe your French friends will be satisfied with D-510 in victory manouver over burning Messerschmitt. But what about our German friends? We can continue in this for a long time and result of this discussion will lead us to the nonsence. Homebee, we will not change the boxart, as we do not want to do precedent and change it regurarly in the future according to any friends. We do not want to ask our illustrators for a boxart with two pages of instructions such as - no smoke because of Greenpeace, no gun fire because of hippies, with Black pilot because of minorities, not complete German marking because of political correctness and electric powered Spitfires because of Greta. Please take the boxart as a boxart and not a fight. I would like to keep that thread back again in the level of friendly discussions on plastic kits and nothing more. Thank you. Above written lines express also the opinion of Petr Muzikant, owner of the company and of the rest of our team. Over, Jan
  15. Homebee - please be very careful with - "Long live to the Protektorat Böhmen und Mähren" - many families (including mine) lost somebody during German occupation and we are sensitive in this theme even today. Thank you.
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