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  1. a good idea indeed, i'll look at that..
  2. It's been a while since i last posted a completed build, you know how life gets in the way..lol So here's my Bandai 1/44 Scale Slave One from 'The Empire Strikes Back'. Your Thoughts are appreciated. .
  3. just one more for tonight..sorry..not sorry..lol
  4. Slight Hijack.. Myself and the Wife did a 'meet and greet' last year @ Rock City in Notts, i've gotta agree he's so approachable in person, he really listens to what you say and really interacts with you.. (The wife made a 'wembley gig book' many yeears ago, and she took it with us to ask him to sign it, he absolutely loved flicking through it and even pointed out where he was stood many years earlier whilst watching Bowie). they always say you should never meet your idols, well in his case i'd recommend it.
  5. thanks buddy, i really enjoyed doing this...makes me want to build some more..
  6. After seeing the awesome builds by RPC and Wouter, I decided to take the plunge and throw a bit of glue and paint at my first Gundam model.. I picked the 1/44 scale RCX-76-02 Guncannon, Mainly due to its old school military look, and the idea that I would alter the colour scheme from the customary grey blue to something a little more 'earthy'. so without further adieu I present my version of the RCX-76-02.
  7. Wow, now that is a brilliant build and dio, it's so good to see folks putting x-wings in various 'locations'.. would love to know how you did the various extras for the Dio, some stunning scratch building i'm guessing..
  8. langy


    Hello Again folks, having just downloaded 'Tapatalk' i was wondering if Britmodeller is available on it as i can't seem to find it ..
  9. Thanks Chief, The Blaster was painted satin black, the details were picked out with a little dry brushing with silver and with some graphite from a standard HB pencil,..(rub it over some sandpaper or a sanding stick, it'll create a pile of graphite dust...) applied by rubbing a finger into the powder and then applying to the surface...
  10. Well it's been a while, (had a bit of modelling mojo loss), but finally i've finished my Sandtrooper, the construction of this build couldn't have been simpler, And has been covered by other folk on here , for example Andy Moore, whose work has been an inspiration whilst working on the various Bandai stuff i've got stashed. The whole figure was assembled in sub sections where it was possible and then sprayed with a couple of coats of Vallejo SATIN varnish, weathering was mainly MiG engine oil for the darker coloured sand and smudges, and MiG Gulf war Sand weathering powders for the lighter tones, The supplied Decals were used for the various helmet markings, and the pauldron was painted with Vallejo Model Air 'aged white'. Base was covered in Tamiya surface texture 'paint' to which fine sand was added with copious amounts of watered down PVA glue, then painted in various sand/desert colours, and a few Model Builder grass tufts added for a bit of variety. He was finished in a style to replicate the Sandtrooper named as Davin Felth...'Look Sir !..Droids'. anyhoo, onto the pics. Comments appreciated..
  11. Thanks buddy, He's getting there slowly, go on you'll love it, it makes a nice change from a 'clean trooper' The sandy seems to come with a different 'helmet' trim, which is good as you can model it to replicate one of the various Sandtroopers in the film, It would appear that the extra parts are on the bottom of the sprue with the 'backpack' on..next to the pauldron..in the bottom middle of this pic, you also get a secondary helmet top to create the movable trim piece... I'm aiming to finish him to look like a trooper called 'Davin Felth', there's a wealth of info about the sandtroopers here, http://www.looksirdroids.com/index.htm
  12. Those 'extra' vinyl parts are for the other models, it's a generic sprue that fits all the figures..(at least i'm sure i read that somewhere), loving how clean he is, i'm throwing together the Sandtrooper, you can't beat a 'dirty trooper'.
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