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  1. I've done exactly the same thing myself today, A quick wander around the internet and i'm now the proud owner of the following, 1/48 Kinetic Sea Harrier FRS.1, An Eduard BIG ED PE set for it, 1/48 scale standing Harrier pilot, Master - Pitot Tube & Angle Of Attack probe, Eduard-1/48 Remove before flight (UK) tags, Various Tamiya acrylics, just over £100 worth.. lets hope SWMBO doesn't get to these before i do...lol
  2. thanks for the comment and likes folks,
  3. Thanks buddy, They are 1/12 scale, that would put the Sandtrooper at just over six inches and K-S somewhere around seven inches...
  4. Hello again folks, I thought I'd share with you my latest project, For this I took a bandai K-2SO and decided to give him a new job, hence the name change, so may i present K-SSU, or 'K-series Stormtrooper Support Unit'. He's been tasked with assisting Sandtroopers on the planet of Tatooine, looking for hidden rebel sympathisers. I didn't feel the need to do a WIP due to it already being covered by Andy Moore with his fabulous K-2S0, but for anybody thinking about grabbing one and having a bash, then push the button, you wont be disappointed. (please excuse the mass of pics)
  5. a good idea indeed, i'll look at that..
  6. It's been a while since i last posted a completed build, you know how life gets in the way..lol So here's my Bandai 1/44 Scale Slave One from 'The Empire Strikes Back'. Your Thoughts are appreciated. .
  7. just one more for tonight..sorry..not sorry..lol
  8. Slight Hijack.. Myself and the Wife did a 'meet and greet' last year @ Rock City in Notts, i've gotta agree he's so approachable in person, he really listens to what you say and really interacts with you.. (The wife made a 'wembley gig book' many yeears ago, and she took it with us to ask him to sign it, he absolutely loved flicking through it and even pointed out where he was stood many years earlier whilst watching Bowie). they always say you should never meet your idols, well in his case i'd recommend it.
  9. thanks buddy, i really enjoyed doing this...makes me want to build some more..
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