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  1. thanks buddy, the building is from 'miniart', if you google it you'll find there's a shed load to choose from.
  2. I've gotta admit, I like your story better..
  3. A couple of months ago I returned to this build, it started life as the Dragon, Kursk Panther D (6164,) it had been left due to me loosing interest after sifting through loads of confusing info about German Panther tanks at Kursk, so it sat for nearly two years in my shed, unloved and unwanted.. I'm not sure how or why I finally suddenly decided to ditch the Kursk angle, but I figured I'd have a crack at turning it into a winterized Panther tank based at Karkhov ...(or any other winter location).. So the story goes like this, The Panther tank has stopped for the n
  4. When I did my Kinetic Sea Harrier I ended up using Tamiya XF-77 IJN Grey (SASEBO ARSENAL), It worked perfectly for EDSG, and i just added a spot of white to 'scale it down a touch'..
  5. langy

    Four what we are

    A bit like Teletubbies
  6. Scoot up fellas and make space for a little one, ( I do bring Hob Nobs though)... Being of a slightly younger vintage I was blessed by the 1982 version of Dan Dare, (the original's great-great grandson Daniel)..Incidently, my eldest ended up being called Daniel after 'my' Dan Dare. My Father had read all the original Dan Dare stories as a child and naturally when the Eagle comic was re-released in 1982 he made sure I got swept up in the stories of Dan Dare, One of the most memorable things about the 'new' Eagle was the artwork by Ian Kennedy, the spaceship
  7. langy

    Gluing PE

    Normally I'll use either superglue gel or white PVA glue.. from time to time I'll use 'future' but that's mainly for sticking multiple layer Instrument panels together.
  8. Seeing as I've now finished the 1/48 Kinetic Sea Harrier, I've now grabbed myself the 1/48 Kinetic Mirage 3iiiEA .(the South American version), this should round off my 'Falklands' buzz just nicely ....
  9. Update time..... more pics, Many apologies for the amount of pics, but I'm proud to show this build off...(makes a change i guess..lol)
  10. Here's a couple of cheeky pics of my recent build, The Kinetic 1/48 BAe Sea Harrier FRS.1 More pics when I've had chance to take some more.... @NG899 Many thanks for all your help Nick..
  11. I've done exactly the same thing myself today, A quick wander around the internet and i'm now the proud owner of the following, 1/48 Kinetic Sea Harrier FRS.1, An Eduard BIG ED PE set for it, 1/48 scale standing Harrier pilot, Master - Pitot Tube & Angle Of Attack probe, Eduard-1/48 Remove before flight (UK) tags, Various Tamiya acrylics, just over £100 worth.. lets hope SWMBO doesn't get to these before i do...lol
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