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  1. S5 modeller

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Hi Tony. Just spent an intense week reading your entire build, all 84 pages! You've done some stunning work on this kit, makes me want to break out the gunship variant I have. On a slightly sad note I was sorry to hear of your bereavements over the last year, please accept my deepest condolences, and was sorry I couldn't offer them at the relevant time. Keep up the Stirling work. Matt
  2. S5 modeller

    Tamiya 1/48 Meteor F1.

    Beautiful work there Steve. You're cracking on with this kit. Matt
  3. S5 modeller

    Music collecting, do you buy 'Live' etc. albums?

    If you check out the Google play store (Android) or iTunes (Apple) they usually have a preview play button for individual tracks on an album. At least that way you can hear what they sound like. Obviously it's only a shortish clip, but it'll give you a feel of what it's like. Matt
  4. S5 modeller

    Gloster meteor f.4

    Cheers for that Dave. When I purchased the kit I checked numerous kit reviews and the general concensus was it was a pretty accurate kit. I didn't see any evidence of the intakes being wrong, but I defer to anyone who has knowledge on the subject. I myself am not very knowledgeable on any real subjects. Saying that, the conversion kit is beyond my price range, so to be honest I'll probably stick with the kit parts, as I don't have the skills to correct it. Matt
  5. S5 modeller

    Music collecting, do you buy 'Live' etc. albums?

    I'm not a fan of live recordings. I have only two "live" albums. Queen live killers, which I thought was a terrible album, especially as they chopped out the center section of bohemian rhapsody. I thought it killed the classic track for me. I much prefer the studio albums. I went to see Pink Floyd live, on the division bell tour, at earls Court. That was a brilliant concert, so I duly bought the live double album. Like mentioned above it was purchased as a reminder of the concert I saw. Matt
  6. S5 modeller

    Gloster meteor f.4

    Thanks for the comments guys. Dave, if you could pick this kit up cheap, I'd say go for it, but not at full retail. It's a nice kit so far, and not overly large in 32nd,but the low parts count and lacking details make it not worth the asking price of £79.99. More on the lack of details, and cut corners below. Whilst I'm trying to sort out the names of all the instruments in the panel, so I can fit the correct decals in place, I decided to take a look at the upper/lower wings, engine nacelles and such. I've removed the parts for the port wing assembly, and temporarily fitted them together. This is what we get. This is what we should get. On the face of it, it's not too bad. Taking a more oblique view we find it somewhat lacking. Now, as far as I can see there's two solutions. 1. I could splash out on the excellent fisher models correction set... http://fishermodels.indiemade.com/product/gloster-meteor-corrected-long-chord-intakes-132-scale?tid=3 This would be the easy way out, but to be honest, after the cost of the kit I can't afford the expenditure. 2. I could remedy the situation on the cheap, which suits my wallet better. My ingenious solution involves this, a length of pvc plumbing pipe. It's the closest size I could find, and it was in my shed. The bore is too small, and needs enlarging to match the mouth of the intake ring. Trouble is the outside diameter is too small to produce a good fit in the ring recess. I'm currently working on a solution to this issue.
  7. S5 modeller

    Gloster meteor f.4

    Afternoon chaps. It's been a while since I updated my build, work and other stuff has gotten in the way. I took advantage of the blistering weather we've had the last couple of days here in sheffield to break out the airbrush. I'm using the rather brilliant ultimate black primer for the Cockpit. I love this stuff, and since discovering it thanks to this forum, it's my go to primer now. Sprays beautifully and even a cack handed novice like me can't fail to get good results with it. I've sprayed the Cockpit parts and the engine faces with it. Even though I got a couple of runs in the wet paint it's dried out smooth and even. You'll have to excuse the poor quality of the photos as my camera didn't like trying to capture all the expanses of black. Think I need to source some better lighting for my photo setup. Any how here's the pictures. This last picture was taken with my light on, you can see how it makes everything yellow. Next up, maybe some detail painting, and trying to apply the airscale decals to the instruments.
  8. S5 modeller

    Trying to like Italeri kits. Honest!

    I've got a few italeri kits, but only built one. That was the 72nd valkyrie. It wasn't a bad kit to build, but the weird part breakdown didn't help. I think though it was down to the sheer size of the kit. Still, saying that, they do some kits that no one else does, so I'll most likely buy more. Matt
  9. S5 modeller

    Gloster meteor f.4

    I suspected that it might have been the case, I did find examples with both colours mind you. At least that makes my job easier.
  10. S5 modeller

    Gloster meteor f.4

    Well hello again. I've made a start on this beast of a kit. You'll have to excuse the haphazard way I'm building it, I'm trying to work in sub assemblies, and get as many ready for paint as possible. For a random start I glued the engine covers onto the nacelles. Thought this would be easier to do before fitting the upper wings to the lower, so if they needed supporting from below I'd have access. I needn't have worried though, they fit like a glove. Hope this bodes well for the rest of the kit. I removed the belly tank from the sprue, so I could drill the required holes in the bottom wind/fuselage insert. I then assembled the tail rudder. This is where the kit showed me the first of the problems I might face. There is a slight gap, and a step along the base. When I dry fitted it together the gap was noticeably bigger, and I had to scrape the mating faces to improve the fit. Once the glue has fully set, I'll sand and fill the step and any resultant gap. I've cleaned up the main parts of the Cockpit tub, and given them a coat of white primer. Also removed the instrument panel. There's some nice, but feint detail on the dials. I purchased some 1/32 airscale instrument decals to use especially for this build, as I don't think I can paint up the dial faces and make them look nice. That's about all for now, just got to decide what colour to paint the Cockpit. I've had a hard time finding any colour photos to guide me. The instructions call out interior green for Cockpit, and matt black for the instrument panel. Don't know if that's right or not. Matt
  11. S5 modeller

    What Scale and Why?

    For me scale isn't too much of an issue. My stash contains a few 1/72 kits, but mainly 1/48 aircraft. I tend to find that due to my rather large hands I find the parts for a 1/72 kit a bit small and fiddly. I have a couple of the airfix 1/24 kits waiting to be built, and have just started my first 1/32 kit. The larger scales suit me fine, but I see what work people do on here in these scales, and it makes me feel bad that I'll only ever build them oob. I also have a couple of 1/144 kits, but the parts in these seem microscopic to my eyes. Matt
  12. Hi chaps. This is going to be my entry into the group build. Hk models 1/32 meteor f.4. I picked this kit up last month, whilst on holiday in briddlington, from croppers models. I've been itching to start it since, and this group build has given me the perfect excuse. Everything comes nicely packaged in a sturdy top opening box. Comes with a massive 1 piece lower wing! 2 individual upper wings. Notice the open engine hatches on the nacelles. I think they might have been intending to supply engine details, but none are included in the kit. There are a couple of really good aftermarket engines, but they are too expensive for my liking. The transparencies are nice and clear, a nice touch is the tape over the main canopy, to protect it from scratches. Nose weight is included too. Decals look nice, although there aren't many of them. As an added bonus, there is a 1/144 meteor kit included, with a little stand, but no decals. Looks to be a nice kit overall, but for a kit this size the parts count is lower than I expected. Matt
  13. S5 modeller


    I'm not a big rum drinker, but this is my tipple at the moment... Quite nice too. Matt
  14. S5 modeller

    Great customer service.

    Hi chaps. I don't normally do this, but I want to take a moment to sing the praises of someone. Yesterday, 23rd March, at 12:28 I ordered a set of airscale 1/32 early allied jets instrument decals from the airscale website. Got up this morning and was amazed to see they had been posted through my door!! The speed of the turnaround on the order was nothing short of special. I wouldn't have expected them to arrive before the start of next week. So thank you Peter @airscale you have made me very happy. I have no affiliation to his company, but just wanted everyone to know how great his service is. One very happy customer. Matt
  15. S5 modeller

    Fuel economy

    Modern adaptive cruise control might be better. Would speed up and slow down with the flow of traffic. Wouldn't help much with the variable speed limits though. I love the Ford v6, and would deerly love an st220!