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  1. Morning chaps. Calling this done now. It has been presented, and used, and to be honest it's most probably dead now. Will post an RFI shortly. Matt
  2. Update time again. Running out of time to get this done, need it for Saturday evening, and at the rate I'm going the paint might still be wet on it! Time for a long and drawn out process now, and one I'm not looking forward to, cutting out the decals. Couldn't source any clear decal paper in time, so a check through the stash turned up some white paper. Only trouble is I've now got to cut out each letter individually. My weapons of choice for this are a new stanley blade, as I can't find my stash of new scalpel blades at the moment, and the scissors off my trusty Swiss army knife. The scissors are really sharp and produce a nice neat cut. Wish me luck, I'm going in. Matt
  3. Thanks Pete. Small update for you. Mind you, it's only a small step, but lots of fiddly making. Started on the diamond pattern closer to the hand grip. I don't think this section is going to be super accurate to the screen bat, but it's the best I can do. Painted a section tamiya flat white, had about 10 coats to attain coverage. Don't think it helped that in the past I must have thinned the entire jar for airbrushing. Measured round the circumference of the bat, and divided it out to a nice round number. Started by cutting narrow strips of cheap masking tape, each one is 3mm wide. Wove an alternating pattern with the tape to create diamonds. What a pain that was. Just got to paint the diamonds blue, then peel it all off, to remask the diamonds, so I can paint the rest red. Not looking forward to that I can tell you! Started to bulk out the gaps between the ridges in the hand grip, so I can put a fake binding on it. Hope you are all enjoying this. Matt
  4. Thank you Thom. Quick question, does anyone know of anywhere in the sheffield area, I can go and buy clear decal paper from? Matt
  5. Nice idea John, going to give it a try. Matt
  6. Thank you very much. To be honest I think it worked out more by luck than judgement. If I tried it again, it would turn out a right mess. Started the layout of diamonds around the bat.. Two bands masked off, and painted tamiya x-1 black. Here's a mock up of the decal I'm going to try and make. The text, according to various sources on the internet, is the correct font. Might need to make it slightly larger thought, would like to hear opinions on this one. If not larger then maybe fatter, if you get my drift. Hope you like my cack handed muddling. Matt
  7. Nowt like kids for a dose of wanton destruction, and sibling love. Got an update for you. Been on holiday this last week, so not got much done. Came back today, and as the party is only a week away, need to push on. Been experimenting with my printer, to make my own decal letters, but more on that in a future update. Tried my hand at wood graining tonight. My weapons of choice are... Tamiya flat earth. An old, cheap, flat paintbrush of unknown vintage and origin. A piece of white paper, and some water, for a pallette. Started off trying dry brushing, but didn't seem to be getting any paint coverage. Instead, brushed on a couple of strategic coats of paint, then used the brush, with very little paint on, but lots of water, to work the paint up and down, in what I think is a pretty convincing grain pattern. Didn't go for any knots, or un uniform grain, as most of the real bat's I've seen tend to use some of the best cuts of wood. Next up need to wait for it to dry, then give it another couple of clear coats, for protection and to prepare it for the decals. After that it's just masking up the diamond pattern, that goes around the bat, just above the grip, then simulating the grip tape around the handle. Might just use cheap masking tape for that. Please let me know what you think. Matt
  8. Too true. My niece started to make a bat out of paper mache, with a Metal pipe running through it. Hate to think what trouble that would cause. Matt
  9. Thanks for the replies guys. John. I'm enjoying it, at the moment, but wood graining might make me change my mind. Thom, yeah wooden bat would have been easier, but slightly more dangerous. Don't suppose you can do too much damage with a plastic bat! Matt
  10. Here's where I'm at, for now. 2 coats of coral beige, and 2 coats of clear lacquer. Just got to wait for that to dry, then it's onto the wood graining. Got an idea of how to do it, in my head, but will have to wait and see if it works. Should be able to post an update later tonight. Matt
  11. Hi chaps. Something a bit different today. I'm attempting to make a prop harley quinn baseball bat, from the suicide squad film, for a Halloween costume. My niece is having a Halloween party, and one of my friends little girl wants to dress as harley quinn. We looked online for a suitable bat, but they're either expensive, or just looked rubbish, so I thought of trying to make one for her. This is what I am aiming for.... Started out with a poundland plastic bat. Using hycote plastic primer.. Gave it a quick blast. Next up, is a coat of light brown, as I'm going to try and simulate the wood grain. A bit of a compromise, as I'm only trying to use stuff I have knocking around. It's a bit breezy out here today. Wish me luck. Matt
  12. Hi chaps. I've heard great things about molotow liquid chrome pens, and decided to pick one up to try. I've not used it yet, but am about to start a kit that needs extensive chrome stripping and re applying. Due to the large amount of painting needed I was hoping to airbrush it all. Can anyone tell me if the the molotow paint needs thinning? If so what would anyone recommend? Thanks in advance. Matt
  13. Not posted, but picked up, whilst on holiday in briddlington from croppers models, for the princely sum of £25.99.... Prepare for a build thread coming soon. Matt
  14. Cheers for the comments guys. As I remember, it's been a while since I went into the box, there aren't any decals at all, but a couple of photo etch logos for the badging. Matt
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