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  1. I'm back again, squeezing some bench time in. Trying to push this build towards completion, but it seems like there's always something else round the house needs doing, but got more work to show. Door cards primed ready for paint. A lot of silly masking on the main interior tub, just to prime the seat cushions in grey. The rest of the tub needs to be white, apart from the carpet which will be black, as it will be body coloured. I need the cushions to be grey, as I found out earlier in my build that the ferrari red over grey gives a slightly darker overall tone than over white, and I hope it will help simulate a red leather look, but slightly different to the body red. I've also painted the ferrari logo in the wheel center caps black. Found that flooding the logo with tamiya rubber black, the using my finger to wipe off the excess, it left the logos filled in. Just for comparison that's a 5 pence piece in the picture. I hope to be able to use a similar trick for the bonnet emblem, which is a tiny photo etch piece. Next up is masking the chrome wheel rims, to paint the center spokes aluminium, and leave the chrome outer rim. Hope I've not bored you too much. Thanks for looking in, especially to the members following my ham fisted modeling exploits, hope to post more soon. Matt
  2. Brilliant, it works. Right, as I said previously, I have pushed this build a few steps closer to completion. The engine is now complete, and installed in the rear of the chassis. The rear and front suspension is also installed, along with the front sub frame and the steering rack. The brake disc's are fitted, along with the little poly caps provided, and the metal pins to attach the wheels. I'll pop these pins out later when I'm ready to fit them. Next up it's the installation of the fire wall and engine brace, then onto the interior. I'm getting there slowly. Thanks for looking in. Matt
  3. Please let me know if you can see the Pic, as I can. Thanks Matt
  4. Well, that didn't work. Flickr has stopped my uploading new photos, so thought I would try Google images. Seems you can't embed photos with it. Any suggestions for a free image hosting site? Matt
  5. Morning chaps. Wow, can't believe I haven't updated this build since April, so much for the next update not taking so long. Life, and other things, have got in the way of my modeling, but I'm now back at the bench. Had to relocate to a new area in the living room, but I'm all setup now. Moving around has helped my MOJO increase, and in the last 3 days I've got more done than the last 3 months! The engine is now complete and sitting in the chassis, along with the front and rear suspension. The exhaust is mounted, and the brakes too. Just waiting for the paint to dry on the firewall then that will be installed too. https://photos.app.goo.gl/hxto6f6cua1y7QLe6
  6. Lovely paintwork Chris. Is that plum crazy purple by any chance? Looking forward to seeing it all come together. Matt
  7. Beautiful work kallisti, coming along a treat. Shame about all the pin holes, but they seem to be par the course with large resin pieces. Beware of the cold like symptoms you have, as I've had similar in the past sore tickly throat and blocked nose with sneezing fits, found out it was resin dust causing it. A day or so away from sanding resin cleared it up. Make sure to wear a mask, or wet sand and damp down to reduce the amount of dust created. Matt
  8. Picked these 2 beauties up from hobbycraft meadowhall last week. V2 cost £6 and the yamaha virago was £16. Matt
  9. Good work Stephen. Kit looks infinitely better than the lindberg kit I started building. Matt
  10. Sorry I've not updated this build recently, but stuff keeps getting in the way. Not much to report from last time, after the spoon tests. I've started painting the shock absorbers red, but they need a second coat. I have progressed on the body shell. After the not to my liking of the top coat over the grey primer, I decided to strip back the shell. I've used isopropanol, but didn't have enough to fully submerge it, so gently wiped it away, using cotton wool pads. I don't think it turned out too bad. I'm going to prime it white, and this is what I'm going to use.... I've used it on kit's before, and it's good stuff, nice and cheap(£3.99) for a large can. Here's the result of the first application. Once it's cured I'll wet and dry it. There are a couple of spots that need attention, then it'll get another coat. Hopefully the next update won't take as long. Matt
  11. My first job involved a 4 year apprenticeship in tool making, one day a week at the local college (walsall college of arts and technology). First year spent in a training center learning turning, milling, bench fitting, welding and electrical fitting. Got a placement at an engineering company and was let loose milling 50-100 ton fabrications for power presses. Big work for a 17 year old school leaver!. Got made redundant after my apprenticeship ended, and bounced around a few engineering companies in the midlands. Got a job cnc turning, ended up a self taught programmer. Still doing the same thing 30 years later, but now living in the steel city of sheffield. Keep meaning to try and get away from engineering, but it keeps sucking me back in. Matt
  12. Thanks for the info Pascal. The grey primer definitely altered the shade of red out of the can. Didn't realise it until I tested it. I think a white, or yellow primer is the way to go. You were lucky to get so close to the original car, most people haven't even heard of it! Hope to get some more progress shots up soon, as I'm on holiday this week and I've got the kit, and paints with me! Matt
  13. Morning all. I've hit upon a problem,and I'm not too happy about it. I thought the red looked a bit darker than I hoped for, so decided to do some spoon tests, mainly to check compatibility with different clear coats. I think you can see the problem. The spoon on the left has been primed with gray primer, and painted red. The spoon on the right has the red sprayed straight onto the white plastic. The gray primer is making the red too dark. I never considered it causing a problem when I started. I've got a can of hi-cote white plastic primer, so it looks like I'm stripping the body back, and starting again. Matt
  14. @Spiny no forgiveness required, that Trabant is beautiful, and illustrates nicely that you can indeed shine up acrylic nicely. It's encouraged me to continue on my path, and persevere with the red. Matt
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