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  1. S5 modeller

    Dragon 1:9 war machine

    Thanks for the suggestion Will. Wiggle room certainly sounds handy, help with alignment. I'll give it a go over the weekend, and report back. Thanks to you @Will Vale and @The Chief Smeg you're starting to rekindle my love for this build. Matt
  2. S5 modeller

    Dragon 1:9 war machine

    Good shout that man. Might be worth a look as I can get some from work. Matt
  3. S5 modeller

    Dragon 1:9 war machine

    I think it will be the best way too, to be honest. I'll just have to try and hit the mark first time. Matt
  4. S5 modeller

    Dragon 1:9 war machine

    How do chaps. I pulled this kit out of the Bex today, for a quick looksie. Here you can see the stump of his spine, next to the red wire. Here's where it snapped off at the base. I'm really looking for suggestions on how to repair this damage, as I don't think a pure butt glued join will hold it secure. I thought of drilling the stump to take a length of brass rod, but I'm worried about aligning the two halves. The base should take drilling quite well as the whole spine unit was glued between the two halves of his pelvis, so the piece won't push into the pelvis. Apart from that, I'm at a loss on what to do, any ideas? Matt
  5. That's a cool idea with the sunglasses. Some serious out of the box thinking going on here. Loving what you've done so far. Matt
  6. S5 modeller

    Dragon 1:9 war machine

    Hi chief, and will. War machine is resting uncomfortably in his box at the moment. When I moved my modeling room last year he suffered an injury not too dissimilar to the film "captain America-Civil War". The wife unceremoniously stuffed him in his box, and broke his spine. He still needs repairing. I'm currently tied into a group build at the moment, but I might try to resurrect him after it's finished. Thanks for bringing this build back to my attention, and perhaps towards the end of July I will get back to it. Matt
  7. S5 modeller

    Gloster meteor f.4

    Thank you Dave and bigx. I too peek in on people's threads but don't comment much. To be honest I don't think I have that much knowledge on the subjects to comment. I'm trying my best to keep it informative, as best as I can, and point out any issues I come across. Matt
  8. S5 modeller

    Gloster meteor f.4

    Thanks Glynn. It is a fairly involved build, but with some poorly thought out mold issues. Also the lack of engine detail and intake tubes is odd, especially at the price point of this kit. It's almost like it was rushed, and designed with aftermarket parts in mind. There are some lovely engines available for this kit, but the price of them would double the cost of the kit, and that's if you only want 1 engine! I've glued the rear of the wing assembly to the fuselage... This is the rather strange arrangement at the rear. Don't know why they did it like this, seems over complicated to me. This is the resulting gaps left along the wing root join. They do close up when pressed though so shouldn't be too bad. I have looked over some other builds on the net, and people have avoided the gaps by gluing the upper wings to the fuselage first, then gluing the assembly to the lower wing. I didn't attempt this, as I was worried about aligning the wing halves after.
  9. S5 modeller

    Gloster meteor f.4

    I know, it's the most stupid place ever to put them. It's not like it's a big piece that needs a lot of help to get it out of the mold. A couple would have sufficed.
  10. S5 modeller

    Gloster meteor f.4

    Hi chaps. Done a bit more work here, need to push on or I'll run out of time. Got the front engine faces fitted along with the visible section of the wing spar. I painted the spar with AK extreme metal paste aluminum. Had to do this now, as I couldn't think of an easier way to paint it after the wings are closed up. If I tried to airbrush it later, with the inner trunking, I would end up with overspray on the engine face. Need to drop what I presume is the lower airbrake into the wings before gluing the tops on. Hoped to have them deployed, but thanks to the manufacturer I think it is going to be impossible. Nice place to stick half a dozen ejector pins! The opposite location on the upper wing half is no better. Closed I think, shame though, as it means closing the upper airbrakes in the top of the wing too. Here's where I'm up to now. Both upper wings are glued on and taped until thoroughly set. I've not glued the sides of the nacelles yet, as I could not align them at the same time as the rest of the wings. So far I've only glued the fuselage to the wings at the front, just aft of the nose well. The join here is pretty good, with a minimal step, the shadow makes it look worse than it is. Just got to glue the rear, with it's weird key like shape, and along the sides of the fuselage. The wing root join looks like it might give a bit of a problem as there is a sizeable gap along the fuselage, but it closes up with a bit of pressure. Just got to try and avoid any dihedral on the wings. Hope you like my amateur progress on this rather large bird. Matt
  11. S5 modeller

    Gloster meteor f.4

    Thanks Robert. I don't think the rear problem is too bad, going to remove some of the material from the high side, and add some filler to the low side. Luckily it's in a fairly inconspicuous place, should be able to hide it pretty well. Matt
  12. Just a quick thought Ced, sat here at 2:45 looking over your build, no sign of sleep. How's the canopy on your kit? I've heard many a builder on here moan that Hasegawa have a tendency to mold a seam line down the middle of some of them on their kits.
  13. Nice work Ced. Looks like you're well up to the job. Hmm might need to get me some Hasegawa kits, they look a joy to build. Matt
  14. S5 modeller

    F-15I (GWH 1/48)

    Awesome work on the eagle.
  15. S5 modeller

    Gloster meteor f.4

    Afternoon viewers. Major update! Pushing this build along now. Managed to get the fuselage glued up. Managed to get the top of the fuselage joined without any major issues. Remembered, just, to slot the rudder in before gluing the tail section. Needed to go in as it has a pivot that passes vertically through the tail. Didn't have so much luck on the bottom. Try as I might I couldn't prevent this step. It's only on the rear end, and closer to the wing attachment points it's flat. Started looking seriously at the wings, whilst the fuselage is setting. Above is the wing spar as it passes through the engine nacelle. I've ground and filed the intake tube so it fits around the spar. Got the front pushed on as it's a nice tight fit. This is how it's all going to fit together. Despite my measurements the tube is slightly long. Will reduce the length on the lathe at work next week. Just got to grind the tube for the other side now. I can see an end in sight now. Matt